“My Sweet Elora” by Photographer Luuk van Raamsdonk

A series dissecting the complicated nature of family dynamics by lens-based artist Luuk van Raamsdonk (previously featured here). Fascinated by photo books and archival materials, van Raamsdonk’s work often explores themes of (family) history, identity, trauma, and human’s relationship with nature. Having struggled with these subjects personally, he feels particularly equipped to accurately translate these complicated structures into long term projects, characterized by atmospheric black and white imagery. “My Sweet Elora” is a collection of photographs and moving images of both the past and present. It is at once an investigation of personal identity and self-perception as well as an exploration of the intergenerational trauma within his own family’s history. As van Raamsdonk explains:

“In the late autumn of 1970, my grandfather disappeared without a trace. No one knew why he left, or where to. Three months passed before he returned. He offered no explanation for his absence. 53 years later, the repercussions revealed themselves.”

See more images from the series below.




















Luuk van Raamsdonk’s Website

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