26.12.11 by Jeff

Monja Gentschow / Giveaway

Artist Monja Gentschow recently created a beautiful set of playing cards and I have two decks to giveaway! So who wants ’em?

Playing cards by Monja Gentschow giveaway

Playing cards by Monja Gentschow giveaway

Playing cards by Monja Gentschow giveaway

Playing cards by Monja Gentschow giveaway

Playing cards by Monja Gentschow giveaway

Playing cards by Monja Gentschow giveaway

The cards are a collaboration with Ignant and can be purchased here.

If you would like to snag one of the decks, let me know your all-time favourite card game in the comments below! If its obscure maybe you could explain how to play it, so I can learn.

I’ll pick two winners on Friday!

This giveaway is open to everyone!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Haley M.

    It’s kind of cheating because it’s a playing cardcard/utensil game, but SPOONS! It’s so damn fun!

  • Haley M.

    ohhhhhh shiiiiiet, my e-mail was wrong on the last post. This is correct if I am indeed the winner winner chicken dinner

  • Leah Pirani


  • Leah Pirani

    Awh man I didn’t even realize spoons was above me. Got too excited. Still an awesome game though.

  • Phase 10! These are beautiful…

  • Playing Kings Cup and hooking up has always been fun!

  • art

    made houses from cards. very useful game – that way i became an architect!

  • Kyle

    I usually do not play card games. I perform basic magic in an artistic way. So I am always looking for ways to tell a story, and these cards would be a great way to tell a story.

  • i really enjoy knock out whist (http://www.pagat.com/whist/kowhist.html), except I always have to teach people how to play – it must be an old person’s game or something!!

    I wish I could play poker, but I have the very opposite of a “poker face” so I always give the game away!

    Either way, that card set is just gorgeous. Really lovely…

  • We have this AWESOME game in India called ‘Pabbo’-don’t know the non Indian version-tried to google but couldn’t find it and really can’t explain it here but it is so awesome.
    ‘Go-Fish’ runs a close second!

    These playing cards are beautiful btw. Never seen anything like it!

  • Erik

    Texas Hold Em’ always brings back good memories!

  • Luke


  • Matthew Ridsdale

    It’s one I created when I was about 14 after being a fan of Top Trumps for so long.

    I created credentials for all of the top/my favourite celebrities and created cards for each one. The categories where for things such as ‘Status’ (A-Z list), ‘Movie Pulling Power’ and ‘Reliability’.

    Then there were other cards you had to choose to show what you were “creating” such as a red carpet event, film, music video etc

    Cards/Celebrities were chosen at random to create your guests/stars and their credentials created your score.

    There were also wild cards that personally altered your event, such as your main star getting too drunk, there being a power-cut, or someone getting pregnant etc

    This sounds very complicated, but I was very into it. Maybe I should have gone into events management?

    I also like playing cheat…as my inability to lie well manages to double up as a double bluff :)

  • Senator :) http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/12296/senator
    It was pretty fun. I got to commit suicide while bringing the whole Senate (aka all my opponents) down mwahahah!

  • N i c o l a d e d a

    Smello. Please Christmess me…
    I think, nay, i know that I would really love 52 pieces of interactable art in my possession. They make me oh so happy. x

  • Altaira

    I don’t play it very often any more, but I really love cribbage.
    Also, these cards are so beautiful!!

  • N i c o l a d e d a

    Eeeek too excited and partially lysdexic missed the aim of the game.
    I pick…SNAP.

  • aaron

    Strip 21…..

    First you have to be over 21 to play….the rest is pretty self explanatory

  • Its called Conquian, and it is played with spanish cards, wish are different form the normal kind, you have 8 cards and as cards are taken from the deck you have to complete 3 (tercias, I’m from mexico, don’t know how to say it) so finally you’ve got to have 9 cards wheter they are same number or continous, you can have 1,2,3 of spade, 7,7,7 of any figure and 5,6,7 of bastos to win.

    Hope to win, these are awesome

  • Me wants! My fav card game is Scopa and it is usually played with Italian playing cards but could easily be adapted for this deck: http://www.playscopa.com/rules/


  • I love the game “Thirty-One”! In German it’s called “Schwimmen” (Swimming because you have three lives and then you “swim” one more round before you “drown” and lose) but I found an English translation :)

  • I adore playing Canasta. It’s been played by woman in my family for generations!

  • Lilian C.

    Mao. I swear it drives my friends crazy, but it’s a game of unspoken rules that basically drive anyone who doesn’t know the rules crazy. Funniest card game ever especially if there are new players.

    and then B.S., where you basically lie your way into getting rid of your deck.

  • card castles :)

  • Arsehole. AKA King or Dickhead. With drinks.

  • MEI

    I DO I DO I DO!!! These are EPIC looking cards! ♥I’m in love! :)

  • An

    A game that my dad calls American solitaire, which is probably not even American, but we both never been to the states to check. It’s just a fancy And more difficult way to play normal solitaire.

  • theo

    blackjack :)

  • Cali

    Pişti. It’s orientalic really easy to play. Haha.

  • I suck at cards and only know the rules for snap and 21. Love the artwork :)

  • Rummy. I’m a dork.

  • nana

    I think I like wizard most, because it is the only card game where I tend to win sometimes. It is ugly designed, with hideous figures on it and it’s about which deck will be stronger and beat the others..
    yet it is a long time ago, since the last time I played cards with anyone.

  • Letty

    Squibble. A game invented purely to mess with people. Fast passed and random with lots of hitting each others hands out of the way, the object is to make people watching try and work out the rules of the game.

  • rummy!

  • Davis

    Toilet seat poker.
    My mom taught it to me for when I’m sitting alone with nothing to do. It’s easy. You hold the whole deck face down in you palm and pull four cards from the back to face you on the front. If the first and last card match suit, you take out the middle two and pull two more cards from the back. If the first and last card match number/face card, you remove all four. The object of the game is to continue drawing cards from the back until you completely run out. It’s hard to end up with 0 though, normally I’ll have like 6 left with nothing to do. It’s easy, and well manageable, thereby easy to play on the toilet.

  • Chatura

    SNAP! plain and simple, you can never go wrong or have too many players

  • Chatura

    or 52 card pick up, when your not playing

  • Lianne

    Oohh I’d really like to have one!! The cards are so beautiful!! I don’t play a lot of different card games, just a few, but I don’t know what they’re called in English.. In dutch it’s called “pesten” (I think it’s called crazy eights or something like that), which I play most of the time, just because everyone knows the rules and it’s pretty easy to play. And besides that I often play so called “booze-games” with my friends which is always fun…

  • “Canasta” is my all-time-favorite since I was little. All you need is a little skill and a
    little luck. And just a couple of wild cards.

  • Catherine G

    What beautiful cards!

    Snap is a classic.

    Ring of Fire is fun, gets you drunk and I’m sure I will look back at fondly or embarrassed when reminiscing over student days.

    Or one i learnt recently that a friend had picked up whilst travelling around spain – Yaniv. It’s one I’d never heard before and found good. How to play: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaniv_(card_game)

  • Thales

    One of my favorities is Supertrunfo, which i believe in english is called Top Trumps.

  • Frida

    Beautiful! My all time favourite must be what we in Sweden call “Tecknet” or “Kotte” (same game, different names) or maybe Casino.

  • Yaara

    Yaniv (linked above, but here it is again: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaniv_card_game) got me through many hungover afternoons during University, hanging out at the bookstore/pub/coffee-shop.

    We used beat up cards that were more often than not missing a few numbers, nothing like these gorgeous cards.

  • Paula Klein

    ..Wow, it’s so gorgeous ☼ I would LOVE to win!!

    My all time favorite is definitely rummy! I’d played it for years with my grandparents and good memories came up of this time :) ♥


    My favourite card game EVER is called “coocoo taki”, which is a more complex version of the famous Israeli game “taki” (which is, quite similar to “Uno”).


    The game basically includes a bunch of animal cards, animal sounds, different colors and a big “Donkey Parade”.
    Ectually, it is as stupid as it sounds. But in the right “mood”, it is probably one of the best card games I’ve ever played.
    And boy, have I played.

  • Truco! It’s a card game much played in Brazil. The winner is the pair (or trio) that have the strongest cards in three rounds!

  • Egyptian Rat Screw. Absurd labyrinthine rules and kids beat adults every time.

    Rules: http://www.brookstone.com/Wireless-Key-Finder?bkiid=SearchResults|CategoryProductList|595058p

  • Spit: a game that requires a bit of fast thinking, but that is essentially an excuse to slap your friends’ hands repeatedly, all in the ‘name of the game’—I mean, er, to learn bonding and good sportsmanship. Spit acted as somewhat of an epilogue to the introduction of red hands and bloody knuckles…Ha.

    Other than that, anything that looks like this is just fine for me:

  • Egyptian Ratscrew-Richard Chalmers and I are on the same track!

  • Shannon

    Always been a fan of gin rummy. I was taught by my grandparents who used to play and accuse each other of cheating all the time. These cards are amazing!

  • harpreet

    its rummy for me

  • Casey


  • Briscola!!!

  • Ted C

    Euchre. Represents the midwest and embraces cheating all at the same time.

  • Ohhh,this is amazing! Loved the cards!!!
    My favorite game is the Brazilian TRUCO that was created in Uruguay, check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truco

  • war

  • Jessica

    Go fish.

  • emily

    solitaire~My Dad and I used to play separate games and compare our number of wins. He always beat me.

  • Lauren V.

    my favorite card game is a drinking game, but my favorite part of the game isn’t the drinking, it’s the weird fun games you end up playing when you pick up certain cards. One of the games is bust-a-move where everyone gets up and stands in a circle and the person who drew the card does a dance move, then the next person has to do the first person’s dance move, then add one of thier own, and it keeps going like that until someone messes up. the game always includes a lot of laughter.

  • Go fish for the win!!!

  • michelle mateo

    Egyptian Rat Screw!

    I was playing it with all of my cousins yesterday. we put two decks together and I ended up winning after what felt like an hour. I think it’s the loudest card game ever.


  • Briscola!

    You have to play with a set of Italian cards (if you don’t have a set, we can trade ;))

    It’s a trick-taking game. You can play with two people or more. Super fun, and the cards are cool!

  • Em

    rummy is good. But only on the ferry home

  • A.J.

    My family game of choice has long been Kaluki. An epic, practically never ending form of Contract Rummy that requires as many as three to four decks of cards at once, depending on the number of players. To explain the rules would require a doctoral thesis and afterwards you’d have to marry into the family.

  • I’ve never read as many of the comments on a giveaway as I did just now. There are so many games I want to try!

    My personal favorite is Set. Fairly common game, but that’s just because it’s so great. Though it doesn’t use normal playing cards.

    My favorite game that I could play with these beautiful cards is called Nerts. It’s basically like competitive solitaire in pairs. So you get a bunch of people all playing solitair at the same table, but you can play on your partners cards as well. First team to finish wins. It can be pretty crazy and fast paced. I love it.

  • Child in mirror is absolutely the best one, the most beautiful. I love it.
    Great work, great idea.

  • Ah a family game we use to and sometimes still play is Sevens or some people call it Fan Tan. Its pretty fun. Very tricky at times and backstabbing. Family fun!


    That version is slightly different, we use an entire deck. Whoever has the 7 of spades starts and you either have to have another seven to go or have the next card either high or lower of what ever card is laid on the table. Whoever has no cards at the end wins.

    To maybe clarify the cards have to be laid down in order on the table and you will have 4 lines. One for each suit. I’m not very good at explaining stuff…haha

  • my favorite game is Durak

  • Patrick Patterson

    Idiot! No, not you, that’s the name of the card game. Best one I’ve ever played. This website’s weird but it does have the rules..


  • Julia

    I simultaneously love and hate Crazy Eight Countdown. It’s an epic variation of Crazy Eights, where each person plays through their hand and moves on to crazy sevens, sixes, etc., down to aces. My friends and I used to spend night after night drinking and playing this game. The games would get longer and longer as the night wore on and alcohol took over our attention spans. I’ve seen many fights break out over this game, which makes it even more entertaining.

    There are a bunch of special rules that tend to shift depending on who is playing and how mean they are. Jokers are wild and force the person next to you to pick up five (ten for two jokers) and skip their turn. Twos make them pick up two (up to eight for four twos). You can put down all of your cards of a suit on top of an ace. Jacks either switch direction or skip the next person’s turn. The game gets particularly ridiculous if you play with two decks or let people keep playing when they pick up a new hand (ie: if they go out on a two they can put down any twos they pick up in their new hand). If you’re on a roll you can go through a few hands on one turn.

    It’s basically Crazy Eights, but it lasts ten times as long, involves much more strategy, and gives you the ability to really screw everyone over. Win!

  • A classic – you can’t go wrong with POKER !
    Love it!… and this deck would be perfect for our next home tournament…

  • jaycie


  • harley

    gin rummy, but only with my dad

  • Amy

    I’ve loved playing Speed (or Spit as some people call it) since a young age – I enjoy the intensity and concentration of the game which makes the build up and ultimate win so much sweeter (of course, I was a tough match!).

  • The most fun I’ve had with my friends is by playing Texas Hold ’em!

  • I myself love a rousing game of Apples to Apples.


    NERTZ! Its a game where every player has there own deck of cards and builds up from ace to king on other people’s cards too. It gets crazy. Lots of fun!

  • Brendan

    PHASE TEN…..or SOPIO! :)

  • My all time favorite card game is Rummy! My grandparents, parents, and I all play together.

  • Taylor

    Gin Rummey!

  • I love playing Rummy 500 and Canasta

  • Travis

    welll, spit! it’s super fast-paced, requires quick thinking and always causes laughter! great game for couples

  • mp

    Cheat has got to be my favorite game of all time. You have to get rid of all the cards in your hand by lying them face down on the table. But you have to drop them sequentially. So if you don’t have the right card you can either lie and convince the group you have that card or be forced to pick up all the cards that have been dropped so far. The best poker face wins.

  • sd

    goldfish or memory.

  • Kayrl

    I’d go with slap jack, but then who would want to risk ruining these beautiful cards? so big two is my next fav. yes I’m pretty traditional

  • Rapolas

    Rams for me.

  • Tristan

    Phase 10!

  • Annika

    POKEMON!!! Enough said.

  • Eleanor


  • I believe my favorite one is what we call in France the God game.
    A player is playing “God”. He creates a rule the other players have to guess.
    This game is endless!

  • 007 is my favorite!
    My best friend and I played it in high school when it rained :)
    The cards are amazingly rad!!!

  • S P I T !

    what a game. really bloody addictive.
    here’s how:

  • Tuan Anh

    Mau Mau!

  • CANASTA. Because i always win :-)

  • Eglitza

    Mau Mau, to kill to much hours in schooltime….

  • Sebastian

    My favorite card game is Rommé:

    It’s a card game for up to 4 players. Each player has to lay down cards on the table by finding sets or sequences. The player who first lays down all of his cards wins a round. The player with the highest score after three rounds wins the game.

  • MAD

    Oh Monja ,
    what beautyful playing cards, you can be proud of this set.

  • it’s called munchkin. and it’s a lot of fun. just because we’re playing it for so long that it’s only fun while cheating. that sounds strange. but after playing it a hundred-times the rules of that funny role-game aren’t tough enough.

  • Benedict

    There is something magical about this deck of cards.
    Pure aesthetic combined with the dark seductive power of gambling lets me think of of a border-less world with a new set of rules.
    Hope that I’ll be able to invent my own personal game with these cards.

    Cheers Benedict

  • I…dee…clare…WAR! Memories of playing WAR with my little sister. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_(card_game) . I covet these cards!

  • It’s not really a card game, I like to do tarot sometimes with playing cards. I’m not that good….yet.

  • Sam


  • Jill-Aurelia

    my favorite game is called ‘geimsch’. it’s a swiss game and i always played it with friend in the swiss alps…

  • I always enjoyed playing Clocks when I had nobody else to play with as a child! :)

  • Karla

    Screw Your Neighbor. Playing cards passed faced down, with the objective each round to NOT have the lowest card. You can risk your card, and switch with your neighbor if you don’t think yours is high enough… We play with 4 quarters at a time, so you loose a quarter if you have the lowest card of the people playing each round, this continues until there is one last person standing, this last person wins all the quarters! :D

  • These cards are lovely!

    Favorite game: Castle Races.My Brother while staying at my Grandmother’s house would compete to see who could build the tallest and most elaborate card castle before the deck ran out (or someone knocked it down). That was a long time ago…but still my favorite. ♥

  • ‘Spit’ was always a childhood classic but lately I’ve enjoyed playing good old Solitaire!

  • love this art. love the cards. love playing them. let me win!

  • Old maid or go fish!
    Such beautiful cards.

  • I love playing black jack with my brother, although we call it Jack Black. It would be fantastic to play all kinds of games with these beautiful cards.


  • beautiful work. texas hold em is of course a classic, but my all time favourite would have to be a game called boff. Boff is an obscure drunken card game me and my brother made up one time. You basically make up the rules as you go along, and it changes every game. I can’t even explain it well, but it’s always a good time.

  • My all time favorite game is WAR! it’s the first game I learned to play with my brother on a summer long trip across the wild west, when my dad was a professional Rodeo cowboy. We through it was “what the cowboys played” (although they were playing black jack)

  • I love the spin my friends and I put on Spoons, where instead of having the spoons right in front of you, you put them somewhere out of the way like across the street, so you have to run to get them. Makes things a little more interesting!

  • Pia

    Gin. Can’t go wrong with a classic.

  • I love playing a card game called Spite & Malice. It’s fast and crazy fun!

  • TK

    MTG is fun!

  • spades, i even have a tattoo for it!

  • Philip

    Kings in the Corner is my favorite. It’s like a multiple player solitaire that can have betting attached to it. It’s fun and quite simple.

    For detailed rules try: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/how-to-play-kings-in-the-corner.htm

  • Any card game involving members of the opposite sex and stripping. hehe

  • AnnieRan

    THE MOON IN THE SPOON! ah absolutely love it,

  • Go Fish.

  • The card game “Bullshit” is a good un!

  • matty

    the one and only. Snap. Universal.

  • Inga Hulda

    my favorite card game that I play a lot, Icelandic one.
    It is called many names but I always call it “Shit Man” in Icelandic “Skítakall” Fast, easy and fun!


  • Chantal

    My all time favorite would be my “Mad” card game. I have had it since I was about 10yrs old. I am now 39. It is very similar to crazy 8’s but it is the Mad Magasine’s tweaked version. Lots of fun with amazing images. These graphic cards are an amazing find. Love love Love them.
    They are very inspirational.

  • best cardgame ever: Psychological JuJitsu. I mean with a name like that is has to be good.
    Here are some instructions: http://www.icynic.com/~don/psych.html

  • my family usually play forty-one in holiday :)

  • Enrique


  • Sevens and free call (windoe defolt game that I used to play so much that when I closed my eyes I coud see the cards O_O ;P) are my fav….I love Sevens cause I usually play it with my family and everybody gets crazy mad in the game/winning mode.
    The sevens that we play are a bit different then it says online, every player is delt with 4 cards. The power cards are 7, Ases and 10s. But only Ases(11) and 10s(10) bring the points, and 7 is a caed that is used to beat every card in the game. So how you play. The first pearson that trow the card is on the left of the deeler, you can trow any card you want, and all the rest of the players trow, but they can beat you if they trow the the same card, like nine on nine , you can beat it again if you have something to beat and wo ever takes the round trow in a second round. It is pretty fun and you can play in like counting the score in each game till for example like 200. :P

  • Tanya

    My favorite card game with friends is Egyptian Ratscrew. It’s insane and we get crazy competitive, but winner always gets a few drinks for free for the night. Can’t beat that!

  • Sofia

    TRUCO! (spanish for The Play of the Tricks)

  • Valentina

    Texas Hold ’em! These cards are absolutely beautiful.

  • Scala quaranta (40 steps), it’s an Italian card game you play with two decks, very similar to gin or gin rummy I think. It’s really fun and you just have to know how to add to forty.

  • Sung Mun

    Go-stop – a korean card game played with Hanafuda cards (japanese flower cards) using a different point system. The general point of this game is to score points, usually three or seven, and then call a “Go” or a “Stop.” When a “Go” is called, the game continues, and the amount of points or money is first increased, and then doubled, tripled, quadrupled and so on. If a “Stop” is called, the game ends and the winner collects their winnings.

    The cards are beautiful – there are different flowers that corresponds to each of the 12 months.


  • i play a game called red seven. you spread the cards out and pretend to know where it is. then you grab the card and flip it with utter most confidence that it is indeed the red seven. players take turns until the red seven is revealed and tehn all hell breaks lose. every players doubts and opinions about teh game wash away and pure joy engulfs the room. its really fun. but also not really. but its ours. and getting everyone emotionally invested in teh game is half the fun.

    these are so rad.

  • Jenni J

    I’m a woman who loves card houses.

  • Nothing beats an ice cold beer and a game of Cribbage.

  • bridge! this card game is so hard i need to read a whole book to master it! the title of the book is Bridge for Dummies :))

  • UNO.. I’m a kid at heart and it’s the easiest game to play with all of the kids in my family at the same time.

  • camila

    52 pick up, dispersed through 52 states. well fifty and the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

  • Solomon Gerges

    My favorite game of all time is Egyptian Ratscrew It is really awesome. Simply put it is “slap jack” and “war” on steroids. It requires Minimum of two players. Depending on how many players the more decks of playing cards required. Here is a link to detailed instructions since it would take a really long time to type out here which has diagrams.

  • Loes Linders

    Ezelen! It’s Dutch but if you would translate it it would be ‘donkying’ so the verb of donkey.
    You have to put down a card and then everbody has to show the same sort of card (so all 2’s or all queens) and when you don’t have one you have to pick a new card. Whoever has no cards anymore has to hit the table and who’s hand is on top (so who hit the tabel last) gets one letter of the word ‘ezel’ (donkey) Who has the four letters of ezel first loses the game.

  • War! Go Fish is classic, too.

  • matthew Dickie

    Wizard but of coarse!

  • so many awesome games i want to try (and will) im bookmarking this post for future card game reference haha –

    im gonna give it to MATTHEW RIDSDALE and SUNG MUN. check your inbox both of you!

  • kerstin

    children’s classic MAU MAU!

  • Francesca

    The simple game that is SNAP

  • strip seven up seven down … get down
    Also the cards make me quiver with earthly delight

  • donna salter

    we used to go down to the river and play strip poker in our tent – it was such a blast and ever-so innocent ;-}

  • Roxanne Gagnon

    Crib!!! hands down

    15 two, two is four and a pair is six

    hell ya

  • aruby

    spit! aced that game

  • May

    Spoons. Always play it at art camp. Everyone has four cards. You pass around a deck of cards one at a time until a person receives a four of a kind and picks up a spoon from the middle of the table. Like the musical chairs of cards :D

  • Laura Blight


  • Harvey Parker

    These cards are so incredibly beautiful I’d let them make a new game with me – I’d twist, stick, bust and strip just to be near them! Stunning cards…maybe that’s what the game will be called. It’ll involve Rum, Guns, Women, Bibles and Keys. Oh boy!

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