“A Deal with God” by Photographer Megan Reilly

Born on Staten Island and raised in the Hudson Valley, photographer Megan Reilly graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts and photography from The State University of New York. Her series, “A Deal with God,” is an introspective photo essay reflecting on themes of childhood, religion, lesbian sexuality, and learning how to grow into a woman:

“As a young girl, my first memories and introduction to life began with September 11th. The camera lens acted like a microscope, I could privately question the conservative American belief system I participated in. Retrospectively, the project was created as a way for me to take up space as a storyteller and address the emotional confines I was feeling throughout adolescence. I am now able to settle, relating to philosophies on metaphysics and searching for answers, peace, home, connections with people, and a higher power. Photography has served as protection and representation, giving the freedom of expression and the liberation of curiosity.”

See more images from “A Deal with God” below.






















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