Artist Spotlight: Hamadaraka

A selection of work from twin painters Eru Arizono and Emu Arizono AKA Hamadaraka. The artist duo use a variety of tools to capture different aspects of their existence from dreams, temperature and humidity, to the echoes of words and other noises that surround them. For Hamadaraka painting is a form of communication or idioglossia — a private language they use to convey an imaginary realm between the visible and the invisible:

“We feel that the paradise we envision lies in the space that exists between the real world and the imaginary world. Both are visible worlds, but the puzzle-like process of combining the sensations we feel while painting, our emotions about reality, and the stories and lines of the realistic creatures that appear, to materialize the creatures we believe live in paradise, is the most sacred and enjoyable time for us.”

Check out more of Hamadaraka’s work below!





































Hamadaraka on Instagram

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