15.01.13 by Jeff

RAEN / Sunglasses Giveaway

Raen / Sunglasses Giveaway
This week’s giveaway comes from my friends at RAEN. They let me pick out a couple pairs of sunglasses, and I’m hooking you up too. I’ll pick two winners, who wants ’em?

Raen / Sunglasses Giveaway

Raen / Sunglasses Giveaway

The two frames you see here in my apartment are The DAYTON and The NERA. If you’d like to snag one leave a comment below, tell me what your signature sunglasses would be called, make up a funny name – “The __________”. We’ll pick two winners at the end of next week!



CONGRATS TO: Vctr and Francis Ashleigh Michelle (Please check your emails)

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Everett

    The Ultra VIolence

  • Mitch

    The Forgetful Drunk

  • forever running

    “The Fugitive”

  • The “I’m staring at your girlfriends trunk”

  • Alex

    I want to stare at the sun without burning a hole in my corneia. So me! Please

  • DontBeShady

    It’s Finally Not Raining in Vancouver… Time to wear ‘The Beatniks’

  • Kodamma

    the “i knew i saw them somewhere”

  • The Vacillate

  • chrisunagi

    the “why do people where sunglasses indoors” sunglasses

  • Amanda

    The Goodbye Lazy Eye (and i must say the Daytons look amazing.)

  • Davidnoesgoes

    The “””sunglasses? more like FUNglasses!””””
    person A: “hey man where’d you get those sunglasses?”
    person A; “Wait do you mean these FUNglasses? ”
    person A: “ok :)”

  • The “I’ve got this sunglassess for free” sunglasses

  • michelle

    The Dark Side

  • Dangarpo

    “The Customeyes”

  • check out my tripple X shades. i can see your pink panties.

  • disqus_xHUGlLSPl0

    “The rawest”

  • b.

    The Myopic

  • The “sneaky street creeper” sunglasses. The perfect way to check someone out without them knowing!

  • oui_cest_ca

    The Dean Moriarty

  • vinny44nl

    The “2 lens 1 Frame”

  • The Spicoli

  • TheCovFox

    The Bravado.

  • Niko Robinson

    And on the Gilded Hills of Robinson…he took off his sunglasses, and uttered their name….

    The coconut situations…

  • Imogen Woodring

    The “Posh Migraine”

  • Dave

    The “Shhhhh, quiet sun” glasses

  • Jane

    “the eyelids”

  • “The Hustler”

  • the poindexter

  • casey

    “The Seal Detective”

  • Gapman


  • Joey Alvarado

    “Sexy & I know it” sunglasses

  • jcubtheliar

    The “geer boggles”

  • Grace Korkames

    The “Hide-a-Hangovers”

  • Tanja

    The hangover coveralls. Hooooo!

  • The Boy Mascara

  • Elijah Ford

    “The Sun’s Glasses”

  • Mason

    “The Criminal” – cuz they’re shady

  • Lubert

    the “blind”

  • thejokersfool

    The Hangover Censor

  • Sean

    The Good Enough to Wear at Night

  • The Ladylumps

    Instant junk in your trunk

  • Rodney Doyle

    The Fap ‘Em & Trap ‘Ems

  • alex

    The “bitchface” sunglasses

  • The no officer I dont know why you pulled me over sunglasses

  • Andrew

    The “I’ll apologize, but I am not taking off my sunglasses” sunglasses.

  • Guest

    The Astigmatic

  • The Hypsterism

  • Melissa Di Pasquale

    The Milton Bradleys.

  • marty gniech

    I would call them “The Chazwick Thundergoggles”.
    thank you

  • Dona Park

    The “Oh Hot Damn” sunglasses.

  • Cindy Yeh

    The Astral Faces

  • “The For Eyes”

  • The Absolution of Judas

  • Elijah Ford

    “The Sun’s Glasses”

  • Jessie Croll

    “the DAYTONight” or the “the NERA-take-these-off”

  • seansee

    “The No-Blink”

  • Shankie

    The New O3

  • yaise

    The “Glasses Half Full”

  • dana

    The Better than Visine limited edition

  • The Lazy Daysies!

  • blqkeye

    caution: can only be worn at night

  • sylvius

    the hamada

  • “The Solipsist”

  • toasterslie

    The Sun Is Evil

  • The Cracker Barrels

  • mathershifter


  • sbs

    the fried eggs

  • Guest


  • The”Lurk so hard mothaf###as wanna find me”

  • The People Watcher

  • disqus_21uQ1hXhE0

    The Habarbish

  • johnnyk

    the boooomzooms

  • Daria and Jane so that i can channel the two coolest girls in history when I put each pair on

  • maria

    the fairy sunnies….

  • aria

    “The One-Way-Mirrors” (and therefore none of you can tell I’m looking. except for the fact that you definitely can…)

  • Bronte Reid

    the “perver”

  • kebing

    the motherf***ing sunglasses :)

  • Jake C

    The Fraser

  • Megan

    the fiscal cliff

  • The Sweet Jesus
    – google it

  • Thaddaeus M

    Playing off the LA scene…

    “The Narcissists”

  • Colton Erickson

    the illusionist lense

  • The Ochki

  • maria gil ulldemolins

    the “I left my good face at home”, or maybe the “despite living in a country with no sun light I still have self esteem”. Either or!

  • The Palmer Hibernations

  • Math Ras

    The “shadow cruiser”

  • Gianfranco Peña


  • The “Mr. Blue Skies”. This song should play in your head when these shades hit your face.

  • Haley

    The “Sexy Can I?”

  • Georgina

    The fit bit of kit

  • The “you have no idea that i’m staring at your boobs right now”

  • Kadosh

    “The Apocalypse Shades”

  • Drongo93

    The “where’s the sun?” glasses

  • Ian

    The “1993 Limited Glow-in-the-Dark Detective Play-Set”

  • Jade

    The raaawen cateyes sunglasses

  • The “this will definitely make my afro look less messy and more cool…because I didn’t comb it today”

  • “The Flare Seekers”

  • gecarter

    hot cheetos and takis

  • politecaption

    “The Capote”

  • The “Medusa’s Lover”

  • Morgan

    the ultraviolet hero glasses – saving blue eyed damsels from distress. At least that’s what I call mine..

  • The Difference

  • Dang Judidench

    “The essentially blind but in denial”

  • Geoff

    The Derrieres

  • Erica

    The X-Rays

  • Eye Candy.

  • moogiem

    the shelled snail

  • Julia Kansas

    Ooh dat’s nice.

  • the alien

  • Oliver

    The Informers

  • The “Officer Commanding”

  • joe townshend

    The “Hangover”

  • braindickheart

    “The Darknesses”

  • Jenna

    The Baby Dangers

  • Simal Yilmaz


  • Gabe

    “The Dangus”

  • ArtistJerryBennett

    “The Vampire Sparklers”

  • Tabitha Burnett

    the “i can’t see it in your eyes”

  • patricio muxacho

    “The Zimmers”, just because it’s cool and totally stupid at the same time.

  • The Secrets Of Egypt

  • The “opticmistic”

  • Chelsea Asher

    It’s a tie between “The Hashtag-I-Don’t-Do-Colour” and “The Beige”

  • Tommy

    “The Them”

  • jana singer

    Okay, these look bangin. Mine would be called the “RAEN or Shine” glasses!

  • Ian Miller

    The Richie Cunningham

  • Garret Gartner

    The Sun Starer

  • j

    “The Hipstoricals.”

  • VCTR

    fantastic, I’ll go with “the ∆”

  • “The Dagobah System”

  • Jose

    The “life looks better through hearts”, they would be heart-shaped glasses

  • Yoseff

    I’d love to wear these!

  • Vianny

    The “You look 100 percent better when I can’t see you.”

  • Wandering_Lily

    “Future so Bright”

  • the kremlin

  • the unclassifed

  • Jamie

    The Booooooom Blockers

  • Brian B

    “The Mimes Who Explain What They Do”

  • jaycie

    “the jace face glasses”

  • Dave

    The Great-Googly-Mooglies.

  • Mowgly Lee

    the boners

  • leila malone

    “samsung mcgiver”

  • Has the name “Peepers” been taken? Jeepers Creepers! Where’d you get those Peepers®?

  • cone

    “the freakalicious way to see hot chick at the beach”

  • christine

    “The Black Eye”

  • The Opie Scopes

  • DelGoddess

    The “zombie ninjas”

  • Phillip

    “The What Happened”

  • Phillip

    “The Wing Man’s”

  • Christian

    The Peepalopolous or Woody Alien

  • Vianny

    The “You look 100% better when I can’t see you.”

  • Jasper

    The messy little cretin

  • Mary Patchin

    The 2 Cool 4 School

  • Jamie

    The Booooooom Blockers

  • Brandon

    The Satanic Seaquirum


  • “The Troll Seekers”

  • ccker

    “the shade keepers”

  • Flavio Bragaia

    The Curb

  • the rutting stag

  • jes sweat

    “The Blackouts”


    “fuck the sun”s

  • Reid Levin

    The “BOOOOOOM”

  • The “eyes of Sauron”s

  • Jordan Wagner

    “The Joplin”

  • Bickema

    “The Quote Unquotes.”

  • John

    “The anti fry-eyes”

  • Mimi B

    I have a huge head and these are my “Saving Grace”

  • Ariane

    The Chump.

  • Kuma

    “The Cory Harts”

  • Ricardo Vazquez

    The Roponggi ones

  • dchan

    The Hangover Helpers

  • The “slay those uv rays”

  • jeff chandler

    Bonito Ojos

  • the “actually don´t need em right now cause it´s fuckin grey and rainy everyday day here in germany”(left) and the “but wait till i hit the mountains with blue skies to go freeriding and finally take my “throughtheeyes… picture”(right) sunnies

  • The Manchild

  • The Incognito

  • owomo

    the blackholes

  • The iOwn Google(s)

  • Simon Coelho

    “The Damn I Look Goods”

  • The Pupil Protectorz

  • The “eye contact stoppers”

  • the eyes of sauron

  • louise

    The UV XXX

  • Jonathan Parnell

    The “Weekend Warriors”

  • SmackWashington

    The SwashBucklers

  • Ruben Lekkerkerker

    ‘The slim shady’

  • Ruben Lekkerkerker

    or ‘The eye shadows’

  • parker

    The Safety Gawkers

  • “The Sunny Daze” :)

  • kunstbanause

    “the limitizers”
    Im from germany :(

  • soha molina

    The Sassy Lady

  • Reece

    “The fat nipples”
    Oh sweet Jesus please let me win sunburnt eyes are no fun during festival season

  • Chris Cheuk

    The Beer Googles.

  • allison

    I want em!

  • Caroline Amelia

    The “NORB”

  • Khalil

    “the queen latifas”

  • Matthew

    The “you wanna see a dead alien?”

  • Kate

    “The Moonshiner”

  • Evan

    The Milk Duds

  • ejbklyn

    These shades are “The Shit”!…

  • haha the ‘swagmags’ or the ‘dirtguzzlers’

  • Khalil

    “The Queen Latifah”

  • Danielle Magee

    the blind man

  • ReadSteady

    The Eye Bra

  • Lou


  • ryanart

    The Innovator

  • The Vision Obscuring Scratch Display Unit

  • Frank

    The “Dr Oculars”

  • quickcolor

    “The Chris Tucker”

  • Avery Miller

    The gauze

  • Trew

    The Provider

  • Travis

    The Buttcrack Bubbles

  • The Lady Justice

  • emkayulltrah

    t h e . b a d . b r a i n s

  • Nate

    The Commentaries

  • Marjolijn Soelaksana

    The take

  • Motorcycle bags and luggage


  • Marjolijn Soelaksana

    The Take

  • gabi


  • Marjolijn Soelaksana

    The Take

  • The Reality

  • Charlotte

    The ‘I’m coming down’ Lense

  • gabi


  • ”the look at me brah” haha

  • Raen Bans

  • abi

    the lurkers

  • nino

    the bioniks

  • Steph

    “The Amphetamine”

  • Eva Sovnige

    “The Sunglarses”

  • “The Unicorn Finders.” I could definitely use an extra pair of shades to find those pesky things, no?

  • IndiaLB

    The I-can-stare-at-strangers-now.

  • Bloomers

  • Campbell Wallace

    The most Dusted.

  • Jake

    The “blinders”

  • The ‘funny bitch’

  • Henry

    The Freaky Eye Thingers

  • CrazyCat5
  • The “I’m either blind or an asshole” ‘s

  • Darius V.

    The”why not send it to Germany?”

  • allive

    The Barelooms

  • the ‘Geddes’ love his motto ‘Creando Pensamus, Vivendo Discimisus’ – which means ‘By creating we think, by living we learn’

  • gay baby abortion

  • Rebecca

    Signature glasses would be called “The Glares” – it just sounds so posh!

  • Alexandria

    The “Killer Kitten” and the “Paradise Circus”

  • Stanley

    Too high for this shit

  • CourtneyTex

    The Blind Spot

  • Taylor

    “The Sneaker”

  • Tosh


  • Cornell Williams

    The Watson’s

  • Chinaa.

    The 2 and A Half Eyes. #ThirdEyeOpen

  • Annika

    The “Great Spectacle” or the “Rhododendron”

  • carmel spivak divon


  • ‘The Man Catchers’…. :)

  • becky_scanlan

    The Brains (breakfast club reference..)

  • Ian

    The Bronson

  • “The Eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg”

    Referencing The Great Gatsby of course.

  • the “Joneses” (to keep up with)
    the “sunglasses” (for those times when I can’t be expected to keep up)

  • ashley k

    The Rubarbs

  • Rachel Melisa

    I would call it “the eudaemonia” for no apparent reason really, other than that it’s a new word I learned this week (love learning sophisticated, beautiful new words!) and the fact that I would be really happy if I won this.

  • Gabrielle D.

    The Looking Forward To Spring

  • Bryan

    The Sade Adu.

    I’ll show myself out..

  • Louisse

    The Babe Pusher

  • Bianca

    the “im actually wearing these because it’s sunny” sunnys

  • Vianny

    The “Too School For Cool.”

  • Rumi Emanuel

    The Matheo Palace

  • Melis

    “that sunglasses cray”

  • ‘The Icarus’
    For those flying into the sun :)

  • Daniel

    The Motive

  • Daniel

    The Looks

  • Dan

    The Class Struggle

  • Dan

    The Welfare State

  • Dan

    The Nature Boy

  • Dan

    The Cape of Good Hope

  • Dan

    Blarney the Dinosaur

  • TheDeathList

    As a tribute to how much I hate Oakley Frogskins, I would call these “The Foreskins”.

  • Rachelll

    The “Crowd Pleasers”

  • joe horner

    ‘The Suplex’

  • Victor Solis

    The Nebbish. ^_^

  • not dave

    daves glasses

  • Meg

    The Brain Veils

  • Nateish wilman

    “The Creeper Peepers”

    (an ode to my favourite Neck Face piece, and to be worn with creepers of course)

  • Cole

    The “Psychohistorian”

  • Nateish wilman

    “The Creeper Peepers”

    (in honor of my favourite Neck Face piece, and to be worn with Creepers of course!)

  • Domestic Disturbance

  • Tea

    The “Please God find me slightly more attractive through the power of the glasses” Glasses.

  • The Trailers

  • Pia

    “the bifocals”

  • The “Twerk Team”

  • trubel143

    “ba-daa-buzzinga”, its Sheldon’s fav phrases that is always fascinating and catchy after he told truth of reality. its sounds nerdy like and cool.

  • abbyjane

    “The Glasses Half-Full”

  • mc duck

    we cant tell the difference between fingers and french fries

    i understand its stupid and im not impressed by myself either

  • Dona Park

    “The Emmanuelle”

  • David

    The Now you see me, now you don’ts

  • tk

    the fruitbats

  • kalkan

    “The big eye menise”

  • Kate

    The cry babies

  • Vivian Qu

    “The Babymaker”

  • flipflipflap

    The Disguises The Bat Rejected

  • Lennart de Neef

    The Nephew

  • Mokasi

    “The Seiten no heki-reki”
    Translation: Thunderclap from a clear sky. Meaning: a bolt from the blue/ a complete surprise)

  • Brody

    the ‘stalkers’

  • Juliet

    “in SPEC tours’

  • Maria

    “The Skalleyte”

  • ouley7

    the “Rosie O’Donnel at a bisexual bridal shower”

  • Jenny B

    The “Snazzy Jazzies”

  • Huw

    The Laurier

  • Fiona

    The ‘hangovers’

  • Nicole

    “The parka”

  • mhx

    Golgi Apparatus!

  • The Smolder ;) only Tangled fans know that one! haha
    Thank you for the giveaway! these sunglasses are so beautiful!

  • jd

    The RAEN “Shields”

  • “The Im looking at your booty and you dont know it…Joints”

  • zaki


  • The tinted windows to the soul

  • aogomez

    The Boomerang Kennedy’s

  • Hmmm… “The Coolest Panda Eyes”

  • nijikon

    (will the)The Real Prim Shady (please Stand up?)

  • Elsa Nat

    The Instacools

  • Sofia

    “The unicorn eyes”

  • Elaine

    The “Hey yeah, I’m lookin’ at you”

  • The Roll Credits.

  • Amanda

    The Flaneur

  • Byrd

    “The Merkin”

  • Dana Robinson

    The “Yeah I’m sleeping behind these but you better not be staring at me cuz I might be staring right back” Shades

  • Hannnnah

    The God I Hope I Don’t Lose This Pair

  • “The stops sun getting in your eyes to help protect against solar retinopathy, which can lead to eye damage or blindness, glasses”

  • Anna

    the “Ciel Mon Mirage”

  • “Fifty Shades of UV Protection”

  • Guest

    “The Look”

  • The Look

  • the chill the fuck out

  • The Goth Juice

  • Cory

    “The Boom”

  • The Doogler

  • The Big Mamma Thorton

  • sam eleven

    “Before the Sun hits” ?

  • The “sucutrules”

  • The “wannabes”

  • The martians

  • The fiji nons

  • The tercodactils

  • The canasvieiras

  • The wantsome

  • The chimichurris

  • The porteños

  • Guest

    The fugitive

  • Hera

    The Southern Quivers

  • The chavos

  • The “She’s a Looker”

  • The ‘sunny glass’

  • “The Lazy eyes”

  • Adee

    The “EYES HAVE IT”

  • The Meth Tampons

  • The Tomas Murphy really wants to win.

  • jim hensley


  • melissaa

    The Hot Messes

  • Michael

    The “Strangeloves.”

  • ellen casper

    Slim Shady

  • Arnaud Aubry

    the “Psycho cat” !

  • Cli

    “The SoNice”

  • Zinc Thinkers

  • The “Through the LUKEing Glass…es.” Ha! I’m not going to win, am I.

  • The New Oldies.

  • Kayl

    The Outlaw Blues

  • Camia

    The Raging Caboose

  • highonstress

    The Windrammer

  • varunyoo thongdee

    the speedy grandma

  • Jackson Beyda

    The “Part time rockstar”

  • Mchle W

    The Hypnopompics

  • 510Alex503

    “The Loner Stoner”

  • The Soler System

  • The grannie panties

  • Cli

    “The SuperNova”

  • schoko

    Boooooom! The “Flame Boy”

  • Uxxa

    “The dark side”

  • Pedro

    The Eye Biscuits

  • “The Gang of One”

  • The Vision of Dark Matter Lightning

  • The Replacement Monobrow

  • Brittany

    “The Sunshine Beamers”

  • The “Nose Straddlers”.

  • “Glam Fairies”

  • Le Petite Penseur

    The “Set to Stun”

  • loretobinvi

    The glass has class

  • Noah

    The Simian Sunblocker Shade System

  • Hal




  • Gretchen A.

    The MAMAS

  • Maxon DaLow


  • The Face Adornments for the Hip, Chic, Trendy, Happy, Saucy, Silly, Style-Savvy, Gluten-Free, Takin-Life-Easy, You-Want-A-Piece-Of-Me, Booty-So-Juicy, Wasn’t-Me, Eat-Your-Broccoli Kinda Guy/Gal

  • The Sondering Apparatus

  • Chri$$$

    “The Super Awesome Giveaway That Is Not Limited To North Americans!” – glasses

  • The “Thunderbats”

  • The Hard-Boiled Detective

  • florina

    “The Bull’s Eye”

  • Natalie

    the “oh yes”

  • sodium

    “La rara´´ wich in english means “The weird´´

  • The Kaleidoscopic Gold Infused Unicorn

  • Noelle

    The $haderators

  • Noelle

    The $haderators

  • catdaaddy

    “The Boooo0000bsz~”

  • The “I like oof” pair.

  • The Corey Hart’s

  • Nicole Cartolano

    “The dog touters”

  • marina

    the alter ego

  • marina

    the shade vision

  • “The Selfish”

  • Savannah

    Rasta Far Eye

  • jack

    manta rays

  • manta rays

  • Andrea

    Gotta put on my ‘face bikini.’ It supports my eyes.

  • Robert M

    The babymaker

  • Amanda David

    “The Constanza!”

  • Sadia

    “The Today is Cancelled”

  • Guest

    “The Existentialist Deificationators”

  • the “must hide this hangover” glasses

  • Max

    The Kitty Meowmers

  • Lucas Maciuk

    The goggs

  • Jesse

    “On the Toadstool”

  • Chelle

    The puff puff pass

  • chyba

    The “far too busy being delicious” one

  • Emma

    The TITS. They’d be the best, what can I say?

  • “The Matrix”

  • Ben

    The “Yeah so what, yes im looking there. Ohhhh dont tell me you didnt want me to look there… Then why have em out like that? Yeahhhh exactly. You welcome.”

  • Jo

    The Monkey Eyes

  • Kelly

    the “dangerous love”

  • shane

    the “make it raens”

  • i’m leaving a comment here because i really need a pair of Raen sunglasses and i will do anything to get one for free :-)

  • le dépanneur

  • The Pervinators

  • Rosealine Mortimer

    Ah man.. just saw this… I dig naming, even though it’s over. First pic top then bottom..

    .Hardened Lava. & .Plutonium sleeps to the side.

  • Charlie lei sha

    InSpectashades ^-^

  • M Sawyer Ballance

    The disappearing act

  • Rosie

    The ‘Anna Cornea -Cova’

  • The “Koi No Yokan” which translates to in japanese, a sense on first meeting someone that it is going to evolve into love.

  • The “Koi No Yokan” – which means in Japanese: a sense on first meeting someone that it is going to evolve into love.

  • LyliaBarambaka

    The “SwagViewer”

  • “Shady LadEyes”

  • the “Shady LadEyes”

  • Natessa Amin

    “Douche Blockerz”

  • the legendary eye

  • TDW

    The Intrepid

  • May

    The “Creeper”. Only because when I wear sunglasses I creep on people :P

  • Cassidy

    the causal rockstar shades

  • donna Salter

    the sun cheaters

  • The “Spectrum”

  • Looouie

    “The Kim Jong Unalators”

  • Matthew Farmer

    “The Lieutenant Dans”

  • My glasses would be called “The Magnifying Magnificent”

  • Sue

    the piercer

  • cuteness to die for

  • The Lebowski.

  • ‘The Irritable Bleary Wrath Come-Down Concealers’

  • The “Windshield”

  • Ebony Hoorn

    ” The i was looking in a good sun to believe “.

  • “The Frothmaker.”

  • kris the unicorn

    “See Unicorns”

  • The “Saint-Exupery”

  • Chad

    “The Creepers”

  • Jordan Petryk

    The “I’m dead inside”

  • mads

    the fizz blings

  • Spencer

    The Fart Hammer

  • caffrine

    the “I slept with my contacts in, again”

  • Anthony

    The “I’m Cyclops but you can’t tell I’m Cyclops because I’m wearing these amazing sunglasses” glasses.

  • aLe

    The M155 (the miss)

  • Nick

    The “i’m glad it’s sunny enough to wear glasses because i’m pretty stoned” glasses

  • “The Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2”

  • “The Virgin Who Can’t Drive”

  • Léolo Hamel

    The Pittoresque Carwash

  • “the MFA”

  • Chris Proctor

    The “Was Meant To Get My Bro John Lennon Ray Bans For Christmas But Had No Money Repatriation Charity” glasses.

  • Phil

    The Stunner Shades

  • ryan

    The Urchins

  • The Onlookers

  • Adriana Hijar

    “The Winkler” A winkler is when you try to wink at someone but it looks more like you’re having a small seizure.

  • deadhead

    The “the best is yet to come”

  • Michelle

    “The Gamine”

  • Saule G.

    “The Strangeways”

17.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Bilmes

Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Bilmes. See more images below.

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17.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Merve Morkoç

A selection of work by artist Merve Morkoç (aka Lakormis) from Istanbul, Turkey. More images below.

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17.08.17 by Jeff

POW! WOW! Long Beach Recap

Andrew Schoultz


Pow! Wow! Long Beach returned to the city for the third consecutive year and when the dust settled there were 20 new murals. Have a look at more photos shot by Brandon Shigeta below, as well as a recap video shot by Chop ‘Em Down Films.

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17.08.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Justin Guthrie

A selection of images from “God’s Alive” by photographer Justin Guthrie. Shot in Alaska and New Mexico, the series is inspired by a song written by Leonard Cohen and sung by Buffy St. Marie. More below.

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17.08.17 by Staff

Illustrator Spotlight: Tomomi Mizukoshi

A selection of work by illustrator Tomomi Mizukoshi. See more images below.

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