Artist Spotlight: David von Bahr

A selection of paintings by Swedish artist David von Bahr. Eschewing drafts or outlines in favour of improvisation and instinct, von Bahr’s work is all about bluntness and enabling the freedom to create in a direct way. His use of large-scale canvases ensures his process is a fully physical endeavour and the viewer’s experience that much more impactful. This emphasis on movement is reinforced through his chosen mediums and motives as paint is often dragged to create imagery that conveys the force used to create it. The physicality of von Bahr’s action-painting combined with his use of abstract patterns and more ordered blocks of colour results in a contemporary style of painting that celebrates the visceral experience of art and creation. Check out more images below or at his upcoming show with Good Mother Gallery in Los Angeles, March 4 – 23.





























David von Bahr’s Website

David von Bahr on Instagram

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