18.12.09 by Jeff

Kris Lewis

Paintings by Kris Lewis.

kris lewis flower petals artist painter painting

kris lewis artist portrait pug girl painter painting

kris lewis artist boy boat painter painting

kris lewis holding pine cone girl artist painter painting

kris lewis artist pink flower petals girl painter painting

kris lewis artist boat oar girl painter painting

kris lewis artist beach girl painter painting

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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  • Ali D

    I can’t stand how much i love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • illyana

    these are utterly bad ass!

  • http://www.doomsdaychicken.wordpress.com doomsdaychicken

    This has to be my favorite post so far.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/arbeitmachtniefrei francisco

    this is fucking awsome

    greetings from argentinaaa

  • http://SmellsLikeRevenge.com Blake Ellender

    These are amazing! The last one is so chic!

  • panda

    god all of the new painting happening here is driving me nuts, it’s sooo so amazing.

  • http://www.ffall.org Pedro Freenandes

    Serenade of love

  • http://shortduck.blogspot.com/ Kim

    I love all the detail in the clothing! Most of them are so well done I nearly thought they were photographs.

  • Jennifer


  • alaskaaaa

    Wow. I love the first one.

  • http://www.thechristopherbruce.com The Christopher Bruce

    this could be called “Portraits of Ex-Girlfriends”

  • http://www.myspace.com/chip_n_dale_torieness alaskaaaa

    And the fifth one tooooo,

  • madeline

    i love the fifth one

  • http://www.eatsmartagesmart.com Eat Smart Age Smart

    The first painting from Kris Lewis is absolutely stunning.

    The petals of roses flying are so soft, yet the girl is a strong character.

    As I look at all these paintings from Kris Lewis I find that she uses backgrounds and clothing that comes from a past era, but she uses faces/features/makeup that is quite current and the juxtaposition of the two is simply brilliant.

    I didn’t know about her at all, but I’ve bookmarked this page and will try to find out where you can buy her art.

    Jeff – is she a Canadian artist?

    Wow – thanks for exposing me to such beauty on a Sunday morning!


  • http://search4beauty.blogspot.com The Astral Cowboy

    I wish that I had the brain to hand dexterity Kris has! Just found your site today. Very cool. Keep it up!

  • Rolf

    This is really great, I get the feeling like this is a modern take on Mannerism (esp. the last one) and Renaissance.
    Great work (Y)

  • http://muistioi.blogspot.com/ Miki Liukkonen

    These are incredible. I love these colors and mystical atmosphere of these paintings.

  • http://marshmellowkisses.wordpress.com Sara

    Love the modern take on the portrait. Great style.

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  • http://www.paperschmaper.blogspot.com Krissy

    super awesome find!

  • http://www.dentoncrawford.com Denton

    these are really beautiful. Remind of John Currin, with tattoos. Really nice.

  • anne

    can’t get enough!

  • http://www.donnynguyen.com donny

    these are simply phenomenal. totally agree with the old/new juxtapostion comments. so well done.

  • Ganissa

    These are amazing! I would love for him to do one of me!

  • Andrew

    Saw Kris Lewis earlier this month at Art Basel in Miami. His stuff is even more amazing in front of you.

  • Brittany


    I absolutely love the artwork, it’s exquisite!
    My parents are art collectors, and I’d like to get a price list please.


  • Richard Chalmers

    Gorgeous work. Beautiful, evocative, haunting, and sexual. Beautifully rendered but they go so far beyond the beautiful craftsmanship. Who are the women? How did they get where they are? Who is the painter? What is the story?

  • http://www.kfmgallery.com Kristin Forbes-Mullane

    so awesome… i’m a huge fan.

  • Jesse

    this is glorious

  • http://gruztec.ru/ gruztec.ru

    Artworks are great. These are wonderful! I’m in love these.

  • http://ramireo.com.ar Ramireo

    Sooo beatiful portraits!

    Such a fresh work

  • http://ramireo.com.ar Ramireo

    The light is so MARVELLOUS!

    Perfectly rendered

    Loved them!

  • Terrel

    these piecies are too gooooood! I want one! ugh

  • tessa

    absolutely breathtaking.

  • Hallidd

    great work

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