02.11.11 by Jeff

Efterklang / Giveaway

Back in February we had Booooooom’s first ever film screening (here) and the film I chose was “An Island”, a marvelous collaboration between Efterklang and Vincent Moon. Well my buddy Rasmus, from the band, has graciously given me a beautiful DVD package to give away to one of you!

So who wants it?

Efterklang An Island DVD Vincent Moon Giveaway

Efterklang An Island DVD Vincent Moon Giveaway

Efterklang An Island DVD Vincent Moon Giveaway

Efterklang An Island DVD Vincent Moon Giveaway


a film by Vincent Moon & Efterklang.
Available now in Deluxe DVD Edition limited to 5000 numbered copies.

Only available at http://anisland.cc/home/


Comes with a new Efterklang Bonus EP and instant download of the film!

If you would like to snag this copy of the film, watch the video clip above and describe the way it makes you feel in one sentence.

I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Roy S

    oooooooooooo. Yes Please.

  • Max

    HI, IIIII want it!!!!!! Please!

  • James

    It reassures me that there is still beauty in this world.

  • What lovely package design! I’d like to selflessly nominate myself to receive this complimentary copy. Thanks.

  • well so far only James is eligible.

    • steven


  • I suddenly have a strong urge to get moving and complete any tasks that need done, this destroys all laziness and makes productivity seem extremely appealing.

  • Ben

    It makes me wish everyone could see this.

  • Tim

    Oh, this is my chance to finally watch this beautiful movie. I’ve missed the screenings. Don’t you want more people to experience this great piece of work? ;)

  • Caroline

    I’m so glad this is the way I chose to start my day.

  • Connor

    It reminds me of some of Ludovico Einaudi’s work, and it’s ridiculously beautiful.

  • Marcus Reading

    It makes me feel happy and sad all at once, but in a reflective manner, as if this was the music over the credits of the movie that is my life.

  • ben

    love how all the elements compliment each other so well, it reminds me that when people aren’t self-focused and work together they can create something so amazing.

  • kb

    Syncopated melancholy mood with hope.

  • jumAnji

    Jeg kan ikke høre dig. Jeg har en efterklang i mit højre øre.

  • Ian

    It makes me feel like I’m commanding 1000 tiny boats as they drift out to sea.

  • Like the warming glow of the radiant sun on a freezing winter’s morning, beautiful.

  • WAH! I would really want it…LOVE the packaging.

  • Pure pupil-swelling, high school memory inducing magic.

  • Gorgeous all around.

    The video made me feel like I was in the studio making music with them.

  • Pablo

    The love of my life left me a week ago…this makes me feel that she can come back in any minute, with her big smile saying “Im sorry baby, I will never leave again”

  • Jerrrrrry

    it makes me feel like taking piano lessons again

  • It makes me feel thankful to God who created music!

  • Luke van der Veen

    It gives me hope that there is still some hope in this modern world if I could just keep my head up.

  • Aaron

    This makes me feel like learning to play the piano!

  • Karo

    It makes me feel a miracle smile time.

  • noga klein

    makes me feel like i can fly

  • Karo

    wow, I didn’t expect the stars to behave so irresponsibly…

  • Karo

    It makes me feel a miracle smile time

  • It really makes me feel joyful, pure happiness.

  • It makes me feel like walking through a crowd of people but still feeling alone, in a good way.

  • This video clip from the film makes me feel powerful.

  • The world is small from the sky.
    That is what I feel.

  • It makes me wanna take my shoes off at work.

  • the world is big and salvation lurks around the corner. (:

  • This song it’s very pretty and it makes me feel that Im walking through a snowy road, the smell of wet trees and a cold winter breeze.

  • It makes me feel like I’m on a train; getting somewhere whether I want to or not.

  • Joost the Host

    In a strange way it reminds me of my childhood, so it makes me feel very nostalgic i think…

  • It makes me introspective, makes me look inside before looking around.

  • We’ll survive my friend, no matter what.

  • brian

    I’m at complete odds with what is right in this world as FortiGuard Web Filtering keeps me from enjoying this immersive film of the senses.

  • Paul

    The reassuring smell of muted salt, the sun graciously lending me it’s warmth, a wave gently lapping the consummation of four billion years progress.

  • Makes me feel good! but it makes me feel disappointed to.. these thing never go to the guys overseas.. show some love! =D

  • Milo

    distant within oneself.

  • We would love to play/have this in the office while we work on projections for the Copenhagen Phil. orchestra!

  • That almost looks edible.

    Yes Please!!!

  • Jenni

    Beauty in complex simplicity.

  • It make’s me feel all warm inside.

  • My friends, I’ll never stop playing the keys, if you’re there to keep the beat.

  • Morgan

    It sends a rush of excitement through my spine.

  • Peter t.


  • Greg

    I feel like there’s a field on top of a big sky scraper and that’s where all the birds hang out, all the birds that don’t rely on tourists to feed them, and this song is on repeat up there and I’m laying down in the middle with my wife.

  • I’d love a copy and in exchange I’ll send you a copy of some of my photos that you can view on my website homepage. and any other cool things I can think of to send in a package!

    Just a little swappy swap!


  • Hannah

    i feel connected. it makes me aware of the energy that flows from my head to my toes.

  • pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!

    • Makes me feel like I should turn my life around and make music.

  • Sydney

    This is incredible. The music, the visuals– I love it.

  • Ian

    Sounds like good powder snowboarding music!

  • oceanchild

    i feel the euphoria of my youth. not happiness, euphoria.

  • Matthew Brinkley

    It makes me feel like running to catch the bus but completely miss it, only to realize that I am perfectly okay because I can catch the next one.

  • Hola! What a coincidence! I discovered the film yesterday and bought my digital copy on their website. It’s atmosphere is abducting me since then.

  • It makes me feel like smilin’ =)

  • Bror

    That no matter how empty and sad you feel, there’s always inspiration and happiness coming for you! ^^

  • Eleanor

    I get the warm fuzzies.

  • Melissa E

    *raises hand* Yes please.

  • Jaq

    —like honey and trombones.

  • toastrander


  • Fernando Farfán


  • Karan W.

    Liberated, dissipating but still singular and firm in essence.

  • oui. oui. oui…

  • Kay

    It makes me feel like my words are infinite and for 4 minutes and 13 seconds my day is condensed with goodness.

  • It reminds me one of those days 10 years ago.
    Fall, sun shines threw the corner of a cloud, I am going in the most beautiful and calm street in Vilnius, Ciurlionio treet. The leafs are all over the place, it starts to get cold, just 2+ degrees celcius. Hands a little bit fuzzy, still a bit to go…

  • Can I have it please?

  • Fay

    It makes me feel at ease, and I want to hear and see more.

  • Colin

    Colin feels good.

  • tingly

  • taylor

    I’m ready for winter now.

  • Daimeon Haynes

    In my melancholy, at a time of deep sorrow and expansive loneliness, this lifts me higher than the sky far beyond the clouds to a place of youthful joy and complete euphoria x

  • Chelsey

    It makes me happy. Something I don’t rarely experience and it makes me feel like there’s a bit more to life and that there are always new people to meet and new loves to have. It’s truly inspiring and if I can somehow manage to live my life in a similar way I will have had something worth living for.

  • I feel in love! and I just can’t seem to take the smile out of my face…

  • Jason

    This made my day – fractious students, ridiculous meetings, fighting my way home through the dark and rain… then this little gift to welcome me home. Merci!

  • Im in love with myself again so I need to go to the bathroom for one moment

  • it made me feel very bad for quitting piano lessons when i was a kid, and kind of excited about the idea of learning again.

  • thani

    ..and now everything is golden and illuminated.

  • It made me feel at rest. Like everyone keeps saying they wish they took piano lessons, and i did… but in this videos perfection, they aren’t playing the piano how any piano teacher would teach you. They are rediscovering it for themselves. It reassures me that even if I don’t do things perfectly, perfection can be created as long as i remain passionate.

  • Waking up Sunday morning and dancing with the morning light on hardwood floors.

  • Sam

    I spent the Summer (mainly) in Denmark, with a bit of time in surrounding countries.
    On the plane back, I sat by a boy who I had kept my eye on in the airport the entire time. Cute scrawny Danish boy, studying at Oxford, headed for Chiapas. We spent the entire 13 hour plane ride talking about whatever possibly fit.
    Yesterday, I finally sat down and read the list of Danish/British music he wrote for me, Efterklang was top of the list, and I downloaded it, making this a nice coincidence.
    And honestly, the story of the boy on the plane is only the closing scene.

    This song feels strictly reminiscent of the most influential Summer of my life.

  • God will kill 1,000,00 cute woodland critters if I don’t receive it. I just want you to bare that in mind that whilst making your decision.

  • Sidney.

    it makes me feel like i want a toy piano to play alongside a real piano, but not sound nearly as good.

  • Joel

    It makes me want to actually venture outside and walk around listening to music and taking in the beauty, which is definitely a good feeling.

  • KK

    Somebody not so perfect wants somehting perfect in her life.

  • Andreea

    It makes me think of my dear friend Maria and of her love for Efterklang and of her upcoming birthday – it makes me happy for I’ve found the perfect present.

  • It just makes me feel SOMETHING; in our curent society it can be easy to feel nothing at all.


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  • Naomi

    tingles through my teeth, my spine, my hair, i feel established

  • ….

    i feel like i can’t take my eyes and ears off it

  • It reminds me to breathe.

  • BADABOOM…. It reminds me of one feeling that I had in high school, that anything can be done and that u can become anyone u want, I cant really explain why ,it just brought that up to me. Btw I never stopped thinking it, just that back then it was more a fantasy than a reality like as in right now.

  • Louise

    This is silly but listening to this video I had the image or impression of a large bird- maybe an eagle- in my chest, soaring through the open skies.

  • With creation, words always fall short, the feeling is incredible.

  • Leine

    What a treasure. I’m in!

  • Patrick

    I’ve been playing the piano entirely wrong!

  • Sophia

    The video left me with a strange sense of nostalgia.

  • Kevin Parra

    It made me feel okay about my decisions, and it took me away from the stresses of today.

  • Frank

    Easy and breezy.

  • Cassie

    All this passion makes my heart swell!

  • Scott

    Liking I’m bathing in a lagoon of autumn sunshine.

  • first i got goosebumps, then my mind jumped to the modest mouse lyrics that describe exactly how i feel; “there’s so much beauty i could make you cry.”

  • I would like this beautiful gift.

  • johannes

    yes please!

  • I’m not sure how it makes me feel, except that my regrets seem to dissipate when watching.

  • Oliver

    I feel exposed, as if all my senses are augmented whilst standing in a bright white light with my bare feet feeling the chill of wet grass beneath them.

  • With this, my heart swells with pride for humanity.


    It makes me feel like I’m witnessing something that’s very special and personal; a scone of joy!

  • jennifer

    Makes me feel like i should learn to play the piano…
    Nah, it makes me feel an appreciation for talented musicians like efterklang. They’re not just another band picked up off reality tv shows like x-factor.

  • it makes me want to turn my laptop off, get out of bed and run in circles.

  • Droolin

    That i shouldn’t lie about how it made me feel in order to try and beat the great answers by those that were genuinely moved.

  • It makes me glad that all you need to make something beautiful is your voice, some piano’s, and some drums

  • Guy

    Tense, overwhelmed and euphoric.

  • GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!! This is the best music-film i have ever seen and
    I have waited so long for this premier and now my pocket are empty so I can’t afford it.

  • Yesterday was your second year anniversary, Frankie, but it was raining outside so we stole a recital room from the music school to hang out with everybody and made some playful music like we used to with you; recreating those moments stuck in our minds that we will never forget. – That’s how this made me feel.

  • flore

    It makes me want to get lost in a new place, and think about absolutely nothing.

  • i feel hopeful and lifted, and i am reminded that there is more than myself and what i know in this world.

  • Just like popping: . > o > O > *Pop*

  • Ralfana

    OMG, I bought it yesterday!!! I’m so waiting to have that in my hands…

  • Nothing is more powerful than an idea who’s time has come.

  • Grise

    It makes me feel like….

    Like I’m not living to the fullest, and I feel a real urge to do so when I listen this, to do something, to go out and shout, to tell the one I’m deeply in love with to leave his girlfriend, cause she doesn’t feel the way I do when I listen this song. And even if it is kinda hopeless, still…there is hope, if you feel it in your guts, if your heart just scream so. That is what I feel when I hear this song, so I must be some kind of crazy french chick.

  • Nina Lucey


  • Kyle

    makes me feel like a horse running on a cloud

  • makes me wanna walk in slowmotion!

  • Ti

    I wouldn’t want to live in a world without music!!

  • Jessica

    I feel hopefull and optimisic knowing that I am in control of the future so long as I work hard at it.

  • Like a well oiled machine. Clear headed and ready to roll out

  • makes me want to leave where i am but stay where i am at the same time, my feet are moving but the rest of me is waiting until i can press play again.

  • Cho-Wai Ben Fung

    Just ate an outdoor breakfast in a park and now, my friends and I are barefoot, holding each other’s hands and with our eyes closed we feel the sunlight on our skin.

  • Chelsea

    Good. It makes me feel simply good.
    (this band is incredible- watch ‘Cutting Snow to Ice’ live with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra).

    • yea i would like to find that whole concert – it is amazing

  • Chris Fortney

    The video makes me appreciate the fact that with out incredible documentation/display, a lot of art falls flat on its face. Explanation: I’m not saying that this music falls on it face, I like it a lot actually. Just recognizing that the film maker is very talented, leading me to see how important it is to learn how to document my own work with as much care as I put into the piece itself.

  • Tracy

    Yes please, otherwise where can I get one?

  • Be free, drift and enjoy life’s simple pleasures!

  • It makes smog into a song.

  • tk

    Me please?

  • Justin

    It assures me that tomorrow is going to come and to grow a snazzy mustache.

  • I am so genuinely inspired that I want to pick up the camera I do not own, document the musical talent I do not have, sing with the perfect pitch I do not possess and jam like traffic at Five.

  • steven

    i feel like i just finished a long hike with a group of my closest friends. Like I’m excited for what’s next, but…wanting to hold on to the memories for just a little bit longer. they fade.

  • allison

    it is such intricately composed art that reminds me of the importance of creativity, that in a world of materialism the only thing worth consuming is true inspiration

  • Matt

    It makes me feel like a thirteen year old, drinking mountain dew for the first time.

  • Lucas M


  • nina

    It washes away my everyday-sorrows I am stuck in these days,
    just for a little while
    and leaves me hopeful.

  • I would cherish it, I’m down

  • Pierre Leck

    It made my morning coffee taste so incredibly better.

  • Alex

    OOOOOOH ! Yes yes yes yes ! I saw the movie in Barcelona last year in a sweet art galerie (Untitled Barcelona). It is absolutely fantstic, awesome ! I’d love to own this piece. Please

  • MANU

    Makes me feel like I could only walk in perfect circles.

  • hungry guy


  • Good music puts me in an excellent mood so I’m gonna go out of this house today and smile at every living being I encounter and the rude ones get the bigger smiles.

  • Espen

    I REALLY wants it!

  • This video makes me feel like getting off my left arm as i watch this, on two feet and running.

  • Rapolas

    With the joy and hope that everybody can do what they want in their lives.

  • I’m moving to Denmark next year. I’m nervous about it – at the moment Copenhagen seems cold, and the Danish language impenetrable. Am currently looking for things to be excited about, this seems like it might help? Thanks for the post–

    • marta

      makes me wanna kiss somebody

  • Cole Humphries

    I’m sitting at my drafting board, and all of a sudden I want to move.

  • Mark

    it makes me thank the almighty creator (whoever it is) for putting 2 ears on either side of my face.

    i always apply for the competitions on this site but this one is a bit specialer, i wouldn’t keep the prize for myself but give it to the most beautiful girl in the world who is at a loss with the world at the moment. to be able to put a smile on her face would mean more to me than winning every prize booooooom ever listed. cheers

  • Caro

    It gives me the urge to stand up and do all the things I always wanted to do but chains me in the dream about it.

  • kingcole

    It makes me feel like I’m riding in the wind, faster and faster

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  • joey

    i jizzed in my pants

  • it made me feel elated in my heart and butterflies in my stomach.

  • chloe

    this is so beautiful and sharp like the feeling when you shower in the morning but have time to just crawl back into bed naked and read by the morning light.

  • I want it!! Greets. from Chile!! :)

  • virgile

    I would be lying if i said that all what people say below me is not what i feel when i hear this tune: living through music, and put misery, worries or anger aside. This is what i feel.


    it makes me feel like i’m sitting down by a window, bathing under the warm afternoon sun rays, sipping coffee, smiling to find that tomorrow is still a sunday

  • Adamo

    it makes me feel like an exploding sun dancing on piano hammers.

  • Judy

    It makes me feel like no matter what life is worth living.

  • It’s like to be child again, trying to climb over a wall, looking for the reach of a desire, like to have sex for the first time, like to catch a small insect in the grass, gentle and silent.

  • lk

    It makes me feel like I’m a child again.

  • It makes me feel like my body and my senses are drifting away out the world to create something good.

  • Efter the klanging voyaged
    through the canals of my head,
    I felt as though I had set sail
    from the moon.

  • Justin Pelletier

    This give rhythm to my soul, fills my heart with passion and provides me with the motivation to DO GOOD.

  • Karla

    Made me feel a surge of passion for my own work.

  • I would love to have this! Their music is amazing.

  • Gabe Garza!

    I would very much like it please!

  • Rachel

    It makes want to go and learn how to play the piano. It inspires me to visit a city. :)

  • Meeeeeeeeeee!!!! I want it so bad pleeeeeeeeeeease !

  • This video makes me feel alive, and happy to be a human being. Air tastes great. Oxygen looks great. I feel great.

  • Efter the klanging voyaged
    through the canals in my head,
    I felt as though
    I had set sail from the moon.

  • Ben

    I feel like I’m hopping on lilly pads then landing on shore and skipping up a hill weightlessly.

  • Charlotte

    This video gives me optimism to pick myself up off the ground and work hard to pour all my energy and love into whatever I create.

  • light, excited and happy.

  • light and happy and excited

  • Makes me feel like I know who I am.

  • Little Melancholic shock waves dance and filter through my organs,nourishing my being with beauty and harmony.


    All I can say, is I am torn between feeling ethereal and melancholy.

  • Elin

    it pick’s me up, spins me around and makes me wanna travel the world.

  • Catherine

    it makes me feel happy that talented people like this are everywhere.

  • Koen

    it makes me feel like I can dive straight into the unknown, the place where i wish to be.

  • Flick

    It makes me eager to finish up my edits and go shoot another music video.

    P.S. Very precise and clean

  • Chioma

    It reminds me of walking through my college campus in the fall.

  • This song og smiles and summer evening sunshine makes me feel light and spontanious, like grabbring the hands of my dearest ones, and dancing around among the fabolous band.

  • d.m.c.

    It makes me feel as if I am bearing witness to a beautiful sunrise.

  • Kaylee Pearson

    For some reason it made me think of all the people I love and how short life is, so it gave me mixed feeling of happiness and sadness!

  • Spring is blooming in my heart

  • joseph

    going to class today won’t be so bad

  • A warm autumnday surrounded by yellow & red leaves eating an apple…

  • the video gives me a feeling of baby steps, ending off with a giant leap towards something bigger. always moving forward.

  • indeed, i’ve loved efterklang for a long time… and really super do want this. and am skint :) love you boom.

  • Helen Gordon

    Some how it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time, it’s comforting and makes me feel hopeful.

  • Klaus Krusenbaum

    I HEAR the island………

  • Juliane

    It made me start playing my piano. again.

  • Jesper

    It reminds me of being a kid..

  • Luís

    This song takes me to all the moments I’ve cried when in love and the ones I’ve cried missing it, and with a stunning beauty of subtle but overwhelming power shows me how beautiful those moments make our life :)

  • The video makes me feel that there are many roads that need to be walked, eyes that need to meet, restless in a joyful way.

  • Jon

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel an inspiring wind in my hair that plays with my cheeks and makes me smile as if this single but extraordinary moment was the world itself telling me its secrets that I realised I already knew.

  • Miranda

    It makes me feel like I’m flying through the sky, watching the sun peek over the horizon.

  • Helga

    It makes me feel my wings and remember that “hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.”

  • It makes me feel alive.

  • Mikkel Brodersen

    I feel like going away, into the wild without any plans but with every possibility in the world.

  • Jonas Hoth

    these guys are made for doing music. thank you.

  • Erik

    I’ve spent a week thinking about my response to this video. Seeing Efterklang perform gives me a transcendental feeling, something I frequently try to achieve through meditation. This video is like a gateway to another reality where everything just makes more sense to me. It makes me realize I’m just a passenger along for the ride in this crazy trip we call life.

  • Astrid.

    This video, this song, these people, maskes me feel so proud to live in Denmark :-)

  • Sara Eljas

    Like an autumn leaf skipping stones in the wind, remembering what spring break was all about…

  • freckle eye

    Get involved, let’s shake & sing & fly & hope that someone with a video camera can catch moments as fast and fleeting as a note played by beautiful hands.

  • Franchesco Ramos

    Musically satisfied and aesthetically inspired, this would definitely be great in my collection of films.
    Did I win?

  • Mathias

    it makes me feel as if I brush all my teeth in one single motion

  • Emilie Tarp

    I don’t know if I have a chance. But this would be my favourite thing on earth.


  • Guilty, that I’m ridiculously busy yet silenced and ignored my phone for 8 minutes and 22 seconds to listen to it twice.

  • Frederik Uhrbrand

    makes me want to create music as powerfull, yet fragile, as this…

  • Age Hallen

    I feel lifted..to an extent that you realise that the wings of such a grasp were even not supposed to be for walking.

  • It makes me feel completely honored that Antje (who did all the photography for the DVD) discovered some of my music about 5 years ago and made her boyfriend Casper (the singer of Efterklang) a video with one of my songs while he was away on tour!

  • Dylan Gould

    I would.

  • kris kose

    i’ve been longing for the vivid feeling that everything is possible since the day Efterklang held their last concert in Tallinn; the taste of that video makes me miss them even more.

  • Caleb Davis

    This makes me feel like I used to back in 2nd grade during the fall. Walking back to my house after school with the crunching leaves under my feet. Joyful and excited for what the rest of my day had left to offer.

  • Lucas

    makes me feel less lonely

  • makes me feel all artsy fartsy

  • E. Marie

    The day I watched the screening of this film a friend made a difficult, life changing decision – this song reminds me of her strength, perseverance and beauty through it all.

  • Liz

    The day I watched the screening of this film a friend made a difficult, life changing decision – this song makes me feel in awe of our ability, as humans, to overcome and persevere.

  • Aaron Zhen

    What a pity.China had ban the vimeo website. I want to see the video.

  • Wo00000W!

    it makes me feel like…..

    Im travelling through the night on the long coach journey home for christmas, with a smile on my face knowing i will soon be with the people I love the most.

    xx :)

  • Sophia

    It makes me feel cool because I know this band called Efterklang and y’know, I didn’t like them when I heard them but after seeing this video it like totally makes me appreciate them way way more.

  • Serene

    The video feels like an autumn afternoon: crisp air, the leaves crisping, light rain drops falling on my brow, a smile on my face.

  • emilie

    Love it,cant stop myself from always wanting to create something, anything.

  • Congrats to Matt Cadaing! you’ve won yourself the Efterklang DVD package!

    Check your inbox!

  • Makes me feel like there is always something worth living for.

  • With an eager breath, my head rose and began to sparkle in the blissful awareness of my heartstrings.

  • Christian Mandrup

    This video makes me feel at home.

  • Kristina

    All the emotions that have been bottled up inside me are rushing through my body making me cry, giving me goosebumps and smile at the same time, but somehow with a cathartic positive outlook on what is lying ahead of me.

  • rachel

    this is why i make an effort to use slow internet.

  • It makes me feel lite drawing pine trees and goats while keeping the beat with my foot!

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23.08.17 by Staff

Secret Studio Hidden Beneath Overpass by Designer Fernando Abellanas

Designer Fernando Abellanas has constructed a tiny studio beneath a busy overpass in Spain. Complete with movable walls, light furnishings and a hand crank that transports the structure along two metal rails, the micro-dwelling hangs high above the ground in a manner reminiscent to the kind of secret hideaway or fort one might have as a child. See more images by Jose Manuel Pedrajas below!

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