18.04.11 by Jeff

Viktor Hertz

“Honest Logos” by Vikor Hertz.

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz

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  • http://davidikus.blogspot.com Davidikus

    Quite amusing, even in a slightly scare way (cancer… diabetes…) I like the wit here.


  • http://www.uglyroomsstudio.com Kerrie Ugly rooms

    I love these, especially the first one.

  • http://www.iamcaty.com Caty

    haha, awesome 😀

  • shea kennedy

    5 truths

  • Jessica

    Haha, lovely work ! The last one reminds me of this picture : http://www.awful-drawings.com/post/3763593050/thepath

  • http://www.rathur.net RATHUR

    I think I have McDiabetes.

  • Yamahaha

    I love joke design.

  • http://chazzalacka.com Gemma Parsons

    These are great! Procrastination!

  • http://www.kfmgallery.com Kristin Forbes-Mullane

    mmmm… mcdiabetes

  • WASS

    Very Adbusters.org.

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  • http://www.nofinishlineblog.com Robert Armstrong

    McDiabetes, Cancer and Calories. Perfectly aligned with their brands. Too bad the overweight/obese and generally unhealthy North American doesn’t see these brands for what they really are and aviod them.

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  • http://astroworks.wordpress.com astroworks

    so how about looking at this website boooooooom!?? how do you categorize this? :)

  • http://www.iamartsy.com misslieze

    Those are amazing and so true!

  • http://ggno.blogspot.com GGNO

    totally agree with the procrastination, i tell myself “i’ll just check the notice and i’ll do my work” but then i spend an hour on checking news feed.

  • http://www.kragenhoch.de KragenHoch.de

    creativity… thumbs up!

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