18.02.10 by Jeff

Marlon Kowalski

More photos from Marlon Kowalski.

marlon kowalski photographer photography

marlon kowalski photographer photography

marlon kowalski photographer photography

marlon kowalski photographer photography

marlon kowalski photographer photography

marlon kowalski photographer photography

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://craftsplorer.blogspot.com Geri

    I love these! The natural settings converging in the center are gorgeous.

  • http://lecheconmiel.tumblr.com maggie

    I love the first one Giraffes :3

  • lapetitefaon

    I’M IN LOVE WITH THESE. Ugh all of them, though obviously the projections on the clothing, siiiiigh, just simply stunning.

  • Will

    The last photograph is amazing. I just watched it for ages.

  • Carla

    this is a VERY solid concept. like them all a lot.

  • Adam

    Nice to see him up on Booooooom again.

  • http://www.dezurickbadran.com/ EDB

    This are singular–especially the projections onto hanging clothes, which brings conceptual art back to the everyday.

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  • babar

    clothes are sweet dude
    rest i dunt understand

  • Kay Art Lover

    I like the concept of the “realism” mixed w the idea of “walk into the pic”, over the bridge into another scene idea. I love the concept. I’ve seen this idea in paintings on sites like lisakramerart.com. I have not been interested in photography before, but I would love to have any of these in a picture on my wall.

  • http://zenasheville.blogspot.com/ zen Sutherland

    oh these are quiet poems!

  • Goku Chiu

    I love this tone, it’s amazing!

26.11.15 by Staff

Cool Video of the Day: Guy Hacks Turntable to Create Techno Music


Artist and experimental musician Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno Demonstration is exactly what it sounds like! Dunning demonstrates his incredible hand-made method for making techno music: layering locked records, analogue synths, even mechanically triggered percussion. Watch how it all comes together below!

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26.11.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Hem


Paintings by the god, Andrew Hem. More images below.

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26.11.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Martine Johanna


Paintings by Dutch artist Martine Johanna. More images below.

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26.11.15 by Jeff

The Hateful Eight Roadshow


Director Quentin Tarantino and cinematographer Bob Richardson wanted their latest film, The Hateful Eight, to be the eleventh film ever to be shot in Ultra Panavision (as wide as widescreen gets) and with the help of the film company they were able to pull it off.

The Hateful Eight will be projected in 70mm in select theatres on Christmas day as a good old fashioned roadshow, meaning it will feature an overture, intermission, playbill, and extra footage!

Watch the featurette below and start the countdown.

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25.11.15 by Jeff

Free Learning of the Day: Skillshare Classes

skillshare-01 skillshare-02 skillshare-03

This is for all you aspiring photographers, illustrators, and type designers out there! We’ve teamed up with Skillshare to offer you 1 month of unlimited access to all their creative classes, for $0. Free. You can sign up here for a premium account: Booooooom + Skillshare 30-day extended trial.

I’ve been personally trying out some of their classes and I just blazed through this great class on designing a single letter: “One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time” by the amazing Jessica Hische (I’ll always refer to her as the one who did that fantastic Moonrise Kingdom type). She has so many useful tips in this, especially when she talks about properly using handlebars and plotting points in Illustrator.

From what I’ve seen so far these classes are a great way to brush up on something you may have learned a long time ago or a chance to learn something completely new. Full disclosure: Skillshare did not pay us to make this post, however if you sign up through this link it will support our site! Absolutely no pressure to do so – I still recommend their site as a worthwhile resource even if you don’t use our link!

You can watch a preview of Jessica Hische’s class below!

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