07.10.10 by Jeff

Sara Rahbar

Flags by Sara Rahbar. New York.

flags by artist sara rahbar

flags by artist sara rahbar

  • http://lensverse.com/ LensVerse

    Talk about heavy, worn-out, sad Americana.

  • Madeline

    Totally awesome, deceptively simple. Way to politicize, BOOOOOOOM!

  • http://maisonneuve.org Maisonneuve magazine
  • http://www.hifilofi.co.uk LBRN

    Beautiful flags. A new take on a over explored icon.

  • http://Facebook John

    This is freaking awesome

  • Scramp907


  • Cassie

    I love your flags. To me they spoke of the wonderful diversity in this country with bits of color from all over the world. I am 73 and have lived through some amazing times. Have courage.

  • renee


  • binga

    so Love these totally awesome