14.01.11 by Jeff

Mammoth Friday Giveaway #2

Our Mammoth Fridays continue! One 8×10 print given away every friday this month, courtesy of Mammoth Collection! So who wants this one? You will be able to pick any print from the collection but if it were me, I’d pick this one by Tom Edwards!

mammoth collection giveaway booooooom

To win this week’s print, describe the secret handshake you and I will perform when we see each other next.

I’ll pick a winner Monday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • oksana

    sideways five

  • knock the rock… ‘splode the rock!

  • Max

    We touch the tips of our ring fingers together as we look away from each other. Then, while still looking away, we slap palms. When emotionally ready [after the pause], our eyes meet with a fist bump.

  • Walter

    double back flip and high five right before we land

  • zoe

    i wear gloves of a leopard. you wear gloves with the face of a bear. our hands meet. your hand growls. mine purrs. and the animals are happy. hello.

  • :::you have to promise to keep this between YOU and ME:::

    You go to give your pal or acquaintance a HIGH FIVE. But instead of the *slap* mid air you fake out and proceed (gracefully) with solid pat on the back followed by a tight hug while your other hands embraced for a good ole fashion “handshake”.

    A good ole shake with a pat on the back. MUCH LOVE and RESPECT given and received.


  • Put you right hand in , your hand out , in, out, in out, shake it all about and screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!

  • tam

    shake, slide, snap!

  • adam j.

    down, forward/down, forward, punch

  • BS

    We put the hats of raw meat and enter the high-ceilings nave with them. In nave three buzzards are flying and eating the meat from our hats. While this is happening, we are dancing foxtrot and then some polonaise with our imaginary dance partners. Finally we sit down on huge potato bags, give each other exact wax models of our right hands. I have putted a little jingle bell in my hand while making it, so it makes sound when it is shaken. That is what I call secret hand shake.

  • Seb

    We take of our shoes, take around 30 paces back, run and perform simultaneous flying kicks with out feet slapping one another. We’ve called this the feet five, so far we are the only ones on the planet that can do it, others have tried and failed, leaving them sterile. thank god we practised..

    • Oh I see my five looks a lot like SEB. Sorry SEB…

  • jane

    I haven’t met you so it may be awkward…

  • Kick of our shoes, stand on our heads (will have to try at least), wiggle our toes and give the five with our feet, yelling: “Bigfoot is coming!”

    • Seb

      all good, your working the bigfoot angle!

  • georgia

    A single right handed grip, firm pressure. Our relationship is a classy one.

  • First, we bump fists. Then we slowly move back, as if both of us are being pulled by some mysterious abyss. We thing fling forward and cross elbow high five, followed by patty cake and a quick round of ring around the rosie. We squaredance for 16 seconds, then we take our right hands and cross our thumbs together, with our fingers spread out like a huge pterodactyl. Then we take our pterodactyl and choose which prints we like best, and finish the shake with a cookie dough milkshake from Steak & Shake.


  • …firm, rithmic, squeezy, sweaty, creamy, lubricated. It’d be slow first but speeding up till my we just…oh! come on! you meant hand to hand shake? What a nasty one you are…

  • An open mouthed kiss of course. How else do you greet a soulmate?

  • Right hand fist pump and extended hold (BOOOOOOOM!)

  • Ellie

    Follow through on a low-five by spinning around and jumping to get a high-five with air.
    Legs need to be bent while in the air for maximum effect.
    We should also be wearing caps so the option of taking it off to throw it in the air when high-fiving is there.

  • Geecee
  • Full on 1980’s ‘Stand By Me’ handshake. I’d say “skin me” and we’d slide palms. Could always end it in a fist bump too and maybe a finger wiggle.

  • tom pepper

    slap slap slap pound up down snap

  • Laura

    A high five, of course.

  • Let’s just make it simple; we grab, we twist and then we pull.

  • So, we begin by gazing into each others eyes with the intensity of a thousand suns. Then, we do a 360 degree turn, and scissor kick. We then play patty-cake and finish by singing the song of our people which vaguely sounds like “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion whilst holding each other in our arms and sobbing. Then our heads explode because we cannot handle this extravagant, awe-inspiring ritual we just performed.

  • Lucas Maciuk

    Park it

  • spinning round house kicks toward each other’s heads. freeze just before the strike. hop back on one foot while kick is still extended. when feet are aligned, tap them together three times.

  • Stephan

    like family guy chicken fight, but only with hand shakes. (maybe feet shakes also. depends)

  • Aden

    Or we could just cuddle for a little while.
    Whatever man, it’s up to you.

  • facepalm.

  • Aden

    We’d lean in close, wiggle our noses together, quietly whisper “no homo” and you’d take me out for lunch.

  • Brian Rush

    I grab your butt. You cringe.

  • Michal

    In france guys just kiss each other – you can do with hands whatever you want ;)

  • Celine

    Hive Five, Windmill, Flip Flop, Jazz Hands, Backflip, Awkward Jellyfish, Leap Frog, Fist Stack, High Ten, Twirl, Mid-Air High Five, Backflip, Down By the Banks, Thumb Twiddle, Palm Slide, Charlie Brown, Parkour, Fist Bump, Explosion, Fade to Jazz Hands.

  • Ben

    A wink and a nod.

  • Grasping fingers, the face of our thumbs will rest upon each others, and it will be a glorious thumbs up.

  • Keeley

    I reckon this is worth a try

  • Shake hands vigorously, spit on the ground, high five, 360, land in the karate stance, gaze into each others eyes.. awkwardly part.

  • Sasha

    It’s so secret neither of us will know what will happen until it happens.

  • Benjamin woodcock

    slap palms together and fall to the splits and then cartwheel over each other to 180 turn kiss on cheek. we then say muchos gracias

  • Bobby Richardson
  • tom

    A gentle tickle.

  • RobertB

    (no hands involved)
    We approach one another and place our foreheads directly on the each others left shoulder. In this position we hum the Oasis classic “Wonderwall”. Lift our heads up on the concluding note.


  • This will be done invisibly by magic and others will not be able to see it: We gently massage on another’s left ear lobe with our right hands, smiling sweetly while gazing into each others’s eyes. Then we STOMP the ground hard with our boots on and make a loud sound that others can hear but have no idea what the hell makes it.

  • Tim

    business hug

  • we’re going to bump our heads together like they do in coneheads.

  • Cher

    shake hands
    high five
    low five
    fist bump (that explodes)

    then repeat on a miniature scale
    doing all of the above with just
    your index and middle finger.

  • Snerlen

    We would stand 3ft from each other front to front, stretch right arm in front of the hip and make the thumb-index-finger-face, then I would mime 1. and 3. line of the “Hello Mary Lou” chorus by CCR and you would mime 2. and 4.

    That simple.

  • Steven J Read

    High five, then golf clap.

  • the cobra, perpendicular angle under the palm and the wrist, and then booooooom: HIGH FIVE

  • Holly

    Epic thumb war

  • intent manly handshake and the meaningful look of old friends who see each other for the last time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28-R27rGhWI

    it would start with this one, around the 0:25 mark. boom.

  • Hilary

    To be on-theme, we do as the geologists do when they meet on a lava flow. My parents are geologists so I know their secrets. They rock out all over the world — Hawaii, Nepal, Australia, the most northern tip of Canada — so when they meet other geologists they need to be sure. It takes the form of a test. Glory to the rocker who passes. I will absolutely disclose this to you in exchange for this geo-gorgeous print. All I can say for now is it involves projectiles and beer. Perhaps I’ve said too much…

  • Bump App

  • jen

    I would clap “lip-to-lip”

  • Very subtle, secret spy kind of stuff, we shake hands and in your palm is a small piece of paper with the code that will allow me to get the free print.

  • Adam

    make the live long and prosper sign and touch hands 1 foot in front of each others faces, stare at each other, and take turns reciting the amendments of US constitution

  • Daniel Thiede

    Dosey doe upon approach, accompanied by longing looks of deep friendship. After completion of one full rotation, arms still locked, you come together for a gentle embrace whispering “good to see you” on their shoulder.

  • First we greet each other with an INTENSE STARE DOWN as we walk towards each other. We stop instantly and all of a sudden turn around, bump butts, twirl around twice, play patty cake a few times, hop thrice, then the grand finale – a formal handshake.

  • front double low fives…i spin 180 degrees, then you hit me with a double low five. I then spin back around while you turn 180 degrees and then I hit you with a double low five

  • secretpizzas

    We meet on the top of Mount Fuji, chop off our hands, i sew your hand onto my arm and you sew my hand onto your arm, we shake hands and twirl around, and then a bald eagle comes swooping in and switches our hands back to normal as the band Gwar does a sweet guitar solo, and then both of us descends back into a cloud of fog that carries us away to our homes.

  • we each wet our index and middle fingers with our tongues, suavely spread them across our eyebrows, and then we touch the tips of our fingers together

  • Dave

    The Sike:

    Go in for a handshake but then at the last second pull back and wipe down your hair on the right side of your head. Coooooool….

  • Something reminiscent of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air five… You could be Will and I could be Jazz. Either that or a jumping high five with a running start.

  • Ian W.
  • Standing in front of me
    you think about secret handshake
    we are motionless…

    (conceptual secret handshake)

  • fabrice

    It’s a big slap on the face, but gentle because we say “hello” at the same time

  • we slap each other with a large trout.

  • 2milyFool

    That will be the mental high five :)
    Just lift ur hand up , and high five the air, while thinking of doing a high 5 with me . I will get a mental message and do the same gesture… It is secret and works on long distance .

  • Mariel

    French Kiss…

  • Austin

    We don’t shake hands. We quickly steal an intimate glance from across the room of a suburban coffee house. You’re wearing faded leather pants and a tank top, I’m in bermuda shorts and a button up with only 5 buttons done. We both coincidentally order a vanilla latte and slowly part our ways knowing that a connection has been made and will be stored as a memory to tell the grandchildren.

  • We take LSD, and high five each other on top of that mountain in the print, under that large red Diamond in the sky.

  • Dan

    Wouldn’t be much of a secret if I went about telling everyone about it. Besides, I’m not even sure there are words for the intricate motions involved.

  • Tuin

    May I please have it? x

  • Oh it’s so obvious- fist bump but then! we keep our hands together and mine is a rocket and yours are the flames (wiggle your fingers facing downward). If you’re not into that there’s always the fist bump/squid swim (turn your hand into a squid that is slowly swimming away)…

  • Tuin

    – and a face five, where one of us opts to leave their hands in their pockets and takes the hi-5 to the face.

  • william h.

    i shake your hand nervously, because i am shy around new people, but very excited and appreciative. it would be a firm hand shake, with two up/down motions and dry because i made sure to wipe off any excess perspiration that might have occured. more than likely it was already dry since i rarely have clamy wet hands, so you’re good. then i say thank you very much for the print.

  • Phaedra

    You splash a glass of water in my face, and we stomp off in a huff in opposite directions around the block. When we meet on the other side, we stare into each other’s eyes and make the sound of our favourite animal. We place our hands almost palm to palm, but not quite touching. I slowly move my hand in a circle, and you follow like a mirror. I then tap you on the head and yell BOOOOOOOM. You clap your hands, while jumping backwards and yelling BOOOOOOM, but slightly quieter than I did. I do the same, and we repeat this until we can no longer see each other and our yells have turned into whispers. The secret handshake is now over and we can re-convene and talk like civilized individuals.

  • 1. Bumping of right fists
    2. Bumping of left fists
    3. Chest bump
    4. Booty bump
    5. Crotch bump
    6. You check my leg kick
    7. I check your leg kick
    8. We jump and spin around twice
    9. We point at each other
    10. We say “Ahhhh cha cha chaaaa” like Jimmy Durante

  • Droolin

    we’re just gonna fist bump, then a huge, yellow, jagged edged sign will un-conveniently pop out of my sleeve with the word POW!

  • 1,2,3,4, I declare a thumb war.

  • Ben

    Pointer and pinky facing down, other person milks the cow.

  • robbie nolan

    i have a hand of tudor cut crystal sculpted by a dyslexic woman with the cold , hard eyes that can only be earned by witnessing a man’s face being chewed off by a pig. Inside my glass hand is the element of radon (gaseous under normal temperature and pressure ). your hand is completely normal except your fingers have been delicately replaced by tricked out laser pens working at rock slicing capacity. I demand satisfaction and throw my glove at your feet revealing my gaseous glasseous hand. Each party will name a trusted representative (a second) who will, between them, determine a suitable “field of honour.”The chief criteria for choosing the field of honour is to isolation, to avoid discovery and interruption by the authorities, and jurisdictional ambiguity, also to avoid legal consequences. We stand noble back to noble back and advance twenty paces. You spin round likea catherine wheel on a unicycle and aim all five of your laser pen at my Manus manus Of Deus. the beams penetrate surgically as the radon pours out into the atmosphere. I put my mouth to the five pinholes in my had and suck out whats left, craft it delicately into a smoke ring of sorts and blast it back at you.radon being a colourless, odorless, tasteless noble gas you are unaware of this.

  • Alastair

    Turkey. You five I punch.

  • Ana

    what handshake? I’ll kiss you

  • Light Purse Snatch

  • Rob

    we’ll know when it happens

  • Bo

    The rabbit plunger.

  • evan g

    imagine a pastrami sammich with extra kraut

  • Our handshake is a hug.

  • nick.

    high to low five(one motion), right elbows touch then left elbows, tap fists: top then bottom, finale: double fist bump to spirit fingers (finish with a woooo!)

  • Tyler Williams

    As I walk toward you we high five up above head, then as our arms descend we low five and keep walking.

  • Double high five, followed by both of our jet-packs igniting and propelling us into the atmosphere. Explosive!

  • Schmied

    forearm slam “BOOOOOOOOOOOM”, thumbs to the back “pshhhhhhhhh”, we out.

  • Myke

    Step one: walk up to each-other, engaging in heavy eye contact
    Step two: without breaking eye contant, thrust my hand into your vagina
    Step three: shake it
    Step four: walk away

  • Margaret

    Jazz hands! Spirit fingers!

  • Shake hands
    Put our holding-hands to the sky
    You twirl me into your arms
    I judo throw you so that you tumble over me and towards the floor
    You land in the “death of the swan” pose
    I walk away

  • a classic, firm, productive handshake.

  • Kyle

    standing face to face, we each form a person with our right hand with the pointer and middle finger as the legs and the thumb and pinky finger as arms. we hold our left hand flat, and touch our fingertips on our left hands together. both of our right hand people will stroll across our left hands, and meet in the middle by our fingertips. using our thumbs on our right hands, our hand people will give each other an awesome high five. boom goes the dynamite!

  • scott k

    we pass a joint. five times.

  • Danny

    The boko-maru: A Bokononist ritual for “the mingling of awarenesses”. It consists in two people extending their legs, thrusting their arms behind them for support, and putting their bare feet together.

  • C Dub

    • 2 Armpit-Farts followed by an air-kiss on each side (gotta keep it classy)

  • Breakfast In Europe

    lightly touch the nape of your neck

  • exploding fists! BOOOOOOOM!!!!! duh.

  • Nicolai

    a simple sideway five completed with a snap.

  • Page

    To begin, we start walking towards each other at a medium-fast pace and slowly convert into a run. When we are approximately 3 feet away from each other we stop and raise our hands, immediatley touching pinkies. After the pinky touch we do a spin to my right (your left). While in the air, our shoes will do a “double low five”. Once our feet are back on the ground, we both put our hands together and clap one verse of the famous christmas song, “Little Drummer Boy” written by Katherine K. Davis. While clapping, we also hit elbows and yell BOOOOOOOM.

  • Jack

    shake hands like gentlemen

  • Chelsea

    I’m sorry, its it’s secret I can’t expose it here!
    If we meet, you’ll know.

  • woogedy woogedy woogedy!

  • Isaac

    High five, but we will have to look at the other person’s elbow so we don’t miss and make fools out of ourselves.

  • tim

    A firm grip as we stare into each others eyes like gentlemen.

  • we first make secret goggles to make sure that it is indeed the two of us and not some you and i imposters. we do this by making glasses with our thumbs and first three fingers while sticking up our pinkies. we then look through these goggles and stare into each others eyes. once we each confirm that it is not the imposter we shake hands and tap each other’s collarbones to the beat of “With a little help from my friends” by the Beatles.

  • we use our toes.

  • meaghan

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRfBHfahAI (Start at 1:04)


  • TOaST

    why, we would preform the fusion dance


  • rickaaay

    how bout i just slap the shit out of you for being so damn creative.

  • Rosie

    slap it.
    shoot it.
    kaboot it.
    its a very complicated shake, study up.

  • Jade

    We gonna hold our hands and jump three times to different sides and at the end we gonna shake our hands in the boring way to everything come back to normal.

  • Alicks (Alex) Renee

    I spot you from mountain down by the lake.
    You’re staring at the diamond completely clueless I’m heading your way.
    Down the rock slide, here I come!!!
    Tapping your shoulder, I give you a rule of thumb.
    This aphorism is for you my erstwhile friend!
    With this handshake, we’ll have no bitter end.
    Together hand in glove, we close our eyes in mid genuflect.
    We are our own klatsch of two, who knew we’d interconnect?
    Lets leap into that green abyss.
    Vanishing into a place we knew we had always missed. !

    for you: http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt280/alrenee91/5b50abaf.jpg (I hope you like it)

  • Nick Crank

    bump it, twist and lock it, than drop it down [open palm] for a little acid rain.

  • Jeff M

    Handshake starts like any other. But then immediately & unsuspectedly grab each others forearms with the free hand and begin to rub, with the shaking hands tickle each others palms with the middle finger.

  • eh

    No high five or secret handshakes. Just hugs.

  • Jacob

    Go in to ‘pound’ it, I open my hand at the last second and say “turkey!!!”

  • back to back booty bump. for real.

  • maja

    spirit fingersss

  • Caroline

    jellyfish hands

  • Parker

    remove each other’s souls and share an out of body experience for a moment then you give me dat print

  • Jack
  • Jim

    We would both be balancing refrigerators on our chins while slowly moving towards each other. We would get too close, and the refrigerators would bump and fall on top of us, paralyzing us from the waist down. We hold hands until we die of blood loss and starvation simultaneously. THE END

  • VDA

    Ketnet shake.

  • Dries V

    Stick out both middle fingers. Turn them both around so they touch each-others backs making a triangle. Turn the triangle sideways so you could see through it with one eye. Then we both look each other in the eye, wink, let go and say “Nice”. When we both feel euphoric it’s possible that we snap our fingers.

  • John G

    We will both be in a major North American metropolis. You will be leaving your friend’s apartment building, I will be rushing to an appointment. As you walk out of the foyer we collide, knocking my briefcase out of my hand. You kindly pause, turn around, and reach for its handle to pick it up. I do the same, and our hands end up interlacing around the handle. We both look at each other in surprise.

    At that exact moment a child walking by will knock into us, jerking our arms up and down. You will then let go of the briefcase and I nod my head and quietly say ‘thanks’ as I turn and walk away. Neither one of us will put any more thought into the slightly awkward interaction.

    Lost on us, however, will be the true depth of the ritual we’ve just committed. Our eye contact, interlaced hands, and up and down motion are, in many social circles, all that is needed for a handshake to occur. It will remain a secret to us both for the rest of our lives.

  • jaycie

    a sophisticated double tap.

  • Ariela Rozenbaum

    There would be no actual hand touching. It involves a great amount of brain power. We’ll shake hands telepathically. That way, it will really be secret!

  • Sandra Romero

    hand hug
    most intimate thing ever created we lay hands flat on each other then move your thumb like it was an arm and hug thats it :)

  • Kris
  • Petchro

    we kiss each other then poop our pants and then walk away, and look back and and wink and give A-ok handsign

  • lonnie

    We’ll toss some dark jedi force lightning at each other, which will collide mid-air to form beautiful fireworks.

  • Colin

    I feel sorry for the fools who are required to use the archaic gesture of grasping one another’s hands and physically shaking them together. Our “handshake” would be different. We would meet on the interstellar plane. Our spiritual embodiments would at once come together in a platonic embrace. I would continue with the delicacies of our mutual gesture of friendship, but I’m afraid all words that could be used to describe the encounter have been exhausted. There is no more I can do to describe it to you. I’m sure you understand. See you on the plane.

  • Annika

    it would involve lots of snaps while intertwining fists, then slapping all four hands together, then smacking bent legs, and then best explosion noise with a high ten.
    it would have all the feelings of unicorns and shooting stars and secret magic.

  • VDA

    With Ketnet shake of course
    i mean

  • Demetri Falkos Espinosa

    Ok, we morph into TWO GIANT hands, then blast off to the Helix Nebula where we proceed to give the most bodacious high-five the universe has ever seen.

  • Tina

    One handed ZigZag roll. Loser provides matches.

  • Brianna

    Knowing me, I’d probably just shuffle around the room, watching you go about your business until I realize that you are about to leave and then I rush toward you, shake your hand with a silent earnestness while you acknowledge me with a head nod and smile. We will come away from the experience feeling like something bigger could have happened but were satisfied that it didn’t.

  • Perrin Turner

    Just a firm olde fashioned handshake. No nonsense.

  • We’ll do 5 terrorist fist bumps in consecutive executive order

  • Vicky

    Greet you as I would the Queen. Nice clean ol’ kiss on the hand.

  • juse


  • yoyo mama

    we would whip our hair back and forth, ok ok okkkkk

  • Pia

    The only kind of shake you and I will share is a milkshake, good sir.

  • bennettbennett

    the downward spiral

  • Rachell

    double bump fists (pinkie side touching)

  • You dive into the vortex into my forehead

  • we’ll improvise

  • At the exact moment our hands touched, we would morph into glorious dragons. Beautiful, radiant, like the dawn over a sea of pearls. You know the road won’t be a smooth one, kiddo. We’ll have to fight our way through life, regular couple of Boys Named Sue. It all works out in the end, though. Through the ages we became men in another plane, and at that exact quantum moment, join souls with our Other Selves and become what were both truly meant to be!

  • Bryan Prater

    no fives just hugs

  • ashle

    make out.

  • First of all we wouldn’t actually touch.

    Our handshake would be controlled by the mind – a little the Jedi mind.

    We’d both find a quiet corner in a room (preferably at the same temperature), cross our eyes until two become one, and then jump up and down whilst spinning around and around and around until we fall (together).

    This would be a metaphor for the moment our hands would collide.

    Why so abstract?

    Well, I live in London and you, well, you don’t.


    Stumbled on your blog this morning.

    It’s truly ace.


  • Tyler Williams

    So is there a winner yet?

  • sooooooo many amazing handshakes. i think i want to put out a book that is just a collection of descriptions of secret handshakes.

    i have to go with Robbie Nolan for its absolute insanity.

    congrats Robbie!

    stay tuned for two more Mammoth giveaways, this friday and next!

  • Igor Pismensky

    Didnt read all the postings so this could already be up here. First a thumbs up cuz we are Facebook friends, then right elbo bump, then left elbo bump and since both arms are in that position we flap like birds because of tweet, then double fist bump to finish with a BoooooooM

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