28.02.13 by Jeff

Noell S. Oszvald

Noell S. Oszvald photographer
Noell S. Oszvald is just 22 and picked up a camera for the first time just a year ago! See more of her wonderful work below!

Noell S. Oszvald photographer

Noell S. Oszvald photographer

Noell S. Oszvald photographer

Noell S. Oszvald photographer

noell s. oszvald
via: colossal

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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  • Robyn Guthrie

    These are amazing , obiviously a natural born photographer!

  • mina


  • Flawless .

  • Beautiful – keep at it Noell, looks like you’re set to take on the world.

  • fiorella gallia

    beautiful. if i could i would love to buy her work.

  • Debbie Marx

    wow I love it, fantastic

  • This is insanely good! Wow.

  • FotoFight

    First one took my breath away

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  • vandongenfinacc

    Only a great artist is able to transform her thoughts in such stunning pictures.

  • Julia Gat

    Nice !

21.02.17 by Staff

“Simple” by Artist Erin M. Riley

Brooklyn-based artist Erin M. Riley memorializes fleeting moments (often violent or traumatic) in large-scale tapestries. See more images below or on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco March 2 – 25.

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21.02.17 by Staff

Captivating Stop-Motion Dissections of Everyday Objects by Artist Simon Gerbaud

Simon Gerbaud


Artist Simon Gerbaud has created a series of animations involving the incremental destruction of various objects like shoes and hairdryers as well as larger things like refrigerators and shopping carts. While the stop motion creations are strangely satisfying to watch on their own, Gerbaud has used them in several interactive installations in the past.

At the XII Feria de las Calacas in Mexico in 2012, the footage was synched to audience activated sensors so that the objects would disappear (or reappear) according to people’s movements, noises or breathing in the room. Check out more images and video of Gerbaud’s fascinating work below!

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21.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Nico Sara

Paintings by artist Nico Sara from Argentina. Click here for previous post. More images below.

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20.02.17 by Staff

“Home/Home” by Photographer Wouter Van de Voorde

Beautiful photos by photographer Wouter Van de Voorde (click here for previous posts). In this ongoing series, Wouter juxtaposes his grandparents home in his native Belgium with the mountain ranges of Canberra, Australia where he currently lives. See more images from “Home/Home” below.

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20.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Sharona Eliassaf

Paintings by artist Sharona Eliassaf. More images below.

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