Photographer Spotlight: Anna Ottum

Born and raised in Oregon, photographer Anna Ottum graduated from The University of Washington before moving to New York. Recognized for depictions of her youth in the Northwest, Ottum’s photographs span the art, fashion and commercial worlds with clients including The New York Times, Nike, and Interview Magazine. Much of Ottum’s personal work revolves around her childhood in Oregon and the concept of the American West.

“Focusing on Rodeo as a historical cross cultural microcosm of the settlers who migrated to America in the 18th century, I began documenting women and subcultures in modern rodeo to follow this shift in our culture. With origins in Greece, Africa and Spain, midnight rodeos initially showcased a melting pot of cultures that swapped skills and cash among male and female ranchers and Native American herdsman. My photographs are focused on both the romanticization and pageantry of the West and it’s altered, white washed history. This work has allowed me to explore questions about an American identity through the origins and tropes we perpetuate.”

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Anna Ottum’s Website

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