28.03.11 by Jeff

Stephan Tillmans

“Luminant Point Arrays” is a series of photos by Stephan Tillmans, capturing tube televisions the moment they are shut off.

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Luminant Point Arrays photos by stephan tillmans

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Oliver

    Wow! These are so strangely beautiful.

  • Marina

    The best ideas are the ones so simple they make you ache with how you didn’t think of it. All those times I’ve turned off my crappy tv…

  • Dave

    wow, this is awesome!

  • defuca

    The TV as subject matter is really interesting. To me, turning off the TV represents the face of reality. Catch my drift?

  • Awesome concept and awesome execution!

  • mp


  • These are lovely, I really like how abstract they look… would never have guessed they were televisions!

  • Karen


  • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

    How the..?

  • CMYKboy

    New interpretation of Dan Flavin. Like it.

  • emily

    wow…i remember sitting and turning the TV off over and over again as a small child trying to get a better look at that moment exactly. Not only does tha make these really satisfying, but they are also beautiful.

  • very nice concept =)

  • Luc Nagel

    kind of reminds me of this music video made by Tom Jenkinson AKA Squarepusher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isb7MztEbB8

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  • Very similar to the 2005 photographic work by the Australian artist Kenzee Patterson where he captures the turning off of the televisions. http://www.kenzeepatterson.com/index.php?row=101&field=09_Photos_image

23.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Gregory Euclide

New work by artist Gregory Euclide. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

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23.02.17 by Staff

Reader Submission: Adam Wilkoszarski

Lovely series by photographer Adam Wilkoszarski from Poznań, Poland. Discovered via our February Reader Submissions. See more images from “After Season” below!

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An Elaborate Snow Drawing by Artist Sonja Hinrichsen

Another incredible snow drawing by artist Sonja Hinrichsen (previously featured here)! Made in the snow covering Lake Catamount in Colorado last year, the site-specific piece pays homage to the Yampa River which used to run through the valley.

Helped along by roughly 50 community participants, the group’s route not only coincides with the course the original river took, the abstract designs created from their tracks in the snow mimic the meandering flow of water. See more images of “Yampa River” below!

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22.02.17 by Jeff

Photo of Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia Looks Like a Painting

This is not a painting! The image above is a photo by Frank Krahmer (see the image larger). I saw this pop up on Reddit and had to investigate.

The image is from Namib-Naukluft National Park which is part of the Namib Desert (considered the world’s oldest desert according to Wikipedia). I found a similar image on National Geographic which gives you a sense of the scale of the dunes and camel thorn trees. The image below was shot by Frans Lanting.

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“Black Drawings” by Artist Michael Aaron Lee

New York City-based artist Michael Aaron Lee covers paper with grease pencil before cutting through with a printmaker’s gouge, uncovering the white underneath. See more images from “Black Drawings” below.

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