“Feeling” by Illustrator Evan M. Cohen

A beautiful comic by illustrator and comic book artist Evan M. Cohen (previously featured here). “Feeling” is a wistful ode to the change of seasons and remaining hopeful in spite of life’s challenges. See more images and the accompanying poem below!


The flowers are breath,
And I am breathing.
Beneath my chest,
There is meaning.
And in the sky,
I started believing.

Living two lives
With the same eyes,
Tracing lines
Undefined by time.
The summer sings
A long goodbye
And the flowers
Are growing
On short supply.

Returning echoes eternally,
Like veins on a map
Leading back to me.
I keep disappearing
With the sun at night,
Giving all of my energy
For some of your light.

Lost in the open,
Convinced I am chosen.
The Magic hour
For this dying flower.
Hope comes with loss
Across blood lines,
Losing love unknown
To the passing time.

Through the leaves
I find relief.
I am on my knees,
Thankful for grief.
Tired from healing
A broken past,
Holding on to
The comfort feeling
That never lasts.

















Evan M. Cohen’s Website

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