24.04.09 by Jeff

Choir of Young Believers!

I am proud to finally announce Booooooom Project #8 and it is a big one. I had been dropping little hints on Facebook and Twitter and now I can tell you what it is!

choir of young believers music video action reaction

We are officially producing a music video for Denmark’s Choir of Young Believers!!! If you are up on music blogs then you already know, but in case you don’t Choir of Young Believers is orchestral pop music at its best! The group is essentially one guy, Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, although you may see as many as eight people on stage at a show. I think if you take one listen to the song Action/Reaction and you’ll see why I am so excited.

The main sources of inspiration for this project are Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Cheated Hearts video and Michel Gondry’s book, You’ll Like This Film Because You’re In It.

All of the content will be supplied by you! Performing the song! Playing instruments (real or fake)! Singing! Dancing! Jumping! Lip-syncing! Whatever the song inspires you to do! Try to capture the emotion of the song!

1. Get the song here: Action/Reaction.mp3 (no longer available). Turn your stereo up to 11 and become one with the music.

2. Get a video camera and some friends together and go wild! We are looking for raw footage, so don’t worry about editing what you shoot. Just concentrate on getting the shots!

3. All of the submitted content will be edited into one video, so be creative! Feel free to film multiple versions!

4. Upload your footage to Youtube or Vimeo and email the link!

5. If you are shooting NTSC (North Americans) you may also submit your footage on miniDV, data CD, or data DVD by mailing it to:


6. Understand that by submitting your footage you are giving us permission to use your images in the video.

7. Submissions are due by July 7th 2009.

choir of young believers music video action reaction

A-Z Idea Checklist – Feel free to use all or none of these ideas:

a) interpretive dance (i hope some of you go this direction)
b) costumes (elaborate or subtle)
c) sunrise, sunset
d) face paint
e) an open field (corn or otherwise)
f) kites
g) find all the instruments and perform the song correctly
h) fake everything
i) cinéma vérité (move the camera! go wild!)
j) build elaborate sets (or film it all under a blanket on your bed)
k) robots
l) literal or magical
m) perform on a rooftop (a building not a car… well its up to you)
n) paper mache
o) temporary tattoos
p) animals
q) cardboard and duct tape
r) mirrors
s) sunglasses
t) in the mall food court
u) underwater?
v) beautiful people or ugly people
w) smoke machine
x) flashlights
y) lens flares
z) mustaches

I am looking forward to seeing your footage!

PS – here’s the LYRICS:


im spending my time/ walking spirals in line/ did i ever honestly believe/ a change of mind/ and then a change of position/ only action no reaction no/ this time is mine together we cant spend it anyway/ nothing is gonna change nothing is ever gonna change

and im a trigger/ your my gun/dont you wanna come/ dont you taste the times that come/ back and forth in one/ dont you wanna come/ if I could take you to a better place

she is a monument/ and everyone is talking/ like a vision its all crystal clear/ a change of mind and then a change of position did we ever honestly believe/ watching dead bodies and bombs falling from the sky/ nothing´s gonna change nothing is ever gonna change

and im a trigger/ your my gun/dont you wanna come/ dont you taste the times that come/ back and forth in one/

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    how awesome is this song???

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp8sVCOWbHU Viadro Project

      Hi Booooooom and Choir Of Young Believers

      We made the videoclip to the song and we put it on YouTube, but now… guys… everything is great, but how are we going to send You a link? You didn’t give an e-mail. But ok, our videoclip is here


      May this be our submission. We are also making another version.

      Our best wishes

      Viadro Project – Poland

      • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

        hello, thanks for the submission! its perfect, if you do decide to make another one post the link here or email me at jeff[at]booooooom[dot]com


  • http://stuyk.net/ stuyk

    this project sounds ace!

  • SaScHa

    You have gone above and beyond this time, Hamada. Wine and Cheese and a little music video footage maybe?

  • http://www.3sixteen.com Andrew

    You pulled it off! I am really excited to see these entries come in.

  • Kiera

    haha . shall get to work ! lol

  • http://www.aurelievitoux.com -aurelie-

    Sounds great!! shall get to work too :p
    Hope I have time to send you something!

  • fayyaz

    WOW! I am IN! Also I am from INDIA!
    By the way, where can I get the lyrics to the song! It is a COOL track!

  • Nicolai

    I might send you something.
    At my school alot of the students like this kind of music, and its in Denmark so thats perfect. :)

    • Nicolai

      So i probably can get a hugh amount of people who will participate

      • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

        excellent Nicolai, looking forward to it!

  • http://www.ollelarsson.com Olle Larsson

    I will bring a video camera and a lot beer to the Hyper Island party tomorrow!

  • http://thewholehalf.blogspot.com/ tara

    I am so excited! this is huge!

  • AJ

    This is a great project! the submissions are gonna be insane haha

  • NIcole


  • http://artsponge.wordpress.com/ Patrick

    yeeesss this song is awesome !!! I love the drums
    yeah haha submissions are going to be mad

  • Kyle

    Awesome!!! Great hookup, and great idea.

  • Chelsea

    Fantastic song…fun idea…can’t wait to see what people send in!

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  • http://vidensbanken.blogspot.com Tøger Torkel

    Great! Looking forward to see the final result! The band is amazing. I’m currently in denmark, and watched them play some time ago at P3 Golden award (national radiostation)

  • http://www.youtube.com/ambroziak ambroziak

    I just read that book too! Furthermore video art is my thang… though i’m thinkin some silly stuff is crucial. I’ll see what i can throw together!

  • http://www.jolinras.com Jolin


  • http://candiedcartel.com Tamika

    I’m geeked! I can’t wait to be part of this, I was waiting forever for the next project!

  • rucien r le raque

    hahaha, can’t wait to see the video. my tape is on the way

  • Youngblood

    ahhh. this is too cool. And i’ve but a crappy camera….i look forward to see what comes out of it anyway

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      it doesn’t matter if the camera is crappy or awesome – its how creative the footage is!!!!

  • Youngblood

    I’m abouts to set a new low standard in film here. :)

  • MARS

    I dont want to rain on anyones parade but this is kind of degrading to all of us loyal Booooooom readers. Using Booooooom to make a music video the cheap way of having other people do the work then edit what you want just does not go well with me. Im kind of dissapointed and let down right now, its as if iI just found out santa claus was fake….

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      Mars you are entitled to your opinion but I think you are missing the point, I am not being paid anything to make the video, its totally for fun. for the fun of making something! I pitched the idea because I liked the song. I can see how if you thought they were paying me to make the video and I just used everyone else’s creativity it could be problematic. It’s just not the case – i appreciate those of you here, giving me benefit of the doubt – these projects are often a lot of work for me but they are the things i am most excited about and hope to continue growing this part of the site.


  • Emily

    This is AWESOME! and just my kind of thing, i too have crappy camera syndrome, but i am right in!
    also, is there anywhere we could get the lyrics or do i have to listen to it until i have memorised them?

    ‘MARS’ – cheer up! and there not just being cheap – they’re being my kind of people

  • Sydney Blue

    I see MARS’s point… and any other site I might say something different, but with BOOOOOOOM I see how much work this Jeff guy puts into the site, and I owe him a whack load of respect for inspiring me every day, not only that.. but I genuinely feel as if he just wants to make a fun project for us all, and the projects are diverse. The site covers a lot of subject, photography, illustration etc.. so having a video project, combined with music is great.

    Rain away MARS, but I feel a big group of us will keep marching along with our parade.

  • MARS

    You completely changed my opinion simply by saying you werent being paid jeff, and i praise you for that. Knock out what i said before, i will now be participating in this project. I think i owe it to help you out Jeff!

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      cheers Mars, lookin forward to it! its all good man

  • http://andreo.site88.net Andreo

    good band! the guy on the right looks like mark ruffalo.

    • Kyle

      I could be wrong, but I think it’s all the same guy in the photo.. Jeff?

      • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

        yea it is!

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  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    Camil – I don’t know if you’ll see this message but I tried to respond to you via email but I think you mis-typed your own address – email me again if you read this!

  • Grace.J

    I love it.

  • mrbonhomme

    It’s great!

  • http://www.aurelievitoux.com -aurelie-

    hello again! I have a question! does it has to be a movie? or can it be a stop-motion? or something like that?

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      hey Aurelie, we’re looking for movies! there will be a stop-motion project in the future

      • http://www.aurelievitoux.com -aurelie-

        :( Thanks for your really fast answer! i don’t think i’ll be able to make a movie… but i can’t wait for the stop-motion project in the future :) and i can’t wait to see the result of this project! it a really neat one!!

  • hermes

    Hey guys,

    I’m wondering about the lyrics ? do we need to listen to the song and learn them ? or is there anyplace we can get them ?

    Anyway thanks for the project, it’s a sweet way to begin my holidays !

    Good luck to everyone, be inspired.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      hey hermes – here ya go!!



      im spending my time/ walking spirals in line/ did i ever honestly believe/ a change of mind/ and then a change of position/ only action no reaction no/ this time is mine together we cant spend it anyway/ nothing is gonna change nothing is ever gonna change

      and im a trigger/ your my gun/dont you wanna come/ dont you taste the times that come/ back and forth in one/ dont you wanna come/ if I could take you to a better place

      she is a monument/ and everyone is talking/ like a vision its all crystal clear/ a change of mind and then a change of position did we ever honestly believe/ watching dead bodies and bombs falling from the sky/ nothing´s gonna change nothing is ever gonna change

      and im a trigger/ your my gun/dont you wanna come/ dont you taste the times that come/ back and forth in one/

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  • irma

    should our material be NTSC or PAL? or it doesn’t matter?? (hope it doesn’T matter!!) …

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      NTSC! shoot I just realised many of you will be shooting in PAL!

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      i guess if you’re shooting PAL upload your footage to youtube or vimeo and send me the link.

  • http://www.brookebrooke.net brookebrooke

    So the song isn’t on iTunes or Myspace… what shall i do now?

  • yungjen

    is there a deadline?

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      first week of june but many people have asked for an extension so it could be the end of june – bottom line i just want as many people who want to be a part of it to be able to be a part of it – just shoot something and we’ll work it out~

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/36849070@N03/collections/72157618490726795/ Jan

    the guy on the left looks like shaldon from the big bang theory.=D

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  • http://www.paperschmaper.blogspot.com Krissy

    Stellar project Jeff!

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      thanks krissy you should film a little somethin :)

  • Kentmiesta

    So if we upload it to youtube and have it private, if we email you the link will you be able to see it?

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      yes as long as we’re friends – add me – my youtube user account is “jeffhamada”

      • Kentmiesta

        WOW YOUR QUICK, im definitely in, ok but like is it cool if we just have no idea what we are shooting in but we know we cant mail it to you, then can we just send it and also, are you going to be using a little bit of EVERYONES footage, or will you just trash some peoples…

  • Nick Name
  • Nick Name

    i´m planing a semi professional shortmovie with some friend of me and i think its a great idea we needed.

    cheers Jeff


  • Nico

    Great Project!

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    get filming, people!

  • will

    greetins! somewhat unrelated to this Boom proj. but just wanted to direct u to an interview TITLE magazine did with Jannis Makrigiannis from COYB. check it: http://titlemagazine.net


  • http://www.xanga.com/iwbt hanna

    this is so awesome.
    and i really like the song as well. how rad!

    i’m so going to take part of this, however i wonder what happens after i upload the material into youtube? i mean…it’s not good quality… will then someone contact me for a material with better quality if they like something i have recorded?

  • http://iamnotamorningperson.wordpress.com Erica

    My action/reaction music vid. :)

    • Kyle

      Hey this is rad!

      • http://iamnotamorningperson.wordpress.com Erica

        Thanks. (:

  • Courtney

    So excited to see the finished piece!

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The coolest part is you can support Kelli and purchase the book here but she specifically designed her pinhole camera under a Creative Commons share-alike license so you can also download the template yourself, build it, examine it, and use the knowledge to even make your own variant!

Kelli and I both spoke at Blend here in Vancouver and her talk was one of my favourites. She spoke about a wide variety of her past work including her counterfeit New York Times newspaper (she produced hundreds of thousands of copies and distributed it on the streets of New York), her amazing stop-motion tribute to the Eameses’ iconic film “Power of Ten” using images sourced from Google Images, and her paper record player/wedding invitations.

She’s the kinda person it’s almost hard to write about because she’s doing so many wildly different things. She’s currently working on a music video so stayed tuned for that!

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Free Learning of the Day: Skillshare Classes

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This is for all you aspiring photographers, illustrators, and type designers out there! We’ve teamed up with Skillshare to offer you 1 month of unlimited access to all their creative classes, for $0. Free. You can sign up here for a premium account: Booooooom + Skillshare 30-day extended trial.

I’ve been personally trying out some of their classes and I just blazed through this great class on designing a single letter: “One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time” by the amazing Jessica Hische (I’ll always refer to her as the one who did that fantastic Moonrise Kingdom type). She has so many useful tips in this, especially when she talks about properly using handlebars and plotting points in Illustrator.

From what I’ve seen so far these classes are a great way to brush up on something you may have learned a long time ago or a chance to learn something completely new. Full disclosure: Skillshare did not pay us to make this post, however if you sign up through this link it will support our site! Absolutely no pressure to do so – I still recommend their site as a worthwhile resource even if you don’t use our link!

You can watch a preview of Jessica Hische’s class below!

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