“Same Town, Different Place” by Photographer Scott Brownell

A lovely series by Michigan native and former U.S. Army photographer Scott Brownell. Brownell studied Photographic Design at The American Academy of Art in Chicago. His work focuses on people and places while striving to portray story, expression, and the nuances of the human experience. About five years ago, Brownell became interested in “beginnings” and the things that first inspired him. He traveled back to his hometown and became intrigued by the idea that even if a place appears physically unchanged, an individual’s perspective and journey will always vary significantly. The result is an intricate web of unique narratives, as Brownell recalls a piece of his own:

“I remember playing in the street, in the rain, while my mom sat on the porch with our neighbors chatting and gossiping about things going on in town. It happened just about every other evening. Occasionally we would wander off to see our friends on their porch around the corner only to be met with a loud call to get back home. My mom raised four children without a father in a small town in Michigan. She came to rely on the neighbors to help watch us until we were old enough to watch ourselves.”

Delving into the interplay between our external surroundings and our internal landscapes — between sameness and difference — Brownell invites viewers to reflect on life that unfolds within the familiar contours of everyday spaces. See more images below.



















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