15.10.09 by Jeff

Wild Things! Forts! Winners!

After much deliberation with the guys at Weloveyouso we have finally picked the winners of our Wild Things’ Forts contest!

eric rice wild things fort winner

Grand Prize Winner: Congratulations to Eric Rice, you have won the “Where The Wild Things Are” Xbox and a bus shelter-size poster! Your fort was just ridiculous! It had a freakin’ third floor!!!

“I spent the long weekend building my fort out old pallets and other discarded materials. I didn’t use any nails or screws to build the actual fort, it’s lashed together with hundreds of feet of string, and is surprisingly sturdy, even on the third floor. I had an awesome time building it, and hope you guys do some more contests in the future.” – Eric

See more winners below!

dianne que wild things fort winner

Second Prize Winner: Congratulations to Dianne Que, you have won a “Where The Wild Things Are” Prize pack!

“I’ve been drowning in adulthood lately and building this fort was such an awesome opportunity to be a kid again. i filled my cozy cloud cavern with some of my favorite doodads – yarn balls, cushions, kids books, and a star-lantern i built entirely from recycled bottlecaps.” – Dianne

ausia lauts wild things forts winner

Honorable Mention: Congratulations to Ausia Lauts, you have also won a “Where The Wild Things Are” Prize pack! It’s hard to tell from the photo but Ausia actually went out and snapped polaroids of strangers holding up lines from the book!

“It was soooooooooo much fun to make, paper chains and cranes, hanging my favorite pictures, stacking the best books and movies. I even documented Maurice Sendak’s masterpiece on a board in the form of strangers holding lines of the book under their chins while I took a Polaroid picture of them and their smiling or not so smiling faces.” – Ausia

The Cutest Kids Award: Congratulations to Georgie Grieve (age 3), Nico Brouwer (age 4), Audrey Perkins (age 4), and Jacob Salomon (age 3), you have won a “Where The Wild Things Are” Kids Prize Pack!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project! I can’t believe the response, you only had a week?!

If you’d like to view all the entries:

Some more: Wild Things’ Forts VIII

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And more: Wild Things’ Forts V

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And more: Wild Things’ Forts III

And more: Wild Things’ Forts II

And more: Wild Things’ Forts I

Stay tuned for the next project, now go see the movie!!!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • This was really a lovely project and so much fun. I guess for most of us it was not really about winning that prize. Congratulations to the winners, though! Amazing forts!

  • ^^ yes, i hope that everyone who didn’t win feels the same – this project really made me smile from ear to ear every time i scrolled through the entries!

    you guys are the best!

  • Tijmen

    WOW I have followed the project and i found it really cool to see al those forts. Congrats to everyone!

  • Eric Rice, that is one super fort! Congrats to the winners. I had such an amazing time with this project – made me realize the importance of just doing what makes me happy, on a regular basis.

    Bring on the next project!

  • GREAT FORT ERIC! Very well deserved win! I hope you have fun with your xbox :)
    PS: Are you keeping this fort? Or what is going to happen with it?

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  • congrats to the winners!

  • lapetitefaon

    Yeaaaaa :D I loved every entry so much. Oh goodness the babies in the last one, really are the cutest kids!

  • Amazing project!

    Congratz for the Boooooom team and those who joined de initiative!

    You guys rock!


    definitely one of the best projects, i loved the winners!!! awww… so sad i missed building my own, this was great jeff, the book would be totally awesome.

  • Suze

    Wow what a great response! Reverting back to childhood is always a good idea

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  • Spencer Donald

    Thanks, that was awesome.

  • Juliette

    This project was just beautiful, I am sure it made up the week for a lot of people out there including me!! Thanks, thanks, thanks for the experience!!

  • Aaaw, you guys are amazing these forts are incredible! Congratulations! Can’t wait for the next project. :) And thank you for such an amazing website! xo’s to everyone!

  • Ausia

    It was SOOOOOO Much Fun!!
    and winning a prize pack is just a really awesome perk.
    I have been sleeping in my fort for the past three nights.
    Thanks Jeff!

  • Congrats to the winners and everyone else; I truly enjoyed everybodys entrys. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to make a fort and enter, but have plans to make one this weekend. Completely looking forward to it especially with the crappy weather!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!! not once while building my fort did i think about winning anything! this project was so magical. :) thanks so much and congratulations to all the fort-makers out there!

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  • Dr Buzzler

    Nope! Hands down the 6 year old boy floating inside a balloon somewhere over Colorado is the winner! BEST FLOATING FORT EVER!! LOL

    …but congrats anyway Eric. :)

  • When the submissions started appearing I started feeling sorry for the winner pickers! Everything was really good. Well done to all the winners, you really deserved it, and well done to everyone who submitted something.

  • eric’s fort is amazing, and dianne’s was definitely a favourite. congratulations!
    bestest, most funnest competition ever.
    i am sat in my fort right now and my cats keep attacking and plundering and pulling down the walls and i keep having to rebuild bigger better stronger.
    it’s not coming down ever.

    will there be a book??? there should, there should!

  • work it eric rice-cracka! i’m so proud of you!

  • Chelsey

    Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who entered! I had a really magical time building my fort.

    And I’m with Donna on the book front. That would be wonderful! =]

  • Holy crap! Thanks everybody! The amount of work and creativity everyone put into their forts was astounding. Thanks to Booooooom and WeLoveYouSo for putting on such an amazing contest, and giving so many of us an awesome weekend.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to keep my fort up forever, but I will definitely be keeping it up for another week or two so I can throw an epic fort party.

  • props to the winners, they’re fantastic. And like I said before, it was never about winning. We had so much fun we’re gonna make another fort tomorrow.

    • ^ i loved your fort/email soooooo much

      • ps – there are not nearly enough people sporting overalls these days!

      • haha. I agree entirely. And I happen to own two pairs so that we could don the same outfit. and thanks very much. did you make your own fort too?

  • YAH ! we won cutest kids!.Virtual high fives all around to all the winners and everyone who entered. We hope our kids grow up to be as creative as all of you. Even though fort building is a weekly activity at our house we hope it becomes something all the “grown ups” start to do more often..so say the kids.

  • so much creativity and though went into these.
    I didn’t participate but sure did have fun seeing these pop up all over the blogworld.

    Congrast winners- you guys are amazing!

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  • These are so great! What a perfect idea for a project :)

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  • Amy

    My roommates started talking about forts and then started to look at these forts, which then inspired us to build our own fort! :D So many good forts and great ideas! I love the pictures!!!

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“The concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline is central to the experience of any street artist. As is the idea that whatever you create might be gone the next day. For the artist, street art is all about embracing that transience and impermanence. And for the audience, it’s about seeing it (and taking photos of it) while you can”

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The Booooooom Creative Job Board

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If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare has an opening for a Content Producer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

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