05.01.12 by Jeff

Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi
A brilliant self-portrait series by Mariko Sakaguchi. Japan.

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi


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  • ohh wow, these are fantastic!

  • v surreal..me likey!

  • tanpax

    HAHA ! Brilliant idea !

  • que buenas!

  • O R I G I N A L

  • Hilflog

    Where can I get one of those bath tubs?

  • so this is what they mean when they say, “living in a bubble”. to me this self is in it’s comfort zone looking at the world. kind of like the internet, you’re in your pajamas and bed however exposed to endless scenes both at once. watching videos of the world.
    rad series

  • she’s quite interesting
    and the photographs are well composed

    like it (:

  • Thom

    didn’t the one contestant on work of art do this?

  • The idea is really interesting, this is like inserting privacy into public or less private places. Because these situations are not real, nobody pay attention to her and that creates a disturbance that make the viewer think about this notion of private/public space.

  • michelle

    I was gonna say, Young Sun from Work of Art did a self-portrait similar to the first one, except his body was naked and drenched with water, standing, instead of in a bathtub. The composition is pretty much the same too.

  • The cooperation of everyone in the photos is astounding :D

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  • lapetitefaon


  • Facurdo

    Buenisimos! muy original

22.02.17 by Jeff

Photo of Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia Looks Like a Painting

This is not a painting! The image above is a photo by Frank Krahmer (see the image larger). I saw this pop up on Reddit and had to investigate.

The image is from Namib-Naukluft National Park which is part of the Namib Desert (considered the world’s oldest desert according to Wikipedia). I found a similar image on National Geographic which gives you a sense of the scale of the dunes and camel thorn trees. The image below was shot by Frans Lanting.

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“Black Drawings” by Artist Michael Aaron Lee

New York City-based artist Michael Aaron Lee covers paper with grease pencil before cutting through with a printmaker’s gouge, uncovering the white underneath. See more images from “Black Drawings” below.

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Reader Submission: Jason Parker

A selection of work by artist Jason Parker who participated in this month’s Reader Submissions (click here to submit your work!). More images below.

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22.02.17 by Staff

Book Giveaway: Chromaphilia by Stella Paul

Phaidon is releasing a new book all about colour and art. Written by author and art historian Stella Paul, Chromaphilia invites readers to consider the many ways that colour has been theorized and utilized to express meaning and emotion throughout different time-periods and cultures.

Each chapter of the book covers a specific colour (Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, Yellow, Green, White, Grey and Black), and offers insight, artwork and anecdotes you probably didn’t know. Like how Yves Klein’s obsession with a particular shade of blue led him to develop his own customized (and patented) paint. Or how many crushed bugs it used to take to make the coveted red dye used for royal garments. (The answer is 70,000!)

Check out more images from Chromaphilia below or grab yourself a copy when it’s released on March 13th. We also have one to give away! To snag the book, simply post a link to any Booooooom article in the comment section below and write 1 sentence about the artist’s use of colour.

The winner will be selected in two weeks!

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22.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Haley Josephs

Paintings by Seattle-born, New York City-based artist Haley Josephs. See more images below.

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