Capture x Booooooom Featured Exhibition Open Call

We’re very excited to continue our partnership with Capture Photography Festival, and this time it’s extra special because we’re curating Capture’s 2024 Featured Exhibition! The show will be on view at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, from April 1 to May 3, 2024.  In an effort to make participation in Capture more accessible, we are launching this international open call for photographers and artists making lens-based work to participate in the Featured Exhibition. This is an opportunity to show alongside a select group of artists whose works inspired the theme we chose.

This year’s exhibition will focus on the concept of time.

Despite the general perception that photography captures a single moment, this exhibition will consider the ways artists explore and expand the notion of time through their practices. How is the concept of time conceptualized, investigated and dismantled using this media? Historically noted for preserving, marking for posterity, and documenting the current state of things, this exhibition seeks to explore the ways in which this medium can be stretched to encompass the changing, the durational, and the moveable.

The selected artist(s) will be part of the 11th annual 2024 Capture Photography Festival which will take place from April 1–28, 2024. Their work will be included in the 2024 Capture Catalogue, and on Capture and Booooooom’s websites. The artist(s) will be paid a fee of $575 CAD (adhering to standard CARFAC fees for participation in group exhibitions of this duration).

Entries are FREE for Booooooom members and Capture Photography Festival members. If you’re a Capture member, email [email protected] to request the submission link.


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Deadline for submissions: Monday, July 17, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST

Installation view of Here and Now, the 2023 Capture Photography Festival Featured Exhibition at Pendulum Gallery — Photo: Dennis Ha


Capture will pay for the production of the work(s) including printing, mounting, framing in Vancouver, Canada, in consultation with the Artist. The work(s) will be an ‘exhibition print(s)’ and exist for the purposes of the Capture x Booooooom exhibition. After the close of the exhibition, if the Artist wishes to retain the work, the Artist may choose to pay for return shipping fees to a location of their choice. Alternatively, the exhibition print will be destroyed at the close of the exhibition.


The Artist owns the image used to create the Work and retains the right to use it in any other size/medium/format once the artwork is de-installed on May 4, 2024. Until that date, the Artist may not reproduce, distribute, sell, or exhibit the Image or the Work in contexts outside of Capture.

Capture and Booooooom will use the Image only for purposes related to the installation, in the Catalogue, for promotional purposes of Capture, and to promote the Work and Capture. The Image will not be altered or cropped in any way for these purposes without the prior consent of the Artist.

Capture will provide the Artist with high resolution photo documentation (.jpg and tiff formats) of the Work once installed.


Capture will cover the cost of the printing and framing, shipping, installation of the Work.
The Artist will receive a $ 575 CAD fee for their contribution to the Exhibition.

The printing and framing specifications will be discussed and mutually decided between Capture and the Artist.


We recommend accessing the form on desktop. You will be asked to submit the following information:


Share any information about your training, education, or past exhibitions of your work. 200 words max.


Share any information about your upbringing or personal background that may provide more context for your work. Ex: family origin, ethnicity, orientation, identity (race, gender, etc.) *Optional* 300 words max.


Provide context for the images you are submitting. How does the work explore the theme of time? 300 words max.


Please include artwork dimensions and any printing and framing specifications including preferred frame type or look.


Upload a minimum of 5 images of exhibition-ready works you want to propose. Works must be final and not in-progress.

Each digital file must be less than 3 MB, must be in JPG format, and must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image).
However, entrants must have access to a larger version of the image file(s) that could be enlarged to be installed without pixelation (300 dpi, in tiff or jpg format). JPG format will also be accepted as long as the resolution is high enough.

  • Number of files allowed: 5–10
  • File names: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_01.jpg
  • Image metadata to include: artist, title, year, medium, dimensions, courtesy of… (if applicable)

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Deadline for submissions: Monday, July 17, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST

If you are unable to afford an entry fee, or a membership, we are offering one-time submissions for photographers who are experiencing financial hardship. If you cannot afford to pay this fee and would still like to submit, go here. (Available until July 9th, 2022)

Call to Submit: Art & Photo Book Award

If you have a specific series or a cohesive selection of work that you want to turn into a book, we want to see it!

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