05.08.11 by Jeff

Daniel Rozin

Mirrors by Daniel Rozin.

Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin

Watch the videos below to fully understand the awesomeness.

Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin

“Wooden Mirror” (1999)

“Wooden Mirror” (1999)

“Weave Mirror” (2007)

“Peg Mirror” (2007)

“Trash Mirror” (2001)

“Mirrors Mirror” (2008)

“Circles Mirror” (2005)

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  • Jason

    Crazy, I wonder how long it takes him to make one of these?

  • http://twitter.com/artistso ArtistsO

    thanks for posting these Jeff, really cool concept

  • http://jonshawpaintings.blogspot.com Jon shaw

    How does it work? I think I am missing that part! It’s super engaging and awesome!

  • http://stephenaman.com stephen

    Amazing and maddening. Will that be the face the machines make right before they kill us all?

  • http://www.whoiserickmercer.com CeeKay

    I experienced this at a gallery who’s name escapes me at the moment. It’s really great to see technology collide with some organic medium. The sounds created by the mirrors rotation was pretty interesting as well.Very exciting stuff!

  • http://catarinamgarcia.blogspot.com Catarina

    Great! Also curious to know how it works.

  • oli

    For those asking how it’s done, the ‘Peg Mirror’ video starts to give a basic understanding of how different tones are achieved.

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  • Jako

    what????? great work i dont belive 😀 its crazy

  • http://www.whoiserickmercer.com CeeKay

    The basic workings I believe is a video camera relaying information about the image captured which is translated into a value of rotation and the like per motor on each part of the piece. It’s great to experienced it in real life because you can see all the workings of it.

  • http://www.rosesweetjulia.blogspot.com Julia

    wow, this is just so awesome!!