16.11.09 by Jeff

Fanny Pack + Hat = Cap Sac

I am holding in my hand pure awesomeness, three hats from Cap-Sac landed at my front door. Stocking-stuffer approved, fanny pack for your head!

fanny pack for your head cap-sac hat

fanny pack for your head cap-sac hat

fanny pack for your head cap-sac hat

fanny pack for your head cap-sac hat

fanny pack for your head cap-sac hat

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Jamal Ahmad

    Fresh Prince!!

  • http://www.tysonfaa.com tyson faa

    wow, those are so awesome! -tys

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    these are hilarious i can’t get over it. they fit like a bike hat, the brim flips up

  • V.


  • http://www.e22.com shing02


  • Jordan

    DO WANT!

  • Michael

    Haha these are sweet.

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  • http://gasbit.wordpress.com/ Joseph

    those are pretty fresh…what material are they made from?

  • http://bloodoftheyoung.com t reilly hodgson

    They are sending a couple of those over to us BOTY kids too. I’m psyched, these are too funny.

  • http://www.tysonfaa.com tyson faa

    I’m for sure going to ask for one of these for my in my Christmas stocking. -tys

  • Sascha

    Those are dope!

  • Emil

    AA WW EE SS OO MM EE !! all your stuff, right on your forehead, and when not in use it fits in small spaces!

  • http://svartkonst.net Svartkonst

    We’re a big fan of cap-sac as well! Kim Karlsson made a photoshoot through us, they’re a common feature on our Svartbar evenings and we made an interview with Jessica Aceti in Svartkonst #2. The greatest accessory ever!

  • http://www.hunnydesigns.net/ Hunny

    Wow these look super cool.

  • james

    no. this is just too much

  • http://www.valenpaulucci.com.ar valen paulucci

    drug sacs!

  • http://www.vanbetty.nl Betty

    Never to late to join the cap sac trend! sweet!

  • tumojitekano

    easier to steal money or everything that would be in there

  • http://better-time-management.info robin

    wow- that’s exactly what I need
    super cool

  • Emily

    hahaha “drug sacs” yeah, but too bad it’s not actually attached to your head like fanny pacs are attached to the waist. if you stashed anything valuable in here, some body with a criminal mind could so yank it off your head and run.
    maybe there should be a version 2 with chin straps.

  • http://BASTARDSandWHORES.com Joe Scott

    I wonder how much stuff you can hold in them before it starts to look ridiculous.

    • kiki

      lol Best comment ever!

  • MatJSMoore



  • http://thegirlwiththechanelnecklace.blogspot.com Emma
    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      ha yes!!

  • Andreas

    Seriously, where can I get one of those?!!

  • Andreas

    Okay, I’m an idiot. Just found the link at the top

  • http://yahoo marria12

    How much do these things cost?!!?!?!
    i wont onee. !