Photographer Spotlight: Paige Lindsay

A selection of images taken in a variety of different cities and countries by photographer Paige Lindsay. Collected over the past seven months on walks along streets and alleyways, Lindsay is drawn to the ways in which our impact on the things around us can be seen in the subtle details we leave behind:

“What primarily catches my eye are the many ways we leave traces of ourselves on our surroundings and how we decorate these spaces by existing in them over time; we wear things down, reapply paint, introduce new material, repurpose old. We spill, break, tear, mend, repeat. The rub of daily life reveals the need to prop up an old pipe with a piece of wood, calls for a strategically-placed umbrella, requires that the old AC unit be wrapped up like a present and tied with a bow. My favourite pictures feel more like collaborative paintings — existing artworks that I’ve found by chance, wherein the city, its inhabitants, the weather, and time take turns with their paint brushes of choice, adding a little colour here, some texture there, creating patterns, shapes, coincidences. Then I walk by, with my phone in hand, and decide where the frame is.”

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Paige Lindsay’s Website

Paige Lindsay on Instagram

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