14.12.10 by Jeff

Sticker Robot Giveaway!

The guys over at Sticker Robot just sent over a gigantic box of stickers! Look at the size of these suckers compared to my mouse! They will be available to everyone as soon as I figure out how I’m going to mail them. Now, is anyone out there looking to get some stickers made? How does 500 free stickers sound?

sticker robot giveaway booooooom

If you’d like to get 500 of your very own stickers printed up for FREE, describe what your stickers would look like and what you would do with them in the comments below!

I’ll pick a winner Friday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.


  • Stickers of Jullian Assagne where his face is replaced by a Space Invader.
    I would keep them to myself..

  • I’d make astronauts that were floating in space (any space they’ll be applied to) and i’d give them a glow in the dark edge… just because glow in the dark edges are awesome!

  • 500 free stickers sounds awesome!
    My stickers would be plastered with funny and furry faces to stick on everything I send out into the world. Just to make them giggle laugh and grin! Yes!

  • My stickers would be designed in 3D and would serve to piss everyone off who doesn’t have 3D Glasses to get the full effect. And even with the 3D Glasses you get the same feeling because 3D technology is weak.

  • Jon

    I would print the colors of the rainbow verticaly on one sticker..
    then place them in row to build a giant rainbow on walls..

  • As a recent design graduate, I would use them for promotional purposes. For example as a leave behind in an interview or as part of direct mailer. They would definitely make me stand out in the job hunt. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • Me and my friends have actually been spreading home made stickers in the past, but since we’re out of money, we had to put our little project on hold. It’s called Kaizer Art Sticker Squad and we use the Kaizer to express our feelings about what’s going on. We have several options: Kaizer says yes, Kaizer says no, Kayzer says rave and Kaizer says bwoa… (= dutch for I’m not really convinced) It would be great if we could get our stickers out on the streets again!

  • i want the german “läuft”
    and will put it on everythin that moves in any way you can imagine.
    by feet, by wheel, by rail, by power, by muscle, by whatever!

  • My stickers would say: ILOVETHATPHOTO.NET ♥ Booooooom.

    We will place them all around Amsterdam, The Netherlands and make some pictures of them!

  • I would print: Dick like
    and put them up over Gothenburg in sweden.
    We han many femenist but no boyolists!

  • jinka

    I would put a picture of the Proclaimers on my sticker and number them 1 -500. I would then placing a sticker every time I walk a mile until I had walked 500. I would wear thick nerdy glasses while I do it too. I would record it all and people would then be able to take the Proclaimers walking tour.

  • i would create and distribute stickers that inspire a generation to break the shackles of a smothering and repressive society and move towards a more creatively focussed community where money does not influence status.

  • I would like to do some with my logo and a nice phrase.

    • mushroom stickers (because that’s been the shape of my head for 20 years now, my haircut since I was a kid)! i would glue them to my newly fond obsession, making sketchbooks.

  • a tagging spree around Stockholm, Sweden, of biblical proportions!!!

  • Stickers yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. a fish in a schoolboys outfit throwing up on the floor beside a socket
    2. A Filipino witchdoctor with tattoos on his face smoking a fatty
    3. That same witchdoctor enclosed in a crest, skull and crossbones style, with sets of arms arranged around him holding someones fingertips that they just cut off earlier that afternoon

  • Ayo

    They’d say ak-47 on them and would have bullets flying out of a mouth

  • Jimmle

    I’d probably have some stickers done up as classic bricks, then brick up various doors and windows. Or flowers so I can bring some life back to these cold drab streets.

  • tag

    id like stickers saying im spreading love like marmalade i think it be sweet to put them all over the place i think its a good message

  • Keira

    id like them to say bit booty bitches (like the youtube sensation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcYAzGDlzlc
    and run around sticking them on any women i feel worthy of a celebratory sticker

  • Nathan kirk

    i would like to have 500 stickers of like cute kittens, then take the stickers and place them by the homeless. that way they have someone to keep them company!

  • Some geometric wonderments that will make people smile from ear to ear – nice colors

  • I would print my blog’s logo and phrase: não me mande flores (send me no flowers)! I’d probably add some fun illustrations also.

  • i would get stickers made of my artwork to spread all over london.

    i currently have a design of a deer being cut in half i want to get stickeredx

  • I would have my sticker a mouse-sized-bandage that I could put it in my house and make it looks like wounded everywhere

  • VanOccupanther

    I would print them with phrases to make people feel better. Just a simple “I think you’re great!” or “You have an amazing smile!” or even a classic “You are beautiful!”
    I would then use them on my campus, during a winter exam season when it is cold, dark and filled with angry stress. The stickers would give us a much needed boost!

  • It would be a triangular QR tag, somehow.

  • kevin Donald Lapalme

    I will tag them everywhere!

  • My stickers would read: “The best revenge is bettering yourself” and I would slap them on every door I enter or leave from (:

  • i would make stickers with the words “you look beautiful today” or something uplifting like that and stick them on subway seats and tv-dinners at the store.

    • emilygage

      this is a good one

  • Brent (It’s My Birthday) Schoepf

    I would print of 500 booooooom stickers, and give them out for free while telling them to check out this place, because it’s that wonderful.

  • Rob

    “Each of us is responsible for everything and to every human being”

  • Ark

    I second Martin G. Hope he gets picked:D put them on mirrors in bathrooms too.

  • Ben

    A mammoth wrestling a giant octopus? Or even better: A giant mammoth wreaking havoc on the terrorized citizens of New York, Kong style…

  • my stickers would be for sova magazine and containt: “zzzzZZZzzzZ…”

  • Jeff MacDonald

    Mine would be footprints and I would leave my mark all over the universe






    • Orsi

      I would dig it!

  • Liz

    I would make sticker’s with Bill Clinton’s face on them. Need I say more?

  • cory monteiro

    I am planning to launch my portfolio site. it will be called the sloth and the narwal. My stickers will have a sloth riding a narwhal….how fun!

  • Anna

    Woah they’re so cool! I love them.
    I would make stickers that say ART with a cool water color background or something =] I could make a little mural of them in my new room when I move in to my new house, so whenever I see them I will get inspired to paint or draw or just create.



  • alex

    FOUR-FINGER RING STICKERS SAYIN *FACE* (righthand) *FIVE* (lefthand)..
    ..AND THEN….

  • ZooJimmy

    The sticker would be the same length as the ones you posted above….but they would have two arms extended each way (cartoonish style) and in the middle(where they connect), there will be a phrase like, “Need A Hug?”….

  • I would do some little, (because they don’t need to be huge) bright kind of 90’s rave colour stickers that say “MAKE IT FUCKING RAVE”. I would stick them anywhere that needed it really.

  • I would do some little, (because they don’t need to be huge) bright kind of 90’s madchester colour stickers that say “TWISTING MY MELON MAN”. I would stick them anywhere that needed it really.

  • Stefany Gram

    “Get Yourself Together” with a Lion, Panda, Turtle, and Fish underneath the saying.
    -post them in the most random places.
    -The animals symbolize so much to me and my close loved ones,the saying symbolizes a big part of my life.
    -Smile, and get your shit together. Have a nice day.

  • bruce

    i’d print silkscreen thought bubble stickers with sexual phrases and put them on real estate agent signs all around town.

    ok here’s my question. also ending friday at http://stickerobot.com they are giving everyone 500 free stickers (to the general public) is this part of their giveaway or is this specific to booooooom ? ps. love those booooooom stickers. want.

    • this giveaway is specific to Booooooom and completely unrelated to the other promo!

  • Sithis

    My stickers would be for supporters of my clan.

    It would say Test of Fate

  • jenn

    stickers that said “i’m not suppose to be here,” with some free space for a possible doodle

  • Margaret

    I’d probably put eyes on them and tag them everywhere! Those Booooooom stickers look great!

  • I would want stickers that were just big squares but in a variety of different colors, then use them as pixels to make simple pictures out of them.

  • Scott Stanley

    Alligator or sweet animal, put them on the back of my art. Put them on the walls at house party’s , put them on peoples car paint with out them knowing. Anything bonsai.

  • Martin G and Jeff Macdonald.

  • Yes please! Free stickers for me! The stickers would say “glademade” which is my art/card company.

  • Christophpher

    Wauw! I would print some of my photographs on them at then stick them to lightpoles all over the city ! (+ on all people who walk pass me of course)

  • YAYAY! The last of the Pollinators project.

    I always draw these fat little bees. I would pass out bee stickers to all my friends and blog readers so we can apply gangs of bumbles…taking over our fine little city! ♥

    -Tiffany Patterson

  • Alannah

    making stickers can be a bitch.
    but getting some awesome ones already made is rad.
    mostly i just get blank lables, draw/paint on those and tag.
    having waldo stickers is the best though
    finding hard to get-to places, and THERE’s WALDO!

  • JC

    I would have a sticker that included the Character Nori standing behind the NT logo. And I would give them to people who order the prints and or shirts I am in the process of making.

    Image of Nori at following link.

  • I’d like stickers of Al Pacinos nose please.

  • My stickers would be a hand giving the thumbs up sign. You could also turn them upside down for the thumbs down; or sideways for “I need a ride to that direction”. Or if you go to the Middle East, the sticker takes on a whole new meaning.

  • I want 500 stickers that say “Be rad.”

    I would hand them out to random people and stick them in random places as a reminder that everyone is rad – you just have to be.

  • My stickers would be an array of white specs (of varying size) on a black background, much like a telescopic view of the stars. The purpose of these stickers would be to function as a utility, as well as an intellectual exercise. “Sectioning infinity” is a human characteristic; it is derivative from the core of our curiosities in the ‘why’ and ‘how’ we function. I would like the stickers to be a public reminder of the potential of our own existence.

  • Angela Marie

    My sticker would be of the first airplane in existence – when man finally defied gravity.

    I would put them on my snowboard and shred the mountain with a booooooom!

  • Haley Driggles

    they will say “I suckle at the teet of Corporate America!”

    and then I will shoot myself.

    all hilarity aside, they’ll be plastered with social propaganda that I will post in the streets.

  • My stickers would say “Do Something Selfless”, ideally in helvetica, black lettering, white background.

    I would post them in visible places, give them to whomever wanted one, and especially thrust one in the face of someone who’s being rude, ignorant or selfish.

    Hopefully pass along some positivity in the process.

  • A little girl hanging from a balloon with one hand, with a deflated balloon in the other hand. I would stick them everywhere. And I would mail them to random addresses.

  • If i had 500 stickers, they would all say “100% snakeskin” and i would stick them on anything and everything that wasn’t made of snakeskin

  • I would use them to promote Team Rhodes…or maybe my project HOWHY…

  • Allison Marie

    My sticker would be an illustration of an origami bird with the text OH SO FLY underneath/around it in hand rendered type.

    I would put them all around the city, in bars/clubs, on bikes/boards, signs… basically anywhere that i could get away with it.

  • why dont my posts ever stick?

  • My idea is too awesome to share so I am emailing you jeff! Because if I don’t get 500 free stickers I will be doing it myself and it’s street art project i’m working on that involves slightly warmer weather.

    Check yo email!


  • Max

    My sticker would be a giant arrow, and I would point them at the most mundane parts of our world.

  • I’d make a sticker telling people to give each other more high fives.

    • annie gunks


  • I will place the stickers on my nipples and take pictures for you.

  • Tim

    I would have 500 stickers each with 500 dots that i would use to make crazy pointillist images on stuff

  • Ben

    If I’d had 500 stickers, they would say “Ben says he likes it” and mad scientist’s cut off hand will be drawn whit thumb up. I would stick it on things or people that I like (or don’t – to tease them) :)

  • I would use them to make stickers of my skateboard crew’s name “Chip Off” we have a sweet wolf logo howling at the moon. Tag those bad boys all over Chicago.

  • Victor Victor

    On all of them there would be a black rectangle with an inscription “censored” and i would stick them on various posters

  • I would have “I was here” printed on them and stick them on the bumpers of cars or under their windshield wipers all around the U.S. I would incorporate some sort of tracking number or e-mail address.

  • Fanelle

    If I had 500 stickers, they would say “And all that could have been” and i would stick them in every big city in France or anywhere else, like does this mysterious invader : http://space.invaders.paris.free.fr/

  • My stickers? A nice picture of a smiling John F. Kennedy with a caption below: “I’m all about my green since I turned fourteen.”

    I’d distribute EVERYWHERE. There’s no graffiti around most of the parts of my town. I’d like to change that.

  • brett bennie

    24oz Faygo stickers, our local beverage. To represent Detroit around the states and the globe, projected out through mail to artists and friends a like. Supporting Home town Detroit.

  • Volco

    My sticker would look like a container of apple sauce with my name on the side. :O random I know.

  • Jordan

    I’m a little confused about these booooooom stickers. Are they going up for sale or are you sending those out free as well? Because I’d totally stick one on my truck.

  • Keri

    My roommates and I started up a modern counterculture arts collective last year and we’ve been dying for the funds/means for guerrilla advertising (aka STICKERS) ever since. Get this: we’re the K.O.A.L.A.s (kids on acid loving acid).
    B) We’re trying to start a production company based on the tenants of psychedelic intoxication (meaning we’re not on hallucinogens all the time, but we learn from trips and createcreatecreate)
    C) We have a manifesto! Who the hell has a manifesto anymore?

    The stickers would say “K.O.A.L.A. productions” plus a large variety of multicolored, awesome images of little koala bears. They’d be plastered all over New York, and beyond. They’d be used to bring all variety of creative minds together :)

  • would ironically put sarah palin’s head over a bears body, or something stupid she’s said in a quote bubble above her head. #sarahpalinordeath

  • Josh

    “Welcome to Interzone”

    Put them up in Times Square and Wall Street area

  • I would probably put some kind of promotional image on them. Or maybe a slogan. Something about poop, maybe? AND my site URL


    also, stickerobot.com

    it’s a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, because I have “ONE TOO MANY” R’s in my URL, and their URL is definitely missing an R.


  • I would… well it’s a secret but it would be good.

  • My stickers would be an all over print of a koala head with shades on!

  • Natasha

    it would be awesome with art inside the middle of most or all the letters!

  • I would make stickers of really disturbing monsters and stick them all over the kid’s section of bookstores

  • I want them to say “I wish there was something better.” I’d put them on everything. Either that or I’d do something really juvenile like make them all say “YOUR MOM.”

  • Muna

    Each sticker would be a number, ‘1, 2, 3, etc.’ and it would say “This is sticker number __ out of 500! Try to find the others!” and they would be in cute little places around the city. Along with a quote of somesort. Like, “Smile today. ” or “This sticker loves you.”
    Just trying to make people smile.

  • Lucas M

    I would want 500 starfish stickers.
    I’d starfish people with them.

  • Snerlen

    “Wet paint” im that coooooooooool

  • I’d print my own logo & slogan….& stick them inside the top 500 most popular library books in my university library
    Guaranteed promotion hit.

  • i would love stickers that say “in my pants” so i could stick them at the end of phrases.. like “start reversing bone loss.. in my pants.”

  • I’d want a picture of a cassowary–my favorite animal! I saw one in Australia and it was love at first site. They’re giant and flightless and have iridescent blue feathers and turkey waddles. Oh and they have dinosaur feet. Beautiful, no? And they’re in the Guiness Book of Records as the world’s most dangerous bird. They can disembowl you with one kick!

  • Addison Martz

    I would make a short stop animation using the 500 stickers of Santa fighting an evil Christmas robot. The stickers would be placed on a mail box because that’s where stickers go ya know.

  • I’d make 500 Merit Badges and put them on all of the things on the street I pass by and appreciate everyday. This would remind them of their purpose and hopefully do the same for me.

  • Addison Martz

    I would make a stop animation using the 500 stickers of Santa fighting an evil Christmas hating robot. The animation would take place on a mailbox as people walk by.

  • Magda

    I woud think of a nifty little quote (or possibly a piece of philosophy,) and stick around everywhere. Maybe, “The Bird is the Word” around the city.

  • brooke

    i really really want one. just got a new car and this would look sweet on the back window *HINT HINT*

  • I’d love to win this! I would put one of my favorite movie quotesm “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent”. I think it would be inspiring and I’d love to slap some stickers everywhere!

  • Napoleon

    I’m doing a project where I’m trying to find my self, so it would be nice with 500 stickers saying “missing”

  • Ariel

    I would want little random cartoons and drawings on them. Like flying pigs, or a feather made of birds; Unique doodles

  • I would love a sticker of Basquiat’s face merged or hybrid with Mayor Koch face! it would be an era thing for me…Brooklyn!!

  • Eri

    My stickers would be made of kittens and rainbows, and they will be used to create a magnificent viking boat in which I could sail across the Pacific to Japan where I will then transform it into a giant robot to bring the love of my life, Japanese pop star Matsujun, into my arms.

  • Adam

    I would get my little cartoon image I have created with the line ‘middle aged women who live in glass house shouldn’t wear hand cream’. I would give them to my friends, and my mothers friends.

    How do they open doors with all that hand cream on their hands???

  • Parker

    Spread the good news with good vibes and positive righteousness. Word.

  • my stickers would say, “this is a silkscreen sticker.”
    ps. i love http://booooooom.com & http://stickerobot.com

  • jorge portales

    HI PLEASE SEND ME SOME STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LasersFromAtlantis

    They would involve Pyramids & Dolphins, awakening the public to all the once giant worlds now beneath their feet.

  • Nell Fitz

    i would love some booooooom stickers! i also have been wanting to produce my own stickers for a while now just trying to gather up same cash to do it. if you could help me out by making some of my stickers for me that would be dopee. let me know what i can do.

  • Yeah! Sounds unbelievably awesome!
    I’d print a sticker saying “wanna see my panties?” with a link to a site 461overview.com with panties of course!
    My and my friend organize an international Short Films Overview and we get a little money for prizes, so every kind of promotion would be useful.
    Big Up Booooooom!

  • Alex

    I would get mustache’s printed, plain black ones, and stick them to advertisements all around the advertisements in cities haha! models (male and female), celebrities, even products will be my victim! (example, for shampoo I’d draw on eyes then slap on a moustache!) If I could get more than one design printed though, I’d also get glasses, boogers, devil horns and goatees printed and do the same thing like how when i was a kid i used to draw funny faces on the people in the newspapers.

  • I’m a recent grad. I would use these for self promotion and plaster my name all over the place.

  • Meaghan

    STICKERSSS!!!! I would make inspirational stickers, clean simple.. colorful…and stick them around university and wpg :)

    • meaghan


      • I would love to see Basquiat’s face and old Mayer Koch”s face merged and hybrid in to one!! for the sake of NYC..
        I would post them all over every borough! like “Boom for real”!!!!

  • I love nipples. I’d get some big purple hairy nipple stickers and place them various places such as on the windows of bus shelters so that it looks like the people inside have big ol’ hairy nipples.

    They’re just so wrinkled and bumpy and hideous that they make for great opportunities.

  • abu

    if i get some of those stickers, i put my desing in the middle and start to put stickers all around. as usual. so i really like to get some of those.


  • These!

    As we dawn into a golden age of light and reconnection with our FULL SELVES. I think it would be very important to plaster the image of the human light-body or “Mer-Ka-Bah” everywhere, and to have it in peoples sub-consciouses, btw, as we approach 2012, everyone (I don’t know about people in canada) is going to hear more and more doom and gloom and it’s very important to stake out YOURSELF and your vision of the world you live in, because this world is beautiful, it IS art, it IS joy and it IS light, so disreguard ANYTHING you hear about the next coming years being cataclysmic. LIVE like you know it, and guess what, you simply will not be effected by the increasing pit of fear that is becoming “mainstream” society. YOU NEVER GROW UP, EVER, YOUR IMAGINATION WAS YOUR OWN WORLD, AND IT STILL IS!!! Love & Light to all! Be of Joy! Look at Booooooom.com!

  • ben

    i’ve made these before but ran out, a bumper sticker that says:

  • inkyoats

    ive had this pic i made a while back of a bear totting a gun and one of this cityscape i drew and i think itd be fun to make some promotional art stickers out of them :)


    Heading up a LARGE SCALE (500 sticker large) bottled water boycott across my college campus SUNY Purchase (which happens to be next door to the international headquarters of Pepsico)

    So the plan is to go gorilla style and cover every vending machine, cafeteria door, and executive pepsico car with some of these BADDDAAAASSSS stickers to make a real fuckin change in the world for once

    I need some stickers that say:

    Please Fill your own container In stead of filling land fills with ours

    Join the bottled water Boycott

  • David

    It would say:
    “Hey Ladies,
    This sticker is a sticky sticker,
    it sticks to your face and doesn’t come off,
    it makes you like me a little less,
    but i don’t care because you’ve got my sticker on your face”

    And i would stick these stickers on peoples faces

    (only joking, I’d change ‘face’ to ‘chest’ so i can get a little more fun out of it)

    Love those stickers btw! my macbook is looking for a new coverin’

  • Cam DenUyl


  • glo

    Stickers that look like windows facing out onto streets or landscapes, so I could put them on blank walls and pretend to be looking out a window.

    Or the reverse idea, windows looking into people’s bathrooms, swirling vortexes, etc.

  • Shawnee

    I’d get mine in shape of armpits that’s covered in hair and post them over all model pictures around town.

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Stickers are a cool medium. Great to design for and distribute. They get the word out there. I’d appreciate some stickers that say “Change the story.” I suppose I’d distribute them for free. Give em away. I just like the expression. It’s kind of like, you can do whatever you set your mind to or if there’s a will, there’s a way, you know? The stickers would be really simple, clean. Two colors at most. White on black. Black on white. Pastel colors maybe. Thanks for the offer.

  • I personally love the boooooooom.com stickers, but I would love ones in the same font, color, and size that just say “ANARCHY!” Those would be absolutely beautiful.

  • Candice

    I’ll be happy to have someeee :)

  • candice

    i’d have mine say “show me your pizzazz” in rainbow against a black background. and p.s. i’d be happy to have some 500 stickers :)

  • Hi im monaie. Um if I could mines would say “You’re beautiful”… Idk or “Someone loves you” and I would stick them in random places to brighten someones day..

  • webrushourteethwithgin.com stickers! I’ve been trying to make them, but I don’t have the guap. I have the design and image all laid out.


  • daniesh

    I actaully wouldn’t mind stickers of the word “BOOOOOOOM”. Its a cool word.

    or something silly like “don’t turn around” or “Your shoelace is untied” or “remember to floss!” yaa.
    things like that are always fun to see when you’re walking the streets.

  • I have a lovely collaborative blog with my bff headlined “ohMAAN” I want to get stickers printed out of that.


    • I would sticker them around my school (KSU) and hip citay of Cleveland, OH and defo send some to my colleague, m, in LA so she could sticker out west.

  • Melissa S

    My stickers would say “Take Back the Tap” or “Think Outside the Bottle” I will use them to spread awareness of our campaign to eliminate bottled water on my college campus! We have access to fresh clean water so we want to decrease the demand for PLASTIC bottles used to charge for overpriced bottles. We are planning various awareness campaigns and boycotts, but could really use the stickers to spread the word! Thanks so much!

  • Jamma Jam

    my stickers would say ||| NEON PINK WOLF WUZ HUR |||

    or a big square that says ||| I love you because : ||| with a space for someone to write something||| then i would tag them up all over town and take dorky pictures of them because i’m a big ol’ dork.

  • I would draw a dick, cuz I literally wanna Fuck The World!

  • Rayko

    I’d LOVE to get 500 stickers that say

    “Tap Water? I’d tap that!”
    and then below that
    “Say No To Bottled Water”

    I’m starting an initiative to stop selling bottled water in my school and want to spread the word, we don’t have much money to start it so it’d be a great way to start :)

  • Ive been wanting to make stickers for a while just havent had the doe. But i would make spok stickers or different characters trying to make a funny serious message out. Like Bansky or dface with dope characters. Maybe more girly like like Fafi, because some chicks can get down with graffiti too! <3 Haaa

  • Stickers of one of my photos to put around NYC

  • my stickers would say: be awesome to each other.

    because we all deserve to be treated awesomely.

  • C

    Imperial Logo + “Big Brother is Watching”

  • Jackie


  • Isaac

    QR code that would lead to my site and work experience so I can get a job!

  • Jordan

    I would print an image of an envelope marked ‘Classified Information’ and stick them on the floor outside certain buildings with nearby seating =P

    …of course, only places I would have permission to do this! erm.

  • Sarahi

    I want one booooooooooooooooooooom sticker PLEASE :)

  • Esme

    250 narwhals and 250 unicorns so they can battle on any surface of any city

  • Mine might be an old style red and white striped popcorn container that says “Let’s get it poppin’!” on the side, or perhaps a plain speech bubble that I can write something in, or something else awesome that occurs to me.

  • Jeff Dixon

    This is WEIRD!!! in an awesome way! I was just looking up sticker prices earlier today! My stickers would have my up and comming T shirt brands name on them (dont want to say the name just yet…)but these stickers would be the PERFECT way to get the name out…I would put them all over town and give them away free with shirts!….Thanks for the shot BOOOOOOOM!!! -Jeff

  • I would like to see this one (http://topstudios.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/top.jpg?w=449&h=319) stickerized. I would stick him on all possible super clean surfaces as if it’s an official logo.

  • Oh, I want this stecker! please send to Japan!

  • I would get 250 stickers that say “Desegregate This City” and 250 that say “Stop The Killing” and give them to my activist friends who live around St. Louis. I would also go around to put the stickers up myself. North City is one of the most dangerous parts of St. Louis and killing and gang violence is a huge problem. St. Louis was named the most dangerous city in the US once again this year, arguably making North St. Louis the most dangerous neighborhood in the country. On top of that, the city is almost literally split north and south by race. It makes St. Louis a very tense place to live, and its seriously crippling the growth of my home town.

    Please help us make an impact.

  • WOW… a lot of people would love to have those free stickers… Makes me wonder even more why my hometown hasn’t had a real stickerrage in the last couple of years. And than I mean real stickers, not for promotion of a blog, artist of store.. but just stickers to make the city a little less predictable.

  • tessyboots

    yes please!

  • Märt Villemsaar

    mine would have louis hardin aka moondog’s picture on it and would give them to all the melomaniac vikings

  • furius

    dämn dude! some many stickers!!!

  • I would have a picture of a tea bag so that i can slap people with them and say i tea bagged them.

  • Denise

    Sticker Design: Old Dusty Bricks
    Why?: I have one wall which is white and completely empty.. I’ve always love brick walls.. like to fill that wall with brick stickers. it’ll be soo cool haha oh and i would love to have one of those booooooom stickers..

  • Nick

    “Censored” and put them in inappropriate places all over the city

  • Hannele

    I’d like stickers with big nose smiley :—)
    I wonder seeing that makes people a little less depressed, so I would put them to places where we don’t usually see anything, like doors, corners.. and few I’d like to give my friends!

  • I’d have my blog printed on them in an old english typeface and stick them all around montreal.

  • Mart Villemoe

    i’d put a picture of Louis Hardin aka Moondog on it and share those with all the melomaniac vikings

  • Do it

    I would use them as panties and nipple covers

  • I would have a Coolguy.jpg on the sticker, with “Problem?”
    Get to college early, place sticker on every single mouse over the laser sensor, and watch the luls:)

  • Jake

    I would have the stickers be a very simple square design in black and white that said Save The Arts and would distribute them throughout my city to raise awareness that the local government is attempting to slash the public art budget by 75% next year. The scene here was just getting off the ground and this is a huge blow to local artists who use empty business fronts and public land to exhibit their art.

    They would tie in to a website and blog following the decision as it happened.

  • I would cut the M’s off all 500, and the B”s off of 250, intersect the unused O’s and have 250 stickers thas say BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB

  • lobstercock….

    part Lobster
    part Rooster
    100% awesome

  • DomNX

    Mine would print a bunch of U.S. top secret information and generally sensitive material, thus creating the controversy: STICKILEAKS

  • kalm

    I would use Magritte’s “THE SON OF MAN” pic but change the apple that covers his face to a level that is perfectly on square [___( o )___]….maybe cut half his lower body off and have it say “keep a level mind”

    kalm = my real initials and street name


    just have a sticker that says ” lying” so I could slap it on every stop sign I see in Cambridge/NYC


  • I would make stickers of my Day of the Dead inspired skulls (http://bernard-o.com/imgs/portfolio/feast/feast16.jpg) and spread the love

  • dave melendez

    i would wallpaper my tattoo work area with them …and the rest i would put on my truck and see what the snow does to them >

  • My stickers would be of an awesome vector a buddy made of my face. I would post them everywhere so the world could have just a little more Joshua Arnao!

  • I would want stickers with a little illustration of a tortoise in a go-kart that says “drive fast” above it and “take chances” below and probably my website underneath that printed very small.

  • Curtis Stankalis

    The front of an SLR camera that reads http://www.photoczar.com on the lens OR a diamond-cut haz-mat sticker that is green with a marijuana leaf/symbol at the top that says “LEGAL” across the center with the number 420 in small font at the bottom.

  • I would make a sticker with the triple8 logo and give them away to anyone who wanted one.

  • I´d just totally make a random and offensive, yet awesome motif and just plaster them everywhere. on bikes, on the streets, in the grocery store, on the bus, on tits, etc.

  • I would like to cover my city with them of course.
    What else?

  • Vanessa

    I’m a graphic design student… so y’all know i’m poor. lol
    I would most likely print one of my graphic designs and use them to market myself as an artist! I would prob choose something from my portfolio (http://www.vanessadtam.com) or make something new and awesome! booyeah!

  • I would have my Evil Clown Head logo printed and go on a mad spree until all the neighborhood children cant sleep because the evil clown will get them!

  • i would make HOFMONSTERS stickers and stick them on everything and everyone i saw!!!
    check out my monsters!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/HOFMONSTERS

  • aaron harbour

    I would like to make a catalog essay on a sticker for an upcoming show in oakland…

  • I’m gonna stick it at all around town and especially at hipster’s fixies. Let’s paint (or stick) the town Booooooom!

  • emily

    ‘we cant all be winners’

  • Jordan

    mannn i’d love a booooooom sticker ;D

  • I would design a sticker that said ArtChemist, but letters made of cookies. I would use the stickers to seal my leaky roof.

  • annika

    I’d get stickers that say “Don’t Forget to be Awesome”
    in eggplant colored 3d letters.
    (‘Cause sometimes we forget.)

  • Beaate Zaatina

    stickkk em all over my roooom boooooooooom
    i would love a pack of these babies

  • rosie

    i would make stickers with little butts on them and then stick them to my friends’ faces.

    but it would be cool if you’d send me some booooooom stickers. those work too.

    kisses and all that,

  • I would write a short story, have it set in 9pt Baskerville type, centred & justified. I would then stick
    them all around Sydney in an attempt to invade the worlds of strangers I havn’t met and connect with them via the sticker. If you want a copy of the short story please email me and I’ll send it through.

  • Travis Schmidt

    My sticker idea: A pyramid with an eye radiating tentacles holding clothes irons with elves in the background, facing away from the viewer, but turning their heads to see

  • John Dumalig

    Mine would say “Proalicious” It’s our group of friends that skate and film together.. Skaters are broke and the only thing besides filming is to get our name out on the streets!

  • An eclipse.

    To make people think about a romantic reaching.

  • Testing this post thing, it didn’t work before.

  • Simone

    I’d like a bunch of stickers done up to look like price tags and quoted the Crass lyric “In all our decadence, people die” They’d be handy to place in high-end department stores and on the front doors of posh houses. A friendly reminder of the cost of luxury.

  • Rebeca

    i love to share stickers that travel
    so you ask your friends to take a picture of where the sticker is pasted

    personally i prefer little made up monsters
    little friends to keep my friends company when they travel or study abroad, when we’re not together :)

  • cher

    woooo awesome! please send me some! :D

  • Matt Labrecque

    “touch this for good luck”


    “you should probably start dancing”


    “touch this to have a good day”


    250 “matt approves” and 250 “matt dissaproves”

    : )


    I would make stickers that said “infection” and put them on the backs of all the people that wear those stupid shirts that say “staff” on them.

  • Erica Mao

    I would make internal organ stickers: a heart, lungs, intestines, kidney, etc.
    They would fit together like a puzzle but you could also stick them to things on their own.

  • My sticker would be a sharks mouth open with a reflective film within the mouth so you could see yourself.

  • ashley

    I want me some stickers
    No… I wish I had INVENTED stickers.
    I’d be so boss

  • Mine would say “I got 500 of these stickers for free.”

  • julia e.

    it would be a perfect triangle with the letters “eomyk” centered. right now i’m revamping my portfolio and working on my website, i want to pass out stickers to promote my work and also to use it as an awesome icebreaker. i’ve had take-aways made at my thesis show and it was such a hit. i think i could use 500 stickers to meet more inspiring people and to share art and design together!

  • I’d get a single houndstooth check done up, and stick them up tessellated anywhere that could use some pattern

  • I would cover the whole city with them.

  • I would print them up for my messengering business that I just started up in NYC and plaster them everywhere while riding the city!!!!

    PS – Send me a bunch of your stickers and I will plaster them everywhere as well ; )


    Daymar Communication
    c/o Aaron Malys
    630 9th Ave Suite 412
    New York, NY 10036

  • julie

    my sticker would say:


  • Lori

    I’d like to make some stickers that have cartoon trees on them and a speech bubble that says “I’m a dying breed”. I’d put them on paper product dispensers like disposable napkins, paper towels, and the library printer.

  • I would put a drawing of a vomiting Rolf Harris on them and then I would put them up my bum.

  • Daniel

    my sticker would be a fat american done in a old 1940-1960s cartoon style with the caption in large letters above that reads ” welcome to america”. I would go around the city and put up my stickers anywhere i could so maybe someone would get the message

  • brian

    I would make stickers with my dj name on it and spread the propaganda


  • jolin

    i already have a vector made of the love park philly logo. but pretty much i would post these stickers everywhere i go showing that there is love all around in any city i travel to, or in my own city just stating (again) love is around is and it would be a reminder for people that keep doing what you love and eventually things will come together.

    • my stickers should show emptiness so I can put em on things that I dont like and make em dissapear

      thank you.


  • Rémi

    I would have ” FAIL” on my stickers to put them in some place when the situation need it !

    Like http://blog.delasource.com/public/fail-owned-bike-lock-owner-fail.jpg

  • My stickers should show emptiness so that I can put em on things I dont like and make em dissapear

    thank you


  • Travis G

    I would draw one of my characters, such as a sasquatch or native american with TURBO written in a small font.
    I would just give them to all my friends and stick them all over the city just for the hell of it. I love to see random rad stickers all over the place personally.

  • KJ

    I would get some of my kaleidoscopic dinosaur pattern art printed and I’d hand them out to whoever want some, also I’d make a humongous sticker pattern poster! they’d look something kinda like this…


  • Crank

    i want some booooooom stickers!

  • Vanessa

    Being a visual arts student in Vancouver, I’m really interested in the uses of viral campaigning and advertising, so using this, I’d love to print stickers that said “Where you going cutie? ;)” And stick them all around bus stops, bus benches, waiting areas, inside of buses and skytrains. I love viral stickers, like the WERD stickers seen everywhere around the city, and feel that it’s the best way for an art piece to interact with the viewer.

    • jesse

      its good to know that WERD is still doin his thing in Van.

  • Ariel

    I would love to have a sticker strictly for the fact that I do indeed love stickers. Also, I would put it in my sticker book, though it may take up more then one page (:

  • k porter

    id make stickers of ass holes and stick them all over David Cameron’s stupid little face! an on other folk to :P

  • If I had 500 free stickers I would have them printed for my band, “Bear Quest.” We’re made up of 6 college art students from New Jersey and we all have really weird ideas for our band and one of them is making overly ornate stickers. We are all about being as un-generic as possible. We would really appreciate these 500 free stickers seeing that most of us don’t have the extra cash to pay for stickers. Here is a link to our music. It’s kinda different. If anyone reads this and listens to our music, we really hope you enjoy it.:)


  • Jaz

    I would take the stickers, print them using bright neon inks (magenta-orange or something close, possibly a purple) and use multiple stickers to build a letter — then put words onto cardboard boxes (I have access to multiple boxes) so that each cardboard box would have one word each (the letterforms built from multiple strips of the stickers).

    Then, I would stack these boxes to form an installation in a public space — (the text could be a phrase or multiple phrases from this blog post) of numerous boxes stacked, each with a different word — made from the bright, neon stickers —

  • 13

    They’d be for my new freelance web company. Working multiple jobs since I just got out of school, and it’ll be nice to have some promotion material for that independent endeavour. Boring, but true.

  • Giant pile of POOP filled with corn and colored with whole un-chewed spinach. and It would have a tattoo style banner saying “I’m the Shit”. I would stick them inside of toilets everywhere.

  • Aldon

    My stickers would look like a nice respectable pair of slacks, and there would be a lot fewer indecent turtles wandering around and flaunting their shame for all the world to see….

  • The sticker would simply read, “mine” in a childish font (but not like comic sans, cause that would be lame) and I would put them on EVERYTHING.

    This public installation will make the viewer take a deeper look at themselves, their possessions and their desire to possess things.

  • …did i also mention that i’d probably sticker your mom?!

  • I’d have my little hat wearing monsters printed up and continue to put them up all over Philadelphia.

  • Ailen

    I would like a sticker printed of two planes making an X in the sky with chemtrails, alongside a skull and bones. I would put these all over the city in hopes of helping more people realize that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is underway and that we are being sprayed like bugs.

  • WeAreAtoms

    A dashed line that says underneath “you must be this tall to play”. I’d stick it everywhere just slightly higher than it needs to be

  • zombiekitteh619@hotmail.com

    *GIVE ME UNICORN StiCKERS so i can put them on Craigslist. in the casual encounters section

    ***UNICORN male seeking BBW***

    hi there, I just love the scent of a bbw and can think of nothing better than taking my chosen bbw back to my magical land to ravish. We can do it in front of elves, and all sorts of magic folk…things will never be dull in this forest.

  • mrt

    i would make some nice graphic/street art stickers to help push the street art movement.
    a way to share are with people on a small scale so they can feel connected.

  • Kelaine

    Robot unicorns with laser eyes that would melt snow and ice and prevent people from breaking their ankles.

  • Jbv

    I would like 500 clear stickers printed with a white question mark about 4 inches high, to place after the word “Stop” on those red signs.

  • John Chris Gellada Saringo

    This is fun.

    I would use the stickers on the corners of walls, positioned just right so you think it’s one thing and you turn the corner and it’s something else.

    it would be current events, starvation in africa, global warming, monsanto and genetically modified foods, corrupt politicians, equal rights, censorship, depression/recession.. everything you can imagine that is wrong with society, and everything that is portrayed as ridiculous but shouldn’t be.

    these stickers can do some good and first get peoples attention and once they turn the corner they see past the peachy keen cover up and are enlightened by societies real problems.


  • I would make stickers with my new saying: When Life Gives You Hands, Make Handmade

  • Becca

    I’d make them question marks and I would question everything, ’cause I like to know things

  • BP

    mine would say – FUCK REPUBLICANS

  • I like to invade my city ! (Santiago, Chile) puting the stickers on the most awesome places of here :D

    and obviously decorate my home hehehe…

    Greetings !

  • b0b0

    Thank you.

  • n.

    even though i think it is a waste of paper and energy, i would put it on chilean streets

  • 100 1 out of 5 reviews.
    100 2 out of 5 reviews and so on. and stick them on things so people know what not to bother with.

  • I will put all around Athens, in my blog… and everywhereeeeeeee, even by mailllllllll!!

  • Rickaaay

    i would have adam sandlers face to the left
    and in the rest of the space i would put,”It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys” id give them to people when they are having a bad day.

  • mike

    i would add my character in the sticker with a bunch of Kaiju monsters in the background..and then I would send them around to others and we would put them everywhere…

  • I’d love to print a bunch of speakers like this
    but I’m too broke. I’d send them all over the world.

    Or a bunch of zombies, because there are never too many of those.

  • Jp


    Can we do scratch and sniff stickers ?

    I would make some with girls from around the world. Would be nice to find out what different nationality smells like… I guess it would be all sweet !

  • rombo
  • Anny

    My stickers would make your mind fucking explode. My stickers would make you exclaim the most outrageous onomatopoeia yet to be heard on this earth.

    With this ability in mind, I would conveniently stick my stickers in locations where my neighbors’ cats are most likely to hide, i.e. in the shrubbery and around doorsteps, and thus I will never be caught off guard again.

  • These stickers look awesome! I’d give them to students at school! I’m the editor of a new arts & literary magazine at my university and these would be fun to give out at events to spread the word about art & booooooom.

  • I need Stickers and stickers need me. If you give them to me it will be good for both me and the stickers.


    Jason Pippin — Congratulations!

    Stay tuned for more giveaways!


    I love their brand and products, I use last year and I’m not complaining …. I love them.

    I could send free stiker for my bmx bike and my decks please!
    although not doubt that my father take a parde for your self too lol.

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