17.09.10 by Jeff

Scott Hunt

Charcoal drawings by Scott Hunt.

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

charcoal drawings scott hunt artist

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • windham

    Fans of Scott Hunt may also enjoy Mark Tansey:


  • fos


  • http://www.mackelvaughn.com Mackel

    Kidding me? these are absolutely amazing

  • http://www.ditzl.com ditzl

    this artist is so f’n talented & each work tells a unique story — amazed

  • http://facebook Marcos Vasconcellos

    It’s a brilliant and subtle critic to american society and for me in the same line of Mark Innerst! Congratulations! Very very exciting!

    • http://marcos718@gmail.com marcos vasconcellos

      Sorry, I’m make a mistake -I’m refer to Mark Tansey and not a Mark Innerst!

  • Ariel

    Wow so talented. Absolutely magnificent

  • breakfast in europe


  • lola

    Beautiful! Love the details…

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  • so

    AMAZING. might be my new favorite artist, wow

  • Frances


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  • http://mariokolaric.wordpress.com/ drvokestena

    nice nice nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.02.16 by Jeff

Kanye West “The Life of Pablo” Album Art Generator


In honour of Kanye’s surprising new album artwork and title, “The Life of Pablo”, Andy, Joey, and Drew made a Kanye Album Art Generator. My version is dedicated to my little friend Mika.

11.02.16 by Jeff

OK Go’s Impressive New Music Video Shot in Zero Gravity


This is nuts! I wonder how many times they had to shoot this (and how much plane fuel was used). Watch “Upside Down & Inside Out” on Booooooom TV.


11.02.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: David Slone


A selection of paintings by artist David Slone. More images below.

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11.02.16 by Jeff

Fingerprint Drawings by Artist Nicolas Jolly


Fingerprint-style drawings by French artist Nicolas Jolly. More images below.

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11.02.16 by Staff

Photographer Profile: Zun Lee


Another fantastic profile in the InFrame series. This instalment focuses on Zun Lee who initially took up photography as a hobby and escape from the stresses of his corporate job only to start taking pictures of strangers on the street, uncovering a whole new way of connecting with people. Watch the full video on Booooooom TV.