“Zen-Xan” by Photographer Lawrence Hardy

A visual exploration of mental illness and recovery by photographer Lawrence Hardy. For the last four years Hardy has been focusing on photography while working as a trackman operator for a railroad. Emerging from almost a decade of opioid dependence, Hardy is embracing a path of recovery not only in relation to addiction but mental illness as well. The photos in this series were taken in rural Aroostook County, Maine where Hardy was born and raised, and currently resides. The title refers to the transition from “zen vibes to prescription Xanax.” While “Zen-Xan” may sound flippant, the subject matter is something Hardy takes seriously. Hardy’s intention for the series is that it acts as a helping hand — reaching out to those who suffer or have suffered with similar struggles — so no one feels alone. For Hardy, who normally relies quite heavily on colour in his photography practice, the black and white series is a personal challenge and effort to create a visual story that will resonate with others.

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