“Land Loss” by Photographer Max Miechowski

In his latest series, “Land Loss,” London-based photographer Max Miechowski (previously featured here) documents the eroding coastline of the British east coast, and the people who call this stretch of land home. Currently the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, Miechowski set out expecting to find “storms, rough seas, and ruined houses falling into the waves.” Instead, he found an unexpected stillness and calm, with time moving slowly:

“Every time I return, something has changed. Cracks creep through roads that once led to villages. Flowers grow in places where homes used to be. The morning sun reveals what progress the sea has made in the night. Sure and steady, edging closer. Rhythms that stand outside of human time; traces of what has gone remind us of what is to come. I know that, before long, this place will come to nothing. Still, despite all precariousness, I can understand why people would want to make a home here, between land and sky and watch as the sea edges closer. I went there often to watch it change, and make pictures before it does.”

See more from “Land Loss” below!

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