20.03.10 by Jeff

Project #10 / Small Victories

I am excited to finally announce our tenth project, Small Victories!

Booooooom Project #10 extra-ordinary photography show in hong kong

Small Victories is a photographic celebration of the everyday! A collection of 4×6 prints of the quietly beautiful, unintentionally funny, people and things all around us. I believe it is these little moments that make life worth living.

This project will culminate in a photo show at Above Second gallery in Hong Kong, in May.

Booooooom Project #10 extra-ordinary photography show in hong kong

To give you an idea what I’m after, here is a photo I shot of a man with his cell phone taped to his face. If you would like to be a part of this show, here’s what you do:

1. Take a million photos.

2. Select your best work (3 photos max, only one will be shown).

3. Get 4″ x 6″ prints made (full bleed, no borders).

4. Clearly write your name and email on the back of each photo.

5. Put the photo(s) in an envelope and mail to:

Small Victories

We are no longer accepting submissions!

We are not accepting any photos submitted via email.

By sending the prints you grant us permission to display the work, and acknowledge that the prints will not be returned. The submitted work will be displayed on Booooooom.com and select work will be shown at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • uriel

    si soy de otro pais si podre participar?

  • I am interested ….; )

    • Hello
      I just post you 3 photographs from Nepal by register mail, so just let me know in here as you receive it.

      Thank you,

  • I too, am interested. This shall be fun.

  • JW

    Great project !

    I have so question about the submission format :
    White borders or full bleed image ? Color and/or black and white ? Glossy or matte ?

    • no borders! your choice on the rest

      • JW

        Thanks ! ‘Will send you something.

  • How fantastic!

  • AMBA

    :) bien!!!

  • Seguimos este site ya hace mucho tiempo. Estamos contentos, nos gustaria participar :)

  • oh hell yeah Jeff, this is such a good one!

  • Jennn

    this seems great i am totally submitting something.

  • rob

    portrait or landscape?

  • LOVE this. The everyday Is my favourite. Expect entries from across the pond.

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  • rusty

    Jeff, how are we going to be notified if our image is selected? are we gonna be credited for our photo in the expo?

    • all the images will go up here, ill be emailing people whose work im taking with me to Hong Kong, which is why its important that your name/email is written on the back. names will be listed next to each piece in the show, all the work will be credited to each photographer – yes.

  • Thomas.

    Defiantly getting into this! :)

    One question, can we work with a partner?

  • Tina

    I love, love, love this. I thrive on the little things in life, that’s what I love about BOOOOOOOM! :D

  • david alejandro guzman aravena

    saludos desde chile, (la isla de la BEERguenza..jaja)
    gracias JEFF por ser tan incorporativo en todos tos proyectos, porsupuesto que participare…..
    nos vemos amigos !

  • marva

    cant wait to see the result!

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  • Brian

    This is great Jeff. Keep killin’ it.

  • lapetitefaon

    YEAAAAAAA I’m so excited! Breaking out the camera: now!

  • Totally in!

  • gonna give it my best <3

  • Great project, this looks really interesting

  • saira

    this is awesome, i’ll be submitting!

  • Rhonda

    How current would you like the photos to be? I was living in Japan for a few years and during one of those years, 2005, I took at least one photo per day. I would love to submit some pics from that group; daijobu?

    • i’d rather the work be current/new work but i am most concerned with it fitting the theme so if you have something from that period that fits then by all means submit it

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  • nara

    interessante, ma avrei una domanda in proposito: che dimensione devono avere le foto?

  • Morgan W.

    I hope that I can get my film developed. I really would like to start up my photography again.

  • Wow, that seems really interesting :) I hope to get some good pics to send!
    Just one question (I’m a bit paranoid :P), since I live in Italy it will take a bit to get to Canada, will then the postmark count even if you get the pics a few days late? (like… i send them the 20th of april but you get them only the 5th of may, per example ;))

  • Chris

    If our entries get chosen to be shown, are you gonna take photos of each entry when its in the gallery? So that the photographers who contributed who are not in Hong Kong can see how it was displayed?

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  • diogo

    is lomography allowed?

    cross process, double exposures?

    • whatever you want, but i’d say the more you just let the image do the talking, and try to capture the moment, the better – simple is good.

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  • Such a great idea for a show. I wish I could go to Hong Kong to see it, regardless of whether one of my images is selected. Please post pictures of the show once it’s up!

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  • Really excited to send some stuff in! So hard to take a shot that I think is really worthy though!

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  • panda

    I work on granville island and I see this guy all the time…it’s not tape, it’s like an elastic band he’s made to fit his head. Both of his arms are fully functional.

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  • ugooh

    Can i send on April?
    Im From Mexico….

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  • Quick question Jeff,

    What about 6×7 (or other odd formats)? Is it okay to have a letterboxed side due to a non-35mm frame? That would be preferable to cutting into the photo…

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  • Went to the post office today to send the pictures but the lady reminded me that there are no planes from England because Iceland blew up. Don’t suppose there’s anyway we could chuck an email your way with the submissions? I posted the photo’s anyway, just in case.

    • yea that sucks – well the whole point of the project was to go a little old school and have the images physically sent – so there will be no mail delivered from england?

      • Hmm, I’m gonna try and get in touch with some Canadian’s and see if we can’t circumvent this volcanic based aviation fiasco. I like the concept of physically posting submissions by the way. Must be fun sifting through all the letters.

      • yea it is really fun – there has to be a way around the volcano thing, the entire economy can’t stop because of some smoke! haha

      • Sarah

        UK airspace opened up again this morning, I wonder if my letter will make it out of here in time…?

      • it will, as long as its in the air before the 30th – there’s lots of time

  • sending mine from england today. fingers crossed it makes it in time! silly volcano!

  • Small Victories is right up my alley- this is the subject matter I have been photographing for years.

    I just submitted some prints- having them sent right from the lab, so sorry it won’t be an interesting package.

    please check out my website or blog to see more:



  • Hi there,

    Your project and idea, it sounds all so good!
    All of my work, especially the photo’s I take, have this concept. Everydaylife is so beautiful, if you are still able to notice it.
    I would really like to send you some photo’s, but I’m afraid that with this volcano-thing in Iceland going on, the mail wouldn’t arrive before the 30th of april..I was wondering if, although you already said in the beginning, it is possible to send it by email. If not, could I still mail it to you by post, knowing it will probably arrive after the 30th and still be a part of this project?
    Please let me know, I would really like to join this!

    Kind regards,

    Leela Deretta,
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    • yes – this is fine – submissions that are in the air by the 30th are fine (they dont need to be at my doorstep by the 30th but do need to be there shortly thereafter.

  • Allright, thank you very much! Hopefully they arrive a bit in time, I’ll post them tomorrow!

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  • Awesome! Just mailed mine from Calgary today! Should arrive soon!

  • does post marked by april 30th work?

  • valter guevarra

    hello sir,
    does the [pics need to be there by april 30th or i can still send it and be postmarked by april 3oth??


  • Thanks for update, look like now I win small victories as my mail got in times …. thanks in millions ….: )

  • My photos have been sent, they are supposed to arrive next Tuesday. hope you like’em

    Tijuana Mexico says HI to everyone :)


  • yanti

    i just see the post of this. i will send my pic by tomorrow, but im not sure that if can be arrive in canada by friday. im in UK now. but hopefully. ;(

  • yanti

    Hi, i just sent it by today, and in the air by tomorrow. they said that it will be arrived in canada 5-7 days. is that ok?


    Hi, I just sent it out today from Singapore, and I hope you would still accept it! Thanks!

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  • Brian

    A Traveling (and perhaps evolving) exhibit
    would be interesting.

    • @Brian — A similar type of traveling, evolving show already exists… it’s called Dr Karanka’s Print Stravaganza — more info here: http://printstravaganza.tumblr.com/

      (not sure if it’s appropriate to post here, so by all means delete it if you like Jeff)

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