21.08.09 by Jeff

Pitchfork picks Top 500!

Pitchfork has just released their picks for the Top 500 tracks of the last decade! I can’t believe 1999 was ten years ago.

pitchfork magazine music top 500 tracks 2000 2000s decade

Let the arguing commence.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Burstoid

    Huge fan of Outkast since the beginning, but don’t think B.O.B. deserves even close to first. Not even a top 5 song of theirs.

    • Lydia

      Well what would you suggest then?

  • Andrew


  • i was waiting for people to bring this up – i think its an interesting choice, i still remember when that album came out that single blew my mind, i listened to it everyday for a month. i think that and ms jackson do have their place somewhere high up on the list – and most of the songs by them that i like are from before 2000.

  • Maya

    Hmm @ idioteque. is that really the best radiohead track they could think of ?!

    • I think so. One of the best ones. Only thing bothering me is that Outkast and LCD has 2 songs, while Radiohead has one. They should have put one from In Rainbows on that list.

  • lapetitefaon

    My top two most listened to songs according to my itunes is 1. Beautiful Life, by Gui Baratto and 2. The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack, Liars which are 166 and 167 on Pitchforks list…but despite our obvious differences, the list is pretty comprehensive/good I think.

  • brian

    i’m happy to see arcade fire in the top 10, i really hope “funeral” gets album of the decade, it is for me at least

  • GT

    glad they put both those LCD tracks in the top 20. i think that maybe they should switch positions though. “all my friends” is probably the better song, but given the vibe of “losing my edge” at the time of its release, i figure it should rank higher. GT

  • josh

    Wow out of all the great music we’ve gotten in the 2000s B.O.B. Don’t get me wrong, I like Outkast but there have been by far better songs than that.

  • GT

    haven’t scoped out the rest of the list yet, but i would have hoped that a few tracks from the first Interpol album would be on there… and would’ve thought top twenty at that. guess not. GT

    • lapetitefaon

      YES, what is the deal? Not to be a complete loser but in Pitchfork’s Top 100 Albums from 2000-2004 Turn On the Bright Lights was #3…yet, where are they in this list?! Don’t care for them too much these days but back when that came out I was rocking PDA like every day for months…

      • haha you have a point here.

        also i stillll listen to Interpol

  • B.O.B. as number one felt right to me. Have no clue why though.

  • George D

    I don’t really get DFA Records most of the time, and Losing My Edge just goes right past me. No matter how many times I listen it still just bores me. Different strokes…

    I would have put Pyramid Song ahead of Idioteque, and Basement Jaxx “Romeo” would not be in the top 500. But a pretty good list all up.

    B.O.B. is definitely the best song of the decade though. Untouchable.

    • in terms of Outkast’s music I think it had to be BOB, hey ya or ms jackson.

      if you’re talking Outkast’s entire catalog then yea there are some other songs but this was from 2000 and after there’s very few others to talk about – the way you move, so fresh and so clean, roses, morris brown.. none of those touch the other three (in my opinion)

  • emily

    some bands and artists have been used multiple times yet some really good singles havent even made the top 500, and that gets me a bit
    on the whole i agree (with some major exceptions)

  • The only thing that infuriates me about this list is that it was launched in August 2009. They may as well post their Best of 2009 lists too, since they’re ignoring 3-5 months of music that could very well make the list. And yes, I realize they’re only launching it this early to beat potential competition but I think it strips them of journalistic integrity just a few shades.

  • “”I think so. One of the best ones. Only thing bothering me is that Outkast and LCD has 2 songs, while Radiohead has one. They should have put one from In Rainbows on that list.””

    Exactly what i was going to say- i don’t think that lcd sound system song should be number 2- shit i dont even know anybody who listens to them.

    shouldn’t something that high on the list be unanimous?

    and seriously – NOTHING from in rainbows got on the top 20? people went bat shit crazy for that album.

    jeers pitchfork, jeers!

    • nothing that pertains to music will ever be unanimous

      • GT


    • this one

      In Rainbows was such a hype album. Get over it. All My Friends is a tune.

  • Jürgen

    The worst Pitchfork list ever!!!!!! Couldn’t they just wait a year at list to make that stupidly huge selection? Who wants to know the name of the 500 songs? NO-BO-DY!

    I’m starting to feel a little ashamed about reading this kind of geek music websites, and with all the posibilitieson the web right now, you don’t need a guide like this.

    • MIGSHO

      But still you read it to the end, means there is at least one person who wants to know the name of the songs.

      Its a really good list if you ask me BOB is right at the top 10, the order of it is a controversial thing yes but this is expected.

  • What is the deal with this List?? I think someone from DFA put this together, The Top 20 is WHACK!!

    Where is ???

    Flaming Lips – Do You Realize
    Radiohead – Knives Out

    pitchfork needs to identify where they draw the line from indie-mainstream there to selective. This list blows!

    • MIGSHO

      ‘do you realize’ is actually on the list, can’t recall the position but its there.

  • MND

    yesss animal collective at no. 9!! I <3 my girls. Gave "my girls" a celebratory listen. And Paper planes sooo deserved no. 3 <3

  • ben thatcher

    where are the Artic monnkeys and just for literally having the best lyrics ever where is dan le sac vs scroodius pip

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