24.07.13 by Jeff

“BLOG REBLOG” Photo Show

BLOG REBLOG Photography Exhibition

Bruno Zhu & Go Itami


Max Marshall and Paul Paper have organized an interesting photo show, opening August 2nd at Signal Gallery (New York). Each selected 100 photographers, and randomly paired them up. Each pair of photographers then selected an image from each other’s portfolios for the show. So in the end it’s a show of 200 images, curated by 200 people.

BLOG REBLOG Photography Exhibition

Bryan Schutmaat & Shane Lavalette


BLOG REBLOG Photography Exhibition

Jon Stanley Austin & Lisa Fairstein


  • TiffanyPatterson

    How interesting…What a fantastic idea!

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya i think it’s really representative of tumblr culture and the curating that is happening online these days

  • eunhyelee85

    glad this is near me. i will be sure to go.

  • Marion

    The photographers list is insane !