02.05.11 by Jeff

Necono Camera / Giveaway

We just broke 50,000 fans on Facebook! In celebration of that I’d like to give away a Necono Digital Cat Camera, courtesy of the friendly folks at Four Corner Store! So who wants it?

Necono Digital Cat Camera Giveaway

Necono Digital Cat Camera Giveaway

Necono Digital Cat Camera Giveaway

The kitty cat was designed by Lisa Larson.

If you want the camera tell me what you’re going to name it in the comments below! I’ll pick a winner next Monday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Miró!

    • Rebekah


    • Jody


    • tiger cam

    • Ashley A

      Sir Sharlington

    • Nicola

      Peeping Tomcat :)

    • scribla

      I’d name him :

      Sir Digital Bang!, Snapper of Light, and See’er of Goodness, the Third.

      *fingers will remain crossed until monday*

    • Newt


    • Bojana

      Pantera !


  • Lizzie Henson

    Duchess Boo Zibbles Fluff-face

  • I would name it Tobias

    • uh…. this is amazing.

    • Tobias is such a rad name, and I totally think of that guy on Arrested Development. Yep.

  • Uhm I want it! This is pretty much one of the coolest objects I have ever seen.

    A friend of mine recently named his new cat Captain Fuzzyboots, which is awesome, but I prefer ridiculously long and elitist names, so I’d name her Amaranta Matisse Karenina Pavlova and maybe think off a royal prefix for that too.

  • Fluffsby Fluffsworthy the 1st

  • Z

    Roger Wellard Jones III

  • Julien

    Coolissimo, like the one and only cat I’ve ever had, and just as coolissimo as he was ! ^_^

  • Alaina

    I’d name him CHEESE. Then whenever I took a picture of people, I’d demand, “Say his name! Say CHEESE!”

  • Constantin

    Carmen Obscura (the) II

    I really want this :D

  • Mindy

    CEILING CAT, of course!

    • As much as I would love this camera. I would have to give it to Mindy. Ceiling Cat for the win.

  • OL


  • rui


  • Helle


  • Alex

    full name: Smile Big For This Most Exquisitely Glorious Feline Nonchalance

  • Sebastian

    osama obama

  • Ionut


  • Sebastian

    or tuna breath! you devide

  • Boris le rayé Cat

  • Neopatra

  • Ionut

    or Cambob

  • Markus


  • Can i haz? i was the 50.003 Fan on Facebook, but followed you on Twitter since *insert months or years* :D

  • oh shit i have to name it..
    Desmond, brother!

  • Zazzles
    ( a big bang theory reference )

  • Kimchi

    Puss that Shoots (from Puss in Boots. heehee)

    • Steph Gabel

      I freakin love this!
      Super creative.

  • Jen

    Chairman Meow?

    • shannon rose

      hahhaa nice :)

  • Toby

    Compcat (like ‘compact’ camera. except with cat. and comp. as in competition… which this arguably is. DOUBLE PUN!)

  • Long Cat (is long)!

  • I will name her Snuzzy McFuzzles

  • Efa

    Chairman Miao.

  • Sarah

    Catka (capture/cat and camera) x

  • san

    (dcc=digital cat camera)

  • Jordi


  • Andrew Hickey

    I would have to name him Yuzu. It’s a super delicious citrus fruit from Japan that’s available in the spring.

    Thank you


  • Jamel


    • moni

      great name :) short and totally matching!

  • filip

    look at

  • Camz


  • zuzu

  • Ruben


    • labuche51

      No one said it was a girl..Pfffeuu!.

  • art


  • Matthew


  • LILY

    lucy fur!

  • Jackieee

    Shelley Duvall

  • Alexis

    this looks so fun to play with. I’d name it Tanoshii

  • Marcos

    Delta outpost

  • Shutter McFluff!

  • Koma

  • Becca

    He seems a bit German. I think I’d name him Herr Boll.

  • she need to be called:stripe stalker

  • Eric


  • Andrea

    Stanley Fussypants

  • Booooooom –
    9 stripes – 1 stripe for each letter.

  • Jimmy K.

    Professor Kat

  • rebecca

    Sergeant Fuzzy Boots

  • Laura

    The cat voyeur

  • Yoshi

    I think I would go for Baby Bird.
    … actually to be honest, it would probably just be ‘my cat camera’…

  • celso

    such a 007tish device… I’d call it Pussy Galore

  • michael


  • Megan


  • Conall

    friedrich Kittysnap

  • Daniel

    ill name him succulent topaz

  • MAli

    Ms. Carrington

  • ‘Nikola’
    In reference to Tesla of course, the inventor and engineer that contributed to the development of this fantastic camera kitty!

  • Chairman Meow

  • peeking cat

  • labuche51

    Simply the “Catmera”

  • Cheese!

  • Salem. after Sabrina’s cat, the best cat ever.

  • Lucy

    Thomasina… long name: Thomasina,the cat who thought she was God.

    After my all time favourite book, made me cry so many times when i was a kid!

  • labuche51

    Tout simplement
    la CATméra..

  • Simon


  • Justine

    Lucy Fur for sure!

  • Sneaky Bastard

  • miron

    Mouse =)

  • I would definitely name if Wolfie. Or Mozart. Or something around. Would love to have it.

  • lucie

    Eye of the Tiger !

    and congrats for the success !

  • Apurrture would be a punny name, but I’d probably just end up calling it what I call all cats, kitty kitty.

  • Kate

    Digikat! x

  • Ing

    Mister Foxy


  • He definitely looks like a Duncan to me.

  • Colin


  • wolf

    Kat Shagoogoo

  • Hugo!
    So awesome. I need this.

  • Tabitha

    I think I would name him Orson. Orson.

  • I shall name him Bootsy.

  • that kitty looks like me.
    i’d name er optipuss

  • Avery

    Fink – as in – someone who tells on the neighbors to the cops (aka a security camera) :D

    also, a mixture of film and ink.

  • Little Snapito

  • me. i want it. give me the cat. i shall name him george and i shall love him and squeeze him.

  • Gimmee gimmee!

  • Lydia Deetz

  • aww, but is it like a security camera or..?

  • Tara


  • Sprinkles!

  • dominic decoco

    • Leopard Sang


  • Perrin Turner

    I’ll name her Shaka Zulu (Zulu for short)

    I promise I’ll take care of her! I’ll get her a nice little box and a scratching post and everything! can I keep her?

  • Blofeld

  • Cat


  • Snerlen

    Crab Man. nuff said!

  • Cale Kehoe

    I would like it. I’ll name it Sherbert.

  • Flower

    I’m sorry, but he looks like a Miles.

  • Matias


  • Bojangles!

  • Gergana


  • ChocsValentino

  • Anna

    I’d call it Sausage Cat!

  • i

  • Clix

  • Neil

    You’re name shall be Eriq La Salle.

  • sooperlover!


  • Caitlin

    Senor Neko Gato VII

  • i like handsome kitties, so i would call it CATSOME :D

  • Mike

  • Ark


  • Hands down. . .

    Weezy Jefferson

  • Leopard Sang

    I’d name her… Queen Eliza III. f-yeah

  • Drew

    Osama Bin Hurtin.

  • Marta

    superspy cat

  • I’d call him Lionel Ritchie.

    Cause I’d be Dancing on the Ceiling as the winner!

    *fetches coat/closes door on way out*

  • El Tigrin Tigarey

  • Jemaine

    SassySazzles, the most awesome cat in awesome cat land

  • Guillermo! inspired by my origin, plus a cat named Guillermo sounds so foreign and adventurous.

  • Stephanie


  • Lauren

    i’d probably refer to it as my “pocket pussy”

  • Sophie

    LCC (Lol Cat Cam’)

  • Luke

    Kino Kitty

  • Sarah C

    Macavity because he breaks the law of gravity… :)

  • Plex

  • MissC

    Cámara gatuna!

  • Nick

    Lion – O!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    probably Simon!

  • shathree

    i’ll name her zoom zoom! <3

  • tsurina-chan


    Romanji ver. of Orange, that’s cause the kitty cam is orange. :>

  • snappy

  • Tracey

    Napoléon Bonapurrte

    • moni

      alright THIS is the BEST! and when you get it make him a little bag which looks like a red uniform-coat. That would look trés CHIC :)

  • Holly


  • Chuck Norris!

  • catmera or horse or catman

  • i can has cat cam?

  • Rebekah


  • grace


  • bixn


  • Benito

  • Massimo


  • Manca

    i love giving food names. so i guess i would name him: CHILI ^^

  • Ben

    Gerald J. Boris

  • Leilani

    Nekobasu! (like the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro) :)

  • Jasper


  • frankie


  • Joe


  • Marmalade.

  • Nilas

    lol, i’d like one.

  • Red Leader

  • Ashley



  • Sare

    Smile Pretty

  • Rhodri


  • Shannon

    Yoko Cono

  • Ted, he looks like a Ted.

  • arnar


  • Morfar! (it means mothers father in norwegian)

  • Bridger

    Sassy Lassy!


  • Max

    Cat Middleton?

  • jeff


  • jenna

    sashinotoru cat!

  • Sarah


    After the cute boy cat from Garfield than everyone assumes is a girl.

  • Ally


  • Merel

    Cat Face.

  • Rafael

    Nümü or Schwoppen

  • Teifi


  • cam


  • His name will be Yo-Yo Ma.

  • Samantha

    It’s been almost three years I’m addicted to this breed of non-haired cats and I like to think I see them everywhere!

  • Erin Rushton


  • Emely

    I’ll name him Askeladden after my favorite norwegian fairy tale character and adventurer! (because we’ll go on wonderfull adventures together).

  • I would name it Lawrence. It looks like a lawrence to me.

  • Jacob

    Milton, i’ve always wanted a cat named Milton.

  • Sebastian

    I would name him Hans, after my photography teacher.

  • Lisa Larson designed this? That’s really cool. Kind of different from the ceramic cats.

    I’d give him the swedish name of Bertil.

  • Max


  • Leigh

    Mr. Shutter Butt

  • Lindsey

    Peeping Cat

  • serendippity


  • april durant

    I would name him Kevin, he will be the man in my life.

  • It will either be Kimchi or Nyan :3

  • Robert Cat

  • Astridpr

    Little Tiger!

  • Sarah




  • Bradley

    Shoots McCatface

  • Ian


  • tooth ball

  • Katie

    I’d have to call him “sir miaows-alot”
    He has a very regal face for a small cat

  • Janna

    I would name my cat –


  • Krystina P

    Charles Bukowski – The Cat has a very sad/wise look on his face.

  • Sex Panther…. but I would probably end up just calling it “kitty” because I normally end up calling all cats “kitty” and all dogs “puppy”. Keep it simple stupid.

  • fuzzaclese!

  • Misa

    Mrs. Norris!

  • volcano jelly

  • martha

    Mr. Whiskerillo the Third

  • le pocket conquistador!

  • John Smith.

  • Joel

    David Ogden Stiers Jr.

    OBVIOUS, I know…

  • plastic usb camera cat

  • Khalil

    Simon Prowell

  • Holy cat camera!!! I would totally wear it around my neck and call it Mr. Tangerine. ♥

  • Efren

    pierre francois!

  • Sawyer

    He shall be named “Capt’n Frisky”

  • amanda

    dickles mc pickles (the m.c. of dill)

  • Jen

    Ron Swanson

  • I would call it Coconut!

  • Bijoux! after my long passed kitty… ;-(

  • chrissy

    Obama Jr

  • natalia


  • I’d name her *228

  • Casey

    Sir Charles Pinetree

  • Liz

    Nyan cat!

  • sun


  • Franzi

    i want to have it, mine has cam has broken two day ago!

    i probably would name it little miss mangopie

  • ariana


  • Kim


  • mittens

  • I kan haz deegitul camraw?


  • luella

    nico :3

  • Cheezburger

  • i’d name him LOLCAT


    GATO: means cat in Spanish! :D

  • macaroni

  • Kimmy


  • Mark

    i would name him Señor Bobbi, that’s what we call my spanish teacher! ;-)

  • Princess Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries

  • swimmy

  • RLE

    I would name it “Perolin” from cartoonist Per Åhlin. The cat looks like his style.

  • Miguel

    Eito or Kazu

  • I would name him Vodik, combination of video kitty.

  • GODofpork

    Cheetara, obviously. She’s the spitting image.

  • Lucas

    Samson. Who wouldn’t want a beastly cat named Samson?

  • GODofpork

    Cat Man Do?



  • Lara


  • remi forcadell


  • Peter

    Fu Man Chu

  • halp

    Fred fuzzy feet

  • John McClane

  • I’d name it GODZUKI, after the best dog-cat a person could ask for!


  • Cassie

    Kristofferson :)

  • Russell Alton

    What I name all my cats- Ignatius P. Wortzelheimer III!

  • Alba


  • Neko-kun

  • Victor


  • Joe


  • KATE


  • Bojangles

  • Russell Alton

    Although, ‘Princess Karmasparkle’ will do in a pinch.

  • Vincent Michelangelo

    Pussy Camera

  • Martin

    Cat Middleton

  • sawa

    i’m gunna name it rufus!!

  • Mathieu

    ” Fifty-thousand fans”

  • bess

    oui oui la kittie!

  • Meredith


  • Tom Selleck

  • Chelsea

    Leonardo DeCat-meow

  • Fran Riley

    My mum once had a cat called mouse and I’ve always thought it was the coolest thing ever. So there you go, Mouse the cat camera.

  • Billy-Booooooom!

  • C O M B C A T !!

  • Vladimir The Voyeur Cat

  • I’m gonna call it Keyboard Cat.

  • zaku CAM!

  • Qainaat

    Phoebe, in honour of smelly cat ;)

    • that’s a perfect name!

      smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?
      smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault!

  • Heidi Tang

    Ninja Cat

  • He shall be called Inspector Gadget and he shall feast from the finest of view points, as he’s a sneaky little spy gadget for lots of sneaky fun to be had!!

  • Alfonzo.

  • Angela

    Professor Meowingtons!

  • Mailson

    Cachimbo (pipe in portuguese)

  • Ritzo

  • Lana Lea

    Dwight D. Eisenmeower

  • Gosia


  • James Kelly


  • kaying

    panyaa, i’ve found you!

  • Leslie

    Keke Milkshanks

  • Cornholio

  • Adam

    Noboru Wataya …after the missing cat in Haruki Murakami’s novel, TheWind-Up Bird Chronicle. Initially they wonder where he goes and what he sees…this cat can capture exactly that.

  • joana gomes

    inspector cat!

  • Phaedra

    I would name this stealthy little kitty Agent Orange, or A.O for short. He would go on many important undercover operations, and receive a medal of courage for his valiant efforts in field. While secretly documenting the lives of strangers may not be a matter of national security, it is an important task in my own world.

  • Christine Gore

    I shall call him Nipple and love him deeply!

  • Stephan Wagner


  • Bror

    The first thing that came to my mind when seeing that awesome object was the name: Totoro’s Little Helper :D

  • The ‘Pritty Kitty’ or ‘Clicky Kitty’ :)

  • Salem my homie

  • Julieta

    Lady Macbeth

  • i think i’d call it FancyCat. it would be the coolest cat. my real life cat Danelion would be jealous she wasnt capable of being a photo capturing cat, but they would be friends.

  • Nuno

    Toffee :)

  • meaghan


  • I’d name him Boooooooris.

  • Shawn Chappelle

    9 Lives KittyKamera

  • I would name it cheeky! :) I’m not sure why though. I always thought the word cheek was kind of cute, and the cat is sneaky. Seems fit, I think.

  • Rals

    Oh, the lulz, this is one funny camera! I’d call it Fluffikins-Third-Degree-Carpet-Burn-Just-For-The-Kicks. Friends would call him Just-Fluffy, of course. ^.^

  • Jazzy Jeff

  • Sander


  • She will be called Catmatic Multi-Hue. She’s a robotic cat that eats colors and smells nothing. She is funny and serious which makes her mysterious, the envy of others. Always in fashion, but she remembers everything.

  • Noel

    I’d name him

    Pentax… the cat.

  • Lucie

    I´d name him Scharping, its always good to name cats like german politicians.

  • Fanelle

    CAAAAAAAT would be his name !

    Oh Jeez I’m going to lose again :) But whatever, participating to the giveaways is my way to say that this website is fantastic, it’s been about 2 years now that I log everyday to discover new artists and it’s still a great pleasure.
    50 000 fans still not enough for such an amazing site, and work !

  • Alice White

    Wonka (Just like Willy ^^)

  • Seni

    Pinkie Winkie Doopleydoo

  • Annah

    Lovely meow meow.
    so, since it’s a lovely cat I’d name it Nya.

  • Melissa


  • Gary Merrin


  • shooter

  • Fiona

    I’d name it Lego

  • Adam

    the righteous hot wings

  • rez

    Garfield, ofcourse.

  • Ankelchen

    “Speckjäger” (“bacon hunter”)

  • His name would be Bartok.

  • catmerah

  • Javiera

    I would name it Moñongo, like my real cat :)

  • clifford

  • PTN


  • Ryan A.

    Nathaniel :3

  • dave

  • If I would get this camera, besides implonding with happiness because I love cameras and I love cats, First I would have to decide if the cat is a girl or a boy.

    If the cat is female – Mata Hari. appearences aren’t always what they seem ( aka the cat doesn’t look like a camera, I could kinda be a spy with it)

    If the cat is male – Simba. Now Tell me you didn’t cry when you watched the movie!

  • Aicha


  • Smile the Cat.

  • I’d name her Clockwork Kitteh! \o/
    Heeere kitty kitty kitty!

  • Meo

    1.”Maneki Neko” ( literally “Beckoning Cat)

    2. Meow Meow

    3. Travel Cat

    4. Cat in a box

    5. Walk a cat

  • chris tansey

    gingerSNAPS !!!

  • Christina

    Catnip McMeowster.

  • 1. Petty Kitty
    2. Secret Eyes

  • clara

    a eradicating monocle

  • mr gustavson

  • Ella


  • Tracy

    I would name it Shredder!

  • tim


  • Libby


  • ana

    zinzi bo

  • Xiǎo māo -tys

  • katherine

    kaiser…the emperor of digi

  • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

    Fanny Packer.

    • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

      Or Meow Zedong?

  • Jeppe Kjøller

    Cheshire Cat!

  • Claus

    lorenzo van matterhorn

  • I would name it Foto

    I’ve always wanted to have a cat to name it like that, but as probably I won’t have it soon, looks like a good idea to call this one Foto, as it takes also “fotos”! (photo in catalan.)

  • Jenny


  • karl porter

    id call it “osama bin ladens dead” but if thats not good probably just melvin

  • kanikama

  • Heather

    Uh, MEOWPIX, obviously.

    Thank you!
    LOVE the site!


    (mix between chat which means cat in french, and camera obviously)

  • Jade


  • Mr Foof.

  • or maybe CATMERA

  • Mariella


  • Cecil Kodak

  • Juliet


  • Don


  • Mao

  • Lauren

    i would name him ‘GINGER’. for reasons that i can not exsplain.




  • callmerightbleeding allmyfriendsdo

    cliff richard

  • Helena

    You could go for the common dictator names of Pussolini, Chairman Meow or Kitler.

    I would name him Gregg. A suave, sophisti-CAT-ed and understated name for one SNAPPY kitten.
    (I just couldn’t resist the cat puns)

  • Jenna M

    Sr Reginald Fitzwilliam Spencer Apollo Josiah Tabbikins II

  • b0b0

    Cat-aract, parceque ça win.

  • AustinBenton

    I’d name it Banjo.

  • Daniel Waller

    RUTH…a purrfect name for such a slim ginger cat!

  • santiago

    Panfleto!!!!!!!!!!! yes, Panfleto is gonna be his name. :)

  • If I had two Id call them ‘bow’ and ‘arrow’

  • Amanda

    Bill Murray

  • ClikCat :)

  • Ludwig.

  • Pinx the Puss n’ Shoots.

  • Monseiur Meawrange

  • Maurice

    DJ Fuckface

  • Cheshire Cam!

  • Chris


  • Jeepers Creepers-Elizabeth Taylor once had a cat named that. It’s perfect because this camera is small and can creep up to people and take a secret photo of them. :)

  • AV

    I would call it Oussama

    (and love the idea of “chatmera” too)

  • Lisa, for the designer

  • gipster

  • Noodle!

  • Anjelica Huston.

  • Tikkitikkitembonosorembobarbaruchipipberrypembo the cat.

  • zoltan endrodi


  • Kit-cat, or bob-cat, pussy-cat, pole-cat?, or maybe :avo-cat. <3 I want it !

  • Juan Torres

    Whiskers on the rocks.

  • wren

    oh you know, a camera that looks like a cat? just a regular old AWESOME FANCY PANTS photo option to pull in and out of one’s pocket? YES PLEASE!!

  • Siranimal

    He has face of Vincent Cat Ghog.

  • chloe


  • wren

    oh you know, the proper name for a camera that looks like a cat? just a regular old AWESOME FANCY PANTS photo option: Smokestack Pote.

  • Ezequiel


  • mel


  • Ben


  • lauren


  • Looks like a Nigel to me!

  • Romeo !

  • Glenn

    Saskia Hamilton.
    I’ve only ever seen her name on the spine, but thats enough. I wanna make her mine ¡

  • lauwren


  • dr. puss-n-shots

  • Jason

    Because this cat has tiger blood running through its veins! (And probably Adonis DNA).

    • Tajana Rajčić


  • Jannis Noya Makrigiannis :)

  • Christopher

    I would name it CLAW.

  • Ben C

    Yashicat. Or maybe just Yashi.

  • love the magnet under the paw ! I would call it Ninja Snap !

  • Fishiro, the eye-amese cat-mera

  • Jessica Ho

    If it were mine, I’d call it Clickitycat ;) Hope I can get it and Good Luck to everyone else =D

  • Octavio el Gato!

  • PixelCat Megapuss. -known for both his cat and camera like tendencies this camera climbs into your heart, right after taking a picture of your adorable face. Always a party favorite this camera can work as a great distraction for someone who is camera shy. Get that picture of grumpy Uncle Edner after you make him smile by telling him this cat was recovered from his childhood. Now you’re the star and all those DSLR guys look like jerks.

  • Lorenzo the Lenzo!

  • Andrea Avery

    Baba ‘O Riley

  • i will name it Maneki Neko, it’s a japanese name of the cat that gives good luck, hope it works for me ;)

  • Deuskull

    Caligula is a good name for him !

  • Phil

    I would name it Sir Fuzzy the Destroyer!

  • Marks-a-lot

    How about CaTche like Cache? or just simply Cathrine the CAT CAM Think those would work.. Or “RAAAAAAAAARRE”

  • dessa


  • minc

    kee-kee la’rau…

  • Alex


  • Without a doubt, I would name this precious kitty…. Sampson. [A tribute to Psych/Shawn Spencer]. Also, who *wouldn’t* name a cat Sampson?

    On the unlikely chance that the incredible, beastly, award-winning name “Sampson” doesn’t win, I think this should definitely go to VINSY, who will name the cat Tobias. But only if he promises to name it Tobias Funke`!

    • I should probably also say… I **really**… would love this camera. Amazing inconspicuous way to take pictures of nephews and niece? I think so. Plus he’s just so darn cute….

  • Vicente


    • or! …. Princess Sophia! hahaha

      “talk about shootin a man’s horse!! WHOP!!!”

  • saturday

  • socks

    Kip Eb McCoy.

  • sphinx

  • :o amazing!

    if he were mine he’d be Shinjo Seenthee

  • Emma

    I would call him ‘ George AKA The Golden Rectangle’

  • Mjau!

  • CODY

    The Supreme and Royal Duchess of the Canary Islands, Once Fruitful Land of Birds (though the name was later changed to reflect the island’s ensuing lack of canaries)

  • allison


  • Caroline


  • Hannah Rowsell

    i would call him Fitz-William :)

  • Ian


  • Fish!

  • Sergio


  • Well i see that was unoriginal, but atleast its a popular name

  • Danira

    has to be female name, so lets name it IMAGEN.

  • shane


  • Louise

    I shall call this cat Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is the only right thing to do!

  • Furze

    i will name it “dik dik’s best friend”…

  • This is cute :)

  • abi

    Colonal Whiskers!!!

  • FIFI FOTO is the name of course!

  • jill b


  • i would name this kitten Mehitabel after the feline character in the Don Marquis “archy and mehitabel”—a series of poems and writings.

  • ben

    Its name would be:


    • Maggie

      Oh darn. I didn’t see someone had already come up with that.
      Great minds…

  • Kittu


  • KittyKlick

  • Joanna

    Toshiro because it’s Japanese for ‘clever’ and this cat camera is the most clever camera I have ever seen!

  • Adam Rabb Adam Rabb

    Blinkx The Blob Cat

  • Morten

    Cat Middle TON

  • Deborah


  • Cat’s eye – Katsai

  • Rodrigo

    Ms. Caraxiola

  • rose

    I would probably call him mr. sneeker or mr. utube ;)

  • Tommy

  • Pendleton White.

  • Heidi Rogers

    If people from England are allowed to enter then I would name him Wilpen Fudge – or maybe Prince Willy!

  • Tommy

    Dr. Ocument, KittyCam M.D.

  • Picatsso

  • anete



  • J. Love

    Bubbly Steve, obviously.

  • Sophie

    I would name it Kodak ;-)

  • Rachel Billstein

    because it is not a cat and because i do not like it’s attitude and because it is a small robot playing a cat playing dead, i would call it:

    kittenimpossible or hellonotakitty.

  • I would name this little kitty, SparklePaws.

  • Maggie

    I’ll name it after you, Jeff!

  • Pazuzu!

  • I dub thee… Shooter

  • Angela


  • Boombat

    Abbie :)

  • Margaret

    Camyra le Chat.

    Camera the cat, in French.

  • Aishling

    I would call her *Meeeowwee* the superstar snappy spinsterish… By day she a cool loving pet, one carries around to show off to all their mates… but by night she evolves into a raging snap taking queen! She likes sushi for breakfast and full fat cream in her scooby doo bowl before bedtime…
    Now that’s some feline fantasia…:)

  • looks like a garfield to me. the same unimpressed face

  • anete


  • Grace


  • giorgia

    snoop dog

  • Potato Jones, for sure.

  • Olivia


  • Carielen

    Cornelius Hemingway

  • Eddie Herrera


  • First Name: Rafi
    Sure Name: Zuzu Zaza

  • andré

    i dont get anything here
    really lost

  • wampie

  • Bacon

    I was gonna come up with a clever name but honestly I’d probably end up naming it CHARLES… it looked like a Charles to me.

  • Isabelle Byrne

    magic moggie

  • i would name it Agripino.

  • MCQ

    Ginger Rogers

  • Lan Nguyen


  • emma


  • Emily Moore

    I would name her Petunia Cocoa Bobby Broccoli Kira Knightly Not Sexy Beyonce Penelope.

  • azza

    Useless Invention

  • Taylor


  • nina


  • Monocle! because of his 1 eye.

  • lauren

    prince harry

  • Aduke

    moob. for you. and because my real life human cat has a moob.

  • HARRY PUSSY after my favorite noise band

  • Gabriel

    Ill name him Linus.

  • Maizena

    – Ceci n’est pas un chat

    – PHAT (photo+cat)


    – CATTO (cat+photo)

    – CAT-A-LIKE

  • Tekonja

  • Anthony Angeles





  • Madeleine Le’ bon

    i twas name him Alfonzo Le’ bon

  • G

    Margaret Thatcher

  • Karoline


  • Allison

    Lightenin’ Zeke

  • dan


  • Inês

    Hobbes! :)

  • Rik

    It would have to be “Tomo no Neko”, since I’m in a student group called “Tomo no Kai” (translation: group of friends). We’re all students Japanology at the university of Ghent (in Belgium) and it would be awesome to take pictures of our activities with this cam!

  • Shawn

    Sgt. Pepper

  • I would have to name it after my late kitty, Fluffy Tendermittens. Fluffy Tendermittens was a warrior, and tougher than life!!!!

  • Katie

    Purple Rain

  • Rebecca Rice



  • Jesse

    This would look great in my living room.

  • Trevor Ganske


    This is so cute!

  • Anna

    Captain Kodak ^_^

  • Hobbes the Vigilant!

  • Sharon


  • Amber Banfield

    I would name is Kyndal and cherish it forever

  • Ben Fegradoe

    kitty snap

  • Ben Fegradoe

    Callum Archibald-Tucker

  • Legadema, The life and growth of a eight days old female leopard cub.

  • NATE


  • Lorene


  • I would name it Picaboo and take candid photos at parties ALL the time!

  • Sara

    Bowser! Or Jimmy Tony.

  • Copycat

  • Scott

    Mother Supurrrier

  • florina

    jack the fat

  • Steve French

  • Seth

    Professor Dorito

  • Joseph

    I would name it Gizmo, like the little guy from the Gremlins. Partly because its a little kitten, also because its a complex camera.

  • Amanda


  • I would name her Pussy Galore, no introduction needed..

  • Daniela

    I say it’s a she. Catrina Moonshine. It’s kinda corny and redneck… Oh I don’t know.

  • Joel


  • Casey J.

    I would name him Dean after Dean Moriarty (Kerouac’s On the Road) becuase they both go anywhere with no hesitation! c:

  • Mary-Jane

    Simpkin-cam or some such variation on Simpkin – taken from the Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter. When I was little, all cats were called Simpkin

  • Mephisto Einstein Jenkins III Esq. He’s a sophisticated intellectual with a sense of humor.

  • Mary-Jane

    or chairman meow

  • Tatiana P

    looks like a he to me. I’ll name him Perry.

  • brittany


  • Chakra!

  • Jonathan

    I’d call him Odysseus :)

  • chocolate_bob

    I would name it Gideon, à la Scott Pilgrim.

  • Giulietta

    Peeping Tom

  • Blazac

  • Balzac**

  • Dorthea Fange

  • Jenny

    Harry :)

  • Stacy Ann


  • LIL

    CheSHARE Cat

  • Leon


  • SLOTH! because sloths a pure lazy awesomness!

  • Emily


  • Peter

    Name: Happy Birthday

  • Nick


  • Eddy

    Columbo – they both have a glass eye, not to mention that he looks like he is turning around to say “just one more thing”

  • BarB


  • Katrina


  • leicat

  • Veronica

    Chairman Meow

  • Wenye

    Maru :3

  • Speedy Ceviche :)

  • Rufino

  • malisa


  • Michelle Fleming

    Beef Wellington Jr.

  • Anna

    hands down,


  • mei-lee

    lola and she would be my LOLcat

  • Stephanie


  • eric

    chun li

  • Alpenglow

  • lincoln log

  • I would call it Stu. After Stu Pickles from rugrats

  • Sarah

    Mew 3.

  • Sarah


  • JJ

    I would name it Gnocchi!

  • constanza

    I’d call it “abuelo” which means grandpa in spanish (I’m chilean), because his expression is identical to his.

  • Jimmy

    Clickitycat! :D

  • streykatt (of course)

  • erica mao


  • Sir pantybottoms!

  • salva

    A camera that works with tuna instead of batteries. Tunashot
    Pixeltuna. Supertuna. Tuna Lens… everything works adding tuna on it ;v

  • Jamma Jam

    I would name it Big Boobies. (@)(@)

    Symbol would def. be included in the name.

  • Amanda

    Special Agent Spike Anderson

  • Andrew


  • Chelsea

    Dr. ManCATtan

  • Rachael Heller

    Petit Minnou, which means little kitty in French!

    May I also mention that today is my birthday? Check my facebook if you don’t believe me >:3

  • La Feline Nikita

  • Seb


  • Benjamin R.


  • I’m going to name it Beyonce. Beyonce the Cat!

  • alison

    Yulia, after m own cat.

  • Mister Miffles the third

  • Diane


  • Conor



    MR. LURKER!!

  • Chris

    Slippery-G (maybe it’s short for Slippery George), or just Slippery. For some reason my Dad calls me that from time to time…he’s a funny guy.

  • Emma

    dear god i want this so bad

    I would name it Hobbes, after my favorite comic book character. Besides, every kitty’s got a little tiger in them, no?

  • Cerin

    John Meowkovich

  • stephen

    Mr. Windows

  • ryan



    I would name her CHARLIE PARTIE!

  • Nicola

    Peeping Tomcat

  • Hannah

    Frances “Cactus Legs” Derrida

  • kj

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  • John Dumalig

    Tony The Tiger

  • C.C. See-eighty

  • Craig Paterson

    Digicat or Catmera! Or Dangerous Andrew.

  • nino

    genghis cat.

  • Zoe

    my secret peeper

  • Buster

    Professor Catculus

  • Thenicestthingiown…all one word

  • Martine

    Cat Duffy, “roll-film destroyer”.

  • chechelia


  • Kuna

    Eye Wide Shut!

  • Tako

    kaminari neko!

    Thunder, thunder, thunder cats hoooooo

  • Connie

    Grillmarks Greg

  • But seriously I would name it Meow Ray.
    And take next generation avant-garde photos.

  • Cary Smith

    Ooooh! I would totally give this to my girlfriend, she loooves photography AND cats!

  • ross

    Tom Jones

  • dog

  • Thy name shall be Bubastis (as the ancient egyptian cat cult, you know)

  • it looks like a Zaphod

  • RIUN

    Chihuahua mittens!

  • ayla

    Booooooomski the Cat!!

  • lainey

    Skittie scat scat. Scat the cat. doowop dee doo. :)

  • tess

    i have a knack for calling cats Zip, every single one of them!

  • I would name it Grecha (:

  • Cringer, but sometimes Battle Cat.

  • i would call him ALLAN
    boy he seems to have a ‘flashy’ tail, true??

  • Kelly

    I would call her T.C.C. short for The Camera Cat and a nod to my childhood dog T.C. (which stood for Toledo Chase and is a bit more difficult to explain).

  • I would call it …Ernst.
    Associations to “serious” in, well yeah, german – and all cool artist have a dork name!

  • caroline

    pucifer :3

  • Ryan

    GEKO (like neko and gecko)

  • Nelson

    I want it ^^

  • Dimitri

  • it´s alexander the supercat coming from a planet far away in another galaxy. well camouflaged as a cat and usually a disgusting alien. Alexander has the mission to bring back informations about us humans…what explains this intelligent costume!

  • Felix =)

  • Valentin


  • sophie


  • Hehe_monkey

    Mr. Meow

  • Anna

    Pussy Galore.

  • LOLA

  • Gerardo


  • joy

    wingwong the second.
    (wingwong the first is sat upon the sofa bathing in the sun right now. and purring.)
    wingwong the second can take lots of cute pics of wingwong the first!

    • Joy

      HI Joy !

  • ste

    Schnappi van Meow

  • Joy

    Call it the… “Sneaky-kitty-cam”

  • Mechu


  • Sir Jeff Longcat

  • Hellen

    snapcat would be a good name !

  • Carmelo

  • una


  • Becca


  • Clickitty :}

  • George

    I’d call him Purrrrcy Shaw

    (Percy Shaw invented the Cat’s Eyes road-reflector things. FACT!)

  • cansu pelin isbilen

    maurizio (from Wunspuch)

  • Clara


  • Larry

  • Kit

    Behemoth :)
    so he can cause mischief like in the Master and Margarita

  • Adriana


    The kitty is so cute!

  • The more I look at the cat, the more I love it. I’m doomed.

    I could also name it copycat, but he is so unique.

  • Ana

    Me, me, me! Is it too late?

    Me, me, me :)

  • oooo cat power? Cat Stevens? Kitty Purry?

    I’m always remembering new stuff.
    I think the cat will have multiple personalities.

  • bp

    DÖG (pronounced duug)

    because its nonsensical!

  • Klaara


  • faith callaway

    FRANK SEVERINE P.I. (he’s a private investigator) yup.


    Joey Morris.


    a)Joseph(joey) Nicephore Niepce. the man who invented the principle of making photos.

    b)Morris. the Purina’s spokes-cat.

  • ruda

    i would name him “laika”after the first dog in space…irony is bitter sweet(and i would use it to spy on my roommate, hes not to be trusted)he needs to be spied upon

  • Claudius Catsimus

  • I would name him Gilbert.

  • sinny


  • Audun



  • Chloe

    WINNER: caTmera

    get it…. CAT + CAMERA = caTmera


  • Erick C


  • Bea

    Fisken (Which means “the fish” in swedish)

  • Rhonda

    Meow Pix

  • lasagne. and this isn’t a garfield reference. i found a stray cat, named it lasagne, fell in love, and then his owner came out and i had to give him back.

  • Akira the spying ninja cat!

  • Els

  • I would call him Wally!

  • Mr. pickle

  • Quark

  • Shea Kennedy

    Señor Pussy Kat McKool.

  • Chris

    Mr. Snappy

  • Mr. Sardine.

  • ame


  • Christopher Crayons

    Meow Zedong

  • Leanne


  • “Mattie”, after Sekhmet, which was one egypitian Cat Goddess.

    The cool thing for a camera to be named after Sekhmet is that she was also called “The eye of Ra”. In other words, she is the eye of the king of gods Ra, a.k.a. the Sun, who represented light, warmth and growth.

    Just like photography. Just like art.

  • Annika

    want want want!
    I’d name it Riff.

  • Austin

    I will name him Fido and he will be mine.

  • Silvio

    Lamanka Spankdanka.
    It’s a nice little name I made up for a nice little kitty I’m gonna win.

  • ryuheihotoke

    i would name him booooooom, yes after you ;)

  • Jon


  • ryuheihotoke

    oh i see that is taken, what a shame :O
    i will now name him “crouching tiger” so i can then be “hidden dragon” and me and my feline companion can play hide and seek on my days off and we will be friends forever!

  • ねこバス, Nekobasu!

  • Woofykins

  • BOB

    “Rosalinde 2” i thought a lot but thats the only name, which fits to this cat

  • Kimi

    Schmoofers, same as my real cat’s middle name

  • Madeline


  • FireFireFire

    Sir Pouncealot

    • Rachael Heller

      i. love this one.

  • max

    need kitty

  • Dean

    I would name it Lars after the artist Lisa Larson

  • gorden


  • Paul


  • Tessa


  • Tessa

    diego the mexicannn kitty

  • Alex

    I would name him Percival Duffins!

  • I’d name her Metovenia, after my aunt who loves cats!

  • I’d love to name one Digit. Always wanted another cat!

  • cory


  • Jean-Luc Gallic

    I’d name it Captain Clobbersauce… he looks like a Captain Clobbersauce to me.


    Short for: Surprise I’m a Necono, not a cat!!!!! – in cat language

  • Ann

    Tiger IV. Every cat I’ve ever had has been named Tiger, I’m not stopping now.

  • Soph

    I’d name him either Alley-Oop after my great-grandparents’ cat, or Neck-Sucker, after my neighbours cat (he sucked necks and was therefor named Neck-Sucker).

  • n i c o r a a


  • nikki

    Puss N’ Shoots.

    (see what i did there, boots/shoots….yup).

  • Georgia

    DOUG! it’s the name my 6 year old brother gave to his friend flower he picked/obsessed over last week!!

  • Peter

    Cat Middleton

  • donut

    Latino Pete !

  • totoro,just because the cat-bus had no name…

  • Antonia

    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, or simply Henri. I guess…because he has short legs, and a good eye for the visually pleasing.

  • elliot

    popcorn moon pie.

  • Håvard


  • Scorsese, after my own cat and of course the director.

  • Beto


  • carlton


  • iliana cavazos


  • jaycie

    mr. belvedere

  • diana

    id called him monsieur oeil-de-chat… =^i^= <3<3<3

  • josh

    Ken Burns


  • Cumberdale! or Humperdinck!

  • Ill Nya Nya, courtesy of Miss Foxy Brown.

  • bumblegutticus

  • Erickat

  • moni

    °i adore CATS

    °i love PHOTOGRAPHY

    both combined: “muschi [mu:∫i], my provoCATive CLICKmaker”

  • I will name him Nikku!

  • Kamineko!

  • Evaldas

    I would name it – MEOOOOOOOW !

  • anna


  • gato

  • Arthur


  • v

    Boris! After the dragon in the children’s book Elmer and the Dragon. http://goo.gl/DS2zN

  • difa

    lestat (vampire like!)
    uzzam (my nephew’s name/ lion in jewish)
    ned cat (necono digital)
    diffy (sounds like mine)

  • pockat pictake
    pocket cat pic taker

  • Carielen

    Benicio del Gato

  • My Lord


  • I was going to say Neko, like the Neko Bus, but then I saw it had alrady been said. So if I don’t win it, I hope the one who said Neco will :)

    Guess I’ll call it Shiva then.

  • Kayla

    Zipang the Imaginator



  • i’d name it ‘tigerjoy’

  • Michellejoy

    Sir Ian McStinkles

  • Pussy Galore!

  • Liana


  • Jennifer

    Sneaky Pete!

  • Erik

    i will call it harry kim

  • “Elio”.

    Like my cat. :)

  • Bramblepelt!

    • Rachael Heller

      is that from warriors? the book series? :O!!!

  • Katida, for it means “kittenish” in Esperanto.

  • I’d name it Murray! :)

  • Señor Don Gato – after the kid’s song “Oh Señor Don Gato was a cat. On a high red roof Don Gato sat. He went there to read a letter . . . “

  • Kat

    jingle jangle you cat tail haggle

  • SQuishy bum

  • She’d be Sweet Shots the Catmera. She’d live in my pocket. I’d feed her emoticon sardines <

  • Tim

    I would it after my cat and her namesake, Lilu from the Sixth Sense!

  • miggie

    Babushka Kitty!

  • I’d name it Catperture.

  • Eliana

    I’d name him Ziggy Stardust. Look at those stripes!

  • Ling

    I would name it Frederico!!

  • Booooooomcat

  • zest! the orange stripes are too cute

  • Gabor


  • abt

    Fitty (as in …cent and …thousandfans)

  • definitely “JOSE”.

  • Baldo

    I’d name it Chanchito, in honor of little Chancho in Nacho Libre.

    “It was my mom’s lucky machete, you can have it.”

  • MKH

    swizzle stick

  • Alexandra


    • that was the name of the firt cat I ever had…awwww

  • joao


  • Natalie

    fluffpie stinkywink

  • * orange

  • Amber

    Meeko McCafferty, of course!

  • King Arfur

  • lapetitefaon

    ha, whaaaat this is adorable, I would give it the same name my 50 something year old mother named her pet cat: Rick James

  • le tigre

  • Hannah

    Puss #2

  • wendy

    I’d call him Ziggy.

  • ann

    Wow, this is the most fierce cat I’ve ever seen, let’s say we call him, Press Hilton!

  • owen

    6 PAC

  • lucy

    ginger ninja!

  • lucy

    or Biggles

  • Sam

    That thing is adorable, although I couldn’t bear to keep it for myself so I would give it to my sister who’s having a rough time transistioning throughout college life.
    I feel as though she might name it after our deceased cat “Houdini”, because it looks similar to him.
    Although, I feel as though she might lean on naming him something in Chinese. She has a good way with names.

  • Simon

    Alan Fletcher the Unbelievable Mouse Catcher, Extraordinare!

  • mr. boo !


  • verilitle

    I’d call him Little Kitty Cat !


    Behemot <3

  • David Lam

    Tabby Shutter Eyes Surprise

  • David Lam

    or The Ginger Rolleiflex

  • VIV


  • David Lam

    The Tangerine Meow Meow Cam

  • Gia

    The mini CATalyst

  • barb mcquoid

    I would call it


  • David Clarke

    I wouldn’t name it, I would let it name itself. I would have it read through a book of baby names and take a picture of whichever name it feels most connected to.

  • jordan

    Razzo (like paparazzo) or maybe just Papa

  • Pebble


  • brad

    sebastien or sebastian

    I’m a bit unsure….

  • Elaine

    Kasper (That is the name of my current cat but this cameria would be like junior.) :)

  • aLM

    i would name him Nuňez

  • Stephen


  • Amanda

    Lord Tubbington.

  • Lilith


    Don Rosso Corleone!

  • Lilith

    7 Jahre Apparat

    Don Rosso Corleone

  • missmilki

    I’d call him Louis Daguerre. Most of the time he’s a no nonsense Louis but when he’s out partying on the weekend his nickname is Dags.

  • Jackson

    Sidney, after the cat i’d give the camera to, aka. Skid, Skiddles, Skidmagic, Skuddles, Suddles, Sudknee.. there’s more, but i’ll stop.. he’s one hell of a cat, dudes got skills – plus he’s a ginge too.

  • oh this kitty is definitely a ‘cheeto’…you can see he got into the bag again by his orange stripes, that sneaky little feline.

  • nadila


  • nadila


  • Vivian

    I would call it The Orange Zebra!

  • Rita Cimino


  • ZoomCat

  • Joshua

    Ze Kreepy Kat

  • Stephanie

    I’d name him Neko, which is “cat” in Japanese.


    Mister Oswald. (Please?!)

  • I would name her 磁気ダーリン (Jiki dārin), that means “Margnetic Darling” :D

    Hope you like my name!


    • whoops, I meant “Magnetic Darling” ;D

  • Walter

    Darth Sidious

  • Ellen

    cefa = cefa cat = C for Cat

  • dingding

    i will name it “wow!!”
    coz i guess everyone saw it will say “WOW!!!” to it~:)

  • MMM


  • Margaret

    I would name is CreeperCat (since it would be sitting there staring at me a lot), and I would love it dearly!

  • Hiro! After my cat, cause it looks like him…:)

    • But despite Hiro Tiger Lily is the right name for that kitty…don U think?

  • Steph Gabel

    If I received this camera I would name him “Rusty Clicker” or “Rusty Ralph”. This camera is so cute. I have never viewed such a creative camera.

    Plus I could ask people if they would like to see my cat take pictures.
    Thanks for the oppurtunity Jeff and Necono.

  • Chris

    Verlander! justin case

  • What an adorable camera! I’d name her Louise.

  • James


  • Ari

    Chester Lester

  • Chewbacca.

  • Rachell


  • Jacques….because the cat likes French pastries and electronic music.

  • Karli

    Baby Boom.


  • Kelaine

    I would name her Bonanza Jellybean.

    Because all cats have first and last names and should be named after literary figures.

  • Guillaume


    is what I would name it.


  • Folly. The same as my actual cat.

  • Jeff Goldblum.

    It’s got that look about him.

  • Thank you for all your responses – the winner is:

    SAORI – congratulations you have won the Necono camera!

    Stay tuned for more giveaways!!!!!

  • Igor Pismensky

    I know this not a Siamese cat but I would name it after my late cat who was called “Siamese Van Der Rohe” ……. Miss ya Si


    Thanks for such a cool offer!

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