24.05.13 by Jeff

DSPTCH Camera Accessories Giveaway

DSPTCH Camera Accessories Giveaway
My friends at DSPTCH sent me over a couple of their amazing camera straps. Pictured here are the braided Camo Wrist Strap and the Coyote Sling Strap. They have kindly given me 3 sets to giveaway.

If you’d like to snag both straps leave a comment and tell me the first place you’d take it and what you’d shoot when you got there. (3 winners)

This giveaway is open to everyone. I’ll pick a winner June 7th. Have a great weekend everyone!


The winners are Agnes and Michaela (Mickey) and Marija (on Tumblr).

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Fernando Farfán

    I am doing a trip to Europe on summer, of course I’d love to take my strap there and photograph Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

  • Sara Habein

    To the rock gig that is also doubling as my birthday party in July.

  • Guest

    I’m not going very far out, but I’d love to get to get to the Painted Desert Project in Arizona sometime in the summer. This camera would be perfect for that trip!

  • Celina F

    I would take it to San Francsico/Oakland & shoot some bands when I go to shows there!

  • Juli

    On the 66 Chicago Ave bus. It is like a third world country on there and I am both part of the problem and solution! I would def need the camo strap

  • I’d carry it around with me at WaterFire Providence as I work the event. :)

  • Ben Vergara

    I would strap it on to my olympus XA and take it to the boise river, which I would float down and get shots of all the people floating down it. Also if i fell off that paracord strap would no doubt save many a life!

  • Harvey Parker

    To my wedding this summer in Cornwall – I’d sneak a private moment with my new wife to capture an immensely fleeting and powerfully precious moment…a moment that will be treasured by future family members for generations for a millennia.

  • Jerry Hsiao

    I’d take it to the playground to shoot my daughter!

  • Emily

    road trip, livin’ out of my friend’s volvo stationwagon, hopefully survivin’ off corndogs. headed to Vancouver from Virginia.

  • i’d like to take it at Museum of Natural History in Paris at shoot all the amzing dinosaurs skeletons

  • Shell

    I would document my last month in the small southern town where I’ve lived the past few years. I didn’t have much time to explore while starting the digital photography program at the local university, and I’d really like to spend my last several weeks immersed in a project about this place.

  • Kenny Myers

    My bday is May 29th. I would like to have those to get an extraordinary picture from my eyes.

  • Daniel Smith

    I’d take it with me to the ephemeral summertime Iceland and get lost in the streets of Reykjavik!

  • Sarah Mann

    I’m heading to Boise next month to see my best friend and her new baby. I can’t wait to take pictures of her sweet little girl’s face.

  • Lucy Ellerton

    I’d take it to Glastonbury (music festival) and shoot a view of the site from the viewing platform at dusk.

  • Lawrence Alston

    I would take the camera back to Salisbury and head over to Ocean City and get some nice beach shots

  • Matt

    I would put those babies on my canon AE-1 program, go around the streets of Toronto and get some sweet shots of some churches and garbage bins.

  • Gordon Huang

    camping in the santa cruz mountains!

  • pipokun

    JAPAN in july. street snaps in japan, what else!? no better place to do it.

  • maggie

    I have been inspired by abandoned buildings and decaying structures, I would go out hunting for more to shoot!

  • jaycie

    id prolly go to the griffith observatory and snap some picks of some dogs.

  • Paulius Friedt

    I’m going back home to Lithuania to work on a clothing project called bits and pieces, so I would take my strap with me to the forests and beaches and would shoot all photoshoot pictures with it.

  • Tim

    I’d use the longer one to walk my dog and then take a picture of my dog taking a bowel movement.

  • Emilia OK

    Well, I live in Stockholm so my first stop would be to get some shots of the burning cars and riots. If they’ve settled down by june 7th, I’d head to the south side and try to catch an urban myth: the 75+ Longboard Crew. A coyote sling strap would be fantastic :)

  • I’d take it to the W.G. Jones State forest near my house.

  • Frank

    The streets & the streets.

  • I’m planning another drawing from a high place. Camera safety first!

  • Jerrrrrrry

    the first place i’d take them would be to my grandfather’s house. one of the straps would go to my sister. my grandfather always buys strange things that sit around in his yard, so it would be a front yard safari through all the exotic things he’s bought lately.

  • Dst

    In a forest by my house there is an abandoned greenhouse that has been reclaimed by the forest. I would go there and photography.


    I would take this strap downtown to photograph a 60 year old woman wearing a red and navy Nautica jacket standing in front of the huge photo of Mt. Rainier in the tunnel by the convention center. (these things are in Seattle)

  • ryan

    outside, light

  • Chester Spencer

    I would bring it to the river on a trip with my father and take a picture of him holding a fish.

  • Luke Graves

    My grandmother first piqued my interest in photography at a very young age, and I would first take my camera to her residence and photograph her, in order to preserve her influence and act as a thank you.

  • Jeremy

    To the basketball court cause its about to be summmmmerrr! A picture of me bustin moves

  • Istvan

    I’m going to Paris with my girlfriend in this summer. This will be our first trip together, I want to take a lot of pics with my cameras on black and white film. I want to shoot the people on the streets, and the awesome places in the whole city.

  • Emma Debany

    My mom and I are going on a road trip from GA -> CT in a few weeks and we plan to go to a crystal cave, ziplining, and a motel that has resident llamas, among a few other sweet locations along the east coast. Because I’m coming home for the whole summer I’m bringing my two rats with me, and they can’t stay in the hot car while we go to all these places, so they’re coming along with us in an animal carrier.

    I’m going to take photos of my mama holding my rats at every place we stop (she does not like rats) and make a little zine out of it for myself and my mom. I’m not sure what it means yet but the idea of the series makes me smile and so I’m going to do it.

    These camera straps would help me keep a good hold on my cameras while we drive drive drive and run run run : )

  • Third Eye Imagination

    I travel the world working on marine life documentaries. We leave for Tahiti soon and I would love to sport one of these straps on my camera during my adventure! Pictures of sharks and fish will be taken!!!

  • Phew

    I would wear a dollar store mask (some sort of animal) and sneak up on my studio mate who shares a space next to me and take a picture of him caught by surprise.

  • Aleksey Kondratyev

    I’d go to my family’s farm in Kyrgyzstan and photograph goats.

  • Erik Dutcher

    There is a small music, art, and literature festival in Iowa called “Seldom Seen” at the end of June. I would definitely document as much as possible.

  • Alan Hudson

    The hills at Black Balsam Knob, NC.

  • hannah

    I’m going to Ecuador sometime this summer and taking pictures of food, people, culture, and much more! the little and big things

  • Amandla

    St. Kilda on my adventure in a few weeks! Hopefully capture some wilderness.

  • Paige Ampersand Guggemos

    I’d take it on a minneapolis lomo club outing… usually that means urban exploring or one of our upcoming northshore camping trips…

  • Anthony Aelbrecht

    A fixed gear roadtrip direction south, friends, my analog pentax and the sling strap around my neck.

  • styblova

    I’m going to Kazakhstan in August, I would love to use this with my future medium format, help document my family and mom’s home town. Thank you for considering!

  • Joey Pearson

    Going to New York to see someone pretty special to me who I won’t see for a whole year after that… these would be a great addition to the trip.

  • Danvu Nguyen

    Going to art school and going to take pictures of the sleeping student

  • Demonika

    I would jump into my man’s bed and take a photo of him sleeping. One second after I would wake him up.

  • Edward

    I will take a picture of my pug that I have not seen in a year.

  • Graham Krenz

    I’m going to take it to the back service area of the Eaton Center in Toronto and try to see how long I can wander around the back hallways of the mall. Eventually I’ll get caught, but I’ll use the camera strap to distract them while I make my getaway

  • airy

    This summer i’m going to Normandy, France and i would take pictures of the Bayeux tapestry.

  • Grakus

    realistically…just take it too the streets as I always do but this time pimped out to photograph more often and more comfortably.

  • Daniela Morgan

    I’m going to be headed to Thailand this August (for a year!) and working for a LGBTQ non-profit. I’ll be headed all over South East Asia – would love to have that strap by my side.

  • Andy

    I’d strap one of these bad boys to my vintage Pentax k1000 and drive the family on a 2 week vacation to the greatest place in the world…Wally World!

  • Pieter-Jan

    I would go to the hospital and see my sister (she will be having a major operation very soon and will be in the hospital for a while) and give her my camera with this brand new strap :-), to photograph her life during the stay. So everytime something happened (like people visiting) she can show it to me when I visit.

  • Garnet

    I’d walk straight into the forest, equipped with my cameras and my strap. I’d capture the nature, the trees, the humanless environment

  • Angus

    I’d take it to 1978 and photograph Debbie Harry

  • Maria Todorova

    Hi! I am going to take one of the first pictures of my baby that is going to be born in September :)

  • Stepan

    I’d shoot myself to the universe and take a picture of earth!

  • Emily Rose Litten

    Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m headed there for the summer to study furniture design! Thanks Boom!

  • James Ellis

    Egypt and the Pyramids

  • cecilia majzoub

    I’d definitely make my way down to pier 39 in SF to document the (very hilarious) tourists.

  • Luca Tommaso Cordoni

    as always I go to the Alps in summer, hope to make wonderful photo to wild animals this years, or in rafting!!! =P

  • Chesco.R

    I would get my hiking boots on and would go straight to Topanga Lookout (http://images.summitpost.org/original/701812.jpg) and would take some sweet pictures at FYF Fest

  • Jenn

    On a road trip across Canada. Rather than photographing the majestic scenery I will be photographing the many tourists capturing these moments of ‘grandeur’ with their cell phones.

  • Eva

    Hello my friend,

    I would carry this beautifull camera in my purse and make a picture of something i realy need to. Something will force me to take a picture. those are the best pictures, you see something and you realy need to make that one shot, you cant continue walking !
    sow i can’t tell you where or what i will shoot.
    but something tells me that it wil be something veeeerryyy big and special. ( I will send it to you if I made the picture with this camera ;) ) you wont regrett it. kisses. Eva

  • Elisa Rudolph

    I’m going to Japan this summer to celebrate my great grandmother’s 98th birthday. She never lets me take photos of her…but I’m going to make sure I get some this time(:

  • Adriana Rosa

    i’m leaving to peru in a few weeks and i know they are really sensible to textile and leatherwork. I can’t wait to take portrait picture with their craft and artwork :)

  • Juan Manuel Ruiz Benavides

    Well to be honest, the first place I’ll take them is to the bathroom, cuz I’ll shit myself if I win….and then I’ll take to the street and start shooting, as always.

  • Alioscia Papout’

    I’d put my strap on my good old and heavy analog Zenit TTL bought in Siberia with a little sign for the Moscow Olympic Games on it and take it with me for a trip north from the polar circle in an almost abandonned city 1 night by boat from Mourmansk. And I would take plictures of the place under the 2 in the morning sun of this beautifull polar day. And of course I would take a picture of the submarine memorial on the central place of this small city.


    By the way it would be very useful on the boat :) it kinda shakes during the trip :)

  • Juan Manuel Ruiz Benavides

    Well to be honest, the first place I’ll take them is to the bathroom, cuz I’ll literaly sh*t myself if I win…then I’ll take them to the street, and start shooting, as always.

  • To my next wedding in Switzerland!

  • To my next wedding in Switzerland.

  • Jonathan

    Bike trip Glacier-Banff NP; mountains.

  • Dominik

    I’d take it with me all the time and make reporter photographs for my Photography class at college.

  • Amer

    The first place I’d probably take it is my grandmothers house to show her the bitchin’ camera I got for free and I would photograph her,of course.

  • Matha Naranjo

    To Japan. We are going to for search my man’s family that he has never met before.

  • Ryan Greaves

    To the forest and shoot some animals… on film.

  • Marine Dadayan

    I haven’t been back to Armenia since my family and I left 22 years ago, and my first picture would be my house my father built there. He passed away couple of years ago, and I want to find, take, make things that reminds me of him in any way, shape and form.

  • michelle

    my first photo shoot would be inconspicuously around the streets of my neighbourhood ;)

  • Meryem

    to fes, morocco, hoping that that old man who feeds the cats is still there

  • Cameron Wallace

    If I won a DSPTCH camera, I would round up all my friends, make crappy neo-hippie costumes, go into the wilderness, re-enact a Shakespearean play, and take lots of pictures of it all.

  • Jed Dunbier

    i just got a new 5d and im travelling to america and japan in october so id take these straps on my adventure

  • AnzReplicA

    Those sexy & sturdy looking coyote & camo straps would accompany me to the monthly local artwalk in Seattle, where I’d most certainly take 300+ shots of artists, their beautiful work…..then later, inebriated artists & my best friend peeing behind a dumpster.

  • Drew Futcher

    I’d like to go anywhere my cameras take me; some of the best photos are ones taken spur of the moment, and with these straps it would support both the cameras and the good spirit the entire journey.

  • cαρα。

    I’d take it with me to my next hockey game. Get set up right up on the glass and capture some miracles on ice.

  • Jacqueline Mok

    oh man! i would take them with me back to taiwan to the rural region my grandma lives in, and capture the vast landscapes and minimal way of life there.

  • littlelionofgod

    I’d take it to Nowhere Road (real place) in South Carolina where there is no cell phone reception and the hay is bigger than your car.

  • Casey Paul Underwood

    I would continue to photograph river bends of the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. These straps could potentially save my camera from ending up at the bottom of one of those river bends…

  • Winnie

    Straps for my new camera!! I’m going to take photos for my parents when they visit me this summer to London n our trip to Europe. In my memory, I don’t remember my parents have many photos together. I’d like to take more pictures of them when I’m back home.

  • Casey Hahn

    My last summer not yet as a college student. I’m moving to a big city during the summer for college, so I’d start there.

  • Anastasia Fox

    My little sister and I are planning a getaway to Yellow Stone National Park (driving from Kelowna BC) this summer. It will be our first trip together as we have lived on different continents for gaps at a time. I plan on shooting some great memory sake photos. As we all know you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.

  • Juan Luis

    I will put it on my Yashica Mat 124g and i will shoot a selfportrait in front of the mirror to see how cool it looks hanging on my neck!

  • Emily Marcela

    Going to Tofino next month with my 3 year old daughter, it would come with us both, my beaten up Minolta, and her mini Diana. We would take pictures of the ocean, the trees, and perhaps some failed surfing attempts.

  • Laurin Seddon

    i’d take it home for a picture of my dog, because pictures of your family pet are the best!

  • Jon

    I’d take it to the land of Ooo and shoot some candy people.

  • Michelle Moy

    I would fly out to California and drive up to Mulholland Drive and shoot the city view from the edge of the road.

  • David R.

    your mom’s.

  • chrisclean

    If I snagged both straps, the first place I’d take them would be the mission in San Antonio, Texas and I’d shoot the historic architecture of the missions.

  • Rosie Baysford

    cormorant fishing in China.

  • Ben

    I’d take the sling strap to Jordan and Palestine, where I’m researching arabic architecture, and to the Hebrides, which I will cycle the length of in August, wild camping along the way.

  • Chelsea Hopper

    I’d go immediately to Cactus Country situated in Northern Victoria Australia, its the biggest cactus farm in the Southern Hemisphere. It looks like you’re get lost there in every single corner of the property, covered in prickles.

  • Kid

    I’d take it to NYC and shoot only green when I got there.

  • Achiel Buyse

    My grandfather’s nikon F2 is just broken. He bought it in the early ’60s to go on safari. He gave it to my father for his camerastudies in the ’80s and I used it the last 10 years. Now the rubbers to keep the light out of the body are rotten and it’s pretty much unrepairable.

  • Maren

    everywhere – everything ;)

  • Hwu

    I’d take it to the East Cape in New Zealand and shoot something beautiful and surreal with beautiful people and beautiful scenery.

  • Cris-N-Canada

    On this island surrounded by sea

    I would take my camera, that strap and me

    Down to the harbor to watch sea planes and seals

    Up over the Malahat and to Tofino for reals

    Down rain forest paths, up mountain slides

    Out in the ocean playing on tides

    Wandering and creating we are both attached

    Me to my camera thanks to my new DSPTCH

  • im going to forest and picture herbs

  • Art

    Go to my own new house and grab some pictures that results five years of my hard work.

  • Gem

    Clip this on my camera and take the whole set in my rucksack onto the 69 foot wooden sailing schooner (where I work) called the “Passing Cloud” – our next journey is Haida Gwaii. The first photos would be of dawn light through the round galley portal… and hopefully my second shots would be of spy-hopping orca whales checking out a nearby kayaking spirit bear. (PS big camera = need big strap! ;-)

  • Alex Lewis

    The decorative facades of Kiev, Ukraine. Whilst i’m there I couldn’t miss the chance to photograph Chernobyl and Pripyat.

  • Baron

    I’d take it to the cemetery to photograph my grandfather’s funeral… Those SFK and Meredith Wendell straps WILL NOT DO

  • Adriaan Hauwaert

    i would strap it to my fujifilm x-pro1 and take it to Belgium and
    beyond! I would love to shoot some nice minimalistic cityscapes with it.

  • erik G

    Ey yo I would go to norway and go take portraits of miss norway!

  • lisasmit1991

    I’d take it to New Zealand to shoot some sheep.

  • Karolis

    I would document Off festival, shoot some bands like My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Deerhunter etc…

  • Stephanie Jane Fogg

    South of France and Turkey with my analog nikon camera.. to shoot the culture and fashion. Cool straps!

  • Guest

    This summer there’s only one thing I’m gonna go to: festivals. And the best way to get there is of course a road trip with friends! So I’ll shoot them, at those moment that they aren’t paying attention, guaranteed formula for the best photos (see images below). Oh and not to mention shooting pics for loads of party’s, days at the park and BBQ’s

  • Eveline Vaessen

    This summer there’s only one thing I’m gonna go to: festivals. And the best way to get there is of course a road trip with friends! So I’ll shoot them, at those moment that they aren’t paying attention, guaranteed formula for the best photos (see image below). Oh and not to mention shooting pics for loads of party’s, days at the park and BBQ’s

  • ninarosa

    I would take it on my very first train trip with a night train to the Czech Republic and try to shoot some unexpected moments

  • Nickthetooth

    I’d take it to the Tannhauser gate and shoot C-beams glittering in the dark

  • samdow

    On a derive over the vast great red land known as Australia. It is the Lucky Country after all and if im lucky enough to win i would shoot some lucky locals in the harsh conditions of the outback.

  • Franzi

    to a meeting with my friends!

  • echo282

    Perfect for street snaps whilst cruising on my longboard around Barcelona! I’d hit the street tout suite!

  • Vitor Silva

    I would take the camera strap wherever life takes me.

  • Erin

    I would take the straps to Iceland next month and make pictures while exploring the golden circle.

  • Danielle Taraschi

    I never bought myself a camera strap but I’ve always hoped it would end up in my hands some day. I’ve been taking a lot more pics now that I’m in Detroit so this would be awesome to have!

  • Nickthetooth

    I’d take it to the Tannhauser gate and shoot C-beams glittering in the dark

  • Matthew M.

    I would take it outside and shoot the neighbourhood.

  • Tugba Kibar

    I would take pictures of Bosphorus Bridge which connects Europe and Asia.

  • I’d take it straight to Walt Disney World and snap a pic of Cinderella’s Castle

  • Ian

    i’d take it to capture the underground tattoo artists from Budapest. It’s quite something in their homemade studios.

  • ccker

    I’m doing the ride to conquer cancer in june (2 day bike ride from vancouver to seattle). I would photograph the journey, the people around me, and of course, the finish line

  • Jaakko Myyri

    I would gladly wear those in my exhibition opening in the end of June, the colours do rokkk

  • bigW

    I would put one of these straps on my rollei and bring it to the natural hot springs down the road and photograph my girlfriend’s goosebumps as she slips into the hot hot water.

  • tk

    road trip : whatever random sights we see!

  • namuKaS

    I would take It to circus in my native city Vilnius & document carousels & other stuff with the Spinner 360


  • Colin

    I would shoot everything everywhere

  • Berry S

    I’d take it to the tippity top of Norway, while documenting the journey there.

  • Steven

    First thing? I’d stay right where I was and take a picture of the smile on my face.

  • eugenewlau

    Taking it for street shooting in Oakland Chinatown

  • Corey Vaughan

    I’m going to Alaska on June 18th! A hefty, sturdy camera strap would be rad rad rad.

  • Tashrika Sharma

    During my summer abroad to study Modernity in the 20th Century in Paris. I’d take a photo of someone showing their happiness at the Champs-Élysées (Elysian Fields). In The Odyssey, Achilles in the Elysian Fields urges Odysseus, “No winning words about death to me, shining Odysseus!/ By god, I’d rather slave on earth for another man–/ Some dirt-poor tenant farmer who scrapes to keep alive—than rule down here over all the breathless dead.”

  • Paloma

    I’ll take it everywhere! This summer I will join a camp in Morocco’s desert to learn how to build out of soil…. I will definitetly “burn out” my camera with pictures of the desert and the process of construction!

  • Valentine Atilano

    I’m going to UK with my boyfriend this summer, our
    first trip together, we’re going to Glastonbury Festival and I want to photograph the pyramid stage and all the festival experience.

  • herbiederbie

    I’d take it to all the gallery openings that I go to here in Brisbane so I could document and share the amazing works of some of the amazing emerging artists Brisbane has to offer :-)

  • I would take it into the desert for 40 days. I would roll around in the dirt for the first few weeks and really test it to make sure its up to snuff. Then I would find some poisonous sneaky little snakes and get them to bite the strap. The real crazy part is that I wouldn’t even have the antiserum to revive the strap. Then I would let some lizards use it to make a little nest so they can lay their eggs. After the firstborn of the lizard eggs had hatched I would clothe it in the DSPTCH strap. Then, and only then, would it be fit for a camera.

  • Tyrus

    First Place I’d take them is the bedroom. I’d shoot down pillows with a Remington 870 and capture it all with my Gh2 out fitted with Nikkor glass.

  • Craig

    I’d take it with me on the streets of Berlin, and probably shoot the back of peoples heads.

  • Sky

    I would attach it to my vintage Exakta Varex camera. The first place I would go would be the great Red Wood Forest and I would shoot some pictures of the famous car tunnel that they carved out of one of the trees.

  • Barrett

    to the mission in SF.. than to some butcher shops in china town.

  • I would like to take picture in the early morning of my favorite bakery in street montorgueil (paris, fr), to shoot the baker while working (and him ask a special sugar pie). My Yashica Electro 35 would like that.

  • robinjoris

    I would take it to South-Africa , for my thesis for my final year of photography at school (secondary school), I love the African sense of life and it would be great to capture that on photo with this strap. I’m planning to travel to there (live in Belgium) without my parents , so in my own , i’m 18 then (the great age!). So i can make very nice pictures and that this amazing with analogue photography. Would be great to make this super experience with this strap !

  • Alex Penny

    id take this strap with me to Barcelona and berlin when i go there at the end of june. NICE STRAPS

  • pee dub

    Walk down to the local furcon and photograph Furries. Not sure I totally understand them, but I’d want to try.

  • eric

    My wife is due to give birth to a baby girl in June. I’ll take this into the delivery room and snap shots with an unflinching eye.

  • James Jones

    I’d Take it around the city with me and photograph Various thing from architecture to street life

  • Andrew Hacko

    Baltimore, Maryland- vacant properties and heroin epidemic.

  • My new DSPTCH camera strap would join me on a journey into the deepest parts of the Wild Coast or Transkei , I will be shooting an african child portrait series using Skrapper T-shirts customized by my artist friend William Quigley

  • marie

    I’m going for a month to California in search of new and fresh ideas and would like to take my strap and photograph what has to be photographed.

  • Chris Ower-Davis

    I’m going on a camping trip round cornwall so would take them to the middle of nowhere and documnt the fun-doings of mself and my pals

  • Dave

    I’ve moved every year (sometimes more than once) since I moved out of my folks house to go to college in 2005.

    I want to do a series of photos of all of the houses/apartments I’ve lived at within one week (they are all within ~4 hours of eachother). I’ve been thinking about this for a little while, this would be an awesome motivator.


  • Mário Barbosa

    portuguese, currently living in Piracicaba, Brasil. I would take the strap along with my canon to photograph the beatiful waterfalls that we go here! Damn, it would be cooool!

  • GABE

    I would take it somewhere I haven’t been yet

  • colby

    I would go to the moon and take a photo of earth.

  • Nick

    i would take it to Roopkund Lake in the Himalayas and photograph all the skeletons there..no one is sure how they died..


  • Matt Smith

    I would give one to my brother for his birthday (also JUNE 7!) and keep one for myself. We would commence on our weekly trips to “The Crown Jewel” of Idaho, otherwise known as Priest Lake, snapping lurid sunsplashed slide film in forest glens with defraction grating filters over our twin lenses!

  • Guest

    My birthday is May 31st and I’ll be going to Big Sur the week after. I’ll take photos of the fog.

  • DX

    My birthday is May 31st and I’m going on a camping trip to Big Sur the week after. I’ll take photos of the fog.

  • TheLibertyLucy .

    I’d go to the higher place of my city (Bordeaux, France), to take a picture above it :)

  • Lee Boyce

    If I won the strap, I would carry out a wee photo experiment — perhaps set the shutter time to 20s and spin the camera around my neck in a hula-hoop fashion…see what happens.

    • Lee Boyce

      For the location…probably a busy street in Glasgow

  • Ryan Baker

    I would climb to the top of Devils Tower in Montana, and shoot the joy on a friends face as he shotguns a beer

    • ryan

      Wyoming *

  • Emily

    Outside, and take a picture of my childhood house, which my family are about to leave :(

  • Matthijs

    Recently I spent all of my money on a Leica M4 and because I’m completely broke, I am currently using a shoestring with two keychain rings as a strap. While ghetto accessories have their charm, one of these straps would be a lot more comfortable!

    If I win I’d take it to wherever cheap flight deals will take me this summer (hopefully Eastern Europe), where I will photograph the streets and take portraits of strangers.

  • erica

    i would attach these to my camera and take it on my bike ride from work — through soho, across the bridge, through south williamsburg and down to crown heights. great characters and scenes to document at every turn!

  • seebas

    Definitely would use it when I study abroad in Germany in the Spring.

  • Jesse

    id take it to fernie and take my first picture of the first rainbow i see :]

  • Mike Corcoran

    I am currently in Seoul, South Korea until September 29th. I have a Nikon L35 that I would love to carry around with me around Seoul while I am exploring old fortifications and getting drunk off shitty Korean alcohol on the streets with locals who hate westerners.

  • marcos

    i would fly to the moon and take a nice photo of planet earth.

  • Difa dwi astari

    bogor botanical garden. not too far from my neighbourhood

    i just love the trees, the airs, the winds and the sun :)

  • Felicia Roque

    I’d take photos of places I’ll visit, people I’ll meet, and memories I’ll make — for the reference of my future children and grandchildren of what an awesome life I had.

  • Benjamin Walters

    I’m flying to London mid-June to start a round the world trip, and like always I will be taking my two film cameras for my street and portrait work – A Pentax K1000 and an Olympus Mju-II (as pictured!)

  • Sean Ellingson

    Fly over to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Strap up and shoot pics of the thousands of mopeds and motorbikes cruising the city streets. Vroom Vroooooooom Vrooooooooooom :-)

  • mickeyf19

    To the mountains of Yosemite all the way from Iowa! I’d shoot the gorgeous landscapes and my camp there, of course.

  • Justin

    I will take it to where the wild things are. The camo strap will help me blend in to the environment so I can capture the wild things on film

  • Jacquie George

    Where wouldn’t I take it? But for a trip planned in fall to go to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick it would be perfect to help keep my camera safe when leaning over for those fantastic shots of ocean life!

  • Jack D. Bradley

    That braided camo wrist strap would sure look good going on an adventure through some Florida woodlands!

  • Hannah.A.

    My father has traveled just about everywhere and during that timr he has made friends.. all over the world. The first place I would ever go is Iran. It sounds insane, but America just sterotypes Ira as a terroristic, anti-american, sharia lawed country of extremist– not true. Anyway I would go to iran because I love culture in all forms, and Iran has to be one of the most colorful countries in the middle east. The point is i love color and creation, and I want to flee as soon as possible.

  • Hannah.A.

    I would take it where ever i go, and hopefully that will be across Europe- from England to Russia- and Asia – from China down to Indonesia.

  • David Panduro

    I would take it to San Francisco, do some street photography and then even to Outsidelands Music Festival in August!

  • Sara T

    I would take it on my next camping trip to San Clemente or Santa Barbara it would come in so handy taking photos of the view and my drunk friends! (I’m new to California so everything is new to me still)

  • Dallas

    The first place I’d take them is the next place I go when I leave the house. They would go everywhere I would waiting for the next thing that catches my eye. We’d be inseparable.
    please and thank you-send me the straps-my Grandpa’s old camera deserves to be strapped in style!

  • pianoforte

    Well, I’m currently working on a project which is a part of my dissertation. It’s basically about bicycles & cities and I’m going to Istanbul in September for this reason. Thank you.

  • Guest

    I would take it on my road trip to Spain where I’ll meet up with my girlfriend

  • Daan

    I would take it on a roadtrip to Spain where I’ll meet up with my girlfriend and take her picture the first moment I see her.

  • Sophie

    I am going to travel through Europe this summer only by train. I will travel with two good friends and I would love to photograph them while on the train, in the endless, hot, longing hours that will pass by talking and laughing and staring out of the train windows at the countries we have never been before.

  • Erick Gallardo

    The first time I did a photographic series was with two drug dealers, one of them hit my face when he saw my camera in hand. This year I will return to see the series end. This place is called Medio Mundo (Middle World), Peru.

    I would use it in my Rollei 35.

  • Kelly Bumford

    I’d take it to the villages of Malawi and the safari plains of South Africa – I’m shooting a documentary there next month and need something to carry my cameras at easy access :)

  • tduarte

    I would load my camera with Fuji pro 400H and just take a walk outside the stadium during the world cup taking shots of the crazy and happy Brazilian people around. I live in Brazil and I know how insane they can get during a soccer game :) It would be a party full of colors inside my cam.

  • Dan

    I’d go to Joe Momma’s house and take a photo of her dry spaghetti.

  • Irinelu Iacoban

    i am going to Poland in July until September and i would love to have this camera, so i can take pictures and remember all those great days in Poland whole my life.

  • Nicole Tierney

    friend and I are backpacking from paris to croatia in august. I want to photograph all the places we find to sleep

  • Jenny

    Tacoma, complete with Mt. Rainier in the background.

  • MM

    Earthly heros.

  • Pfisland

    I would take it everywhere and take shots of everything. June 7 is my birthday. Please (*_*)

  • Benjamin Peng

    I’m heading to Sweden at the end of the year. I’d try to catch some photos of an aurora borealis when I’m there.

  • sue montoya

    To the beach! Once the Miami sun resurfaces from this dreaded weather.

  • Nicolas

    I’ll hide to camera in the living room, will wait for the night and will shoot my boyfriend sleeping.

  • Sofie Rasmussen

    Id shoot the shit i do everyday. the people i see in the streets. bike rides in nyc.

  • Rubaiyat

    Heading to the Grand Canyon late this summer with a Speed Graphic (the sling strap would be great for that bad boy). Going to hike the South Kaibab trail for 4×5 shots of O’Neill Butte.

  • Matej

    I’d just do what I normally do and take them for a stroll through the local old city core for some street shots. One for my mju2, the other for my Konica c35.

  • ehc

    Going abroad alone for the first time this summer. I’d go and take a picture of me looking happy and well fed to stop my mum from worrying.

  • Alexander Grman

    These would be super rad on my fuji x100s that i take with me everyday. The stock strap is seriously lacking in style!

  • Jenna Velasco

    To the park and snap a tree!

  • JimTodd

    Wherever it were that i’d see the 1st three people after getting the camera is the place, and the people are the subject to the shoot with ultra dynamics.

  • Casey Bird

    Meeting my boyfriend in Berlin (long distance) for his 30th in June and i’d love to use it to snap a picture of us there!

  • Evaldas

    Go paragliding straight to the sky and take the pic from above.

  • Ken

    Will take them with me when I head back to my homeland (Singapore) for a visit and to capture the moments & expression of our granddad as we surprise him at his 90th birthday celebrations.

  • Agnes Thor

    I would like to bring the straps on a hiking/roadtrip to Utah that I’m doing later in June, photographing landscapes and the small towns we’ll visit. (But would probably be so excited if I won that I immediately would go out and try them out in my backyard and take some photos of that)

  • hannahmargerine .

    I’d take it with me to Berlin and Amsterdam. I’m going on a history tour there to see all the historical sights such as the Berlin Olympic stadium and Anne Frank’s house because I think it’s going to be a really really touching, emotional trip and I’d love to document it!

  • yolu

    capturing my last moment with my high school friends before continue to go to college in another country

  • joshua larsen

    Im going to my family cabin on Hornby Island this summer, and there are the most amazing sandstone bluffs that drop straight into the sea. I would need the straps because strong gusts of wind -which bend trees to the ground- can easily take a loved possession from ones hands into the void. That is were I would take them.

  • bank

    hi am bank from Thailand. It nice camera
    am go back to my hometown in Ratchaburi take picture of my mom and dad

  • Lukas Zerbst

    Since I finally met a group of theater-people, that is worth paying more than the usual low-wages for my artistic collaboration, i’m looking forward to spend the money visiting my little brother in Kenya at the end of the year. Due to the fact that I haven’t left Europe for the past 9 years I’m pretty sure there is going to be lots of beautiful stuff to take pictures of !

  • Charles Smith

    I am on day 45 of my own home “Marker’ business and need a strap for my camera to take product pic’s. Making Bags and totes.
    The strap It will help with not droping the camera from the bandages’ on my fingers from all the sawing

  • Amanda

    I would take it to four different grocery stores. One in a privileged part of town another in a gentrified area, a rural one and then in a lower income neighborhood. I would stake out the parking to get candid customer shots and then in store for internal environmental differences.

    • Amanda

      Then submit it to Boooooooom!

  • jake costello

    I’d go to the international space staion. But all I’d shoot would be selfies.

  • William McCollum

    I’m working on an Archaeology survey of Inca and early Spanish architecture in the southern highlands of Peru later this summer. I’ll be shooting some of the most incredible masonry in the world.

  • 40 miles of bad road

    I’d bring it to the darkest pits of hell, also called Oslo Central Station. Where I shoot most of my street photos. I will need some rugged straps to keep my Contax safe from the junkie vultures!

  • Dillon Jenkins

    I’m going to Venice beach ca, then Montana, fernie, South Carolina and dude, I’m strapless!!! Pretty please?

  • Peter

    if i could i would take them to Stockholm this weekend to take a picture of the swedish princess during her wedding..or maybe a picture of a bird….i like birds!


  • Diegodp

    I’m doing a few music festivals this Summer, so it will be great for my cameras! ^_^

  • SuperJoe

    cameracreeps photo club is going on a trip to san francisco next weekend. i’d love to have a sweet new strap for myself and one to give to a crew mate.



  • Mokasi

    The London Southbank skate park. Its currently underthreat of being concreted up! I must document such an awesome part of London’s culture.

    Broken Decks
    Litter the Ground
    Youths final foray.


  • CS

    I’ll be taking mine to Tulsa Tough to watch my love dominate on Cry Baby Hill

  • Cherkas

    I would take photos of my life and in summer especially, the Plitvice lakes in croatia.

  • Chris Woods

    I’d love to take it to South Italy and shoot the old houses on the hills with the sea.

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