02.04.12 by Jeff

Tomás Sánchez

artist painter tomas sanchez
Paintings by Tomás Sánchez.

artist painter tomas sanchez

artist painter tomas sanchez

artist painter tomas sanchez

via: artnet

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  • http://cargocollective.com/michaeldeste michael

    these rule.

  • Zoe Shane

    Holy banana’s!!

    Those painting’s are AMAZING. I thought they were photograph’s at first. Wow, *JAW DROPS*

  • http://ohvangosh.blogspot.com/ ataweek

    The first one, with huge trees, looks so realistic!


    aah. That lake, island, cloud one is very neat.

  • http://letitgrowart.wordpress.com Craig Budovitch

    Lake Island Cloud! Lake Island Cloud!

  • skwareface

    Wow! Great atmosphere…especially the first. They remind me a lot of veteran painter Jacek Yerka.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcos.gray1 Marcos Gray

    That first one is just amazing. Yes, great atmosphere. I wanna be there!