“Souvenirs From Paradise” by Photographer Jesse Rieser

A selection of work from photographer Jesse Rieser’s latest solo exhibition, “Souvenirs From Paradise.” Combining images from two bodies of work — “A Vanishing Folklore” and “The Changing Landscape of American Retail” — Rieser explores the tensions and ambivalences of the current state of America and Americanness:

“These images are the transmissions of a citizen who seems comfortable sitting with the knowledge that he is as excited by his home as he is alarmed by it. They are as much about the American roadside as they are the infinitely flat and delusional digital landscape, a place where reverence is arbitrarily distributed between the meaningful and meaningless.”

Here Rieser taps into the collective fear that one’s American way of life may no longer exist through a collection of images that imply a sense of loss or where erasure appears to have already taken place. See more images from “Souvenirs From Paradise” below or on display at The Gallery at Mountain Shadows until January 6th.













































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