06.01.09 by Jeff

Amy Bennett

Stunning oil paintings by Amy Bennett. At first glance they look like photographs of miniature models, which effectively forces you into an almost God-like point of view of each scene.

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

amy bennett artist painter oil painting

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Johan

    awesome, I can’t understand how she does it..

  • http://quainthandmade.blogspot.com cindy k

    these are really wonderful! uber-realism and love the perspective.

  • http://thefunctionkey.com kim

    wow these are truly awesome. i thought they were lori nix models at first glance.

  • http://bluemedia.com Chris Keal

    Sooooooooo cool. Great work!

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  • http://chriskalani.com chriskalani

    Dude! I just posted this over on y!e and now I am browsing your site and you had already posted earlier today! I can’t beat you anymore. You’ve gotten too good.


    fantastic. I would like to know the size of the paintings.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewaste/ mitch

    Yeah these are truly beautiful pieces.
    I want one.

  • http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com laura sweet

    More of her work, an interview with her and more about Amy Bennett.

  • http://amateureconblog.blogspot.com/ Speedmaster

    Very cool, I really like those.

  • http://www.weareneon.co.uk NEON

    Reminds me of the photographer Gregory Crewdson – If you haven’t checked him out – do.

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  • tom johnson

    It is interesting how we are looking at ourselves in model or miniture 3d…what are we “studying” of ourselves with this idea…I have also seen this with photography.

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  • http://phenotyp.com ryan

    Wow, these are effin fantastic. Those trees reflected in the water just blow my doors off.


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  • ant

    I visited Amy’s studio several years ago in DUMBO Bklyn. It was amazing to see her work in progress and process. The Paintings begin as painstakingly constructed models from which she does drawings and then finally paintings.

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  • http://jameskirkup.net/ James Kirkup

    Wow, this work is really really nice!

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  • http://www.oilpaintingsmarket.com Oil Paintings Reproductions

    I never visited Amy’s but it has to be amazing, to see her work in progress and process, that’s pure creativity.

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  • Dan

    wow this pics… paintings are amazing the lines in them are so clean and precise. I am definitely giving the thumbs up too your site. its so artistic.

  • http://www.myspace.com/majagodicke Maja

    this is what sweden looks like.

  • Hesham

    I liked the graphics so much!

  • zanez

    DOLL city.coolyo

  • Cassie

    I am so in love with these.

  • mark l

    awesome paintings! reminds me of Thomas Doyle’s work

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