24.10.08 by Jeff

One Dollar Origami!

Came across some great origami on Deviantart. This little camera was folded out of a single dollar bill! Also really dig the spider and the coi fish!

boooom origami dollar bill art

boooom origami dollar bill art

boooom origami dollar bill art

boooom origami dollar bill art

boooom origami dollar bill art

boooom origami dollar bill art

Direct link to the gallery here:


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Kyle

    Looks like Joseph Wu! He’s from Vancouver:


    Some amazing stuff here.

    or check http://www.virtualorigami.com

  • http://www.jolinphoto.com Jolin

    this is INSANE!! holy smokes – camera my fav.

    • http://twitter.com/Gemma_McCarthy1 Gemma McCarthy

      Same i really want to know how to make it.

  • http://3sixteen.com johan3sixteen

    US Dollar = Toilet.

  • http://www.farfromhomeproject.com/ Far From Home Project

    The fish is awesome !

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  • http://www.howtoorigamiblog.com Jorge

    The koi is definitely Joseph Wu’s design. I really want to try to fold that one. Heven’t got the CP though…

  • http://www.thet-shirtgang.com THE T-SHIRT GANG

    These are crazy, i like how that fish came out!

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  • J@o

    the koi fish is perfect, especially how the eye and the ridge of its face is detailed by the dollar’s design. ..gnarly.

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  • http://www.porterpolaroidproject.com/ porter

    Amazing!! How fun!!

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  • hajid

    Someone scraped your full post in a portuguese blog.
    Worst, without mention your site link or name.
    scraped post: http://curiosidadesnanet.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/origami-com-notas-de-1-dollar/
    The scraped post is hosted in WordPress, and doing that is clearly against WordPress TOS, so, if you want to you can register a complain in this link http://wordpress.com/report-spam/, taking credit for original work and leting they know your post was “stolen”.
    best regards

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  • w00dy

    I recall having to make a swan in Design I, I never completed it out of frustration and not caring. To see this blows my mind.

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  • http://facebook earl boyer

    Great origami I tried the butterfly , would like the patients to do the Koi, he looks so realistic ,the toilet just is too much fun very creative, I like them all, Thanx

  • http://none ivan

    I like the toilet

  • *******

    hi. ive seen this in an E-Mail before. but its still cool.

  • http://www.secretoforigami.co.cc/ Chen Cen Wie

    the spider origami is awesome!!!

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  • Emma Winn

    not only is the artist amazing enough to simply create the shapes with folding but he also uses the design on the one dollar bill itself to add to the design (coy fish eye, butterfly wings) sooooo talented!

  • dom

    won park is the koi fish artist. good guy, talented and well worth following.


    lml myy cuzinn saidd hee cann doo the butterflyyy!!!!!!!!

  • Carmenv124

    Helli plz help I’m trying to do butterfly n other items but can’t find the instructions..for the dollar origami plz help

  • Mercedes

    Need help, would like to make Camera need instructions for dollar origami

  • jojo

    how do you make the butterfly??????

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