Illustrator Spotlight: Wenjing Yang

A selection of work by illustrator Wenjing Yang. Yang received her undergraduate degree from the School of Visual Arts and is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her passion lies in uncovering the intricate and often overlooked connections between ourselves, objects, and spaces. Inspired by the enchanting interplay and subtle moments within our daily lives, Yang artistic mission centers around transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, crafting illusions that beckon viewers to explore fresh angles of perception:

“My creative process involves curating mundane objects and scenes, reshaping them into captivating visual stories that challenge conventional perspectives. By presenting familiar elements in unexpected ways, I hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the inherent beauty that surrounds us. In my artistic palette, colors play a pivotal role, holding immense potential to convey a rich spectrum of emotions and expressions. Through a deliberate exploration of color, I strive to infuse my illustrations with a heightened sense of vibrancy, aiming to elicit visceral responses from the viewer. Each carefully chosen hue and shade serves to enhance the narrative, evoking specific moods that allow my illustrations to become visual storytellers in their own right.”

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