13.07.11 by Jeff

Ryan Mrozowski

“Disappearing Act I” by artist Ryan Mrozowski. 7 stacked baseball cards with each of the players removed.

Artist Ryan Mrozowski

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.christophergideon.com Christopher Gideon
    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      wow your work is great chris

      • http://www.christophergideon.com Christopher Gideon

        Thanks, Jeff. Love the blog.

  • http://mariafulmer.com Maria

    Very interesting visual effect!

  • http://studdedblog.wordpress.com Nedda

    That..actually looks really cool!
    p.s. your blog is awesome *_*


  • http://www.boholoft.com Ken Moorhead

    Very cool! I’d be interested to see this deconstructed, each card individually and then the layering.

    Also, Ryan’s Illuminated pages at http://www.ryanmrozowski.com/ are *incredible*. I fell in love immediately.

30.11.15 by Jeff

#TheCreatorClass x Canon Presents: #SHOOTITYOURSELF


#SHOOTITYOURSELF, a new video series by #TheCreatorClass and Canon, features talented visual storytellers sharing some insights into how they create their signature images. In this episode, former DJ, Maria Jose Govea (@thesupermaniak) photographs a dancer.

Watch the video below!

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30.11.15 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Esthera Preda


Works by Montreal-based illustrator Esthera Preda. More images below.

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30.11.15 by Staff

Amazing Collaborative Drawing Performance Between Human Artist and Robot Arm


“Drawing Operations” is an ongoing collaboration between New York-based artist Sougwen Chung and a robotic arm called Drawing Operations Unit: Generation 1, (D.O.U.G._1). Together the two draw in synchronized performance, with D.O.U.G. mimicking Chung’s movements in real time using a ceiling-mounted camera and computer vision. The arm was designed in collaboration with developer Yotam Mann.

Watch the beautiful video below!

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30.11.15 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Harriet Lee-Merrion


A selection of works by Bristol-based illustrator Harriet Lee-Merrion. More images below.

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30.11.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: Isolaa “Heartless”


One of the freshest styles I’ve seen in awhile! Love this animation by Arnaud Laffond for Isolaa’s song “Heartless”. Watch the video below.

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