15.03.12 by Jeff

Full Circle

Full Circle by Callum Cooper
“Full Circle” by Callum Cooper. This is genius, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this done before.

Watch the video below!

I found another excerpt on his site called “Paradoxical Planes”:


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  • http://WOW vishal

    that was pure joy.

  • Du_mb


  • Nana

    So cool!

  • Joey


  • http://stephenaman.com stephen

    couldn’t keep watching because I thought this might start making me feel motion sick. Well done, though.

  • Rob T

    It was also done in a Land Rover ad in 2006.




  • http://mcacoinc.com Mark

    Really great. So simple too!

    I’m curious to know how they rigged the camera to the rope.

  • lapetitefaon

    God this is beautiful! But holy christ I’m dizzy

  • http://notesondesign.net Morgan

    Wow! This was seriously cool and also threw my brain in a full circle

  • Droolin

    great imagination.

  • http://flickr.com/marcfunaro Marc Funaro

    movie magic right there.

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  • http://www.thetimeafter.lv thetimeafter

    yeah this is genius!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lyone-Sami-Fein/1091805421 Lyone Sami Fein

    I loved them all.

  • TheAndHeDrew

    Awesome. I love the contrasts between the different settings.