28.05.13 by Jeff

Best of Kickstarter: Musguard

Best of Kickstarter: MUSGUARD
Musguard is the brainchild of Jurij Lozić, a designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s a simple, removable fender, and you can roll it onto your bike frame to store it. Watch the video to get a better idea, by the time I got to the end I wanted to be buds with Jurij. He’s even giving away the bike in the video as one of the rewards!

Check out the video below!

Best of Kickstarter: MUSGUARD

Best of Kickstarter: MUSGUARD

“MUSGUARD” on Kickstarter


Video by multipraktik

  • Matthijs

    awesome, thanks!

  • มามะ มะซางอ

    where to buy this?????????

  • มามะ มะซางอ

    How to buy this musguard????

  • sensorsweep

    now do one for the front