“2 Summers” by Artist Mikey Yates

A selection of uplifting paintings from artist Mikey Yates (previously featured here). “2 Summers” conveys the feeling of what it is to live optimistically — with a sense of wonderment, awe, and wholehearted connection. An ode to small moments of hope and peacefulness, the images were created during Yates’ time at the Skowhegan Artist Residency, and then finished in Yates studio in Kansas City. The series captures the summer Yates experienced, both physicality and literally. This extended season — the mental break and sense of freedom — is present in the paintings as he depicts everything from love to loss, friends and colleagues, swims and celebrations, milestones and memories. See more images below or on display at COMA gallery in New South Wales until January 27, 2024.



















Mikey Yates’s Website

Mikey Yates on Instgram

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