24.09.13 by Jeff

Pendleton Notebooks Giveaway

pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway

This week’s giveaway is a collection of Pendleton notebooks, courtesy of Chronicle Books. If you wanna snag the set, leave a comment below with a short journal entry about your day. We’ll pick a winner on Friday.

pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


pendleton notebooks chronicle books giveaway


“Pendleton Notebook Collection” by Chronicle Books


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Naomi Berman

    I am currently sitting in my two and a half hour art history lecture, where i am learning about how Notre Dame is a lie that created its self. An illustration from Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris is the reason for the infamous gargoyles. The illustration created the idea of them, which, while Notre Dame was being restored, was the reason they were added to the facade. So, this fiction essentially created a huge part of our reality.

  • Nicole

    Today I tried to be a type A personality. This included going to an appointment on time, going to the bank, having a job interview at an office, riding the max train while looking out at the rain and not feeling miserable. Total opposite style. I even bought a planner. I want one of these notebooks to doodle in while I’m drinking tea and hiding from the fog. Or maybe getting drunk at a bar with a firepit with friends when we can’t stand to be inside anymore.

  • Jerome Freeman

    I woke up this morning intending to stay in and read before my 5 O’clock class. Things went array when I decided to link up with an old friend for a smoke session. He said meet at 2 oclock, we ended up meeting at 3, missed the connect, then had to buy crappy tree. Took a weed nap afterwards .Bad Idea, ended up over sleeping and missing class.

  • jaycie

    i woke up and regretted not getting my flu shot last week when my mum asked me too. mother knows best and now im sick and the second day of school is probably going to go worse than the first. On the flip side i had coffee and cereal for breakfast, lunch, and most likely dinner because im an adult and in charge of my own decisions. But im also a child who really wants her mom here to take care of her while she’s sick.

  • bbbbbbri

    today i’ve walked this corner many times,
    and many more in winter grey,
    always on my way to yours.

    in my ears repeating,
    resonating slow pulse rhythms,
    i feel your warmth and presence nearing,
    the right direction home.

  • sincerelyhana

    Dear Diary- Today I had ramen at Momofuku and it was delicious! Jeff should have been there!

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      awwwww man – maybe you’ll still be there if/when i go back?

      • sincerelyhana

        hurry up!

  • Matt

    Today I face-timed with my cat.

    • Tyler C. S.


  • joshua larsen

    My dream was loud and vivid. I spent far too long trying to use a pay phone; it continued to spit out coins and bits of fruit. It was not clear as to who I was attempting to contact, but nonetheless, I tried to use the troublesome device. Eventually, I was dragged away, by a friend who I did not recognize. Out into the road we went, where we were run over by a large red pickup. Today I had my first driving lesson. it went rather well despite the premonition of the night before.

  • John King

    Ed waved as I pulled into the Irving station parking lot beside the black Honda he and Reg had driven for two hours through the fog from St. John’s. These guys were my age, greying. I moved slowly, trying to protect my back from any further twinges that started yesterday and got worse this morning. The old Fender amp wasn’t large but it had gained weight since the last time I plugged it in, more than a decade ago. It cleaned up nicely and my photos for Kijiji did their work- a firm sale with a single email.

    I brought the old Vox guitar along just in case they might be interested. It had shared the back of the closet with the amp, in similar neglect. Ed was interested, but it was Reg who picked it up and played it for a bit, while sitting on the amp in the parking
    lot. Ed haggled a bit then finally decided he would have it. He went in to the gas station ATM and returned with a wad of twenties in his hand. Reg had an amplifier he would appreciate, Ed a vintage guitar he had appraised.

  • Laura

    Today i missed my first class because I felt gross and sick. But then I went to math and Norwegian (where I had no idea what was going on as usual) and ate super good Chinese food finally after craving it for weeks. I also missed Ryan a lot. Looking forward to curling up in some flannel and watching New Girl

  • http://shicakemakesstuff.com/ Melissa M

    Tuesday 24, september, 2013.
    Today I woke up and realized I had no classes since it was a holiday. It was great until I realized I had 7 assignments due this/ next week. Not a good start of my day if you asked me. After I ate a half baguette sandwich and a tall glass of lemonade, I told myself I was going to start one of my assignments. I started by watching a movie first cause, hey, it’s better to be relax than stressed out right? Right. So after I wasted 1h 45m watching a really crappy movie, I started my assignment. It didn’t go as bad as I expect. At least I tried. Mentally preparing myself for the Breaking Bad finale, exams and projects. This week is going to be a really long week.

    P.S.: Get more baguette and maybe some ramen noodles.

  • Kendra

    I started today by writing down last night’s very odd dream and staying in bed as long as I possibly could. At school I sat through a lovely reading of Heft, courtesy of my favorite English teacher; proved my athletic inability once again while playing tennis in P.E.; then spent two hours painting a 5″2′ self portrait at the wise age of 80; then and struggled to keep my eyes open while my math teacher walked the class through 15 minute problems. On the way home my chihuahua threw up on me, I freaked out a little bit. At home I tried to nap, but the neighbors are remodeling so that was a no-go and now I’m here finding a new way to procrastinate.

  • Steven

    ( sorry for bad english )
    Martes 24 de Septiembre
    today I woke up… I give a short call to my girlfriens you know ” Hi! good morning what ya eating…” like that…
    I have that feelling that this gonna be a laborous day… but while I break fast, that feelling was gonne.. so I watch t.v…
    then do the dishes… prepare some sheets for some drawings..
    prepare a grilled chese “frances” it’s a bread very regular here in guatemala.. and.. a little coffe..
    nothing especial really… I just wish you picked a most interesting dat for the contest

  • Nicole Williams

    Tuesday 24th, 2013
    Today I fell in love.
    He’s a tall brunette with gorgeous, captivating green eyes.
    More importantly, he the sweetest heart in the world.
    He’s a great listener, empathizer, and really cares for everyone.
    What more can you possible say about the day you fell in love for the first time?!?
    It was fabulous.
    Yesterday I knew him;
    but today I fell in love.

    I also had carrots for lunch:)

  • Rose Tarman

    9/24/13 Today was mostly a frustrating day. Technology didn’t care for me, and I didn’t care for it. But maybe karma felt bad for me, because when I was at the grocery store I called to check the balance of a gift card and found out I won an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas. If this is a scam I’m going to be extremely sad, but at least I have a kitten to snuggle up to when it’s all said and done. <3 R

  • Alanna Davey

    The alarm in my building went off early in the morning. Everyone stood outside by the road in our pajamas while the night bus passed and firetrucks came, without my glasses on everything was blurry- like looking at lights through condensation on a glass. I went back to sleep and I dreamed that I was in some underwater version of Paris with my mom, we went to a bookshop and I bought a picture book by Sylvia Plath. After I officially woke up and went to class I did a scene from the Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Moliere in halted french and mated some drosophilia flies in a tube. I just did my laundry now, I like to hold my warm clothes against my face before I struggle to fold my fitted sheet. I have homework but I’d rather watch anime, this has unfortunately become a problem…

  • Ben Chen

    Today I decided to accept my introverted self, no matter how hard I try I am not like them and I will always be alone in the crowd.

  • Rachael Melanson

    6am: Kale w/Garlic and Cumin and Scrambled Eggs on Chia Bread toast.

    10am: Indonesian single origin coffee brewed in Hario V60.

    2pm: Baked Red Plum Pastry.

    4pm: Miso, Parsley and Bean noodle broth.
    Banana, Flax and Almond Milk Shake.

    6pm: Apple.

    The Beatles (at work), Tangerine Dream, NTS Radio on Soundcloud, One Oh Trix Point Never.

    Making coffee / Editing video / Playing with 808 Kick Drum Sample.


  • Brandon Czekay

    September the 24th, 2013

    Today I accomplished a nice morning nap, managed to make it to both of my classes, and was able to work on my music for a few hours. I just returned home from the my girlfriend’s house after taking her dog to the dog park. He normally is playful, but today cowered and hid behind us when other dogs approached. It was strange, but it was still nice and I enjoyed spending time with them as always. Now time for physics homework. Man those notebooks are pretty.

  • Cecilia Lindgren

    Today was one of those busy crazy days. I woke up earlier then usual with a lot of stuff on my mind. Recently, I decided I would make much more money that I’m currently earning, so I took two more jobs, besides the one I’m working since February.

    Just to clarify my situation, I’m a cultural producer, managing a 10 people rock band office, promoting cultural events at a store and, also, creating social media content for an architecture office.
    Nobody made me to take all these tasks, I know, and I didn’t think it would be easy.

    So I started work today before I get up, dealing with 12 bosses and solving problems for 3 companies. I made some calls, planned a bunch of stuff, sent some email and then I got up.
    I spent my whole day dealing with egos, trying to negotiate deadlines, asking for contracts, trying to figure out how to have patience for all the lack of judgement, commitment, security and objectivity of all those artists I have to deal with.

    The thing is, I’m here, at the end of the day, annoyed, tired, asking myself why. Everyday I have the same answer: there’s nothing else in the entire world that I love so much to work with.

    I always wanted to be an artist, but I thought I didn’t have any skills or talent to be one.
    Today, I know which my art is: to be a producer.

  • Christine Kibler

    This morning I had a therapy appointment which I almost slept through. I had to have breakfast after the appointment so I was hungry during therapy. Later I went shopping with my mom for a few items I need for an upcoming craft show – a tablecloth, baggies, and a fanny pack. Yes, I’ll be wearing a fanny pack. After we got home, I had a cup of coffee for the first time in weeks.

  • Natalie

    Today was interesting. I woke up early, showered, and was at breakfast by 8:15am. Chatted with Catherine about what’s wrong with people in America, mass shootings, where the government is failing, and other things we came across in the NYTimes. Had graphic design at 10:30 and my pieces were critiqued today. I love that class but I get frustrated when there is mixed feedback on all three of my pieces. How am I supposed to know what to change when everyone disagreed? It was interesting to see how each person’s sketch resembled previous collage and line pieces that they’d done–I guess sometimes it’s hard to break out of a style. Intro to Ethnicity, Race, and Migration was next; nothing too exciting there. Then I had work which flew by today, thankfully. I hit the gym post-work because I had a sudden rush of anxiety and had to get it all out. Maybe it was because of the conversation I’d been having with my ex about how to be friends again and if either of us are ready to move on. Long distance relationships really suck. Now I’m hanging out in my dorm’s basement all night doing work and hopefully writing a research paper proposal that’s due tomorrow at 10am.

    My high: having an open night for once and finally going to the gym for the first time since school started
    My low: realizing yet again how lonely college can be

  • Reed

    Today started with a bong rip.
    At eleven A.M. I find myself facing the ceiling examining my phone. I think too hard about the societal impacts of social technology and it falls on my face.
    I’m distracted. I’m now smoking a cigarette on my way to hypnotherapy -I’ve heard if you don’t believe it will work, it won’t yield results.
    I worry about wasting money.
    I’m sitting in the waiting room, I’ve grabbed a chocolate.
    I was here last week (I misread the date of my appointment then) and remembered the mint chocolates. I dig mint chocolate.
    I rant for an hour. No hypnotherapy happens.
    i leave disheartened and teased at the thought of changing my cell structure. Which hypnosis can apparently do. Whatever.
    I leave for class, Communications 182 which I haven’t bothered to attend in a while. Partly because of some shit involving a British friend with benefits and her jealous bisexual ex boyfriend and a couple of nude pictures of both me and her. Another story. Fuck.
    Communications was a bore. Left early when the teacher asked if I was still enrolled. Double checked if I’m still enrolled.
    Still enrolled. Do better.
    Got home, bong rips, seasoned beef tacos and homemade guacamole.
    on the bed facing the ceiling.
    Text message from a friend that states “Beer, molly, music?”.
    My phone falls on my face.


  • lindsey schmitt

    Today I woke up.
    Roast. of coffee.
    Roast at art graduate critique.
    Cockroach welcomed me home by my doorstep.
    Blurrrr of events like a homemade star wars video
    Drawing forever into infinity and beyond!
    Would love to have my fingers dance the drawing tango on this notebook in the mornings on the stoop. with wet hair. fresh.
    Thank you.

  • meltedmalice

    Searching, yearning, gushing, wishing, wanting waiting.



    And more waiting.

    You were everywhere today.

    I want to dissolve like acid onto the earth’s tongue, subjecting myself to its entirety – savoring it, paying close attention to your flesh. I will memorize these moments semi-accurately. And then I will write them down. It will be the greatest story ever told.

  • M Blevins

    here’s the thing about driving back home so late at night
    well here’s the thing about driving between one state and the next, and here’s the thing about the middle state between those two that middle state is a grey area and it used to be these ugly shapeless heathen coal mountains and it used to be what i thought about west virginia.

    here’s the thing now, though, let me tell you. those shapeless
    mountains got formed somewhere between the countless hours and unthinkable miles into a forgotten great aunt or uncle, who, you know, is always there for you, i suppose. when you are down on your luck and need some kind of reminder.

    here’s the thing about this morning. it was so foggy and eerie,
    and doesn’t everything look more holy when it’s enveloped in fog? neon gas station signs shining out like angels from heaven and here’s the real thing:

    more than once i thought, “well hell, i could be dead already for
    twenty miles and this is what it’s like to drive right into the gates of heaven.”

  • Daniel Beltrán

    Tuesday 24, September 2013

    Today I woke up early, but ended not getting on time for my first period on school. I didn’t had to see my crush all day, so, that way I feel less embarrassed when having eye contact.

    My college club and I were collecting food and hygiene products for the victims of a storm disaster. New members joined us today, too, but I guess just because the teacher who is helping us is kinda handsome. Anyway, the more, the merrier.

    Someone complimented my shoes, I don´t know if she knew that one of them has a huge crack on the sole. Maybe she was being sarcastic? She even took a picture and published it on Facebook. It was a nice picture tho. I don´t really want to think that, that compliment made me a little happy.

  • Annika

    I wore a cloud shirt to reflect the sky,
    my professor stood on a table,
    I gazed at a solitary bike wheel of implied theft,
    and I left my friend in that uneasy state of, “is the kitchen smoke alarm gonna go off or not?”

    (it didn’t.)

  • Brenna Kiser

    My Tuesday morning was spent grading and teaching, then I got to come home to my cat and my best friend. We spent the evening eating mall food, drinking coffee, taking pictures in the park, and working while the cat spent her evening terrorizing us. Overall, a lovely day.

  • Sienna Scheid

    September 24, 2013

    There are two things I am very grateful for today: the kind bus driver and the mean bus driver.

    0830 HOURS
    I’ve never taken my bike on the bus. But today I let my momentum decide for me as I whiz past my preferred bike-rack on the way to the bus stop. The road ahead has never been caressed with my stiff tires, and I relish in the newness of the pavement. I’m so infatuated with ride that I pass my usual bus stop and roll to the next one a quarter mile down the road. There I wait, lounging in the grass with my bike propped against the sign and my back propped against my bike. The lumbering square box that is my bus (#220) wobbles down the hill and grunts to a halt in front of me as I slide my headphones off my ears. I nervously move to the rack mounted on the ugly face of the ancient technology. I’m stumbling to get it open and I’m embarrassed as hell. Eons later my beautiful little bike is snug on the apparatus and I slink into the behemoth and begin to drop $2.50 into the money stand. The driver stares me down and then says, “we’re not giving you an easy time this morning, are we?” Thank God for friendly bus drivers.

    0100 HOURS
    I unlatch my bike from the rack as an elderly couple (professors?) whispers and smokes against the brick wall to my right. I nonchalantly whip my hair around and fit my headphones on to give them some privacy, then pull my bike out and head to the stairs (don’t ask my why they put the bike-rack on the second story of campus). At the bottom I hop on and glide to the bus stop to the north – one I’ve never waited at before. Someone is already there. He pumps his fist as some cholos shout at us from the bed of an old Dodge driving by, then offers me some green Tic-Tacs. I refuse. He motions for me to sit down on the rotting bench, but I don’t like how he eyes me, so I say no again and fix my backpack’s chest strap running under my boobs and making them seem more pronounced than they really are. Then I lean comfortably against my bike as I contemplate whether he is high or handicapped. I go with drunk as the bus lumbers up and he asks for the time even though the bus runs on a schedule. I have no problem bringing down the rack and nestling my bike in its black metal frame. As I step onto the bus I see it’s the grumpy old hag driver. I hand her my ticket, knowing it expired half an hour ago and dreading to have to fork out another $2.50 ($5 round trip! As if!). She looks at it and grumbles. My hands tighten around my shoulder straps as she crumbles it in her stubby fist. I’m uncertain. But then the bus begins to move and I thank God for grumpy don’t-give-a-shiz bus drivers.

  • Jsweat

    Today I went to school, then went to work, then took the bus home and did my homework. Maybe if I had some nice notebooks, I would write beautiful poetry. Instead I will walk to my neighbors house and make him give me guitar strings. I’ll come home and write a fancy song… But if I had a fancy notebook, I could write some fancy lyrics too.

  • Tashrika Sharma

    Tuesday 24, September, 2013
    11:49 PM – Boston @ Boston College

    Full yoga wake up added. Loosened up and awake. Went to go over group’s work on tracing the movement of wood-worked Chinese pagodas from the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exhibition to present day. Moved onto the library to understand set theory. Took a ride accompanying a friend with errands. Returned to the library to continue set theory. Went over a problem set with set theory (a set in a set.) Ate a good meal with a good friend. Watched the sun set and turn the sky red over decaffeinated coffee. Dissolved the day with my RA Staff Meeting.

    Checked BOOOOOOOM!

  • maggie

    Today, me and my boyfriend of 4 years have been giving each the silent treatment, I wonder how much longer we both can keep this til’ one of us croaks. I know it won’t be me! It’s been quite the immature day.

    • Barbara Jean Golden

      Cut it out life is too long and happy for that. Do something that you know makes him laugh he will thank you for it later. You have been with him four years let today be a happy four oH!**** one. Juz a suggezun

  • steaped

    I felt undervalued at work today. This feeling has been steadily growing since the Tuesday post labour day, after the “changes” happened. No comfort could be found in a $6 coffee on company credit either. I should grit my teeth, pull up my socks and put my nose to the grind stone cliches like my mom says, but I’m too bitter for that. Already too bitter.

  • Chiralspiral

    As I come to work I read about a rare capture and see the words rape
    culture, because I’m tired and I’m a feminist and did I mention I was

    The more I have to do, the more unstuck in
    time I feel. I expand laterally to blanket every task pinned to my sky,
    which is dark both as I arrive at and leave the office. Weeks go by this
    way, and now I am tight, at my limit. I work and work and support and
    share and smile and rage. I can’t hide the frustration.

    walk to work with a mantra that quickly falls away broken the moment I
    learn all of my work may be rendered meaningless. Maybe. And some of us hope so,
    because then no one will see how thin we are. How stretched we are. How
    tired and dizzy we all are. No one will know how we are failing, because
    we can’t stretch to reach all the pins, and now they are falling.

    As I commute home, I hear a man describe a bag of candy: jelly beans and jolly rancher. Or is that his phone?

  • leyatess

    At eight in the morning I rode my bike along what is called the Galloping Goose trail on southern Vancouver Island. The trail meanders along what was once the last western leg of the canadian pacific railroad. Passing puddles and gortex clad commuters, I was lost in contemplation. Would my fender-less back tire spit up mud between the legs of my pants? Last week I had the uncomfortable situation of walking around downtown looking like I had shat myself. Lost in this deep thought, I almost ran into another cyclist who had stopped on the path in front of me. He took no notice to me though – he was busy carefully peeling a recently flattened baby garter snake off the pavement. Like ripping off a bandaid, I looked on as he removed the once-creature with loving care. Once finished, with a slap of a wrist he hucked the green flash into the ditch and continued on his way.

    ‘good one’ I mumbled to myself.

  • Andrea

    Today I woke up extra early because i kept changing dreams that got weirder and weirder so i just woke up. As soon as I did I thought about how much I cant wait to go on my Nepal trip, get inspired, figuring myself out and wandering about.
    When my thoughts faded, I looked at the drawing I did last night thinking maybe I can add something new…I didn’t. I started getting ready for work which sucked but then I found new music and played that in the background while i watched skate videos. Totally pumped me for the day !

  • Baylie

    For 9.24.13, Today I woke up late, got to my class late, but wasn’t noticed. I also plucked up the courage to be on the School wide televised announcements. It really was quite a personal accomplishment. Frosted vanilla cookies is the shades of a color wheel, promoted my Harry Potter club during lunch in the front Commons, wrote a Debate case, spoke some Japanese, and drank a Diet Coke. I also painted a postcard for my foreign exchange student friend back home in Germany; Jo. I was also reminded by how amazing my mom is. She’s certainly my best friend! But now, I’m going to bed early so I can wake up an hour earlier tomorrow morning to celebrate my School Spirit with a bunch of classmates, because really, when you think about it, why not?

  • Michelle Moy

    This morning the subway platform was more crowded than usual. Luckily, I got a seat by the window and I started falling asleep, which I usually never do anymore for my own safety. I hate the sidewalk around the Gramercy Park. I can’t take my eyes off the floor from fear of stepping into some dog shit or fresh urine. The stupid chair I had to sit on in the back of the classroom today kept eating my hair. I sit outside Juliette’s school waiting for her class to dismiss so we can grab something to eat or do. I do the AM crossword and it is then that I realize how cold it really was today. We don’t eat lunch, we go to AEO to buy her new underwear. Then she goes home and I go back to school and wait for Thomas to get off my computer. My scanning and retouching takes only an hour even though I reserved for three. I head to Barnes and Noble to pass some time with magazines or books before picking my mom up from work. I hate this Union Sq store, I like to sit on the floor and read rather than slouching on a bench shared with a someone sitting too close to me for hours. We take the new route home which is waiting on the opposite end of the platform and it really did the trick today. There were seats and I caught the bus! Crazy. I check the kids’ homework and Don had forgotten to do a lot so I make sure it is all done. Finally, I get my me-time and I watch the Mindy Project episode 2. Now I’m checking up on my favorite blogs (and writing huge long comments) and awaiting Phyllis to send me her pictures that need editing.

  • Bailey Wailey

    Wednesday 25 September. (NEW ZEALAND)
    Today was like any other day. I woke up a little late and laid in bed thinking about what i should have for breakfast. By 11:30 I was up out of bed, dressed and ready to make me some breakfast. For breakfast i had Scrambled eggs on vogel bread with a hot cup of coffee. It was marvelous. I continued on with my day by going on facebook and posting some of my own photos up to my instagram account. When i got bored of surfing the web i decided to start on my opinion essay for school, the topic was “Should marijuana be legalized” in my opinion, i believe it should. So i did a bit of research on marijuana, the effects of the drug and the benefits. I trapped myself in my bed room for majority of the day, listening to Michael Jackson and at the same time re-blogging millions of photos of him on my tumblr account. Today, i also made a discovery, i discovered that my shed has a secret door, at first i was a bit scared but i was so eager to have a look at what was in there i just couldn’t resist, behind the secret door i found an old spade and wheel barrow and a dead rat. I wasn’t excited about the things i had found at all, i mean, what is a 15 year old supposed to do with a spade and a wheel barrow? apart from gardening, uhhhh no thank you. At the moment i am listening to ‘the fray’ i’m not the biggest fan of this group, but they do have some pretty awesome and meaningful songs. Now I think i might go and make me some noodles, life is a breeze.

  • Rachel Bennett

    Today when I woke up, I was a cat. No, seriously. I opened my eyes, and the world seemed a lot bigger. When I looked down, I saw furry orange paws, which I could move at will. My first thought was, holy shit this is a disaster. But then I realized: cats have the good life. Fuck my Geology test, fuck working at the frozen yogurt shop. Fuck boys who don’t call back. I was a badass kitty and I could be as lazy as I wanted all day. So my day proceeded like this: I lay in the sun for a couple hours. I chased my tail. I ate some food. I lay in the sun some more. I licked myself. I slept. I got petted. I laughed as my roommates questioned my human-self’s whereabouts. I ate a rubber-band and puked it up. I got pet some more. All in all, it was a good day.

  • Tabitha Burnett

    today i had a geology exam at 930AM. i had to buy scantrons and borrow a pencil bc the tip of mine broke. i went home to eat breakfast after that and when i left my bf said “see ya” and i got mad. my mold making class was canceled bc someone made our professor aggravated. really. i learned about potash feldspar in glaze calculation. i made stir fry for dinner w my boyfriend the same one who said see ya. the weather this week has been phenomenal, and i didn’t cry as much as last week. luv u life. <3 tabitha

  • Mackenzie Conner

    I took a quiz today that I was utterly unprepared for. Luckily I was able to get out of class early so I got a panini and talked to a friend. I came home, showered, lazed around, and did a good job with my makeup. I took a risk in wearing a t-shirt with rhinestones and a nice work skirt to the career fair. I talked to a bunch of companies and I have a pretty good feeling about some of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a job after graduation. I got Burger King on the way home and spent the rest of the night working on my blog and studying for a test tomorrow.


  • Dasssexist

    Today, in my yoga class, I finally got deep enough into the Pasarita Padottenasana (google et!) pose to touch my fingers to the ground. It’s something I’ve been working on for a few months- very relieving/rewarding. Still no progress on my Genetics Lab paper… Priorities.

  • calen

    Great day in NYC. Saw closing day of JAmes Turrell at the Guggenheim. Visited multiple awesome galleries in Chelsea, saw a great show at gallerie perrotin , then topped it all off with a three hour meeting with one of my favorite artists Andy Ralph. It was great day really inspiring, the only trouble is that my boring black moleskin is totally full…. Could really use a new notebook to skeqtch out some freshly inspired sculptures.

  • William Rodriguez

    Yo, so I like went to late night and ish and I got some cereal with chocolate milk and I knew it was wrong but I did it anyway and then I took a phone and I wanted to say swag really bad but I couldn’t because I knew it was wrong and I couldn’t and then my laptop was about to die and it was dramatic and then I did some Spanish homework and then we ran out of time and I screamed in agony and then an oatmeal cookie I know, riiiight?

  • Qitunes

    Therapy is like a train, slow to get out of the station, but difficult to stop when the 50 minute mark approaches! Funny that work comes up so often during these couples’ counseling sessions…. But not surprising since the source of our livelihoods are often the MAJOR source of stress in our lives. The reason we are in couples’ counseling at all is the fact that the federal government (at least in our state) will recognize our marriage as a gay couple, and that brings up taxes….which brings up the handling of finances in common….and the ball rolls ever down the hill…..

  • HaleyMcLain

    Today I got mega primped. Did a photoshoot of the opening of 2 stores in downtown Seattle as well as a book signing held by one of my favorite fashion personalities/writers, Simon Doonan. Champagne & macaroons, baby. Afterwards I took a 2 mile walk & attended an art lecture.

  • Cale Haugen

    I made it to Austria.

    I was disappointed when I awoke to an empty drawer; no Gideon bible, just the strong smell of body odor, damp towels, and cigarettes.
    We had found a place to sleep, which was a blessing if you look at that way, and I was able to get a decent amount of rest in the bed the elderly lady granted me (at least, she said “Trent” and I heard that meant 30, so I gave her money and she showed me a room.)
    We had met up with several students after narrowly missing our Devine opportunity to exit the train; my brother and I had fallen into a deep, jet-lag induced coma after being serenaded by the constant chug chug chug of the train tracks; the hiss of the steam and 100-ton machine gliding effortlessly through valleys and mountains that took my breath away.

    Austria had an appearance of Oregon (my hometown) when we first arrived, but after we took our first bus from the airport, mountains seemed to spring up from the ground, billboards became coded with an illegible language, and my wallet filled up with a currency that appeared and felt like monopoly money and arcade-quality tokens.

    After meeting up with a handful of students, we initiated our 15 minute walk to Taurenhof. The town of Schladming was quaint, and it grew on me instantly. Simply by looking at the buildings, you could tell each one had a beautiful story to them. Old architecture and new architecture alike, it was all unique. The students were all incredibly ridiculous; sporting mullets and rat-tails, sweat-suits and jeggings, simply to gain the attention of others. Two of the characters began rolling their own cigarettes to be “more a part of the culture”, so I indulged and got cultured with my pipe.

    The day went by fast; we threw our luggage in the recreation room, and headed to our hostel. I showered with difficulty- the water system was foreign to me, and I couldn’t access the hot water, so in the end I ultimately got brutalized by glacier water. Grayson (my brother) and Alex, however, managed- and delighted in using my toiletries. Damn.

    The hunger, at this point, was unavoidable and a pipe simply wouldn’t compensate, so we found the local market and purchased some dried sausage / bread / tomato juice with our monopoly money. As we were consuming our bare-essentials brunch, we ran into the crazy-bunch of kids (Luke, Justin, Emily and Kat) once again, and I was surprised to hear that their fullest intention of becoming cultured involved sleeping on the streets this night. It was a laughable matter, so we joked around with them for a few hours, until the wave of delusional tiredness hit me. Alex, Grayson and I went back to our room and put on “Two And A Half Men”, which ended up being in German, and it put us all to sleep within minutes.

    I awoke to a completely dark room- we had slept about 4 hours, and I felt it. After gathering ourselves, we were startled by a hustle and bustle in the hallway, followed by a repetitive knocking on our door.
    It was the group that we had met at the train station; they had tracked us down somehow, and located which room we were in by the sound of Alex’s incessant smoker-cough. The room immediately went from a completely peaceful state, to a loud and unorganized manner- everyone was antsy to go into town for dinner, and we agreed.
    I ordered a Kebab, and a pint of Stiegl. I was surprised to receive some apparatus of a sandwich, which, apparently, is a kebab. I was expecting a stick of skewered meats, but nevertheless, it was enjoyed and with a round of Stiegl’s, it kept the group pretty relaxed and talkative so we had a good time.

    Afterwards, we went our separate ways, giving the helter-skelter group our bidding, as they wandered into the cold, empty town- looking for a place to stay. I fell asleep in our Hostel watching Doctor Who defeat a rather large and animated group of trash-cans with lasers called the “Daleks”.

    I discovered later that the crazy group had wandered the streets for an absurd amount of time, but their best-luck was a medium-sized, drafty PVC pipe that they crawled into for a while, until Luke got outrageously sick and threw up quite a bit. They then headed to the train station, where he had persistent diarrhea until sunrise. The rest of the group got a wink of sleep in the women’s water closet.
    Thank God, I had a wonderful night.

    it’s ridiculously pretty and secluded here. I know where I’m getting married.

  • Ash Kayser

    well yesterday I woke up, checked booooooom, got inspired, did some art work after watching a couple of vimeo videos, checked booooooom again and carried on working. most, if not all of my days are spent like this and i hope they do so for a very long time.

  • Anthony le Bourlier

    It’s 9:14 in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.
    Not open yet. It’s hot and orange.
    Another 3000 peoples that will pass in front of me today.
    I just wait for her. I’ll wait for her once again, and she won’t come.

    Time to open, but wait, what’s that across in the sky ?

    what’s th

  • catherine

    25 September 2013, 12:28 AM

    today was a good day. i woke up and felt it. not that i planned for it or really put effort into making it a good day. it was just effortlessly good. how good days should be.

    i was able to move at my own pace, was able to appreciate drinking my black coffee slowly and not feeling the stress i had felt over the past couple of days.

    i was once again reminded of how much i appreciated where i am in my life and how much i loved my friends. those warm feelings came back.

    tomorrow i hope to take a nice hike in the hills in the morning, visit book/shop to see if eric has anymore of the old new yorker issues left, and drink more coffee slowly. it should be a good day as well.

  • sonya kozlova

    Woke up in gray London to the smell of fried eggs that weren’t made for me. I’m off to the Victoria and Albert Museum this morning, should be a lovely day.

  • http://www.alexdietrich.at/ Blue Soul

    I just woke up.

  • Matt Barrios-Macatangay

    It was a dim day though sun must have risen this early. I went out to buy stuff. Dark clouds got my attention and I got my wisdom for the day: dark clouds may bring hard and heavy rain, but it will never stay in one place, never. Wind will bring it here and wind will also take it there. Life always and will always be a cycle. :)

  • seaparrot

    When Matt wished me a happy birthday today, he said he hoped that my day would be full of surprises.

    SURPRISE! I caught that flu that’s been going around my department.

  • Charlotte Chorley

    Today: I lived and breathed, like any other day. Or maybe not. It was quite unexciting. Or maybe not.

  • Jon Marshall

    Woke up late, saw booooooom’s notebook giveaway, left a comment, crossed my fingers.

  • Guest

    My husband and I had our usual morning bit of ultra domestic violence and I offered my usual reaction to his screaming and preaching by taking a firm hold of the vacuum cleaner and proceeding to work my way through the dirt and dog hair that had accumulated on our floors since Saturday. It was now Wednesday. Wednesday meant the boys would be back from school at 3pm, expecting a hot meal before going off to hockey practice. I had to be ready with this meal, no question. They may not have the example of marital bliss at home, but they were sure as hell going to be fed properly. Why W. was so intent on delivering the full extent of his husbandly wisdom to me today, I don’t know. He usually gave up as I disappeared onto the next floor. This time he followed me up and down the stairs, through all the rooms and bathrooms, down the hall, talking, talking. I turned around, desperate, and said: “Come to bed with me”. For all his philosophy, psychology, depth, brooding, an offer of sex never failed to bring my husband firmly down to earth, leaving all the mental heaviness where ever he had just been soaring. So we made love; a few times, actually. Once my irritation had subsided I found myself enjoying the game and forgetting what day it was. His suggestion of lunch in bed was welcomed. We ate and engaged in a bit of small talk – a rarity indeed! His suggestion of taking the boys out to eat after school was welcomed. They returned and we all had pizza at some tacky but familiar family restaurant. His suggestion of catching a movie while the boys played hockey was welcomed. I sat in the cinema that evening in awe of the loving and gentle man next to me, who would no doubt return to his darkest and most hateful self, no later than sunrise the next morning.

  • zuzu1976

    My husband and I had our usual morning bit of ultra domestic violence and I offered my usual reaction to his screaming and preaching by taking a firm hold of the vacuum cleaner and proceeding to work my way through the dirt and dog hair that had accumulated on our floors since Saturday. It was now Wednesday. Wednesday meant the boys would be back from school at 3pm, expecting a hot meal before going off to hockey practice. I had to be ready with this meal, no question. They may not have the example of marital bliss at home, but they were sure as hell going to be fed properly. Why W. was so intent on delivering the full extent of his husbandly wisdom to me today, I don’t know. He usually gave up as I disappeared onto the next floor. This time he followed me up and down the stairs, through all the rooms and bathrooms, down the hall, talking, talking. I turned around, desperate, and said: “Come to bed with me”. For all his philosophy, psychology, depth, brooding, an offer of sex never failed to bring my husband firmly down to earth, leaving all the mental heaviness where ever he had just been soaring. So we made love; a few times, actually. Once my irritation had subsided I found myself enjoying the game and forgetting what day it was. His suggestion of lunch in bed was welcomed. We ate and engaged in a bit of small talk – a rarity indeed! His suggestion of taking the boys out to eat after school was welcomed. They returned and we all had pizza at some tacky but familiar family restaurant. His suggestion of catching a movie while the boys played hockey was welcomed. I sat in the cinema that evening in awe of the loving and gentle man next to me, who would no doubt return to his darkest and most hateful self, no later than sunrise the next morning.

  • iamdns

    Fast bike to work ever. Shaved three minutes off my time. Not sure where.

    I think it’s because I didn’t see many ducks on the canal. I always slow down to look at the ducks.

    Work is fine. Ticking over but not excelling. I think I should spend less time on Boooooooom and wondering what to have for lunch. And more time thinking about this project.

    Looking forward to drinks and a pub quiz tonight. Hopefully we can improved on our current record of second-to-last. Maybe I could switch teams. Maybe.

  • Georgia

    Waking up today, it’s holiday, but I feel like I cannot make my mind just relax. Then I remembered yesterday’s conversation and felt all my organs even more, and wondered how it would feel to loose one. Would I feel not entirely myself, like a 99% version of me? Probably. But strangely I am also thinking of this organ nearly as a stand-alone living thing and apologize that I can’t live with him anymore. So I started to talk to him – ” I am sorry buddy, they just want you out, but thank you for all you did! I will miss you.”. Strangely, I did not feel insane (maybe for 1second) and rather I felt it was just legitimate to do so.

  • Irene Fernández Arcas

    i woke up for third time today and the grey light broke my heart and my eyes wanna wish i could forget again who am i. i realized that in a human life the happiest moment everyday is those seconds of the paradise when you just woke up and you don’t have yet consciousness who you are where and when, but just an intense peace exist and the world has sense cause everything is abstract, highlight of the routine. the early winter breaks this dream, in berlin the autumn walks with a grey coat and cries out my window -i dont know how many millions persons or animals died today but Sr Weather is sad. i stay in bed , i just can do something like that 5 times a year. today i allow myself to be sick and enjoy doing nothing. headache kills any of this normal hyperactive movements of my daylife rhythm and i allow the laziness, the absurd of the world and the nonsense of the art come deep to my mind and made me miserable and almost sad. i enjoy the drama and sketched a fast draw where i am an unicorn and he is a fox and we met and he say: humor is wisdom. i prepare tee, a beautiful breakfast for two just for myself and went to bed again. i will repeat the full day those seconds of unconsciousness again and again and draw a sketch after any of those awareness beauty spots. happiness can be so easy sometimes.

  • erica

    Today on my way to work, something incredible happened.

    I was walking my regular route, when I stumbled upon the Law & Order SVU set. I reached for my phone to take a picture (I love SVU, should I be embarrassed?), but bashfully left it in my pocket upon seeing a cameraman looking at me judgmentally. My eyes were as big as saucers as I passed a vanity chair labeled “Ice-T”. I walked out of the set, trying to look cool and uninterested, when lo and behold, with the crews and cameras far behind me, I walked past Ice-T himself looking dapper in a gray suit. He looked right at me and we shared a solemn slight nod of the head and each continued on our way. From this day forward, I will rest easy knowing that Ice-T and I shared a moment, and he most definitely thinks I’m cool.

    It must be fate that on this same exciting day, Jeff from BOOOOOOOM asked me to share a journal entry. What’s good, Pendleton notebooks? You’re gonna look reeeal nice on my desk.

  • Kavin

    i woke up and the internet was still down. Ending up on hold for 43 minutes with Teksavvy, only to have the connection come back on as the techsupport person ask for my info. Now i’m making coffee and surfing my blaggggs. Adventures of a desk person.

  • Delia

    I am lost. It has been three days since I dropped out of the race of my projected future and the feeling of hopelessness creeps over me with the steady pace of a sure winner. The first two days were spent with friends making jokes of burning textbooks and freedom from 8 years of medical school. Today is the first day I am alone with my thoughts. Today is the first day I am confronted with being 26 and without skills.

    I think of the four years of ease during undergrad that only the privileged youth living in New York City can understand. I think of the year following graduation living in Argentina, pretending I was an adult while living out an extension of the same frivolous lifestyle. I think of my sudden thrust into adulthood the year after, moving to Taiwan to take care of my cancer-ridden mother, my center of gravity. I start to cry; the feeling, all the while, steadily creeping forward. I remember my determination to go back to school after her passing, desperate to prove to her and myself that I could do something great with my life.

    A year has passed since enrollment and now I have come to terms with the fact that I never really wanted to work in medicine. I wanted to make my parents proud and I wanted to present an image of stability in an unstable time. And now the curtains have fallen and I am left with only the image of an unhappy future; so I leave. But now I am here. And I am lost.

  • http://apileofpenguins.blogspot.com/ Ally

    Today, I woke up (after only a few hours of sleep) and had some tea and got to spend a little time with my family. Later, I’m having dinner with the boy (:

  • Delia

    I am lost. It has been three days since I dropped out of the race of my projected future and the feeling of hopelessness creeps over me with the steady pace of a sure winner. The first two days were spent with friends making jokes of burning textbooks and freedom from 8 years of medical school. Today is the first day I am alone with my thoughts. Today is the first day I am confronted with being 26 and without skills.

    I think of the four years of ease during undergrad that only the privileged youth living in New York City can understand. I think of the year following graduation living in Argentina, pretending I was an adult while living out an extension of the same frivolous lifestyle. I think of my sudden thrust into adulthood the year after, moving to Taiwan to take care of my cancer-ridden mother, my center of gravity. I start to cry; the feeling, all the while, steadily creeping forward. I remember my determination to go back to school after her passing, desperate to prove to her and myself that I could do something great with my life.

    A year has passed since enrollment and now I have come to terms with the fact that I never really wanted to work in medicine. I wanted to make my parents proud and I wanted to present an image of stability in an unstable time. And now the curtains have fallen and I am left with only the image of an unhappy future; so I leave. But now I am here. And I am lost.

  • Dominik Fiala

    brief daily journal: 10-04-2013: So excited to win a pendleton notebook over at booooooom.com!

  • Justin Sengly

    Procrastination is bad.

  • Annie Dunckel

    9/25/13 – Tingling in fingers and toes continues. Do I have diabetes? Am I just imagining it? Another long day in the lab today, maybe less that the 14 hr day yesterday. Maybe it’s stress. Maybe it’s Fall, maybe my nerve endings are turning yellow, red, orange, and senescing from my body. By winter I’ll just be a skeleton. Oh I hope that’s not true.

  • Ana

    today i woke up and after morning rituals went on a bike ride. i biked through the blighted neighborhoods and thought about the people living there. I biked into the park and it was lovely. I talked to a shrink. I biked back home through the park, it’s a 45minutes ride each way. I pulled some lavendae from a neighbors lawn. One piece had a root on it, so i burried it in my backyard, hoping it might shoot roots and grow. it probably won’t make it because it’s becoming cold. I got home, smoked, and started to prepare a large lunch. I cut some kolrabbi into sticks and salted them in a jar, to make pickels, for later. I stir-fried some kohlrabbi with acorn squash, re-heated old grain, and had some tea with honey. The honey is a new honey for me, it is very tick and heavy. 7.50 a lb. is a little much, but generally what I pay. I am not disappointed with this jar of honey at all. after giving attention to my pet guniea pig simas, i ventured to my job! they day is not over…

  • MJ

    It seems today is becoming one of those days, not that I can say I really know what that means. Same as always in basic principle I guess. Today I woke up in Lily’s bed, which was particularly unpleasant and disappointing. In a way it matched the veil of wet, cold, gray outside; uncomfortable, gritty but moist, and all around depressing. I found the link funny, so I guess that means my morning has been an overall success.

  • Avery M

    Today I came back from my friends party, and talked with a man who’s basically a stranger more deeply than I’ve ever spoken with anyone. I think I learned more about myself than anything.

    and then I went to bed and woke up too late. so I got on Booooooom.

  • Nalim Garzesi

    today i:

  • Michelle Mateo

    Today, I woke up and my friend made me a scrambled egg and bagel sandwich with pepper jack cheese and a cup of coffee for breakfast. We played video games and I dropped him off to work. I went home and made curry tofu stir fry as an experiment that turned out well. I then went on a hike in the mountains behind my house with my wall-eyed beagle, Stanley, to find some bones. I found a rib from a medium-sized animal and pieces of a skull from a small animal. I then went downtown to meet up with my friend at Pokez for dinner. Through instagram, I found out our mutual friend who we used to work with was in downtown, so we met up with him as well. Swell day.

  • Andrew Gervais

    Today I woke up, worked and lived a little bit. Tonight, I will go to bed, in hopes that tomorrow I will wake up so that I may be able to begin with how I woke up.

  • Jessie

    I woke up this morning to the sun streaming in through my bay windows, my cat curled up by my knees, the scent of fall sneaking into the house on the heels of a morning chill, and an incredible urge to pee.
    I tried to ignore that last one as I snuggled further under my blankets, pretending that I still had time to stay in bed.

    It’s reaching the end of my 8 hours of work and I’m still thinking about my warm blankets and sunny bedroom. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and stay there again until my cat decides I’ve had enough rest.

  • subtle takeover

    I made eggs and went to the book store

  • Gagan Dhanoya

    I was awoken at 4 a.m. by my sniveling allergies and jumped into the shower to get some steamy relief. While massaging my scalp I remembered a funny little thing my english teacher told me yesterday. The shortest sentence in the english language is “Go.” That put a smile on my face for the remainder of my day. = )

  • Amanda Stewart

    It was 6:45, my mother either ignores or disregards the three hour coastal time difference. I haven’t asked. But the message was sent with urgency and importance: a Snowshoe Siamese. That woman knows my soft spots.
    Couple notches in the clock later I was bike riding and prostitute watching. There’s a good 8 blocks down San Pablo where your bound to run into some high heeled candy. It’s like taking in the Birds of Paradise mating dance. Minus David Attenborough.
    After a morning with such visual stimulation it’s hard to put your imagination to rest. It was a day of mental deep space traveling. A day of feeling nonsensical. The type of day when you lay back into bed at 5 pm and are thankful that you’re still innocent enough to be detached from the monotony of the nuclear norm. And are indifferent enough to be okay with it.
    Overall a pretty masturbatory day. I can only hope it continues to be so.

  • Isaac Segura

    started yesterday by normal starndars, yesterday, today at 12 mid night, haven´t sleep yet, makeing home work, work, and stuff, tooka shower at 4 am. when I finished doind this hand made notebook, yes that´s what I do for living, and the homework for my art theory class, write about instalation, clean the mess idid, and suddenly it was 6:30 just enough time to make breakfast, (oatmeal) and leave tom be at school at 8 am.
    i do walk to school, but i did slip and i hurt my ankle so this 10mmin walk was 15 min walk, and just a litle bit bottherin, not a great pain. i could feel the sleeplesness in my body,my mind, but de fresh air keep me awake.
    at school the discution was good, homw ork was worth, but some time my tought took me to wild places and almost fall sleep, after class i have to chase the people whom I made the notebooks for, some paid some not, so i count my resources, and plan for the day and week, it was agood day i had money for lunch, people made fun of my payer´s track notebook that is a cheap notebook, being me, the notebook maker.
    this art school, instaled in the remains of a train station is a beautiful one but weather here is horrible, on the 90’s and humid, so a bought lunch togo and went to the paint workshop where a friend was working, she was painting a landscape and i was watchin tru the windows this beautiful landscape of big couds an very rich blue sky, Iwas just enjoying the moment, but i had to go to buy paper and suplies to make more notebooks.
    So i went, and the heat was on, at 4 oclok i was at home writing for tomorrow´s homework, but the heat was making me sleepy so I browsed the net and here you have me writing this lines, i don´t know when i´m going to sleep, and if I ever know what i just wrote,becouse after this, my day will start again, right now , at any moment, work, homework school, work homwe wok, school, until the end of the week, sorry I didnot do the grammar corrections, I´m off to buy something for dinner, as I said, today is a good day.

  • Ryan Jansen

    Today I woke up 13 minutes after my alarm was suppose to have awaken me. It should have started playing “What Would I Want, Sky?” by Animal Collective at 9:12am, but for some reason it failed to sound. Instead, I woke up at 9:25 with a dream in my head. I was bagging groceries at the local grocery co-op I work at, and some of the customers started noticing a green light in the sky (the co-op was lacking its roof). I got out my binoculars and noticed that there was a lantern being passed between several birds. They’d toss it up to birds at higher altitudes, and then drop it to those at lower altitudes. I watched them flip and spin, playing with this green lantern for a few seconds, then noticed something else. The moon light was catching the wings of all of the other birds. There were thousands, all migrating, appearing very similar as the Milky Way does on a cloudless night in the country. Day came quickly and some of the (what turned out to be swallows) came down to ground level to rest, eat some bugs, and continue playing. They did not mind our human presence, which was comforting in the dream.

    I showered, cut a pear, threw it into a bowl of yogurt and granola (which I ate obviously) and got on my way (by bike) to my Genetics class where we learned about the story of Rosalind Franklin getting her work stolen from her by Watson and Crick. Then I had a conference with my English professor. She told me what I could improve with my paper. (My paper is about how our culture, and those around the world, should realize that body odor is natural along with leg and armpit hair, and that wearing deodorant and shaving hair, in my opinion, leads to an overall increase in self consciousness, lower self esteems, and creates a further gap between humans and animals(which I’m pointing out as a negative effect)).

    When I got home from class, I headed across the street to the Asian Market with a few friends of mine. I bought several things, but my favorite was the Mochii Sherbet, mango flavored sherbet surrounded by a thin, floury dough. Something I’ve never had before and loved.

    I wrote this and the rest of the day is to be determined. I have been meaning to by a few notebooks. I think these notebooks would be just dandy for a diary, thought journal, dream journal, or somewhere to keep lists, poems, and lyrics.

  • ssierrasann

    you feel rough and refined
    a sandpaper line
    sending ripples down my spine
    to the beat of your own drum.

    and you’re more important
    you’re oh so important
    can’t you see?
    my fingers crawling through your hair
    slipping down your neck

    I want to paint the ceiling with the colors of your breath.

  • Jon Wetzel

    I saw the girl I love again. She didn’t even blink at the sight of me, nothing new. Just like my feelings for her this loop is endless.

  • Mathias Rueda

    I survived, the horrible, reched, grisly, horrendus, beastly, loathsome, dreadful, repulsive, ghastly, frightful, and beautiful area known as high school, wish me luck tommorow

  • Jane Grundin


    Another night in the field, another day in Alaska.

    Thanking my lucky stars for the partner swap this morning. The gape mouthed man forever drooling into outer-space is gone. I still have to deal with the one who seems to think I was just recently hatched out of a dinosaur egg. I’ve never felt more out of place.

    Beginning the shift with a grapefruit didn’t give me quite the energy I was hoping for, but provided plenty of good vibes.

    Tonight I have twelve hours of sitting. All of the samples have been collected. The operation is shutting down. The odor of hydrocarbons should be wafting through the air shortly.

    No idea what station I will go to next, no idea when I will go back home. So long as they keep me North I will stay happy.

  • Maren

    Thursday morning. It is raining cats and dogs. Due to construction work in our street there is no water coming from the tap. I will leave for work in some minutes. The day has only just started and I already want it to end. Dear Diary, I prefer Fridays.

  • http://jnntt.tumblr.com/ Jeannette

    Hey, Wednesday–
    I thought you were Thursday. My bad.
    Anyhow, see you next week!

  • ommi

    waking at 7, then again at 9am. getting up 9:07, it was the same feeling as usual. then some sort of morning routine: check mails, brew black, have breakfast, shower, and whilst all that, being very annoyed with the flatmate’s understanding of how to keep the place ‘CLEAN’. Bus. Gotta get the bus! I hate the way to the bus station, but that occured just recently. Although it is a very short way, I now hate it, because of random encounters with a neighbour, who, recently, is walking about the place with a tazer, and everytime we meet, he pushes the taze-button and makes blue sparks zing from that thing. I don’t know whether this is supposed to be a greeting, but to me it feels more like a threat, and admittedIy, I am kinda scared of that. So that’s why I hate that short way from door to bus. Anyways, now I am on a too slow iMac in the university media lab, and just as I was waiting for the too slow printer to print, I checked up on booooooom, discovering this sweet chance to get those beautiful notebooks. It feels like a good day.

  • taylor

    My irises stung through the rancid air.
    A calm arose; a handshake with death.
    Midnight soliloquy duct taped to my heart.
    I think I left the oven on.

  • neilrimmer

    Farted in the shower and almost suffocated myself but when I came out my roommate had cooked breakfast. Good day.

  • iqra iqbal

    The “cock-cock” sound of roosters and the chanting
    sound of prayers from a nearby mosque began another day—another
    busy day in the university. A student struggling to achieve good grades. I
    finished my studies and rushed out immediately to catch some fresh air. Hmmm . .
    . the smell of tropical fruits touched my nostrils: the sweet
    and fresh smell of mangos, the soft and mushy smell of durian meat and oh, look—the
    inviting traditional spicy foods. My greedy eyes searched for the best. My
    taste buds couldn’t stand it. The fresh spices made my tummy grumble. I swallowed my saliva and ordered lunch along
    with my friends. After meal, as I walked home along the road a lot was going on.
    In a backyard, a child was crying. In my garden, the sprinkler was sprinkling
    frantically. The day became ripe. The sun shone its brightest and hottest
    light. Mothers were preparing to pick up their preschoolers. Half of the busy
    day had almost past. I reached home, take bath and prepare myself for tomorrow.
    Before going to bed, I celebrated my Brother’s Birthday along with other family
    members. Another hectic day ended with memories.

  • Guest

    The “cock-cock” sound of roosters and the chanting
    sound of prayers from a nearby mosque began another day—another
    busy day in the university. A student struggling to achieve good grades. I
    finished my studies and rushed out immediately to catch some fresh air. Hmmm . .
    . the smell of tropical fruits touched my nostrils: the sweet
    and fresh smell of mangos, the soft and mushy smell of durian meat and oh, look—the
    inviting traditional spicy foods. My greedy eyes searched for the best. My
    taste buds couldn’t stand it. The fresh spices made my tummy grumble. I swallowed my saliva and ordered lunch along
    with my friends. After meal, as I walked home along the road a lot was going on.
    In a backyard, a child was crying. In my garden, the sprinkler was sprinkling
    frantically. The day became ripe. The sun shone its brightest and hottest
    light. Mothers were preparing to pick up their preschoolers. Half of the busy
    day had almost past. I reached home, take bath and prepare myself for tomorrow.
    Before going to bed, I celebrated my Brother’s Birthday along with other family
    members. Another hectic day ended with memories.

  • patrickhannon

    Just how everyday begins, I opened my eyes slowly, which is at first a blurry and distorted spell, then everything comes becomes linear. In these first seconds of my linear consciousness, I wake up in a ache, lying on the floor, in a cleared room; my brain pulses trying to sort through past events and for these seconds I swear I could hear my mind moving through the past like a riffling through a stack of documents.

    The blinds are down and the room is hell white. I sit up. Then I remember within the next seconds that follow and I sink into the carpet and sink into the austere bare space. Everything sinks, descending further and further; from the base blooms a terrible sensation which I thought I had deconstructed in my years.

    I cover my ears, clasp my eyes, and pray for another 30 minutes in a dream or nightmare, or anything.

  • Barbara Jean Golden

    What happened to my inital post?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada


      if you scroll down you can see it…

  • jeanette renault-caragianes

    Go to work and bake off some pretzels, a cheesecake, and make some ice cream. Leave and go up the street to pick up some food at the market, stop by the local coffee shop and saw a man get arrested for trying to steal the tip jar. The owner gave me and my friend some free cider donuts from a farm he stopped by yesterday. Now i am at home, hanging out checking out booooooom while my son naps and I pulled out some homework from my PENDLETON tote bag and i saw this post and i hope that my bag finds some pendleton notebooks in it soon. I want a beer.

  • Vee

    To the future archaeologist who finds my journal,
    If you find my internet history, please erase it. If you exhibit it at some museum, my prehistoric ghost will come and haunt you.

  • ssierrasann


  • Annie

    Just got home from working at the Vernissage of a show I spent my summer working on. A successful evening: great food and new conversation. But most importantly, I got to bare witness to the artists, gallery manager, and co-workers talk enthusiastically and proudly about their work (both artistic and organizational). Seeing people so unapologetically excited about the work they do is very contagious. I am so happy and proud to be a part of an arts community. I am so happy and proud to be an arts student. I am 20 years old and tonight was important.

  • Olivia O’deay

    Love sick child

    Sound strack: “First breath after
    coma” Band: Explosions in the sky

    The fog crept in from the ditches below hugging the tiny
    house in the wake of a young day.

    The hens clawed at the ground for breakfast showing a barren
    landscape of corn and open sky.

    A familiar fellow
    rang. He sang of past sorrows like the cry of a crow in an open marrow.

    Chapped lips formed reassuring words trying to find a cure
    to the disease of the insecure.

    Bundled with leather and messy hair she made her way down
    out of town. To the gas station just across the street, dodged the loud trucks
    and the police.

    Picked change off the cement and exchanged a glance

    Sip of caffeine and lady nicotine. Waited quietly at the
    station between past present and future.

    Mind shifted over,
    folded in on itself like an origami crane.

    An old shadow drove by but he’s just another name.

    These hands shake steadily. The paint sits out she’s
    dreaming on an open breeze.

    This hearts full but sentiments seem to be hidden away in a
    lair, wonder how you’re doing up there.

    The acquainted sound of machines buzzing, the ink kisses

    A steady grin strays across the face. Everyone’s Feral with

    The ghost of ambition is here

    Such a race she knows
    what life has in store.

    If only you’d open the damn door to that piece of shit car.

    I can’t leap for you. If it makes a difference I already

  • Olivia O’deay

    Damn missed the deadline. my bad haha

  • Lisa Zhu

    My Mundane Thursday
    Sept 26th, 2013.

    6:30: wakes up
    6:15 Figured out that there isn’t enough time to shower and catch the bus so instead choose to listen to some music and eat breakfast
    7:15 catch the bus
    7:40 skytrain
    8:15 bus
    work work work work work work work work
    5:06 – 6:20 cruised around Vancouver and got so bubble tea
    6:30 dinner
    7:12 harvest some vegetables from the community garden
    7:20 evening coffee
    8:56 bored; so I decided to go on to boooooooom.com to check out some cool art and found the contest page
    …to be continued

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    I got flu. I got out of bed about 5 times just to go to the bathroom. I feel like a train ran me over ! Then i saw this cute giveaway and i feel a lot better :)

  • tyler

    today i woke up and ate the moon and went to history class and learned about a guy that killed other human beings and then i watered the moon in my stomach and my stomach turned into a cauldron. I got home and tried to win notebooks for my girlfriend.

  • emma

    Today I hosted a show for a local band and two touring bands in my garage.

    I didn’t like the music that much so I stayed outside and took pictures.

    I encouraged my nervous friend to talk to the girl selling merch for one of the bands.

    Someone brought poi and was breathing fire, and she let me try and I somehow did it well and everyone clapped and cheered.

    A cop came at one point and said he had gotten a noise complaint but I was courteous and he said if they call back he’ll come back but otherwise it’s okay to keep playing till it ends. He was a pretty cool guy.

    My roommate and I sat out front and said hello and goodbye to people coming or leaving out the side walkway.

    A boy went into my room and played with one of my rats but I got scared he would somehow hurt him so I took him back and put him in his cage.

    Nearly everyone had left by now so we stayed until everyone left, and then invited one of the people left to come to a party with us after. We were going to meet up there, but we gave him the wrong address by accident and didn’t have his phone number, and I feel really bad about that.

    We got to the party but it was almost over. Someone poured water on the bonfire.

    People went downtown after that but I was tired so shortly after that walked back to my house with a friend. I went to sleep.

  • adamvaudin

    Woke up on a blow up bed in my aunts living room again, in south west London, where i’ve been staying the past couple weeks after moving to the city. Watched an episode of the OC then got up, showered, played some Pavement and some Albert Hammond Jr. Now watching Jimmy Fallon on youtube and downloading e-books for my ipod, then later i’m going to go swimming then to a job interview at a retail store. Ate an apple and some coffee. Looks bright and cold outside.

  • vava

    I spent the whole day at home and got up late in the day since I was on the computer watching the movie Admission online with Tina Fey . Then in the evening my husband and I went shopping for some beef which is hard to find here in India and we also picked up his friend to visit us .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  • Erin Mueller

    (Yesterday) My boyfriend and I got the train to Belgium. We recently moved from Aus to London, so seeing Europe is super exciting for us. It was his 21st last weekend, and for his birthday I secretly bought us tickets to Brussels because he has always wanted to drink beer in Brussels. I booked it months ago, and only told him yesterday when I met him in the city after he finished work, with our bags already packed. So basically today I spent the day drinking beer and eating chocolate & waffles in Belgium with my fella. <3

  • Nick Lawler

    So, I’m with my little cousins at home. I have to do a bunch of math homework due tomorrow..lol. I knew they was coming over so I just like said yesterday, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow is now…lol
    So, yeah. I’m just chillin now. Had some pancakes..like a boss

  • Michael Johnson

    My girlfriend and I sleep with three box fans pointed towards us. It’s usually not enough to keep the heat away, but it makes it bearable at least. South Florida nights aren’t as hot as the daytime, but they’re just as humid. I woke up slowly, got up and went to the kitchen where I sipped a cup of cheap store brand coffee. I watched her sleep for a little bit. She’s beautiful, pregnant and full of life waiting to emerge. The finest piece of art we’ve ever made together. I went to the bare room in my house that I call my studio. I turn on some bossanova, draw open the blinds and take a deep breath. And I paint. And I feel alive. My girlfriend wakes up, and we talk to each other and we look at each other. And we look out at the ocean and we look at the seagulls gliding by and we look at her swollen belly. Later we will go to the DCF office where they will deny us medicaid for the fourth time now. She will start to tear up and I will tell her that everything’s going to be fine, that we’ll be able to afford this child and that we’ll make it through this in more than one piece. I don’t know if I’m lying or not, and if I am, which one of us I’m lying to. But I tell her all the same. I will drop her off at home and then go to work, and collect what I can. It’s not the best situation, but it’s mine. And I love every part of it.

  • http://fallandlove.blogspot.com/ fallandlove

    today i woke up way too late and had some tacos

  • gbvines

    things i need to scan:
    maddie’s danish residence permit (acquired but not scanned yet)
    ron’s drunk portrait of chance
    that drawing of a dagger in chance’s sketchbook

  • http://autochocadora.tumblr.com/ Giuliana Autochocadora

    So, yesterday (it was Sunday) i woke up on a friend’s house, i was sleeping on a maltress on the floor, my socks were wet couse it rained while we were on our way home, i had a little headache (i forgot wine and beer are not good for your brains, damn),it was around 13:00. We started talking about the ambientation with cats, mountains, floating fruits and japanese letters that i did for a fest on Saturday, then we played some punk songs (from an argentinian band called “Flema”) with the guitar before i have to leave because i wanted to go to a Tattoo’s convention near to my house. Went with a friend, wearing my awesomely cute transparent glitter juju jellies feeling like floating on Buenos Aires’s streets. Then we went to a library that’s on Corrientes street and i bought this awesome books fot 2.5 dollars each (15 argentinian pesos): “God and the State” – Bakunin / “Reform and Revolution” – Rosa Luxemburgo / “Utopy” – Moro / “All the fires, the fire” – Julio Cortazar and went happier almost automatically. Finally, I went home and eated pizza while watching Breaking Bad. It was an awesome Sunday, I think i didn’t waste any of it, and it’s not worth to do it, i wanna enjoy every day, every sunday, even if i have a hangover.

  • Adriana Vala

    This day started with a quick jump out of my bed. I had a feeling when i was still sleeping that i have to do something and then it hit me. I’m late again! I jumped out of my bed, but then realized that rushing would just get me nervous so i just enjoyed the moment. Slowly putting on warm socks, feeling my own body and skin. Dressing up felt like i was dancing on stage in front of millions of people. I saw the microscopic bubbles of perfume landing on my body. My body all went in shivers. I felt peace inside. I enjoyed the moment because i have the chance to live another day, another beautiful day. Enjoy the moment.

  • Kanako Minemura

    Dear Diary. Today was my day off and I decided to contribute my day for my lovely Chihuahuas. I took them outside to the park, I groomed them, I bath them, I fed them, and now they are both sleeping on my bed, snoring. I couldn’t be happier.

  • kara jean

    It’s been outrageously stormy recently here in Portland, OR. I have had a trip to Sauvie Island planned for the last few days and woke up to more rain. But being a true Oregonian-I didn’t let that stop my plans. Donned my rainboots- a sweater, and my bright yellow raincoat walked up the street to meet my accomplices of the day. I was going with two lovely ladies. A girl I only recently met but we already can’t stand to not hang out for a few days, and a new friend she had just met this weekend. She’s visiting from Nashville, and I could immediately tell by her warm and friendly smile she was a winner. So we set out our way each telling life stories getting to know each other piece by piece on the drive out. I pointed out it looked like blue sky’s ahead- which was surprising because the weather report called for 90% chance of rain. Once we drove across the Island’s bridge, the rain had stopped and blue sky’s emerged. It was like the Island knew we were coming and brightened up just for us. We picked flowers, found 6 huuge orange slugs, collected lichen, drank apple cider (and shared it with the bee’s), bought fruit to make galettes (aka baby pies) with, and sat in an old school bus telling more stories. Driving back into Portland it immediately was dark, grey, and raining again. We returned home, added a bit of Bullit Rye to our cider, and made our delicious treats. The tarts turned out incredible, and our bellies were warm and happy. It was a gift of a day to make new friends, have the warm sun surprise us, and be filled with such goodness to end it all.

  • Tristan

    Had the best day of my life. Woke up and flew to Paris with my girlfriend, not really a typical Monday. We arrived and ate foie gras and drank wine until the waiter brought an espeically fabulous dessert. It was a special day. We took a stroll by the Seine until we reached our destination. In the shadow of the illuminated Eiffel I looked into her eyes and asked her to marry me.

  • Kay


    it was hard to wake up
    it was hard to go to class
    it was hard to stay awake
    it was hard to not just up and leave

    it was hard to not crawl home and hide under my bed
    it was hard to not take the buds out of the box that are supposed to be for “emergencies only”
    it was hard to tell my mom that everything is fine, yes, thank you for checking, I promise I’m doing very well
    it was hard to pretend I don’t have feelings for you and don’t want to wake up to your face every morning nope, just friends here
    it was hard to go to bed, with all of these trials weighing down on me, because fuck, it shouldn’t be this hard to do just the bare minimum of human life
    because i know it will all be just as hard

  • Adrina Goglanian

    I made art. All day.

  • Donna Mathis Salter

    woke up to dreams about spiders eating spiders and giant bears. spent the morning realizing how much i miss having lots of family around – kinda lonely so i made plans to go down south & play with bubbles and paints with the grandkids

  • Maya

    5am my alarm goes off. 5:50 I finally rolled out of bed. I can’t find anything to wear, it was cold and I didn’t want to take my fuzzy socks off. My mind went blank as I saw way too many colors, and choices to choose from. The only two things on my mind was coffee and that life was way better naked. I sucked it up and put on my vintage lazy dress. I quickly sprayed patchouli to make it seem as if I showered, and paced up the stairs to discover I was out of coffee.

    I grabbed my keys and practically stomped to my car like an unhappy elephant. My mouth was drooling for a morning fix, I wanted coffee! I wanted coffee so bad I was willing to flash someone, anyone! As I got closer to my car I noticed a gleaming light. I started questioning what the fuck? Is it the reflection of the moon? is it a creep? is it simply a car passing by? Nope. I realized I had left my lights on all night. My car wouldn’t start, so I finally called it a metal heath day. You would think I would have my shit together on a tuesday.
    I decided to settled on green tea. I crawled back into bed wearing nothing but my fuzzy socks. I couldn’t fall back asleep since I was too rattled by my stupidity, so I grabbed some paper scraps and my favorite pens and started doodling my bad luck away.

    THE END.

  • seebas

    Dear Diary,
    So the government’s shutdown. Next thing you know the earth’s core will shut down. But not soon enough. I’ve got a programming assignment due this Friday. And a painting due Monday. And a pattern project due Monday. And model rigging and surfacing due Tuesday. This week’s gonna be rough.
    I got home today and slept for two hours. I still feel terrible. Yoloswag, y’know? Probably not.
    I don’t.

  • Ali

    36 hours after our departure we made it. We made it to a harbor that makes Seattle’s shipping ports look like a pile of Legos. To a place where the buildings are so tall they disappear into the clouds. To a place where tree covered mountains rise and fall into the sapphire sea. To hot showers. To a warm bed. To a place to call home for the next 4 days. We made it to a place where we are all completely anonymous.

    We made it to the other side of the world. All it took was planes, trains and automobiles.

  • Turangga Sukandar Putra

    Hello diary,
    I know you have no time to read a really long copy (Can you read the text on your body?). But, you’re mine. I made you with some unused papers. You know, Ary (Can I call you “Ary”?) I’m rarely using english on my writing, I’m a grammar phobia even though I got an A on my English Class when I was a JHS Student. I hate being a grammarphobia,
    which always restrict my life when I’m gonna express myself with writing on a social media, blog, or whatever. Even on my own diary!

    But, you know God? Have you meet him? I haven’t too. But I know he doesn’t make a grammar, people did it. So let me write this with my poorly english. You can ask him if you don’t believe me.

    It’s been 4 moths I haven’t draw anything. I getting myself focusing on copywriting, I want to learn about it. I studying in Art but you know, I love writing since I was 7 years old. And why I’m not sell anything with my writing? I want to get rich. So I have a lot money to traveling again like I did last year. Meet new people, have new stories. Or could you change your body into the money?

    Sorry for filling your body with this. You’re so thin, small and somehow fragile. I want to give you a new friend, yes I will. So I won’t leaving you in a short time. A new beautiful notebook so you will not feeling alone.

    And you will know how it feels like to fall in love.

    Turangga Sukandar Putra

  • Jo Sutcliffe

    Yesterday it was summer. The day before had been winter. New Zealand doesn’t play by the seasons rule.
    We spent the day breathing and the night charizarding upright. my clavicle was bruised
    from the eager exuberance of a necklace secured to me as we spun and swayed and whirled at everyone from
    our uplifted awareness of our dancing spirits. we rang in the day of Thurs with the horizon flickering.

  • Casey Brockette

    I had planned to stay up all night last night, but really only made it to about 1:40 am considering I hadn’t slept more than a few hours the previous four nights. I woke up delusional and I’m sure significantly more exhausted than I was when I fell asleep. My first lecture of the day was spent staring into space, which was unfortunate as that particular class usually manages to capture my attention. My mother guilted me into calling her with a short text message since I hadn’t spoken to her in nearly two weeks, I really hate talking on the phone. My plans to nap when I got back to my apartment were foiled by my noisy roommate and a couple of her classmates as they “studied” for their econ exam. Managed to successfully not accomplish anything in any of my other classes throughout the rest of the day. The most productive thing I accomplished was partially planning out the storyboard for a stop motion animation. My day has felt like a waste.

  • Rudy Gonzalez

    Ooooooo so nice…. my note book is ratty and plain…. so nice looking.

  • http://quinata.deviantart.com/ Tara-Lee Thompson

    I just finished a new entry in my art journal. It was all about how I was feeling at the moment. Since I was confused at he time I made a very spirally design using warm colors from yellow to red and everything in between. I even used this quote I saw online that read “90% of the time, I don’t show my true emotion.” The next entry I’m working on is about what my heart says when it’s hungry, and I’m thinking *nom nom nom*.

  • Tamires Mandacaru

    Woke up today with the an urge to stay in bed and go back to sleep.
    Will report back later.

  • Kyuss Yawningman

    funny how things all seem to happen at once. Moving from Toronto to rural Saskatchewan was a quick change that came about as a result of pure chance. Since then, my life has become decidedly more routine. My days of idly walking the streets and alleys of the big city are gone. The nearest town with a post office and gas station is a half an hour away. Coming from Toronto, I’d say that there is “not much to see,” but the locals assure me that “there is plenty to see, and nothing to block your view.

    But I digress: It was yesterday, that something very un-routine happened as I was making my weekly supply run to the small village of Wawota which draws its namesake form the Dakota word meaning “a lot of snow.” I had bought a kite online and was eagerly awaiting its arrival for weeks. Leaving the Wawota
    post office triumphantly, with my parcel in hand, I was stopped by a young girl about my age who had noticed the kite’s brand name printed on the side of the box. She asked me if I was sure it was my package, because apparently she too was anxiously the arrival of her own kite.

    She was also a recent migrant from Toronto, we had a coffee in Wawota together (because it seemed like a Toronto thing to do, and made plans to go snowkiting this winter. It’s not every day
    that you find a friend at the post office (heck when was the last time I even went to a Post Office?), but it was very refreshing to think that for the first time, in a long time; I had a story that was “to be continued…”

  • mickeyf19

    Today I wanted to be a better cello player, which I cannot do if I also want to become a better pianist and painter. So today, I slept.

  • Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt

    I didn’t want to get outta bed this morning but I had to get the French Toast into the oven and get the boyz ready for school. I’m loving the cooler weather that’s finally showing up here. I just wish it would rain. Got Gypsy in the van so we could take the boyz to school, dropped them off, dropped off some wreath sales letters at Carden, then took G for a walk.

  • Jordan

    Woke up. Ate cereal watched Netflix then when back to sleep

  • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

    Congrats to William Rodriguez – check your inbox!

  • Stan Byrne

    8/10/13 14.34 Gmt

    Mabye if I keep writing
    I won’t panic or mabye
    it will make things worse
    and I’ll have to leave
    and get kicked out and
    not be able to get a job
    then have to leave home
    live on the street and winter
    comes and I die…

  • Devreeze

    A day: Unreal heartburn!

  • Alison Hopkins

    Dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today, I told him it was Joe. That lie…will haunt me…forever. -Alison

  • bittystarr

    There is this rooster that lives next door. His crow is unchanging, evenly spaced to the second, Sometimes in the final misty snags of my dreams there enters a fifer, or a piper, or some little urchin whistling softly in my ear. And then I find myself humming his song all day long.

29.04.16 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Tomer Hanuka


A selection of work by New York-based illustrator Tomer Hanuka. More images below.

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29.04.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Maria Kreyn


A selection of paintings by Russian-born, New York-based artist Maria Kreyn. More images below.

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Artist Spotlight: Paolo Del Toro


Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based artist Paolo Del Toro’s collaboration with photographer Tifani Truelove, Baba of the Woods, is a wonderfully odd combination of sculpture, costume and photography. See more images from the series and selections of Del Toro’s handiwork below.

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29.04.16 by Staff

New Work by Artist Vasilis Avramidis


We posted a selection of paintings by artist Vasilis Avramidis back in January (click here for previous post). Avramidis’ latest is on display for the first time in the United States at Slete Gallery in Los Angeles. Check out more images below.

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28.04.16 by Jeff

Ultimate List of all the Best Art + Photo Tumblrs to Follow



*Update April 28th 2016 – We are continuing to update this list, removing Tumblrs that are no longer updated very frequently, and adding more as they are submitted. Please read the text below before submitting your Tumblr for consideration! Thank you all for the help, this has become an amazing resource – let’s keep it going!


I am compiling an extensive list of all the art and photography Tumblrs worth following. I would love your help to make this the ultimate list! Please leave a comment below with your suggestions and I will update this list with the best suggestions.

This list will focus as much as possible on Tumblrs that survey new work by different people and credit the creators of the images. Please do not submit Tumblrs that only focus on one person’s work (ie. your own personal portfolio) or mood boards that do not make any effort to link back to the source of the work.

Please share this with friends, the more input we have the better this resource will be!








































































































































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