06.09.11 by Jeff

HelloVon / Print Giveaway

HelloVon is releasing an edition of 50 prints and has kindly hooked me up with one to give away! It even comes with a smaller Riso print! So who wants em?

HelloVon Semblance 02 Print Giveaway

HelloVon Semblance 02 Print Giveaway

HelloVon Semblance 02 Print Giveaway

HelloVon Semblance 02 Print Giveaway

TITLE : Semblance 02
MEDIUM : One colour silver silk screen print
EDITION : 50 (signed and numbered.)
SIZE : 640mm x 482mm / 25.1″ x 18.9″
PRICE : £125 (+p&p)


If you’d like the prints leave a comment below with an encouraging message for Von! I’ll pick a winner Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Heisenb0rg

    Nice prints. Sign me up. Thanks.

  • art

    lefties rules!

  • Can’t get enough Von stuff. Makes me want to spend more time making things and/or crawl out my skin.

  • These are beautiful! I would greatly love to have one!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  • madison

    beautiful b+w prints! Love them all

  • Would love to place a piece on my wall!

  • Samuel

    this work is truly stunning! the larger print seems to be somewhat “Grecian”, to me. I’ve got myself into a bit of a sticky situation by viewing the online store; do I want to buy them all? errr, yes…

  • Yes, definitely.

  • Okko

    So nice! Love it!

  • The essence of impact is leaving a message where no one else has ever before.

  • I absolutely LOVE your work, the blend of surrealism and warped portraiture, it’s awesome! I would really love to own one of your prints (all I can afford is the tote). All the best!

  • Great work! Best wishes from Holland!

  • Dan

    Incredible pencil action, beautiful detail – keep up the amazing work

  • Awesome work Von, seriously good. nice one.

  • Jk

    What a nice piece of art ! Really love your style… My apartment wall will definitely need one of those. Keep doing Von. Greetings from Belgium.

  • Bálint

    My room looks terrible and the only remedy is Von!

  • Birds vs. Cats on the Internet? You make Birds win.

  • Very beautiful work, so amazing, and… yay lefties :)

  • Everybody will help you,
    Some people are very kind.
    But if I can save you any time,
    Come on, give it to me,
    I’ll keep it with mine.

  • Zeke

    They’re beautiful! Crossin’ mah fingers…

  • Keep inspiring us with your work!

  • Kestrel

    The detail work in your prints is exquisite and speaks to your technical skills. Your stylized subject matter speaks to your true artistry. there are qualities that are both nostalgic and sensual in your work that make it truly unique. Von I love the work, I’d love to own it, but I’m definitely thankful for viewing it.

  • beautiful choice in contrast. let me know how to get my hands on one.

  • Jenna

    in loooooooooooooooove, so inspiring

  • jon thorne

    Von-tastic! LOVE your work!!! Amazing.

  • Soph



  • Von’s work has inspired me to be a better artist, in all ways. Not only these works, but many of his others show extreme technical skill which I aspire to achieve through hours of practice. Von is a true inspiration and a hero to me as a young artist. And idol, and a an ideal. Incredible work, and here are definitely a bunch of well deserved compliments for a man who never fails to impress, even if there was no giveaway. Great work Von :D

  • Adam

    These are brilliant. If this is what you are doing with one colour, I can’t wait to see what you could do with two, three, or even four colours!

  • fucking insane drawing skills

  • oksana

    beautiful work!

  • Looks great, I’ll trade ya

  • Conor Cremins

    Utterly AMAZBALLS! Such elegance complimented by simplicity, something which anyone can admire…pls keep up the excellent work Von

  • Miami

    These prints are clearly amazing and what luscious and kissable lips you have given her! Keep it up!

  • impresionante

  • Martine

    Details, details, details! Von you are an inspiration. If this computer image gives me tingles I cannot image what the real deal would do to me. Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Ivan Hargrave

    A beautiful and stunning piece of work as ever Von. I truly am in awe!

  • GO GO GO!!!

  • Katie

    I’m a long-time fan of your work and own two of your prints. My only hope is that you keep making beautiful, ethereal art for the world to enjoy!

  • Susan

    Would be proud to own one of your prints–awesome.

  • loved your migration series!! you are my inspiration! keep it up :)

  • Megan

    Love the hummingbird print! Sign me up! Thanks, have a great day!

  • Beautiful. Well done Von, can’t wait to see your future work.

  • Your work is amazing. I don’t think there’s much more to say! You are one talented dude!

  • Pablo

    Hello from the South!You are building such an impressive work!It´s amazing how you managed the grayscale, the shades…really, congratulations! Could we have one of those here in Argentina?

  • Lindsey

    Beautiful! Would love to have one

  • Ben

    Keep doing what you love. We say we’d be proud to own your work, but as long as your proud to show your work then it’s a success.

  • Such amazing and intricate work!

  • The print looks great- the silver really does it justice. I’m also really into the riso print. I love them both.

  • Holy wow. Von, your work is absolutely breathtaking. Keep it up.

  • Ryan Witcher

    great prints!!! would love to hang up in my dorm!

  • Jacqueline

    I need one of these prints to hang up on my bare and slightly depressing new apartment walls. Send one my way please!

  • I need to be inspired when I wake up, these prints would be perfect to see first thing in the morning. Well besides a beautiful woman.

  • Anneka

    Delicious! I would love a Von print to go on our bare living room walls. Stunning detail! x

  • Mina

    Inspiring. Thank you so much for producing and sharing this amazing work.

  • M. Gordy

    You seem to know EXACTLY when to stop drawing. Precise detail coupled with overwhelming simplicity. You’re the Don, Von!

  • Anthony

    Whoa. Sweeet! Keep it up!

  • Andrew

    Such a talented print maker!


  • Mike

    Who needs a camera? Sick skills. Keep being awesome!

  • It’s swell bringing beauty to the world, and that’s just what you have done!

  • love the work, wish I had a print!

  • My girlfriend and I recently moved together in a little apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are trying to make a whole wall with art both of us like. This piece of art is truly awesome and would make it perfect! You are really good.

  • ben

    these are gorgeous! I’d love one!

  • rapolas

    Fabulous. Include me to the waiting list.

  • Absolutely beautiful and technically incredible! I would love to have one of these.

  • Vincent

    I don’t what it is but something about that girl’s face is really eye-catching. Sign me up, this would be a perfect surprise for the girlfriend!

  • Matt

    OMG. This would be the first thing I looted after the Zombie Apocalypse. Well, maybe the second after say, bullets? I think I could stare at this all day, loading bullets and listening to the orchestral groans of the rotting masses, and just drift away into a surreal beauty. And if the day came that I finally ran out of bullets, I would use this work as a dapper instrument of destruction, paper-cutting zombies into shredded re-death. Because as much as I love the silver, I think it’d still look ok with some red, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • MAX

    Speechless, wow!

  • Avery Miller

    the smooth silver silkscreened sparrow is super savory. I sincerely sing its salutations!

  • My lady and I have a studio in our apartment that needs moe shiieet on the wells.

  • Lea

    I’m moving in three weeks and those prints would make a great start in the new apt.!

  • laura

    wow these are absolutely beautiful prints
    lovely workk x

  • Alecks

    HelloVon, that is a beautiful print, love the silver and white contrast. (Definitely feelin’ that Riso as well!) Good call giving them away :)

  • Von is the don, I do so hope I won!

  • Stunning work.

  • I’ve got a bare wall waiting!

  • ben


  • “Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up!” my sis who I think saw that on “Yo Gabba Gabba” tells me that all the time.

  • david s

    Yeah! I’d love to have some more artwork hanging up in my place.

  • prints look awesome! im going to need to make it rain at the frame store if i win!

  • lucas eggers

    i love the detail and plain white background. it’s beautiful. also, the hummingbird is the shit.

  • Brandon

    Sign me up for some awesome prints por favor!

  • Daimeon Haynes

    you inspire and drive the other artists here to create, and grow and to more fully express themselves…….. your work is exquisite.

  • Ash

    i am, to be honest, a little jealous of the talent i see before me. but i am working continuously and improving day by day. this would be great for my studio, a source of inspiration.

  • As a printmaker, I’m quite impressed. These have a certain elegance you don’t often see in screenprints. Bravo.

  • Monolith

    I’m sure if you could portray his mind with art this is what it would look like. Beautiful works.

  • These prints are absolutely beautiful. I would love any chance to receive one of them. Please pick me! I will truly appreciate it and will add it to the collection of art I am gathering for my first apartment and cherish it forever!

  • These prints are really breathtaking! Keep up the good work Von!

  • CALI

    I’d like to hang that picture next to my dark-cherry-wood bed. PLEASE!

  • patrick

    I’d like one!

  • Von rules

  • Betina Monteiro

    Wow! This are both amazing! Really beautiful work :D

  • Alex

    Breathtaking…. Your work inspires me to keep doing what I love, creating

  • Eva

    I love them, and would gladly have one!

  • chamapoo

    Charming of your black and white was impact me.

  • amy

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Don’t ever stop creating!

  • Amy

    Wow, your work is so lovely, Von. I’d love to know what your art is thinking about. I’d love to have the time to know it, understand it, attain it.

  • Juan

    Love them Von! Please pick me!

  • Whoa! These are awesome. Amazing work-love to see more and more and more.

  • Hello from Van, Von! There’s something inherently beautiful about the forms in your prints, what with all those graceful curves. Thanks for sharing, here’s to hoping I can see it up close in real life.

  • As an illustration student it’s especially encouraging to see that paper, pencil and pure talent can still be SO successful in an increasingly digital industry! Von’s work is an absolute inspiration!

  • You da man Von!

  • Oreka


    Your work is absolutely incredible; Surrealism at it’s best. All you need to know is that you can’t please everyone. You make Art because you love it, it’s apart of you and it’s for no one else but you. Art is like a diary in which only you write in and later read from; and only when you want, you’ll allow others –some loved ones, or even people who you know absolutely nothing about– to take a look at your deepest, darkest, happiest thoughts in life. But, the true love of Art is that only YOU will know exactly the reason as to why you have created it; and… you’ll love it forever.

    All you need to know,

    -An Artist

  • Wow. Absolutely amazing. I definitely would like to get one for sure. If I had the money, I’d for sure purchase the “Bird 07” piece.

  • Michael Effny

    I find surrealism to be such a cloudy and poorly populated art genre currently. Von is a refreshing, and amazing talent. Gorgeous work, and inconstantly gorgeous. The technical ability is outstanding and so well blended with the subject itself.

    Hope that makes sense. Been following Von’s work for some time and it never disappoints me.

  • kevin

    awesome work… would love to know what fuel was playing in the headphones while drawing her face – von is a snow leopard with a pencil.

  • Samantha

    Von, your work just leave me breathless.

  • it’s alive! enthralling work.

  • jaycie

    holy jesus these are gorgeous

  • always draw both hands, never just one

  • Hinako

    This is such a beautiful work. Love the mood and style of your work. Great job! Looking forward to seeing lots more in the future :)

  • Such Fine deTAIl on everything. i.e. I love the birds little tail feathers. Also your choice in colors gives such a feeling of life. :)

  • Daniesh

    Those are beautiful!
    I simply LOVE ART!

  • Rio de Janeiro totally waits for a print like that!

  • amy m

    such beautiful illustrations, you make me want to work REALLY hard at art college so I can get somewhere too, so inspiring :)

  • I have an empty Frame sitting lonely in my studio waiting desperately to be used!! Von’s print will be a perfect match For it!

  • Really love your work. Even though you use subtle grays the dynamic is amazing. <3

  • Those look amazing! I would love to hang one on my wall.

  • Micheal

    Choooooooice from New Zealand Bro! I’d Love one of those prints.

  • beautiful!! -tys

  • Georgia

    They are AMAZING :) but you no what would make them even better… on my wall ;)

  • jade

    blissful waves of gray.

  • I’d love to own some real art!

  • Damn those look hot! They are begging to hang on my wall in my Village in The Netherlands. They would be the first notable works of art introduced in my hillbilly Town. It will be the talk of the town for years to come.

  • milapini

    Great prints! I’d love to have them :)

  • rosekat

    Great stuff, cheers

  • Von, I think your work is gorgeous.
    I’d love a free print, but if that doesn’t work out I would definitely consider purchasing directly from your store.


  • coey

    Bare walls are sad walls. These prints would make my bare walls very happy walls. Very nice work ;)

  • peppermint

    the 1st drawing depicts to me…fluidity of the soul
    the hummingbird drawing makes the word delicate come to mind
    i would be honored to be the recipient of the lovely drawings

  • Howard Campbell

    Beautiful pencil work

    The beautiful gift
    Call it trash
    Hate it
    Call it horrible
    Dislike it
    Call it filth
    You can say a lot of things but one thing remains
    It’s still Art
    The beautiful gift

  • Hot damn this is fantastic! You are fantastic. (Pick me).

  • Alex

    I would love something like that! Being a printmaker makes me appreciate this detail in a screenprint so much more than before I learned myself :)


    I would love! to own these PLEASE!
    (i did ask nicely)

    And not to mention it was my 21st birthday the other day.
    This would make being older just alot better :]


  • von your work is absolutly inspiring, so i could use a lot a print of yours to hang on my wall and inspire me everyday.

  • JikJax

    What a fantastic give-away! Amazing art works – both beautiful! I’m going to find out a bit more about Von . . .

  • saul escobar

    First time seeing his work and already love it, its awesome!!!!

  • Andrew

    Vonderful! Vontastic! Von of a kind! Vonreal!

  • HelloVon –> “O Hell! Nov.”


  • I’m speechless. In all honesty, not even on that I want a free print trip. These are absolutely gorgeous. Shout outs to Von, and keep up the good work. On a scale of 1-10 these are absofreakinglutely amazing.

    If I don’t win I’ll be asking for one of these for my birthday this week. Oww oww! Keep it up.

  • theese drawings match everymood i can imagine.
    melancholy as well as euphoria.
    such as love and hate.
    you can see then in so many ways

    absolutly great and breathtaking
    i’d maybe cry and laugh at the same time

  • Haele Smit(h)

    You sir, are: Von.der.full. Das blitz Visionär!

  • Kyle

    Awesome work, do want.

  • Frank

    These are beeeeeeeautiful! So soft and subtle.

  • mike melvin

    Bon, Bien, and GREAT…love how you HUG the 2D…bring it…CANT WAIT T’SEE wha? you have GOIN…LUV

    Mike Melvin

  • Valentina


  • Melisa Jane

    Truly amazing! Seeing art like this always brightens my day and gives me such hope. Thank you. Keep on keeping on!

  • Dom

    Hello. I really von von of those.

  • ben

    Dont let it get to your head and you’ll keep doing just great!

  • Adam

    your ability to think up so an awesome design is amazing! really inspirational :D hope i get the print, haha :P

  • Kate

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for giving one away!

  • humming bird is stunning ! i wish i could put it on my wall

  • Jessamy Bridgewater

    HelloVon, beautiful artwork! Gently, gently catches the monkey.

  • nothing would look better on my wall!

  • Jesse Wilcox

    these prints are out of this world! they’re so Von-derful!

  • Hey there von.

    I’m not writing this in hope of getting one of your prints… (as nice as that would be) I just thought i’d take the opportunity to mention that through the years studying illustration since my foundation… (and i’ve since graduated from uni aswell) you’re one of the ones at the top of my list of favourite illustrators and has stood the test of time as I still check your website from time to time.

    keep scribblin,


  • marie

    beautiful work

  • Vonderbar!

  • Simply beautiful!

  • Joey A

    Always could use a beautiful new piece for the good ol’ inspiration wall. Thanks.

  • absolutely fucking breathtaking. i need these! printmaker power!

  • Meaghan

    your prints drip with beauty of the morning dew_ lovely

  • Walter

    These look quite intriguing! Can wait for what coming in the future

  • Simone B

    Silver sylph stares stunningly sunward; seamless silkscreened strokes supplied sensationally! Sweet serendipity! Salutations supple & savvy sketcher!!

  • Ella

    I am such a believer in your talent, I think that your spirit and soul pours out of these, particularly the hummingbird. If I were to hang one I would be inspired, and see into it like it were your soul, so in a way, we would be lovers as I gazed into your soul…

  • Erica Mao

    Your hard work has paid off. These prints are so awe inspiring, please continue to make art–you create the most amazing things.

  • Von, you are pretty great at this rendering thing, it’s a good start to a greater future. Print-make brothaa.

  • these are beautiful

  • Ayo

    Man I still love the collab he did with Ekud. Didn’t know he was still goin strong.

  • lina kouznetsova

    Love it. Want it. Need it.

  • is it smoke? is it stone? is it a girl woven from a dream?
    so nice. thanks von.

  • rachel

    these pieces are brilliant, they make you think, they make you wonder!

  • David

    it’s a good look von. good looking. really good looking.

  • The hands express what the eyes cannot

  • [✉ Message from Mikey Lland to HelloVon ✍]


    The way your work bridges illustration and design has inspired me for years.

    Keep doing what you do.


  • Tasha

    Thanks for showing that knowing how to draw still matters.

  • Neal

    I would love to have a piece of your hardwork. Best of luck.

  • Shwam-Diggity-Dom VON! Lemme get oneeeeeeeee.

  • Aaron Gonzalez

    Von, your work is just horrible. You are talentless. I am not going to win this give away.( today is opposite day )

  • Nas Chompas

    Woooooowwww that is an amazing print! I’ll trade you for my favorite quote of the day: “Let the most absent-minded of men be plunged in his deepest reveries – stand that man on his legs, set his feet a-going, and will infallibly lead you to water, if water there be in all that region……Yes, as every one knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever.” -Herman Melville, Moby Dick

  • Hey Von!

    I’ll french kiss an elephant for one of these and i have pachydermaphobia.

    Go figure!

  • Christian

    Drink some more, find a whore, hear ’em roar! ;)


    Hey Von,

    Don’t take life to seriously… You might not make it out alive.

    Love the prints!!!!

  • Caroline

    As a printmaking major, I find your work very inspiring keep it upppppp!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    love the piece shown here, it is as if the woman has appeared out of someone’s smoke they blew up into the air. I love that it is so realistic and surreal at the same time, very trippy. I would love to stare and admire this silkscreen on the daily. xoxo
    Inspiring work Von.

  • Neave Griffin

    Amazing, took my breath away, beautiful work!

  • Jam

    yo lemme cop dat jawn ya diiiiiiiiiiiiig

  • Beautiful prints. would love to have them! Von thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  • Nikta Pirouz

    these are both wonderful. they are like real life only better.

  • Chelsea

    Keep on keeping on

  • Great prints, keep putt’n out the goods von.

  • Sooo many stories can be told from just one look at each of these prints. This is the kind of consecutive work that grants aspiring artists like myself and others the inspiration to go forth and create something new. I have not seen or heard anything from Von since the collaboration with Ekud, glad to see more prints. Really, keep this up. As original as it gets.

  • Holly


  • Daniel Münnighoff

    I’d try to bring the world peace, the sky love and the universe wisdom, if I could get my hands on one of these!

    Than again, I’ll give it a try anyway, but I think some prints wouldn’t really be a bad think to keep me going.. :P

    • Daniel Münnighoff


  • Marie Antoinette


    (pun aside, the work is truly incredible. respect. )


    LOVE IT~

  • I want to be able to look at your work everyday in my home.
    Yes! Enter my ballot!

  • Gabe Garza

    thOSE Prints just make me so happy to look at and I would love to own one that would just make my day most swell!
    I would maybe even give it to a friend who I think would really like it but I dont know it just looks so great

  • You like blow jobs?

  • alex

    they look amazing and you should be very proud of your work. but i think they would look more amazing on my wall!

  • TKH

    Hello! Von, your work deeply inspires me. Keep on doing what you do :)

  • Scott


  • Fran

    Love your technique with these portraits, the form you do them is something I really strive for in my own art and you’ve accomplished them beautifully. Congrats on the good work, and you’ve inspired me to continue on working.

  • … “and the mystery forever unsolved is life.”

  • MAriel

    V ery
    O riginal
    N everending talent!!!

  • supergreat work! i´ll move to berlin in 2 weeks and have an empty apartment where these would be wonderful on the wall!! (:

  • Florence

    Beautifully intricate work Von! Love your prints.

  • absolutely in!

  • Reza


  • Superb details and magnificent idea.

  • Olala. C’est superbe. Puis-je l’avoir ? :U

  • Joost the Host

    Von is bon! (which is french for good or ok!)

  • Beautiful prints and an excellent giveaway

  • T Harvey


  • Should probably say something meaningful like, it is my dying gran’s wish to have one of these prints, but I won’t…

  • Susan

    Um, yes please! It’s gaaahhhhgeous.

    Pssst…I’ll trade you this comment for that print.

    Meet me in the alley at 3.43PM.
    Don’t be late.

  • Doug Mercy

    Yes flipping please

  • Victoria

    Who’d a thunk a suspended head could be something other than creepy. But this isn’t. It’s so beautiful, I adore the fluidity of the hair and you can see something of that softness in her expression. The lines are so distinctive, you can see the symmetry between this character and the hovering bird. They’re both stuck in a stunning frozen moment of time. I adore these.

  • So inspirational! This would be a kick in the butt every day.

  • Bram

    Dit is te gek!

  • Vérénice

    Great pieces of Art!!

  • Moving away from home for the first time, I’d love some beauty for my walls!

  • Yes, please

  • joey

    go forth and multiply

  • Michelle Tomicic


    Mesmerizing! Love it Love it Love it!

    Oh please please!!!! i have an empty space in my gallery SCREEEEEAMING for it!!!!!


    PICK ME!!!

  • Von, you have such wonderful complexion!

  • “every trace is a real experience” (can’t remember who said this)
    amazing work!!!

  • These prints are amazing!! A word of encouragement for you Von would be to rest your drawing hand every 15 minutes to avoid carpel tunnel/cramping. You can’t let that carpel take you down!!

  • KJ

    Von, you sure are good at art! I mean really good! really really good!

  • Donny

    these are absolutely amazing! the sense of motion in the composition is absolutely beautiful.

  • carly

    I have never actually seen any of vons work, seeing this print from him makes me want to look at all his work. ( which i will do :)) this print is beautiful along with the smaller one. I would love to look at every detail. Amazing work Von.

  • Jae

    I can’t say that I have ever been so incredibly interested and stunned at the same time. Your patience and attention to detail is God like. I now have a new life goal, if I could be even half as amazing as you are it would be the most incredible gift I could ever hope for. I feel revived and rejuvenated! My mind is now swirling with anticipation and expansions of what level I can push myself to. Thank you for giving people something worth aspiring to. :D :D :D !!!

  • Verbs


    Great work! Cool name! Nice Watch! Keep it going.

  • HWAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa

  • Taylor

    absolutely lovely.

  • loving the grain-y effect on this. really awesome.!! :)

  • Yes, or I’ll nick one!

  • Paul

    Beautiful artwork!! First stumbled across HelloVon’s work at the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Fair in London last year… was absolutely blown away by the intricate and abstract style.

  • mofaux

    wow……these are breath-takingly beautiful.

  • Naomi

    The white walls of my new apartment in this big new city are empty — help give my room/psyche some warmth!

  • Sarah

    The perspective is wicked sweet and the details are stunning. Keep it up Von! I can’t get over this distinct view point, it’s so awesome. I love it so much. :D

  • John Dumalig


  • Von-
    You are is amazing and I’m sure you’re inspiring people across the globe. Keep up the good work and help me win one of your prints.

  • live as
    you work,
    your life
    will be good.

  • the world hasn’t broken you yet. by this point, it probably won’t. that’s the thought that keeps me going.

  • Lucas

    rock on dude!

  • harlan chamberlain

    the amazing attention to detail gives it a surreal effect for me. i’d like to know what goes through his head as he creates these!

  • DJ

    wonderful stuff sir!

  • Picasso much? Nope, better.

    – Luke

  • harriet

    I’m very very impressed! These are brilliant..

  • Rae

    Keep with it, Von; seeing someone pursue their passion and talent is the greatest thing. I’ve been working on collecting current young artists’ work and would love to add one of your prints.

  • Hi Von,
    I have seen this image of yours posted about several places in my scouring of the net and have liked it. Something sculptural, ethereal and of a mask. Not an easy set to bring together.
    Having just had a brief view of your website I see you have clearly rooted yourself in your world. Always happy to see an artist making a living from what they do.
    I’m sure you are praised regularly, so you don’t need any more from me other than to say I am impressed with what you must have gone through to get there. Always a learning curve.
    Have a look at my website. I paint backdrops for film/commercials/fashion. Very used to painting big. If it would interest you to do something together, give me a mail.
    In the meantime I look forward to your next works.
    All the best,

  • Would love to show those in my house.

  • Igor Pismensky

    Love how you made the face look as if it were a mask. Not to woman bash, but women do put on makeup so in some respects a mask fits however thats not to say men dont hide their feelings behind a facade. Love to see more work like this.

  • Flick

    Last Minute! I would love this print

  • encouraging message.

  • your work is intriguing, i really enjoy it & wish you the best of luck in your bright and artistic future!

  • your passion is evident

  • J

    I once knew an artist name Von. A singer and songwriter back in the city of homes. A lady’s man who didn’t believe in faith. He got himself entangled with a beautiful angel. Played his normal game on the white soul. Factors came into play and people began to spray. Dispatch came. She already left. Family wept, friends prayed, but it was done. I tried to run to her, but she left behind the veil.

    Your work inspires me to remember the lost souls in all there beauty.
    For you Arden.

  • beautiful print, specially the one of the face very moving…

  • The winner of the prints by HelloVon is Michael Hanly!!! Congratulations, check your inbox you’ve got mail!

    (i chose Michael at random using a number generated at random.org)

    Stay tuned for more giveaways I won’t stop until you’ve all won something!

  • Lovely work.

  • these are absolutely beautiful. I would cherish any of your prints. keep up the outstanding work!

  • Lauren V.

    amazing detail. keep being magical!

  • andreas mette

    Dear Von!
    Keep On!

  • rock on,
    draw on,
    its on,

  • Gabrielle D.

    Beautiful and impressing work!

  • I do! I do! Beautiful work!!

  • Oliver

    It will look great on my wall

  • I do! I do!

  • Greg

    Beautiful halftones and great depth.

  • Len DeAngelis

    What he perceives, interprets, then executes, addicts, and inspires.


  • May

    The talent needed to execute this is perfection without a doubt. Continue doing what you do, Von.

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