29.06.11 by Jeff

Josh Holinaty / Interview

Say hello to Josh Holinaty! He is one of the four Canadian artists who created work for our “Afterlife” project with Poketo. I am also giving away one of his wallets, details at the bottom!



Josh Holinaty artist interview

I think I could live in Edmonton if summer lasted from January until December, how do you like living there?

It’s great, really. Aside from the long winter, out summer is incredibly beautiful. The river valley, the music fests, etc. Also, there is an incredible arts scene here that is hyper embracing. Everyone – from art, music, burlesque, film – just hangs out all the time. Everyone is always in a state of collaboration in a very DIY sense. There’s a stigma that Edmonton has ‘no scene’ because it doesn’t have a full on art college or something like that. But in the end it only drives people really hard to want to do their own thing – and the results are obvious. Zines. Garage rock. Public Art. In the past few years there’s been a serious blossoming in this town.

Josh Holinaty artist interview

Are you gonna do more large work like that mural with Luke Ramsey?

Working with Luke was a blast – probably one of the most fun months ever. That was sort of a surprise project that came upon the both of us. We never expected the grant to go through. But now that the mural is over, I’d love to take something on with him again. Nothing planned yet, but we’ve talked about what would be fun to do in the future. Here’s hoping something happens!

Did you read a lot of comics growing up?

I seem to get this question a lot, and surprisingly, no. Never been a fan of superhero shit – it’s too fake. If anything, I read comics more once I grew up. Things like R. Crumb, and  Chester Brown and Chris Ware. Growing up I was all about video games. Shelves filled with Nintendo Power and Gamepro magazines. I’m such a dork for that stuff – to the point that I donate illustrations to Killscreendaily, a rather scholarly video game website that I frequent.

Josh Holinaty artist interview

When I was younger I would always try to draw Fido Dido (the 7-Up character) was there one thing like that for you?

Fido Dido was one bad ass looking dude. When I was really young, I would try to render Orcs from Warcraft like crazy (sidetone: never played World of Warcraft, that would probably take me over). Oh, and I’m probably not alone in saying this, but trying to draw the Ninja Turtles when I was young probably took up more time in my youth than necessary.

I used to play Warcraft II on a 28.8 dial-up modem! Technology has advanced a lot since then, have you ever tried drawing on computer with one of those Wacom tablets? Or are you opposed to that sort of thing?

Nice! I used to play that game all the time back when it came out.

I have a nice Wacom tablet that I always use – but only for colouring and minor touch ups. All my stuff is first made with good old ink on good old paper with good old shitty brushes. I have nothing against the using of new technology, I use it all the time. And frankly, I’m actually a gadgety, tech-stoked sort of guy. Genevieve has one of those iPads and it’s fun to draw on that thing using the Brushes app.

Josh Holinaty artist interview

Can you talk a little bit about your thought process making the artwork for this wallet?

When it comes to making open ended art pieces, the thought process is more about dealing with the work as it’s getting made. I treat most of my open ended work like I would treat a painted canvas: with no game plan. I like to work from the gut and just start making something, and figuring it out as I’m making it. The only time I don’t do that is usually with illustration work where there is a specific idea I have to work for (or against). Though now and then I get a jobs that are about just ‘freestyling’ it – like music posters.

Would you consider yourself a spiritual person?

I’m in no way religious – I’m pretty much against the mass warping of brains. With that said, I still think there is an inherent beauty in life, and yeah, I would consider myself somewhat spiritual. You know, things go through cycles, we all die, energy gets reused by having worms and bacteria eat our corpses. Trees grow out of that. Etc. That’s pretty much the extent of my spirituality. Walk through any lush forest and I’m sure we’d all agree.

Josh Holinaty artist interview

What song will play in the end credits of the movie version of your life?

Damn. Toughest question yet. A few choices, depending on wether the movie is a action/thriller, drama or comedy: “Fear Cave” by Bison, or the original cut of “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats or “My Balogna” by Weird Al.

Maybe we can end this interview with a quote you like?

“That’ll do pig. That’ll do.” -The farmer from Babe.

Josh Holinaty artist interview

To see more of Josh’s work, head over here.

To see the entire Poketo x Booooooom “Afterlife” series go here.

Now I’m gonna give away one of Josh’s wallets! If you’d like to win it leave a comment below with an encouraging message to Josh! I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Kristy

    Great work Josh. Love your answer on spirituality and the loop of life.

  • love this. my mother is canadian, pick me!

  • Love your wallet design, and love your style. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see what you do next. Cheers.

  • Rob

    Duuuude, this work is awesome. It makes me want to get shitfaced and make out with someone I don’t know.

  • These drawings make me want to put on some thrash metal and play videogames until I choke on cheetoh dust. Keep it up!

  • These pieces of art are amazing! They are so unique and are truly inspiring to artists and designers, I cannot wait to check out your site to flag more inspirational images for myself and others to use, keep up the great work I look forward to it!

  • I like your stuff. It definitely transports you to a place and time where you may or may not want to be. In a good way.

  • I love your work. Keep it up. Not everyone is this tallented :) Smile and be happy you have something you are really good at. Some of us are just ordinary. you are extraordinary. Cheers!

  • me & josh are the same person. wow. and thanks for killscreendaily. i shall proceed to browse it now.

  • i like the fact that you have somewhat embraced new technology for touchups in you art.
    i’ve found myself doing the same thing sometimes because of the familiarity.
    after work i try to stay as far from a computer screen as possible and pick up something that will give me some other sort of carpal tunnel.

    good work!

  • These are too fun! Love it!

  • Lucas

    keep it up bro

  • Vérénice

    Hey Josh, your work is wonderful. I really love how detailed and colourful your pictures are. Especially the crazy, chaotic pieces are great! :)

  • Jesse Weinberg

    Josh Great stuff… and a huge bonus that you are against the mass warping of brains!!

  • Mustering my most encouraging message…

    Lions didn’t become the kings of the jungle by sulking! C’mon buddy! Be a king!

  • That’ll do Josh, That’ll do. :)

  • Brendan Kendrick


    When I saw that you where one of the artists working on the ” afterlife” project I freaked out alittle. Boooooooom.com is a website that has given me endless amount of inspiration, and motivation through the artists they present and I’m glad to say that Josh Holinaty, and his Beautiful artwork has inspired me to think out side the box. Josh’s artwork is completely original and is something new. I love it.

    Keep on keeping on

  • Marc

    Your work is sorta creepy, but in a good way!!

  • Why, and how, are you drawing what is in my head?

    Though I’m rather creeped out, I think your stuff is great.

    Thanks Booooooom for sharing, and Josh for creating.

  • Great work Josh, I love maple syrup but it’s really expensive in the UK and the only ingredient listed on the jar is ‘maple syrup’. I am therefore going to have to import a maple tree and start a syrup and skateboard making factory. Your artwork has inspired this! Thanks

  • Valentina

    Love the artwork. Glad to see such wonderful work coming from ‘working from the gut’. I work the same way (and have been advised against it.. ) and I only hope to come up with something as fantastic as these. Un-planned processes are full of surprises!

  • Keep up the good work!

  • Your art is super rad! I love your clean/smooth lines– they’re so crisp and detailed and your style is so unique! You are scary-good at art, just continue to do what you do so the world doesn’t miss out on your awesomeness; you seem to have a groovy thing going.

    Best of luck to you! :)

  • Erin

    I love your work, they would make killer tattoos. Awesome job!

  • Marcel

    Hey Josh,
    you seem like the perfect person for your line of work. Doing art, you express yourself, and I must admit from the interview and your art in general you seem like a really nice guy to me: Open-minded, probably a huge SNES-fan (which is always a good a sign I think), encouraging people with your art, spreading inspiration and doing the things you think are right.
    Keep up with that attitude and that life-style. You probably earned it in a lot of ways.
    Warm regards,

  • Jacob

    Your art is super visceral, I really like it.
    Keep up the excellent work c:

  • Walter

    Josh, your work is way good and really unique. I cant wait to see more of it in the future. Way to go!

  • Tracy

    Awesome work. It’s kind of like Garbage Pail Kids for adults. I LOVED the Garbage Pail kids.

  • GRRY

    “That’ll do Josh. That’ll do.”
    – (hopefully)
    The walletless one from Belgium.

  • Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake…. looks like you are wide awake! Keep on living out your dreams :)

  • Ariela R

    Not only does your work show true creativity (which is a hard thing to achieve already), but it reflects a perfect mixture between reality and fantasy. The fact that you are able to create a new world through your art, further proves the genius of your work. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah


  • Spoony

    Josh, Your work is like a falcon punch to the brain.

  • Josh Your work is the stuff dreams are made of. I see you work and it makes me want to work harder. Art is life and life is Art and you have a hold of something very special.

  • hahahaha oh man!
    love your characters eyes. too funny! the exaggerated discombobulated limbs of the characters are just as good too.

    Look having illustrations that make me laugh. great stuff man!

    • in the last one. the guy in the top right hand corner. priceless!

  • WASS

    Josh! I remember I spotted you once at the SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee station in Cow Town. You are so cool.

  • Shea Kennedy

    I love that you didn’t hold back on the details. I found my self pretty absorbed in some of your pieces just so I could take it all in.

  • Josh is such a boss, can’t wait to see what other murals he gets to do one day!

  • Kate

    josh, I think you’re hot. call me: 978 495 6215

  • Avery

    Hey Breh – lovin the work, hope to see you do well, especially would like to see another mural!

  • Holden

    The art got me, but the final quote sealed the deal on my love for this dude. His work rules.

  • Great interview! Hey Josh! I’m from Edmonton originally and moved to Halifax 2 years ago. I remember coming across your mural while going for a run while home last summer and being totally stunned. I also admired your piece in the National Portrait Gallery Exhibition which was showing when I was working at Latitude 53! Small world. Your work is glorious. Maybe I’ll see you at one of Latitude’s patio nights later in summer ;) Rock on.

  • brittany

    this canadian loves your art :) it’s like crumb mixed with where’s waldo and.. something else entirely

  • Chloe

    Rock on Josh! Love that you’re a Ware fan, and quite the view on life.

  • Love your work, Josh! Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement for Josh –

    Annalise you’ve snagged yourself one of Josh’s wallets, check your inbox!

    Stay tuned for the Howie Tsui giveaway and also the unveiling of our “Before Life” wallet finalists!

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