14.01.11 by Jeff

Wayne White

Paintings by Wayne White.

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

word paintings by artist painter wayne white

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://wreckandslender.com bryce

    by far my favorite posting on booooooom

  • http://www.alexpatin.com Alex Patin

    This is way too awesome. They are beautiful paintings with wonderful looking letters! It’s almost perfect, and I love the cohesiveness.

  • Brian

    I got his monograph this December. I’ve only had a chance to skim through it, but the work and developement is amazing.

  • tini

    i guess the landscapes are found paintings painted on?

    • simon

      Don´t think they´re found paintings…he seems to have full control over the letterings within the landscape… and how light and shadow from each react together.

      the 7th one down glows around it…he owns every aspect of the painting.

      • Matt

        Tini is right. From a press release for one of his shows:

        Rather than a canvas, White paints on 1960s and 1970s thrift-store lithographic reproductions of 19th century Romantic landscape paintings, incorporating their kitsch iconography into the composition with both irony and national pride.

  • http://tetrismagic.blogspot.com/ Julian

    These. are. amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/mfbolla bolla


  • http://www.flickr.com/bastiencest Seba

    Oh god! Terribly amazing!!

  • Alicks Renee

    Wow. All I gotta say.

  • http://betweenblackandwhite.tumblr.com/ drvokestena

    sooooooooooo gooooood!!!

  • http://art-sponge.com/ Patrick

    Holy ! those are amazing, his skill at perspective is excellent

  • http://ditzl.wordpress.com ditzl

    the realness

  • http://www.waynewhiteart.com Neil

    For all you WW lovers. He’s performing at Largo in LA on 2/1. Use coupon code “ww” for $10 off.

  • rasaka

    damn clever! :)

  • rasaka

    damn clever! 😉

  • http://psychedelicanemone.blogspot.com thomessa

    this is the coolest thing!

  • http://deadprecedence.com Jorgen

    Wayne White is brilliantly creative.

  • http://andifitsreal.com Tøger Torkel

    Really awesome, and great idea

  • Mina



    If these are found landscapes, I would easily believe the artist painted them anyway because of how well he handles the lettering.

  • carmin

    yes yes mooore lsd

  • Eric

    This is a bit much like ronald kurniawan’s work wouldn’t you say??

  • http://www.toomuchfastfood.tumblr.com Bobby

    I remember seeing these in my sculpture class last summer during a lecture. Pretty awesome stuff. You all should check out his installation piece from the Rice Gallery in Houston. http://www.ricegallery.org/new/exhibition/biglectricfan.html

  • kacey z

    yoooo tight!!!

  • http://elsahenderson.com elsa

    fairly certain they have a couple of these on the wall at Fred 62 in los feliz!

  • http://www.scottwoodardstudio.com scottw

    His bio says: His most successful works have been the world paintings featuring over-sized, three-dimensional text painstakingly integrated into vintage landscape reproductions.

    Fantastic work!

  • kekeke

    reminds me of ruscha, anyone anyone?

  • ruru

    His work will be shown at Herron School of Art and Design in Indy from Jan 21 to Feb 24. Check it out!!! :)

  • http://hellomaseman.com maseman

    wow, these are amazing.

  • Agastyan

    Very skilled work.. My problem isnt with the skill its with society. It seams that we can’t look at something beautiful without putting letters all over it.

  • Carlos Marco

    He’s made some of these for Lambchop records, such as “Nixon”.

  • Abzats

    words with different meaning – interesting

  • Morgan

    oh man. totally genius

  • Leonid
  • http://heidizito.com heidi

    his word paintings are just like Ed Ruscha’s in the 60s!

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It is pretty incredible how far you can zoom into the artworks; have a look here. Watch the video below.

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