29.07.11 by Jeff

Be A Manwolf Today

Oh! My! Gaad!!! This is awesome. If you were one of the fortunate few to see Machotaildrop (even if you haven’t) you will love this. “Be A Manwolf Today”, created by my friend Corey Adams and Alex Craig.

Be A Manwolf Today - es footwear by corey adams and alex craig

Watch the film below!

Starring: John J Mackie, John Rattray, Rick McCrank


manwolfs es shoes

I just spoke with my friends at Timebomb (join their page they’re always doing cool stuff) – they’re hookin up a pair of the Manwolfs shoes by eS footwear, so if you want ’em tell me the name of your skateboarding gang in the comments below! (North American residents please!)

I’ll pick a winner next Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Royal

    Manwolfs, obviously!

  • My old skateboarding crew was called ‘The Typhoid Marys’ …Love them ManWolves!

  • Amanda

    Mrs Robinson’s Tan Lines

  • stephen

    The my dick is longer than my board gang.

    Oh my ghawd I want those shoose. . .

  • Walter

    Voodoo Roll

  • the beerics

  • the sun gods

  • Wiggy

    back when we were like 14 it was called ‘Four Set’
    definitely showed our level of ambition haha.

    SICK video. makes me miss skateboarding big time.

  • harlan

    mediocre skates. oh the middle school days

  • The Upper Deck’rs -tys

  • Lame-wads

  • Curt

    President – The TEARORS!
    Man Wolfs=Savage

  • bethany


  • Bones & Hooks

  • CAL

    Yakuza Jacuzzi

  • DMK

    wings & waffels

  • Kazak

    Hounds of Space

  • Jay

    The Sea Cucumbers

  • Dennis Yuck

    the eenie meenie miney mo’s

  • Evan

    Banana Split

  • mattttttt

    The Crail Snails

  • J

    The Casanovas

  • Kacper

    Kashpaz AKA Crazy Sitar and The Black Dots

  • Tom Tate

    The “PGSC” (The Portly Gentlemen’s Skateboard Club)

  • Big Jim and the muppet posse.

  • Candi, Cherri and the Meatballs

  • odey+bebe

  • The Back Road Tramps

  • Erica Mao

    The Electric Otters

  • Adrian

    Assistant Principals

  • Meat. Meet. Mate…The “beau monde brawlaz”

  • ron

    street falcons

  • : ]

    rusty spoons.

  • Karla

    The Demonious Dudettes

  • Eric

    The Kill Flips

  • RCatch

    squirrel scouts.

  • Katie

    the white rabbits

  • Mark Bandemer

    We call ourselves the “Big Bear Crew”


  • Shea[DPH]


    Me and my best friends, who were also my roommates, would all throw on our leathers and our denim vests and shred around our little suburban neighborhood scaring the shit out of its residents. We all skated and rode bikes together. It was a rad group of dudes.

    Slice it! Dice it! I don’t give a fuck!

  • Pierre Leck

    Les super rockets

  • plus

    homie g. dog riders

  • MAX

    “Congratulations, its a manwolf.”

  • Cheyne

    we are S.T.D.!
    skating till death!

  • J.P.

    fishy fish and the meaty meats.

  • Patrick

    Butt Wheels

  • Brian


  • Oreka

    back in ’09…”LOW Abyss”

  • alessia


  • Jamie

    It would be called ‘Switch-stance Romance’

  • ‘the black poon-tahs’

    to not just say ‘mac meda destruction company’

    then again i don’t live in america so never mind

  • Jared

    Beast Brigade. Members in OH and FL!

  • Ben Bauer

    The Astro Zombies, spreading terror across the back-alleys of the local hood!

  • Ben Bauer

    Actually, nix to the Astro Zombies. Metrosexual Messiah’s is where it’s at!

  • Patrick M

    The “Dun Diddits”

  • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

    She Serpents

  • I always want to participate on the boooo…m giveaways but i’m not north american… i’m from Chile :(

  • Mike watson

    The Lone Wolfs

  • Jeff

    Ya Damn Hooligans

  • Gonzo

    Creatures Of The Loin

  • ! LODGE BOYZ !

    built grandpa’s
    skate grandpa’s
    own grandpa’s
    la selva beach, california


  • Grizzly


    A gang of Girl Gorillas running ape shit through the city.

  • David

    Shwag Shquad

  • jeremy

    The Poser Disposers!


  • Kym

    MBC is our crew outta Langley B.C
    hope thats enough info to win me sum kool ass shoes ;)

  • The silver tongued Lothrios

  • The Silver Tongued Lotharios


  • three-piece tornado’s
    polyurethane dike tagging on days that end with “y”

  • Big Al

    Dad Party

  • Scott

    YSC!!! Yuma Street Crew! Represent!

  • jeremy diamond

    breakfast or scumlords

  • Willy

    Mayonnaise Mouths. (i was aka whilly white shoes)

  • The Godless Children of the Demonbear.

  • Jack

    the brigand brigade

  • Philip

    The Lay-Z Boys

  • Craig Dick

    Mourning Brides

  • The Yellows

  • Ryan A.

    i am a one man skate gang
    a one man wolf pack

    i am ryan, destroyer of worlds.

    i want those shoes
    nothing will get in my way.

  • Refrigerator Booty

  • ▲ team supreme ▲

  • damn that is a bomb ass patch

  • Dylan Danger Batty

    sydney city bomb squad

  • 0_0 Wou

  • fritz


  • baronvonjon

    The Clit Crunchers

  • The Zit Tits

  • The Blumpkins

  • The TN Whiskey Tampons

  • eric


  • Jesse

    ‘Heck Yes’

  • Tatiana

    So Gone gang

  • been a few over the years

    Elementary School was SOC (gotta be an OG to know whats up there)
    Middle School was LOS RATONES (dirty pubed out teens)
    High School was till near present was DTC (DESTINED TO CHILL, DREAD THAT CUNT)

    and present day is the almight AIDS CREW (gotta go through the ropes and come up through HIV crew to get into the heavy weight full Blown AIDS ward).

    skate or die, skate or chill. skate skate die.

  • software

    Midwest Lot Raptors

  • EFF

    or the middle class white kids


  • johny

    aids crew

  • Brendan


  • Ben C

    Pistol Shrimps

  • Capitol

  • fer

    jbk juiceboxkrew

  • The Negative Nancies

  • King Kong Banana Dicks

  • Karl


  • Jay

    Hey, its Jay from the Pavement Princesses out of
    Portland, OR. Some of us just made it on t.v. for
    skating the World Naked Bike Ride; over 10,000 people!


  • Gangosos, is bilingual. “osos” means bears in spanish & “gangosos” are people with difficulties to speak.

  • Badgers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gnarly Thrash Skull Dogs

  • Zach Perkins

    My crew goes by the “camel cakes” which is also a variable purpose slang term we use

  • Wes McBride

    121 Crew / Ashland, Ohio

  • mattyrapps

    the anal mulligans

  • John

    The be-rads

  • Tofubandits!

  • jesus

    Z.D.K. Zombie Docking Krew ! We party

  • jesse

    Santa muerte- booze cruisin hooligans

  • jesus

    Z.D.K. Zombie Docking Krew.

  • Dustin

    The Must Haves!!!

  • 8mismo

    The image conscious fashion twats who can’t really skateboard very well.


    Dying for some Man Wolfs action…

  • MY GANG:


  • philipbjorklund


  • Constantin K

    los zapatos !

  • ben

    the rottens

  • “ill behavior” is the name!
    just me and 2 other friends.

    bitchin shoes

  • William Stewart

    Golden Soldiers

  • Proud Narwhals

  • Narwhals Fuck Unicorns (no homo)


    Steak Knives!!!

    BBQ/SKATE GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the name of our crew is : jamie dos santos

  • Bill Murray Bombers

  • RyanF

    The name of my skate gang is Mainstream Mothra Moguls

  • Dylan Danger Batty
  • Jason

    The Sweat Jets

  • Ben


  • crooked arrow

  • Jed Kemsley

    our skate team was called team H.A.S.H. which stood for something awesome that i can’t remember…my brother even put out a H.A.S.H.’zine each month with black & white pics of us going off launch ramps, skating, etc.. this was back before Kinkos when everything had to be snuck into someones office with a xerox machine…we even had those shitty paper stickers made up that come off when they get wet!

    • Jed Kemsley

      awesome crew!

      • Jed Kemsley

        i meant TEAM H.A.S.H. was an awesome crew!

  • CB

    The Harlequin Babies

  • Lamb Thirst !

  • Regie

    Los Loco Pescaderos

  • Nambo


  • lisa

    pylon thieves

  • Grant

    P.o.W Pack of wolves

  • steve perrine


  • Baron von Tito

    golf wang

  • Shea Kennedy

    Tequila Mockingbirds

  • M72

    3 guys one girl gang.
    those kicks are awesome.

  • Kat

    primordial goop

  • Jay

    My skateboard clan is called the Ol Dirty Bastards of skanksville

  • Bahola

    The Slicks

  • John Dumalig


    The deliberate destruction of religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives. It is a frequent component of major political or religious changes. The term encompasses the more specific destruction of images of a ruler after his death or overthrow


  • ooof

    the shred bundy show

  • Richard

    the fish lovers of dahmer or FLD

  • Les super rockets (montréal)

  • Turtle Backpack.

  • Electric Citizens League of Awesome

  • gnar-walls

  • Seth

    Straight up, “Wood Wurkin’ Wurms”

  • pattyo

    “123 mike tyson”

  • trish

    TEAM A-wall

  • the name of our crew is “The Wonky Wolf Kult ’89” no joke.


  • stupidfuckinghorse

  • Brent

    Frugo and the Ice Cream Pirates of Tomorrow

  • thee uncoordinated

  • wauuuuu

  • abe


  • robert

    the rolling dingleberries

  • the she-devils!!!

  • The rolling thunders… for life!

  • CONGRATS TO AMANDA you have won yourself a pair of MANWOLFS!

    Cheers everyone there are some hilarious names! haha

  • Ryan A.

    Jeff you’ve broken my heart

    ; ~;

    • there will be more giveaways!

  • Robert


    FYI AMANDA’S skate crew is FAKE :) haha

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  • Coconut club

  • my homies thing is Jenkem my main originator homies just started up a mag site check it jenkemmag.com

  • erik

    ‘pap smuriath’ ahahah back in the day

  • Shane

    ez-riderz…. couple of the best things on earth

  • Lazy Wagon
    I’m wearing my manwolfs whilst writing this comment
    http : / / Lazywagon . wordpress . com

  • Karl

    The BrotherHood

  • Daniel Aquilina
  • where do i get this stuff? help

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