Artist Spotlight: Laura Berger

A selection of recent work by Chicago, Illinois-based painter Laura Berger (previously featured here). Centered around themes of interdependence and self-understanding, Berger’s images focus on figurative archetypes, intuitive color palettes, and dreamlike minimalistic environments. She elaborates:

“Initially approaching painting as a therapeutic practice, my work serves as a means for me to explore and articulate experiences and memories that feel just out of reach, that exist on a more spiritual or emotional plane. I like to leave the narrative and environmental elements open-ended in my paintings to create an almost dreamlike feeling, similar to the way our individual psyches process our lives, and perhaps as a way to tap into the more mystical qualities of existence.  I’m most interested in the emotional energy of the painting and creating fluid stories that can be inclusive of many connections for the viewer, as they are for me when I work.”

See more from Laura Berger below!

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