25.10.11 by Jeff

David Shrigley / Giveaway

I got my grubby little hands on a copy of David Shrigley’s new book “What The Hell Are You Doing?” to give away! Who wants it?

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

David Shrigley book giveaway

If you’d like to scoop the copy of the book leave a comment below and let me know what the hell you’re doing today (or with your life in general).

I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • María

    Today I’m going to walk under the water!

  • Ooooh, yes please!

    What did I do today? Bought a dress for a Melbourne Cup luncheon & then drank some Rekorderlig ciders in the sun.

    What am I doing in general? Contemplating a long-distance relationship with someone I’ve only been involved in for a week and then maybe moving interstate to be closer to him. A week ago, I was the most commitment phobic girl ever. CRAZY TIMES.

  • Ana

    I am building a machine that turns ingredients in meals. for example, eggs, cheese and mushrooms, you put inside the machine, and 2 minutes later you’ve got yourself an omelet.
    I believe it will be a great success. It’s very useful for busy people and for lazy dudes.

    the end.

  • I want it so badly that the only thing i’m doing is wishing it!

  • Today I’m trying to pair socks, but some of them really don’t like stable relationships.

  • connie

    today i have to think of a name for my sculpture (a giant cube).
    i might call it “a giant dick sculpture” to get the older women in my class sweating and the teenage boys giggling cuz its just a cube otherwise, you know?

    i also plan to see my friend i dont know too well and watch tarzan maybe or soemthing else that we have in common in our childhood memory bank so that we can get to know each other better(?) (????????who knows??????)

    and i will resend a letter that returned to sender because it was the wrong dimensions. i liked that reason. maybe this time i’ll use the right ones and the letter to get to the hands that are supposed to read it.

    but first i am going to have my lips bleed on my breakfast apple because i’ve neglected to balm them again.

  • Emily

    I am building a fort from blankets and pillows and listening to french music whilst eating melted nutella on warm wwaffles. Tonight my sister and I are watching the entire Charlie Chaplin collection! I have just packed my suitcase this morning for going on a journey to the West coast of Scotland to make some bonfires and camp out in the Campervan! My day is looking pretty awesome : )

  • I think today I’m gonna solve the North Korean problem.

  • Today I will get wet while waiting for the bus.

  • Tom

    Today i painted myself green, till someone told me that I looked so red today. Turns out I’m colour blind. But I guess that’s always better than being really blind, which i plan on doing in a week or 2.

    I’ll let you know how that feels.

  • Today I’m quitting my day job to become a full time photographer! very exciting.

  • Today I plan to procrastinate, unless there’s something good on TV or something.

  • Today, i have to forget about my start-up business for a day to go earn my money to pay the rent and costs of a start-up. I have to fit in a 4 mile speed-run as part of marathon training for JollySmith’s work with charities next year. Then i have to wash the dishes… :)

  • Corné van de Schoor

    Today… is a day, much like any other day this week. I am writing a cooking book, named: The Human Cookbook. It is not for cannibals, of course, I do not encourage those kind of obsessions. It is for gigantic mice and lions! I’m writing in in blood, and will bind it in a leather (much like human leather, but it isn’t) maybe tomorrow or the day after that.

    Included recipes:
    – Janitor soup
    – Pregnant woman’s delicacies
    – Spinal surgeon jelly pudding
    – Chili-marinated redneck ribs
    – Housewife’s roasted legs
    – Oil-sheikh shoarma
    – Physicist’s stuffed brain
    – Jambolli d’artiste (Artist’s stirfry)

    So yeah.. What the hell am I doing?
    Well… Just trying to finish everything alongside another project or two in one week for the University of Lincoln.

    • Corné van de Schoor

      Oh yeah… It’s bound with braided human hair instead of regular wire/thread.

  • Corné van de Schoor

    And the title will be singed/branded into the leather cover.

    • Corné van de Schoor

      I wanted to use my own blood? But no one wanted to drain 10ml from me, because they didn’t want to take responsibility for it. Stupid insurance companies!! So… it’s going to be in pig’s blood mixed with a few drops of scarlet ink.

  • Today is Family Day. It’s 12:34, I’m coloring a bunch of beards and mustaches. I’m playing some soccer. And spending the rest of it surrounded with family; obviously!

  • Katie

    I do! I want it!

    Today I stayed up until 3:30am studying for a terrible series of 4 midterms in the next 3 days. I ate a lot of food to stay awake, so my stomach is set to burst, but my brain feels no more nourished. Ay ay ay!

    I love boooooks.

  • Julian

    Procrastinating for exams of course!

  • Well what am I doing today (my life in general) well I am trying to make some sketches of badges for Friedns of Animals, and they havet returned my email for 2 weeks cause they are as they say to bussy and to tierd. Which it is making me so depressed especilay cause I am depressed cause my dad died a mount ago and I don’t know how to deal with it. But I am hoping if I work a lot I will lost my mind in something nice. Also I am doing a project that will strart on this Wednesday. I will be runing a workshop of illustrating wall in home room of my University. Today also in abou 5 hours I will be seeing my friend Vina about a project we are doing. Also this morning I woke up at abou 5 am. My cat pet Hiro woke me up. He jumped on my back. It is his new thing he has been doing it. And abou 10 am I went to the postal ofice to sent two postcard for ppl on postcrossing and I hope they will like them. Well chears! Also to everybody here have an awesome week!!!

  • Jemaine

    I study Illustration at an Art Academy in Holland and today I have an important evaluation and I’ve only slept for a few hours!


  • Today is my Birthday and for my breakfast I had two chocolate Weetabix.

  • Working my depressing office job and doodling when no one is looking.

  • Dylan Danger Batty

    studying and studying and studying and studying and fighting dragons with my mighty sword of flames, protecting my kingdom from the wrath that they bestow upon my small town. on my mighty steed made of glitter and sequins, i ride forth, trampling ice demons with my horses mighty hooves, destroying all in my path with speed and skill.
    other than that, nothing much

  • Sophie Austen

    Yes please! I love his work so very much!

    Today I’m mood-boarding the word ‘confidence’ for my new graphic design project and then greeting my friend from uni at Leicester and going to a gig by the Youtube singer, Dave Giles, ‘Touring for Tea’ :)

  • Getting ready to fly to NNEEEEEWWWWWW YYYyyyOOORrrKKKKKK

  • I want that book.
    Today, i have my friend João saying that i will never be picked from the coments, while he burps.
    Now, he throwing little balls of paper on my hair.
    This will continue for the rest of the day.

    That’s it.

  • Today I’m doing a project focused on Barbarisms of taste. I will be eating dishes of Milk and Sausages and Satsuma’s and baked beans.

  • today i am building my miniature theme park!

  • Dawud

    Alien autopsy, ancient alien science experiments revisited, sitting, standing, juxtaposing myself from anything an ass would do, including eating sod, asking my dog many questions it will never answer in English, erasing something, typing but calling it writing, avoiding the swine, jumping rope then lie about it, missing Steve Erwin, transliterating, translating, transporting, triumphing over my old triumphs, dancing, telling my girl “I love you” although she knows already, imagining I’m driving in the Jetta ad with my hair flowing through the wind and coffee in my hand with a kool-aid smile that turns into a Jack Nicholson smile after a while, budump!!!what did I hit???well I can always eat it for dinner.

  • Today I’m going to take a coffee with some of my friends and maybe see a film in the evening

  • Maurice Pancake de la Villardière

    Today, I am getting ready for my session with my new fuck buddy.

  • thinking deep thoughts

  • I have absolutely no clue at all. please give me the book so I can figure it out!

  • Today:
    – I prepared a design course I’m holding tomorrow
    – Bought paper in six colors downtown
    – Bought 1 liter of acetone and a piece of apple pie

  • today i’m going to study hard, and now i’m taking a break on this blog, like i usually do. in general i’m trying to pass the last school year!!! aaaaaa can’t wait to finish and traverl all over the world!!

  • i’m planning on going out with my friend and make watercolor drawings of rare buildings all along the coast of my city, Mar del Plata.

    • and trying a rare recipy with rare ingridients to feed my family. rare day

  • I’m working today! And then I think I’ll eat some dinner! And then I’ll probably go to sleep! Yay! :)

  • Erik

    I’m going to draw a naked person for 2 hours.

  • Lucy

    Designing my first digital instant win game then home to practice DJ-ing!

  • today I’mmmmmmmm driving 2 hours from northern MD to DC to the studio where I work then I’mmm driving back 2 hours and going to sleep to get over this sicknesssss. wootwoot.

  • kristina

    today i’m spray-painting canvas.

  • Scanning in photo’s thats taking too long, and trying to deal with a crappy scanner. Then going to go and weed Grandams garden as the house is empty and she’s in hospital.

  • Ron

    Helping my 6 year old son transform into Rene Magritte for his “GHOST OF THE PAST” presentation at school. Finishing a video for an art school. Working with an illustrator to finish an art zine for kids.

  • i’m gonna make shit! =)

    side note: “what the hell are you doing?” was the working title for the bio that my late granny was going to write. heh.

  • Dominika

    I started my interns today and the only thing I had to care about was thinking where the hell is coffee machine!?

  • I was in a search for the button to ‘COMMENT’
    and that took me some time :S
    + I’m starting to fall in love and that feels wonderful!
    Now let’s make it really happen…

  • Nothing can excuse what I did today.

  • I’m working until 10 in the Volvo Ocean Race Village… Making photos to all these happy people. Then I probably die walking home

  • Hi Jeff,

    Right now i am drinking that coffee with milk and designing spam for everyone on the internet. I know i know, if there is designer’s hell i am going to it. But, someday i will redeem myself, i promise. Today i will eat chipotle, a burrito bowl will do the trick. I also plan to leave early, maybe walk with the girl that i love, walk slow while i hide my awkward smile from her.

    Dear Jeff, I am doing the best that i can.

  • tim

    working for the money on my couch
    working for tomorrow in the furniture building course I’m taking every Tuesday
    living for today by having dinner with my girlfriend after class
    living for next month by planning our next trip through south-east asia
    living for others by entertaining and pointing directions to our guests that just arrived for the airbnb room

  • Dan

    Today i’m plotting how to retire age 30 so I can live in a log cabin and read books for the rest of my life. Should be achievable right?

  • Valentina

    Today I’m going to watch Star Wars. :D

  • rui

    i will get some board games at the Majora factory.

  • Jeff

    Drinking coffee.
    I just got done with some reading about Early Medieval Art, in the form of the Hildesheim doors of Bernward. Real far out stuff about Eve was a seductress and all.
    At 10 I go to the class.
    I will eat lunch.
    I will go to another class; this time it’s public sculpture.
    I will leave there and go to my job where I deliver pizzzzas to fat cats.
    I will go home and put my girlfriends brothers coat in a box (to mail), because she left it at my house. She left yesterday, on a plane. She lives thousands of miles away.
    I will drink a beer, or a few.
    I will sleep.

  • Veronica

    still trying to figure out what the hell should I do with my life

  • today, i’m going to a job interview at the “Cirque du Soleil” for the costume departement !!
    i’m so stressed !! :P

  • I’ve been recovering from the worst NAUSEA and PAIN I’ve ever experienced. Sleeping, vomiting, taking pills, vomiting, shitting while vomiting. You get the idea. Totally puts me in a Shrigly-esque mood.

  • I’m working on my masterproject with my friend. Eco-Ego: yourself against your environment :) in short: using the brains


  • Nick

    I’ve been up all night on art and design. I did butoh, two bleach paintings, and finished a major chunk of my very first typeface design. Today I’ll finish designing the first section of the micro-zine I’m starting on campus, debate philosophy and art for two hours, and get some headway on a performance piece for one of my classes. Somewhere in there I’ll also write a haiku for my haiku-a-day twitter account.

    • Nick

      In other words, I’m starting a revolution.

  • Today i will beat this day up : it’s been looking for it!

  • karen dale

    I do I do >>>> today i will mostly be …concerned about the penguin with the arrow in his chest – did he make it? didnt he – i need the book to sleep tonight!!!!

  • Maddy Phill

    The keener I am I got to school an hour early and it wasn’t even open. Today I will be turning my brain to mush trying to learn something if it is about canadian history or linear systems or the impressionist movement. Taking universety courses in grade 10 wasn’t the best choice I have ever made.

  • barnes

    Today I realised two things.

    1. All matter is merely energy condensed through a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and as such, life is only a dream in which we are the imaginations of ourselves.

    2. I need to get out more often.

  • leah

    i’m doing the paralyzing-funk thing today. however, perusing the pictures you’re posted of mr. shrigley’s work has lifted my spirit enough to get me out of bed!

  • Maddy Phill

    The keener I am I got to school an hour early and it wasn’t even open. Today I will be turning my brain to mush trying to learn something if it is about canadian history or linear systems or the impressionist movement. Taking universety courses in grade 10 wasn’t the best choice I have ever made. I am dying.



  • David

    Eat chocolate-covered almonds until I feel sick.

  • I am writing a list of things I want to do. Spending the time i could complete the things on the list by writing the list itself.

  • Alex

    I’m going to paint some things, and design some things, and cross my fingers for the book!

  • Today I wrote a lot of things about my day on booooooom to get a book, then it crashed.

  • ana

    hmmmmmm.. today?

  • PS: I FORGOT TO MENTION, I absolutely LOVE David Shrigley. I mean, really. He is a genius, his work magically brings a smile to my face regardless of how I was feeling prior to seeing his work, and I want to collaborate with him one day. I am hopeful, very very hopeful. :)

  • Today, I dream of standing before the fireplace with hot chocolate and toffee, but instead I write the questions for the interview for the next issue of TEMA magazine. It’s raining outside …

  • Crl

    Today, like every day, I’ll be surrounded by the most awesome books, but none of them will be as awesome as the Shrigley one (I work in a library)

  • Jenna

    Today: I’m going to make things, even if I’m depressed and don’t want to make things. Sometimes that’s the only way to ever make any progress.

    Tomorrow: Same thing.

  • zuzana

    Ill go down the hole and stay down the hole (till friday)

  • kenny

    makin beats

  • Jennifer

    Today, I will sleep all day

  • Dear Jeff,

    I was screenprinting my zine for a college project and while waiting for my second screen to dry, I checked my Facebook and saw your “Shrigley Giveaway” link. RAN to the library and now here I am, telling you that I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to get a copy of his book!!!

    -A David Shrigley fan.

  • Frida

    Today I’ve been at the university where I study “art history & visual studies”, which today meant discussing different methods & theories used to analyze design objects. Fun! I have also been eating apple pie & drinking too many coffees with my friends & I went to the library. & tonight I’ll watch House on TV. Good day.

  • hanne

    today i’m going to stay awake for 48 hours and run
    (true story)

  • I’m stuffing envelopes with my new album, a one sheet and a Wurthers Original for all the lovely campus & community radio stations across Canada, then I’m mailing them. I’ll also run about Halifax a deliver some to the CBC perhaps, and make preparations to head to Montreal on the train.

  • moe

    Today I made the decision of turning my mobile off for a few hours per day. I also bought a book online, ‘The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains’ by Nicholas Carr.

    I watered all my plants.

  • I’m going to give some deposit bottles back to the supermarket!

  • I’m rendering videos all day long.

  • Momo

    Today is just like any mundane days of my life, but my hand is itching now. The itch to get my hands on David Shrigley’s new book “What The Hell Are You Doing?” is really BAD!!! Thinking of many ways to use this book as a “pick me up” in my daily life. Eg. Sleep on it as a pillow so as to bring me to David Shrigley’s Land; Reading it everywhere I go to kill boredom and to spread the cute books to all my mates! =)

  • Stephanie


  • Stephanie

    Oh, today I’m wanting that book. All day long, just wanting it.

  • hell and I are not on good terms right now, I think a divorce is amidst. in the meantime it’s all fun & function… & coffea

  • Amber

    i might vomit, i made eggs and have ended up feeling quite sick today

  • Taylor

    today I will witness the NYC debut of Amon Tobin’s ISAM live: a truly revolutionary audio/visual experience using “real-time projection mapping, generative imagery and audio-reactive elements to produce a brain-teasing electronic music performance..”


    may i scoop the copy? =)

  • Drawin’ n’ workin’

  • Siena

    Today (and everyday) I’m thinking about food. Nommom.

  • Mike Jandora

    1) Raising the coolest 3 year old ever. I’m pretty sure he’s the only three year old who likes to sing metal songs and plank on park benches.
    2) planing a my wedding in my friends barn in June.
    3)Planing my capstone design project (rural punk documentary)
    4)Preparing for a competitive gallery show “Design Thugs Presents: Mo Money Mo Problems (cheap art for broke kids)”
    5)Retouching just about everything in my portfolio for review.
    6)Trying to find out how I’m going to pay rent.
    7)Really really hoping I win this book.

  • I am attending driving school =)

  • Cassie

    I am growing a human baby with my lady powers, and also constructing a wreath out of paper. What are you doing today?

  • today: watching a law & order marathon from the beginning of the first season and beyond while i work from home with a pretty rad husky pup and two husky (fat) cats.

    that book is pretty rad!

  • Pressing apples!

  • Beth melvin

    not quite as impressive as Cassie but I’m researching for a college project on my housemates, whom of which are in this wonderful band called THE MULTIVERSAL CONCRETE FLEET and are now producing this new wave of psychedelic 90’s influenced music. I’m focusing on producing all there merch. David Shrigley is gonna help influence me into completing illustrations for it.

  • liz

    I sopent today doing my temporary job; working in Waterstone’s. Although ideally I would have sold a bajillion copies of this book, I instead sold many Lego books. Maybe David can forgive my lack of sales of his book, because lego is still pretty great?!

    In general, I’m trying to find my purpose. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m hoping I’m getting close. Maybe it’ll be under a particularly brilliant stone at the beach? Or in a shoe?

  • i’m going to do laundry and finish my book that i started last year

  • Julien

    I’m writing the best comment, obviously. and you?

  • jessica

    probably eat some broccoli and listen to the homie ludwig van beethoven while i do video editing

  • I’m coastin’.

    Feels good.

  • …I’m working. So the book would be a nice thing to get my mind of work!

  • Today i am dreaming up pumpkin faces.

  • Today I will be redesigning my blog and Then I will dance while the world watches

  • IndiaLB

    I’m lying in my bed. My roommate was making out with her BF all night, so I couldn’t sleep. So I skipped class this morning so I could get my 8 hours. Now I am tired and concerned for my college career.

  • Reading peoples bullshit.

  • today i watch work of art the next generation artist season 1 the whole day. bliss!

  • I’m working til 4 then riding my bike later.

    After that I’m going to cook an amazing dinner for me and the lady!


  • Looking face to face to an ikebana i recently made. Two days without sleeping while outsourcing makes me feel like a doodle infront of a flower with a face of a human.

  • I’m at work, drawing on my napkin from the local coffee shop… and, of course, wondering what the hell am I doing stuck inside away from the world on such a beautiful day. Alas, the coffee is good – so things could be worse.

  • anya

    i am making some quinoa

  • Looking face to face to an ikebana i recently made. Two days without sleeping while outsourcing makes me feel like a doodle infront of a peach flower with a face of a human.

  • Robin Jordan

    This is the first morning I have had off in a week, so I slept in.

    Today I intend to clean my apartment, wash my shirts for work, fix my toilet, fix my headlight, wash dishes, take a shower, iron my shirts for work, and then go to work.

    I have four and a half hours to do all of this. Wish me luck.

  • Harriet

    Well I had some big plans for today but eventually I ended up lying in my bed and basically doing nothing. Tho I made an omelett in the morning.. my excuse is that it’s my day off

  • michelle mateo

    I’m gonna kick ass on this midterm.
    And then ride my friend’s ex-boss’s bike around like it is mine.

  • Today I pressed David Bowie’s Space Oddity onto 7″ vinyl at half the speed, and it sounds like a horrific ambient space-age nightmare.

  • Crossing the International Date Line.

  • Hi I am Alana. I am 29. I am working as a receptionist. I am married. We are in an open relationship now, after being monogamous for 6 years. My husband has a cuckolding fetish. I am trying to figure that out. I am also an artist. I make paintings and sculptures. I like collecting music and I take a lot of yoga classes. I need to figure out how I am going to pay back my huge loan from going to school for an MFA. David Shrigley is amazing. I want a book.

  • Kay

    I have a gallery opening! Yay!

  • gotta read three articles to discuss en mass. Free dinner at 6. Probably gonna have at least one argument with a friend about European arrival in North America. Later I will listen to the Lumineers. You should too.

  • coco

    Today, I am going to make deviled eggs and roast pumpkin seeds after going to my friend Even’s house to carve the giant orange gourds. Than, I will skate to work and organize gear in the Bay Area Wilderness Training gear library. I will head to CBS Radio to write a few articles for the website and go home to watch some skate videos with my roommates. Hopefully Ernie makes some tortilla soup that I will end up eating for dinner!

  • Russ

    Today I’m going to watch Lost. Then I’ll probably watch more Lost. Then I’ll hate Lost. Then I’ll watch it some more.

  • Jenni

    Well, I’m supposed to be working but I find myself distracted by booooooom.com.

  • Today I’m going to teach my little cousin how to play guitar, write some songs, arrange an a capella cover of Heartbeat by the Fray, send out some e-mails, eat some food, and pack so that I’m ready to visit my sister in Miami.

    As for what I’m doing with my life, I wish I had an answer. Trying to be a musician, I guess.

  • I am currently trying to help the art gallery i intern at find artist for an art reality show they do.
    We shall see how this all goes. (Casting is this weekend)

  • http://today–i.tumblr.com/ – What I did today

    • Lucas M

      Tyson posted on my behalf. Today I painted. I also did lots of other things.

  • Patrick

    Half asleep in my architecture class mechanical plumbing. monotone teacher and same classroom equals zzzzzz. I could use a pick me up.

  • I want this. I am spacing out, making things, going to a show, and currently trying to figure out what kind of 80s pop my landlord is blasting downstairs.

  • I am currently questioning my existence and waiting around for the meaning of life.

  • Karla

    Today, I donated blood with the Red Cross. I read Fredric Jameson’s essay on postmodernism. I am going to my Contemporary Art History, Theory and Cultural Discourse class, where we will discuss postmodernism. After that I will return my library books and pay my fine, and pick up the Pierre Bonnard book I put on hold. Then, I will go to my studio to work on a study of a painting by Frank Bramblett for my painting class tomorrow. And I will read Kristeva for my philosophy class tomorrow too. And other things… But all towards the goal of finishing my BFA in painting and art history, then I will go on to my MFA in painting. And we’ll see from there… :)

  • toastrander

    Today I go to the bathroom.

  • James Fantini

    Today I am teaching K-12 art…now can I have a book to relax with?

  • Kieara

    Today I watched The L Word DVDs, cried softly to my self and finished a quart of whiskey. I’m one hell of an accomplished student.

  • georgi popov

    ugh… i’m not even trying to win i just want to tell someone how sad i am, for i’ll never be more than a friend to the girl i love.

  • Ian

    Kicking ass and taking names !!

  • Zack W.

    I shoved toy cars into a homemade basket and ate leftover Chinese food and steak and then I watched TV and now I’m sitting on the computer because I have nothing better to do with my life at the moment. I should probably do something. Nah.

  • Eric

    Today I woke up too early, with not enough sleep again.

    This morning I talked to a recruiter about myself, and she talked to me about a job. I’m still asking: Why me?

    I went for a little walk and looked at some comics, and then for lunch I ate pierogies. I went for another little walk, and now those pierogies are reminding me that I need a nap.

    Later today I will have a birthday dinner with my stepmom, who has been wandering around this crazy-ass planet for 57 years (though my dad keeps pretending to mess it up and says she’s 75). Justice: We’re eating Indian, which he won’t like, but she’ll love.

    Tomorrow I will continue wondering what this spinning life trap will look like when/if I make it to 57 years, and I will try to commit some small act of creativity that I won’t be ashamed of in retrospect. Fingers crossed.

  • Peter t.


  • Brian P

    Today I’m doing backflips off a giraffe’s neck…

  • Johanna

    Omg I want it. He’s my favorite artist, I painted my walls with a quote. Give it to meeeee

  • drawing, skating, eating, sleeping.

  • Perla

    I’m going to study for my Philosophy class while watching Monsters Inc., and listen to The Drums all day!

  • Berry

    Today, I did absolutely nothing. I’m disappointed too.

  • Perla

    I’m going to sit here and wonder how great it would be to have this mega-awesome book!

  • Droolin

    thinking about all the things i never done

  • finishing ‘the corrections’ and going out to eat with a friend


    Today I am working very very hard for a less than acceptable paycheck. I can only dream of ever owning anything by Shrigley, including this book. You can make that dream a reality.

  • matt

    i’ve sacrificed my dignity for the past year by making myself seem like an irrecoverable moron in very complex situations that i totally plan out from beginning to end to make others feel better about themselves for art. if their confidence empowers them to produce more (art) then all the better, if they capitalize on another’s downfall i hope they will realize what i’ve gone through to give them a slight momentary confidence. some people have seen it over a long span and i believe they might be onto me, but i hope that it will inspire them in the area of patient, sacrificial conceptual performance art. other than that i succeed in supreme idiocy absolutely undetected. sometimes it eats away at me and i’m left wallowing in utter retching self loathing and loneliness with singular gravity, but the more i can sink into my aesthetic the more successful i hope it will ultimately become, it has been the year of attrition.

  • Peter

    i spent the whole day thinking of a smart comment to win this book.

  • Today I’m drawing pictures of cheeseburgers with creepy eyes and funny teeth. The last guy might need to pay a visit to the dentist. xx

  • Cze

    I do not know what to do!


  • joey

    i went to school like every other day of the week, i was tired as hell and i cant remember what i did for the life of me

  • pbo

    today i walked in the rain and drank tea.
    tonight i’m going to a mumford & sons concert.
    tomorrow i am going to the museum to play with clay.

  • Marina

    ME! pretty pretty please!

    “Waht the Hell are you doing?” Poigant reall, as i find myself asking myself this very thing on the daily.
    Is he talking Rhetorically speaking..im not so sure, if i win the book ill keep you posted!

    Oh and i I also smashed my Iphone Screen today, seeing what im typing is rather trying at the moment, woe is me. i know, i know.


  • Lucy

    Today I have been an e-mail monkey in the main. I love my job, I am setting up a charity and I spent today interviewing volunteers and sorting out our launch-event-on-a-shoestring! Then I had lovely conversations around the dinner table and had veryvery dark chocolate and red wine. Yum!

  • Marina

    See what i did there ^ blame that on my broken screen…
    or my inability to sustain my excitment about this giveaway!

  • Eva

    I have been wandering the Thames pathway and I have been asked why do I look so tired by a barista today.

  • Bill

    Yesterday I was in D.C and today I’m working at a banquet table waiting to move.

  • drew an albino rat snake today named “chewy”. that was pretty cool

  • Zach

    Today I am watching He-Man and eating ice cream with my daughter! don’t get any better than that.

  • Anna

    I’m trying to start making jewelry from things that could be recycled. I want to help my little part of the world, which doesn’t have a recycling center, so I am doing so by introducing a new and trendy way to recycle. (I’m only 15)

  • Jeff

    Now I’m at work. Delivering pizzas.

  • i aint doin shit, right now.

  • freaking OUT over how long it’s going to take me to remember which one of the Koelreuterias is which!!

  • meg

    Today I went to class, then to work, then scarfed down some leftover pizza, & am now procrastinating on my Euro paper.

  • magdalena


  • magdalena

    im drawing a 2 point perspective!!!!!

  • Rick Everard

    Today I was thinking about how I feel so insignificant in the world. . . .

    But then I remembered that I’m the fucking man!

  • Jerrrrrry

    today i am eating pumpkin pie and breathing a lot

  • Harry

    Today I am beginning phase 76 of constructing a sled that will one day be able to harness the power of rainbows.

  • Rick Everard

    Today I was thinking about how sometimes I feel so insignificant in the world. . . .

    But then I remembered I’m the fucking man!

  • Stephanie

    Try to be happy.

  • Erica Mao

    Today I am doodling in my sketchbook and eating enormous amounts of pizza. Livin’ the life.

  • Fay

    Today I went for a walk and took and asked random people if I could take photos of them for photography class.

  • I sell weed.

  • Today I filmed 3 commercials and ate dinner.

  • cameron

    worked on a project concerning godzilla

  • Ali

    The most exciting part of my day was eating a burrito.

  • Scott

    Data entry and imagining myself punching bad dudes in the throat.

  • Julia

    Today I am focusing on the present.
    Today I am learning from other makers.
    Today I am making a conscious effort to create with an elastic mind.
    Today I am studying at art school.
    Today I watched strangers remain strangers.
    Today I stuck my hands in a container of white house paint- it feels good.
    Today I carved memories of my sister in to waxen limbs.
    Only now do I question what the hell I am doing, rather, what the hell could I be doing?

  • jaycie

    today i learned how to make aesthetically pleasing but non-functional wood sculptures in class. also, i didnt cut any of my fingers off so it was a good day.

  • Today I spent time building an art gallery in the parking lot of my school out of scrap wood and metal.

  • Agnes

    Hello! Wonderful book must get!

    What did I do today you ask? Sleep, work, food, browsing booooooom and posting some of the articles on facebook! … oh, and it rained so I got soaked :/

  • Geneva

    Today I fixed my bike, made a salad, went to a lecture by artist Jon Rafman and now I’m thinking about going to see Deer Tick play!

  • What the hell am I doing? I’m jiggling my right leg in time to Justice’s “Ohio,” which is not playing right now but whose beat is saturating my brain and pulsing behind my eyes. I am doing this rather than finishing a handout of Japanese grammar, and rather than going to bed. I am doing this rather than working on my thesis and rather than cleaning my room.

  • Steven Duncan

    studying accounting, aka walking in the dark, until I bump into a wall.

  • Today I ate the best goddamn chocolate chip cookie of my life. And then I had another one.

  • OUCH

    Peneoscopy and biopsy for me.

  • woke up,
    had some cereal,
    bought some stuff for my halloween costume,
    evening humanities class,
    came home,
    watched the end of silence of the lambs,
    watching red dragon while responding to booooooom giveaway.


  • Marie Antoinette

    Biked and went dumpster diving. You might say I am a recycler.

  • Rhett Radon

    Today I am in love and full of light. Each day I express myself in various forms to share with other humans the suffering and buoyancy of mind and heart.

  • Nearly 3 days before today,
    something happened. It was great.

    I got a nice little package in the mail,
    and what was inside? one sec, I’ll tell.

    It was a magic flight box! A device for weed!
    It makes it easy going down, and it’s super duper sweet!

    So as you might be able to guess,
    I’ve spent the last three days a total mess.

    One hit and I melt into my couch. “oh it’s comfy!”
    I just sit there being a goof, like Phil Dunphy.

    My attention span is available for reservations, but only for minutes.
    Luckily, David Shrigley’s jokes are all quite short, that’s why I should win it.


  • uaaaaa, i want it so baaaad
    shrigley is awesome :)

    i’m enjoying my life at its best
    its boring at work
    but its funfunfun the rest of it

    today i went in a trip to another city and took some pics
    when i got home, i scanned some films, watched Dexter and sleep after :)

  • pupi

    Now I am having my peanutbutter and honey toast thinking about making the very first screenprint of my life at college in 2 hours. I am super excited.

  • Thinking about my TINGS TA DO TA DEH!


    1. Photographed special basement of building. “NO FILM INSIDE” said the developer afterwards. I became Redface.

    2. Met nice girl for coffee. Rejected. Ran away.

    3. Entered hospital. Did medical experiment. Went badly. Footage was destroyed.


  • Melissa E

    I am currently watching American Beauty ’cause “Bali Ha’i” by Peggy Lee started playing on Foobar. This was enough of a prompt to see this film again that I haven’t seen in a long long time.

    Also stayed up until this time which seems irresponsible but I’m just keeping the night company.

  • Anne

    I’m procrastinating.
    Help me.

  • Maarten

    I am currently sitting in my room waiting for the mess to clean itself.. I have to go to school but i have lack of insperation. My ex-girlfriend told me that i have lost my passion. I ate my breakfast yesterday cause i was smoking so now i’m sitting here without breakfast.. I’m going to take a shower.

  • Today im going to have a massive poo, i just hope it doesnt leave skid marks because when that happens i have to put bleach down the toilet, and i dont want to do that.

  • reading a book.

  • I have a conference about photography in art history!

  • This morning I walked from my rental house out onto the pier in the rain and looked at the Baltic sea. Lots of waves, wind, and spray. I’ve got a pic if you’re interested. I’m working remotely from Sweden for a year. Usually I’m in Boston MA, USA. Right now I’m “working” on a .NET project. This book looks kinda fun, I’d like to make a book like that. If I win, I’ve got an address in USA you could send it to.
    Ha det så bra! Tack!

  • Today i have throat ache, I´m in the sofa with a warmy blanket that my granda made. I´m thinking of my today´s fail on one project for the uni.
    Soooo…the best thing when you´re sick is to drink a warm soup and surfing Booooooooooom! for hours.
    I´m gonna do ANYTHING today.

    marshmallow hugs


    i’m sitting in school, in an illustrator course and i already know how it works. so i have to do something i can do during this time.

  • I’m having breakfast and it’s the only thing I have planned right now, even when I have a tower of work to do :(

  • Yes please. Today I’m working my ass off.

  • Today I’m mostly being awesome. That and working. If only someone would pay me just to be awesome ..

  • I’m trying to live slower every day.

  • Jul

    Working in advertising, dreaming about pillows and ice cream.

  • Morgan

    Please can i have it? Today I meet. The Dentist.

  • M. Gordy

    I plan on going down the hole, and staying down the hole.

  • Just waking up in the mornin gotta thank God
    I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
    No barkin from the dogs, no smog
    And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog
    I got my grub on, but didn’t pig out
    Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out
    Hooked it up for later as I hit the do’
    Thinkin will I live, another twenty-fo’
    I gotta go cause I got me a drop top
    And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop
    Had to stop, at a red light
    Lookin in my mirror and not a jacker in sight
    And everything is alright
    I got a beep from Kim, and she can fuck all night
    Called up the homies and I’m askin y’all
    Which park, are y’all playin basketball?
    Get me on the court and I’m trouble
    Last week fucked around and got a triple double
    Freakin niggas everyway like M.J.
    I can’t believe, today was a good day

  • Steph

    What I’m doing today: working. Then getting home and baking a pumpkin pie. Booyah.

  • Rico Macias-Zepeda

    I’m going to class so that I can finish college and graduate. Then I’ll change the world. WITH everyone’s approval.

  • Im wearing vampire fangs and hiding in a pile of leaves. Just scaring some kids on their way home from school, no big deal.

  • Today I’m sewing birds brooches.
    Pictures here : https://www.facebook.com/LesJouesGrises

  • Cole

    wondering, wandering, listening, humming. Just a little bit of talking.

  • Jared Creason

    I picked up my dog’s crap, and since he did the deed next to someone who didn’t pick up their dog’s crap, I picked that crap up too.

  • Caroline

    Last night I had a dream in which I recreated The Last Temptation of Christ. It was set in the American Southwest. I was cowboy jesus. Today I’m working on some art to share the images I saw with the world.


  • lindsay

    call me ;)

  • Madison

    Today, I’m applying to grad school. Tonight… well that’s a whole ‘nother story!

  • Chris

    Sitting in electronic layout class looking at boooom instead of listening to the lecture

  • alejandro

    i am watching “Who i am and what i want” to remember my good mate Shrigley.

  • Hana

    Today I wrote to my dearly missed parents.
    I always get slightly nostalgic when I smoke marlboros.

  • today I woke up an hour late but somehow made it to class only a half hour late. then I almost fell asleep in my darkroom class. it was a good time.



  • Echo

    What the hell I did today: Today I was slowly stripped a bit more of my sanity and my soul. Peeeepull.

  • Ashley P.

    Today I drew skulls with bird wings and insect legs during lecture in my figure drawing class, and now I’m probably going to lay on the floor of my apartment and watch the fan oscillate for a while.

  • Judy

    playing some video games, then watching some horror flicks, then bed.

  • Today I drove too much for too little. Now I’m writing a witty comment in hopes to obtain this new amazing Shrigley book please!

  • Barry Slater

    Today i’m winning a David Shrigley book

  • shavenhobo

    Today I will spend the morning pretending i’m a grown up by eating a massive bowl of Alpen whilst spitting out the raisons. Later i will go for a walk in the woods and hopefully catch some people dogging, but will probably just end up enjoying the cracking noise sticks make. When I return home I would hope my pet cat has brought me home a present for inspection, if not I shall have to improve his hunting skills by creating a obstacle course around the flat. Come night time I will eat a vast amount of cheese and laugh out loud at 1930s cartoons.

  • Chloe

    Today, I’m gonna try to start on an essay. I will also enter a contest that I will win

  • Ryan Meikle

    I read this and decided I wanted to win the book.

  • Welll, today I’m trying to figure out what should be the background of this couple I drew yesterday
    and that’s AAALL

  • This morning I woke up, recovering from my one week long flu !

    so I make this blog post http://tidrm.tumblr.com/post/11995310885/butterflywakeup-on-flickr-being-forced-to-wake-up.
    Dance a bit to stereomood music.
    Took some picture.
    Hug my friends.
    Miss the one I love from far far away.
    Eating lots of awesome food.
    Work on freelance project.

    read a blog call booooooom.com. and writing what I did today.

    And find out hey , not a bad day today ;)
    Hope you guys have a nice day . weeeh

  • Today I was at school (Norwegian School of Photography). The rest of the day I took som spontaneous selfportraits for an assignment and wasted my time away, and missing my home town. And I love David Shrigleys work.

  • Lora

    today i installed this catacomb art piece for our gallery halloween show/fundraiser. https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=241855242531181

  • Today, it is gross and rainy and cold. So, I will have a LOTR marathon and pig out and stay inside. My roommates will hate me, and I WON’T CARE.

  • Shane

    Today I imagine what it be like to be a french fry and the reaction I would produce when chosen. Happy cause I was picked out of all my friends or frightened for what I would become… mashed potato

  • DJ

    at work doing a COBOL program while finishing up a comic page.

  • Belinda

    I’ve recently moved from the inner city to a farm in the middle of nowhere, my days consisting of playing hide and seek with a goat and a general lack of hygiene.

  • Alexandria Say

    Well I go to an art school in Savannah so thats currently what i’m doing with my life. But what the hell did I do today hmm lets see, I had drawing class, went in search of a log to complete my log lady costume for tomorrow. UNSUCCESSFUL. The rest of the day is a blur.
    Exciting for sure!

  • Today im gonna try the hell to get the best out of me :)

  • OMG I’m in!

  • Today, I’m going to make through on my rather boring day work, then I’m going to play MMORPG all evening. That’s how I’m ruinning my own life.

  • gimme gimme gimme (that book after Tuesday)! *sing

  • Sage

    Tonight I’m doing a performance where I sit in a 3-foot high paper sphere and draw on the inside. I have a flashlight and the paper is vellum… I’m a little nervous about it. I hope the audience likes it.

  • I’ll try to be creative

  • Jenny

    After school, I will be sleeping….
    Currently in school… having classes…

  • steve

    I’m sitting around listening to dubstep on my computer while talking to people on the phone about insurance claims. And I will probably be resting up for the rest of the day because of the gruesome case of whiplash an 18 year old girl gave me from rear ending my car because she was texting while driving.

    While napping today I will be dreaming of that book and how much fun it and I will have. :D

  • KAK

    i’m flying into the astral realm today and boy are my arms tired. i’m giving the finger to some birds but they will not it. i drop it and who knows where it is now?

  • Today I will try not to die-

  • Miho


  • just got home from playin a gig!

  • Lucas

    Working at the local museum coffee, then going to Dënver show, to end dancing at GazGaz club!

  • Kelsey

    I went and got Eddie Rockets with my hungover boyfriend!

  • today I commited a paper whale to paper. It was difficult, but we got there eventually. In general, i’m colour coordintating paper from the mess the whale caused. (He’s orange)

  • Elle

    What am I doing today?

    Oh I don’t know… Browse through your blog.. and stuff. \(*A*)/

    Look for Art inspirations. Search for Art tutorials online. Draw while listening to The Killers. Think. Gonna eat.. and uh.. Draw some more!

  • I am filling this up and I will be waiting for my copy of “What the Hell Are You Doing?”

  • Perri Salka

    looking at the “junk” section on this website at 6:30am…six thirty ay em… and asking myself.. “what the hell am i doing?!” .. good night!

  • Ellie

    I am frantically rustling up 10000 different banana based recipes, because I was sent 6 packs of bananas as opposed to 6 lone bananas. Potassium ahoy!

  • cleo

    yes i love shrigley, glad he’s getting more recognition these days!!

    my life these days consists out of boring days, just like this one today. decided this summer to quit my photography study, and now i’m looking for a(ny) job every day to pass this year and feeling useless basically.
    BUT, i keep things happy and cheery by making pies. up today is a carrot cake nomnom.
    oh and i’m gonna listen to some good music. probably this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXstxFoayxI or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvxDlONHRfc&feature=fvst

  • Ian

    Today I’m going to interview a candidate for a music position at my orchestra and then going downtown to drink tea and get stuff done.

  • lida

    Packing all my possessions up with a hangover to leave really early tomorrow morning to a different house… Long day!

  • im right dead bang in the middle of a break up with the girl i love, only we live togeather and share a bed so i lay awake at night oh so badly wanting to touch her, but she wants space right touching her would be the worst thing i could do right?

    • Meru Mir

      Oh, I wish you to receive the book.

    • Congratulation! you may now place this book in between you and your girl? just trying to lighten things up bro! smile!

  • today i plan to procrastinate a little more by sketching looking at tumblr maybe start my homework, fix up my PAC man costume for the Halloween parade tomorrow…with my life in general I plan to turn 18 on Friday and freak out more about the future then

  • Man, working at the Toronto Reference library is pretty dull. And fixing the same section day in and day out from 9-5 sucks. Sometimes you get homeless people who come in and use the library which is fine…But when they do weird things like touch themselves in a corner of the library just makes me ask “what the hell are are you doing”

    true story…

  • Flick

    I’m editing my ass off

  • Cat

    Love the book!!!
    Late reply… Does it still count?

    Just got back from New Zealand! On that day I landed there and had the best Strawberry Ice Cream ever!!! Visited a Maori Temple and heard about their culture! Pretty awesome =D

  • Aaron

    I’m filming BMX for a video I’m making.

  • today im drinking coffee & observing my dog and trying to guest what the hell is thinking!!!

  • haretino

    I am puking whole day, my body is sort of collapsed because I did not treat it very well last days..When I will feel better, I will start to think what to do with my life, in order not to be such a bitch anymore..but this book would really make me feel happy.

  • Well today I have visited my grandparents and we ate lunch together. Maybe it could sound a little bit boring but I do appreciate these moments, because you never know what is about to happen. So we laughed a lot and had a good time.
    At the moment I’m reading The World according to Garp, which is pretty amazing book!

  • Tom

    Today I’m going to be dividing my time between moving into a new house, and being unworthy of David Shrigley’s book.

  • I am writing a paper on disembodiment in painting as a metaphor for living in a state of fractured consciousness. And I just found out about an amazing artist named Shary Boyle who makes these freaky porcelain sculptures of scary little girls and monsters.

  • Marina

    You aren’t REALLY giving this away- i think you just want to see how many idiots like me fill this in with the minute on- goings of our day.
    I’m drinking coffee and typing this, btw.

    • haha i am giving the book away and i also like reading the minute on-goings of your day

      • Marina

        oh snap!
        you read them all?
        Shit, your job is entertaining, have you noticed that i commented more than once?- does that Up my chances of snagging this book ?! ;)
        maybe?, perhaps?
        as of now- im Faaar too hopped on candy, that i bought at half price bitches!

      • haha yea a few people always comment more than once! i am watching! haha

    • Cole

      I agree

  • Marina

    i also just put a photo next to my name.

  • Neil

    I am currently doing nothing with my life. Being an art major at a middle-of-nowhere school doesn’t have many perks. No job, no money, no girls. Lots of booze though. Helps with the inspiration. Seems like a cool book. Thanks for reading.

  • Soph

    Today a friend told me that she heard some 20 year old guy on Kingsway in a MacDonald’s saying my full name a whole bunch of times to his friends (that she described to be hobo look-a-likes). So right now I’m trying to figure out if it’s a creepy stalker or someone I actually know.

  • Lilian

    I am half studying for my art history exam and art portfolio review on Friday. I think I am going to cry now.

  • Oliver

    I am currently on exchange in France, today is my last day of holidays and I am going to go into Paris to the Louvre again because there is so so much to see there!

  • I’m on a horse. *Old Spice whistle*

  • today i’m screen printing deer hunting signs and ows t’s and hoodies and cleaning and coating screens .

  • Callum

    Today after work, I went and signed up/paid for & played Bingo (I’m 22). Never been so proud of having all my own teeth in my life!!

    (oh, I didn’t win a thing either)

  • it’s only been today for about 10 minutes, so i’ll be sleeping, then i’ll be waking. and hopefully i’ll be inspired enough to write some more for NaNoWriMo, and if not i’ll be working on my dissertation. which isn’t so fun.

  • A day in front of the computer, broken up with a lovely sunset run through Toronto’s High Park and lakeshore. Funny thing though: I’ve been putting off writing a “Statement of Teaching Philosophy for weeks now (Because they are generally awful, awful things that both the world and academia could do just fine without), but as draw near to its conclusion I’ve relearned an essential truth, that being”If something sucks, bend it to your will and it will cease sucking.”

    I also just finished a Newcastle Brown Ale and am listening to The Decemberists. That helped the whole process.

  • Knondotts

    Cruzin’ the world with my prehensile eyes.

  • Caitlin Dawson

    Today, I was very hungover. I watched Dexter and ate cheese on toast.

  • Peter Quinn

    Today I worked in a basement. Now I am making chickpea curry. I very much enjoy David Shirley, particularly Mister Turnip.

  • commenting too late to win.
    or am I?
    it’s tuesday somewhere.

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO S WADEY you’ve won yourself a copy of Shrigley’s book! Check your inbox!

  • Ashton Ireland

    A few old friends have come down to nyc to visit. We have been scouring old photos of us as kids and recreating/reshooting them 5+ years later.

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