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Project #6 – Pixel Portraits!

Here’s the first bunch of great “pixel portraits” submitted to Project #6! I especially like the ones from the few films I don’t recognize. If you’re gonna submit one, get in nice and close to the screen or zoom in – the more pixelated the better (instructions here) See how many you know…

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Vassilis Makris

pixel portrait project 6

Josh Stone

pixel portrait project 6

Jeff Hamada

pixel portrait project 6

Tawni Shaylin

pixel portrait project 6

Neringa Greiciute

pixel portrait project 6

Gere Gerrits

pixel portrait project 6

Ian Caulkett

pixel portrait project 6

Noor Issa

pixel portrait project 6

Monica Garcia

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Lucas Boll

pixel portrait project 6

Luis Eduardo Vargas Gurrola

pixel portrait project 6

Wayne Webb

pixel portrait project 6

Joseph Sobel

pixel portrait project 6

Neringa Greiciute

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Nicole Malinowski

pixel portrait project 6

Wayne Webb

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Markus Howald

pixel portrait project 6

Clif Reagle

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Kimi Hamada

pixel portrait project 6

Sofie Verhulst

pixel portrait project 6

Kamil Gwiazda

pixel portrait project 6

Philip Maniaci

pixel portrait project 6

Klaus Bohms

pixel portrait project 6

Scott Radnidge

pixel portrait project 6

Adam Wilson

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Leanne Cass

pixel portrait project 6

Tara Weber

pixel portrait project 6

Laura Straka

pixel portrait project 6

Kyle Lamar

pixel portrait project 6

Your Favourite

pixel portrait project 6

Mark Lozano

pixel portrait project 6

Findlay Donnan

pixel portrait project 6

Yigit Karagoz

pixel portrait project 6

Stian Ward Bugten

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

F & J

pixel portrait project 6

Eduardo Cano

pixel portrait project 6

Sean Coop

pixel portrait project 6

Antwan Duncan

pixel portrait project 6


pixel portrait project 6

Joel Benjamin

pixel portrait project 6

Eric Testroete

pixel portrait project 6

Nicole Killian

pixel portrait project 6

Thilo Leibelt

pixel portrait project 6

Chantal Suárez

pixel portrait project 6

Sara R.

pixel portrait project 6

Hayley Brown

pixel portrait project 6

Cecile Nanjoud

pixel portrait project 6

Daniel Delarosa

pixel portrait project 6

Donna Mair

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • compliments !

  • Vassilis Makris- Taxi Driver

    Tawni Shaylin- Donnie Darko

    Neringa Greiciute- Royal Tenenbaums

    Ian Caulkett- Requiem for a Dream

    Joe- I recognize Tom Waits and the movie but I’m too proud to go IMDB it

    Wayne Webb- RESERVOIR DOGS.

    Carole- Thank You For Smoking

    Aaaaaand that’s all I got :]

  • ppp

    Joseph Sobel- Moive-Blazzing Saddles and the Actor is Cleavon Little.

  • Angelica J. M.

    The one by Neringa Greiciute is from the Royal Tenenbaums I believe, and from Ian Caulkett is Requiem for a Dream, and Carole’s is Thank You for Smoking perhaps.

  • pretty darn good so far, but there’s alot of toughies in there.

  • marmel

    Greiciute – Doctor Strangelove, Joe’s I think is Down by Law….

  • rob

    AW where’d my submission go? :(

  • Melissa

    Noor Issa- gael garcia bernal in “motorcycle diaries”

    Nicole Malinowski- britney spears in the “gimme more” video

    Wayne Webb (2)- the actress is monica vitti. i think the movie is “the eclipse”

  • John

    clock work orange

  • Really neat idea, I’ll submit one maybe tomorrow.

  • Hey cool, (Gere Gerrits) is that Short Circuit?

  • Neringa Greiciute

    royal tenenbaums is right.
    but to guess the other ones, not mentioned ones, is pretty twisted.

  • first ones gattaca?

  • taxi driver, donnie darko, bananas, i guess

  • haha that does look like the dude in Short Circuit, that would be amazing if it was! we need Gere to verify! Melissa is amazing at this!

    Gattaca is correct as well Austin! nice

    I would like to see someone get that one that Twan submitted haha i would never recognize that character (he told me who it was)

    also apologies for the comments showing up randomly, if youve never commented before it automatically gets held to guard against spam.

  • also huge props to Rhianna!

  • Neringa Greiciute

    is the one by Jeff Hamada the clock work orange?

  • Gere

    You are right Findlay its from Short Circuit 1! God i love that movie.

  • Josh Stone: the actor is Jean-Pierre Léaud. The movie could be Domicile Conjugale or Baiser Volés but not sure.

  • I think perhaps the first one is Gattaca…? It reminded me of it, at least!

  • Alice

    I’m pretty sure the Tom Waits one is Down By Law.

  • vmakris

    Jean de TREMONTELS – Blade Runner

  • Andrew

    Great contest Jeff.

  • Kyle

    hamada, is yours Dear Wendy? looks a lot like it…although ive only watched it once with you, so i dunnnnnnnno

  • cheers andrew, dear wendy and blade runner are correct!

  • HIlda

    Neringa Greiciute – Hilmir Snær Guðnason in 101 Reykjavík.

  • Melissa

    Markus Howald- once upon a time in mexico

    Jacque- big

    Clif Reagle- don rickles in casino

  • Neringa Greiciute

    Hilda Bravo!

  • Tom waits in down by law
    Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums
    and there is Woody Allen in The Sleeper, i think.

  • First time here! Yay…

    Anywhooooo, what a nice idea this is! I love them. The results are outstanding. Some good film choices too :P

  • rhianna and Angelica J. M., it’s right, it’s Thank Your For Smoking.

  • luvlalalo

    i did this onceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when i was lil’ and i got my firt digi~cameraaa and i took pics of everything i could

    too bad i dont still have those YAH?

  • Clif

    I know someone has to be cooking up a Big Lebowski shot right now.

  • ^ haha literally the next submission i opened was The Dude. maybe someone just fullfilled your request!

  • Clif

    The Dude Abides

  • Alice

    Is Philip Maniaci: Shogun Assassin?

  • Big!

  • Yes Alice it is. I had a feeling that would be a hard one to get, kudos to you.

  • Klaus’ pic is terrifying.

  • Alice

    Thanks, and it’s a great film. I think that everyone should watch it at least once, if not more.

  • Gere

    Klaus Bohms; Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel in Electroma!
    Adam Wilson: Shredder, gotta love the ninja turtles.

  • Neringa Greiciute

    Scott Radnidge – royal tanenbaums ;)

  • Yeah definitely, that movie was awesome. Also I’m loving the Shredder picture from Adam Wilson.

  • Sofie Verhulst = Could be East of Eden

  • Melissa

    Scott Radnidge is a really cool shot

  • vmakris

    First Blood (1982)
    Director, Ted Kotcheff
    Sylvester Stallone (John J. Rambo)

  • Kyle

    kimi hamada – newsies?

  • HAHAH is Simonwho’s Ja Rule from The Fast and the Furious?

  • vmakris

    The Big Lebowski (1998) Director, Joel Coen
    Jeff Bridges (Jeffrey Lebowski – The Dude)

  • Alice

    Hrm… I see Andy Kaufman… Leanne Cass: Man on the Moon?

    I’m not so sure…

  • man, I was so excited to see this project today, I love screen captures! Have a whole trove of them in my computer with the hopes of doing something artistic with them someday.

    Anyway, lets see if someone can guess mine (Laura Straka) heh heh. If anything, this project has given me a list of movies to check out…fun idea Jeff!

  • Alice

    Tara Weber: Trainspotting?!?!

  • you’re correct Alice!

    Findlay is that Flight of the Navigator??

  • Yet another great movie, but no, It isn’t Flight of the Navigator I’m afraid.

  • Emily

    tara weber – trainspotting

  • Honey, I Shrunk The Kids?

  • pieirdes

    Findaly… Explorers. Yes?

    Many are already IDd (particularly the ones I’d be prouder of knowing) but…

    Also saw Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

  • findlay: Explorers.

  • geoff

    Findlay, that’s The Explorers! What a great movie. Isn’t that Ethan Hawke?


    Your Favorite: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

  • EXPLORERS!!! [1985] Directed by Joe Dante, starring a young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. I love this film very much and a word must be said about the score by Jerry Goldsmith – wonderful.

    I was watching “Basic Instinct” on the telly and found that Jerry Goldsmith used the same sort of sounds and arrangements in composing its score. It didn’t fit that movie at all. I guess that’s my own personal judgment, which from a comparisons view is rather biased. But yeah…


  • Bob

    Jean de TREMONTELS is Blade Runner, her name is Sean Young or something
    Frank I think is First Blood
    Jacque is Big with Tom Hanks
    Twan is From Mad Max the road warrior “Condelini wants his hand back”
    Tawni Shaylin Donnie Darko

  • wow i really have to check out The Explorers, love movies from the 80’s..

  • trainspotting, nicely done! :D

  • ahh, poop. where’s my photo?

  • Neringa Greiciute

    is Laura the 5th eliment?

  • Hey it’s Dustin Hoffman in “I Heart Huckabees”. Sophia, you should watch “Stranger Than Fiction” if you get the chance.

  • Melissa

    Stian Ward Bugten= singing in the rain
    Lorette= darjeeling limited
    F & J= scarface

  • hahah Eduardo

  • wow I just realised Bob got the Mad Max one, I think that was one of the harder ones here. melissa is good at this too

  • Laurie

    Yigit Karagoz – THX 1138 ?

  • rucien r le raque

    laura – milla jovovich

  • rucien r le raque

    eduardo – dumb and dumber

  • Wes Anderson movies are ruling this project.

  • lovely lovely

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  • yes -rucien r le raque- you are totally correct!
    great scene! lol

  • -Adam Wilson-is that Destructor from the teenage turttles?

  • “is Laura the 5th eliment?” NERINGA GREICIUTE

    “laura – milla jovovich” RUCIEN R LE RAQUE

    nope! :P – Laura Straka

  • Tawni Shaylin

    haha mine must’ve been too easy :) good job all!
    btw this project was awesome! can’t wait for the next :)))

  • Antwan Duncan’s is Hustle & Flow

  • awesome cory. i love that movie.

  • Wes Anderson FTW.

  • Alice

    Sean Coop: The Da Vinci Code?

    It’s Tom Hanks for sure.

  • oh, no! I forgot to participate in this projects…

  • vmakris

    Antwan Duncan: coooool



  • I only got, Leanne Cass – Trainspotting.

    THE most amazing film.
    Well, ONE of the most amazing at least.

  • Tawni Shaylin

    is F & J scarface??? excuse my ignorance hahaha

  • Tawni Shaylin

    Frank – rambo? haha

  • vmakris

    Scarface (1983)
    Director, Brian De Palma
    Writer, Oliver Stone (screenplay)
    Al Pacino – Tony Montana
    Michelle Pfeiffer – Elvira Hancock

    Vassilis Makris

  • vmakris

    (for F & J)

  • vmakris

    Bukowski (1973)

    Director, Taylor Hackford
    Writer, Taylor Hackford

    Charles Bukowski – Himself

    Vassilis Makris

  • sr

    Conrad=Top Gun?!


  • ^ haha i love those descriptions

  • wow!!, great project!! i´m gonna submit mine!!

  • (Eric Testroete) The Wrestler

  • Clif

    How did no one get Tom “Viper” Skerrit in Top Gun (conrad). Maybe I missed it sorry if someone else already got it.

  • yea SR got it a few comments above you

  • Clif

    ^^^ahhhh well what about Charlton Heston in El Cid? (Joel B) at least I think its El Cid.

  • chantal



  • i love this project!


    Kyle Lamar’s pic is Christian Bale & Samantha Mathis in AMERICAN PSYCHO.

    Mr Bale obviously studies method acting —

    Joel Benjamin’s pic is Charlton Heston in THE AGONY & THE ECSTASY.

    Travis’ pic is Bukowski in BORN INTO THIS (Doc).


    Laura Straka’s pic is Nicole Kidman in TO DIE FOR.


    Kamil Gwiazda’s is Bjork in DANCER IN THE DARK

    Nicole Killian’s is Madonna in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN

    Thilo Leibelt’s is INFERNAL AFFAIRS.

  • lizzie is on fire


    I drink your milkshake.

  • “…Nicole Kidman in TO DIE FOR.”

    BINGO! You have a lot of milkshakes to drink.

  • Amanda

    Tawni Shaylin – Donnie Darko
    Joseph Sobel – Blazing Saddles
    Carole – Thank You for Smoking
    Jacque – Big
    Markus Howald – Once Upon a Time in Mexico
    Lorette – the Darjeeling Limited
    Sean Coop – The Da Vinci Code
    Chantal Suárez – Hangman’s Curse
    Sara R. – Little Miss Sunshine

    I think I got most of these right. :)

  • Bob

    Right here’s my list with the blanks, copy and paste in your new items!!
    Andrew: dont know
    Vassilis Makris Taxi driver
    Josh Stone dont know
    Jeff Hamada dont know
    Tawni Shaylin Donnie Darko
    Neringa Greiciute The Royal Tenenbaums
    Gere Gerrits Short Circut
    Ian Caulkett Dont know
    Noor Issa Dont know
    Monica Garcia Dont know
    Joe Dont know
    Lucas Boll Bananas
    Luis Eduardo Vargas Gurrola Dont know
    Wayne Webb Dont know
    Joseph Sobel The naked gun?
    Neringa Greiciute Dont know
    Carole Dont know
    Nicole Malinowski Dont know
    Wayne Webb Dont know
    Twan Mad Max
    Jean de TREMONTELS Blade runner
    Jacque Big
    Markus Howald Dont know
    Clif Reagle Dont know
    Jeremy The big Lebowski
    Kimi Hamada Dont know
    Sofie Verhulst Rebel without a cause??
    Kamil Gwiazda Dont know
    Philip Maniaci Dont know
    Klaus Bohms Dont know
    Scott Radnidge The Royal Tenenbaums
    Adam Wilson Teenage mutant ninga turtles
    Simonwho Dont know
    Frank Rambo
    Leanne Cass Dont know
    Tara Weber Trainspotting
    Laura Straka Dont know
    Kyle Lamar Dont know
    Your Favourite Planes trains and automobiles
    Mark Lozano Dont know
    Findlay Donnan Explorers
    Yigit Karagoz THX (I think?)
    Stian Ward Bugten Singin in the rain
    Laura The fifth element
    Travis Dont know
    Lorette Dont know
    Sophia Dont know
    F & J Scarface
    Eduardo Cano Dumb and Dummer
    Sean Coop The Da Vinci Code
    Antwan Duncan Dont know
    Conrad Topgun
    Joel Benjamin A man for all seasons (I think?)
    Eric Testroete The Wrestler
    Nicole Killian Dont know
    Thilo Leibelt Dont know
    Chantal Suárez Dont know
    Sara R. Little miss sunshine


    Previous posts have answered most of these.

  • sr

    my fave still has to be Neringa Greiciute’s pic… although I’m lovin the Desperately Seeking Susan one… with a little dash of Top Gun…

  • laura was yours To Die For? (lizzie’s guess)

    i haven’t seen that, worth watching?

  • Yes, it is To Die For, Lizzie has a good eye…

    The movie is a bit uneven, but it’s entertaining and has some great memorable moments. Definitely one of Nicole Kidman’s best roles…she’s really chilling and creepy as a vapid, soulless local weather-woman who’ll do anything to become famous…


    Haley Brown’s pic is Rick Moranis in Little Shop of Horrors.

  • maybe ill check it out, it was Gus van sant wasn’t it?

    – nice lizzie

    so what’s left?

    did anyone confirm Josh Stone’s pic?

  • i wonder where my portrait is :\

  • From the 17/2 ‘Josh Stone: the actor is Jean-Pierre Léaud. The movie could be Domicile Conjugale or Baiser Volés but not sure.’

    it could also be Amour a vingt ans, defo one of the Antoine Doinel series.

    If I have go through my box set tonight and find the right scene, damn it I will!

  • phil

    are you posting more pics jeff?

  • i dont have any more in my inbox – anne you could try to email me direct

    there is another project set to start very soon.

  • three new ones!

  • bocabierta

    Oh thank god, I was afraid these celebrities weren’t getting enough attention.

  • oh thank God, I was afraid everyone understood this was just for fun.

  • good job!

  • ah, guess i’m too late :-\

    thanx anyways :)

  • Lizzie is quite the movie buff.

  • i will get my shit together soon and start getting involved.. no excuse.. i have actually taken a few screen shots.. too late to submit i suppose.. fool.

    beautiful project!


  • shibby

    i loveee them
    but mines not there oh well

  • caitlin

    sophias is i heart huckabees (:

  • caitlin

    and tawni shalims is donnie darko!

  • Lacey

    Philip Maniaci – big thumbs up to Lone wolf and Cub. Diagro

  • maddy

    desperately seeking susan!!

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The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

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Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

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Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

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Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

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She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

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